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Things I'm working on right now... 4/6/12 Edition

TGO David


I thought it might be somewhat informative if folks knew about some of the things I'm working on right now...

  • RSS Feeds : Quite a few people have noticed that the IPB software doesn't really include a good RSS feed application by default. I've purchased what appears to be the best RSS feed manager for IPB and will be installing it today, most likely.

  • IPB Nexus : What a great name. What does it mean? Nexus is an optional purchase for IPB that allows administrators (like me) to provide better user subscription options for things like our Benefactor and Vendor programs. It also provides for banner ad serving annnnnnd has a nice storefront feature. The latter may be of great benefit as we move forward on once again offering some TGO swag for sale.

  • TGO Swag : This one has admittedly been on the back burner but I'm still chipping away at it. I will very likely be outsourcing a lot of the wearable items like hats and shirts, but we will still do some items like stickers and such in house. More on that soon I hope.

  • Classifieds : Our classifieds system is getting a complete overhaul and this one has been taking up the most of my time behind the scenes lately. The Trading Post forums have worked reasonably well for us from a technical standpoint -- they work REALLY well for you guys for buying and selling, obviously :) -- and the new Classifieds add-on for IPB is going to really blow the doors off of things. I'm excited about this and hope to get it up and running over the next few days.

Those are the big items right now. The list doesn't look all that big, I guess, but there are a lot of moving parts in there and only so many free hours in a given week. I'm trying to focus on the areas that mean the most to you all, though, which means I need to keep the list small and manageable.

As always I welcome any comments or feedback you might have. And definitely keep the new ideas coming. The RSS Feeds item is one thing I would have never really given a second thought to until I saw how important it was to some of you. Without feedback, things like that fall through the cracks.

Thanks! :)


Just as an update...

The RSS Feeds application is very much a work in progress at this point. What you see today may not be there tomorrow. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the way that the software works and as I learn I will probably change it up a bit. Or a lot. :)

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I finally noticed last night! Nice work! Sucks you had to pay for that in this modern web world.

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