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Blog 76

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Just as the title says. This is my bitch session. I have never written a blog, I hear does wonders for frustrations. So lets' see how this works. First of all, I have kids, enough said you might think but no. Don't get me wrong, they are great, they are smart, they are athletic, they love to go outside and play, go out to the woods, do what kids are suppose to be doing. I grew up with one brother and he is 6 years older than me. The sibling rivalry between the 9yr old girl and the 6yr old boy is about to kill me. My 9yr old, she is a Type A personality and we butt heads some too, she is so competitive, which is good in many ways, but everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is a competition. This is really the only thing that drives me crazy with the kids, is the fighting, and I guess it is because I am not use to it.

Today in the United States seems to be breeding a bunch of wussies and if they are not some emo, cross dressing, crying all the time weenies, they are freaking evil with no concept of human decency, ie the kid that put the 7 month old baby on the blow up pillow thing and launched it through the air. Hell, look at youtube. That place is full of freak's that do evil and weird as hell stuff just to put it on youtube. However some of it is funny, but a lot is just weird.

Politics, wow, that is a crazy area. I wish I would have never got interested in and started following this crap. I don't care if you are democrat or republican or independent or none of the above, you just vote your conscience. The liberals, the followers of Obama are freak'n scary. I am almost at the point that I want to say screw the rest of the world, we have our own problems, we are going to go get ourselves better, once that is done, we take a look at the rest of the world.

Political Correctness. This is a interesting issue. It seems so many people are out there that are just weak minded, frail, wimps.

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