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    To say the least the 2015-16 deer season was memorable for me. It was my most productive season that I've ever had by 5 deer. I didn't kill a single buck, which I'm 100% fine with. However, two of the highlights of my season were guiding my dad and another long time hunting partner of mine to their 2nd and 1st antlered bucks respectively, both nice 8 pointers. Dad's previous buck was a spike which he shot last year, that was his first deer. Now he kids me and jokes that he only shoots bucks. I have to give it to him he is 2 for 2 now! I had a chance at both of those deer but I took a lot more joy in putting other hunters on a trophy than taking it myself.
    I was a bit late getting to the party this year, I didn't take my first deer until the second weekend of muzzleloader. I found out that I have a knack for making summer sausage with that deer. Hey, I'm popular at work all of the sudden. Just made another 35 pounds last week. I'm not telling the guys at work about that batch though.
    I'd say that I get as much joy out of sharing the wealth as anything else though. It feels good to be able to help a family out, that is in need, or to just someone that doesn't hunt some deer meat and have them tell you that they enjoyed it and maybe they now have a different stance on hunting. I haven't kept strict records but tallying things up on my fingers and toes I calculate that I gave 6 families consisting of around 30 people total a significant amount of deer meat this season. Again, I didn't keep any records but when I say significant I mean at least 10 pounds of meat.
    Honestly what inspired this post was criticism that I received from some "trophy hunters." I was criticized because these "hunters" believe that the only deer that should be shot are mature bucks with big racks. In their opinion does equal bucks so does shouldn't be shot. All the while they talk of spread and inches of antlers. I just have a hard time believing that this is the true spirit of hunting. I will say that if hunting trophy whitetails is your thing then I support you and I have no problem with that I just don't want to hear your objections when I thinning some does out of what is obviously an over populated area.
    Please, I encourage all hunters to measure your success as a hunter by how many new hunters you can get in the woods. (Double points for kids!) How many meals you provide for others. And how many non/anti hunters you made question their ideals simply by observing your actions.

  1. Sidecarist
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    There has been a trend to use the words "Common Sense" to describe everything from Health Care to Gun Control. The political class that speaks this way is using the term to take advantage of people in our society that have no ability to understand what "Common Sense" actually is... I have two sons that qualify as Millennials or Gen X. I had to actively WORK to teach them independence and critical thinking. In all honesty to date my success is questionable largely due to them both attending College. Time will tell if the remember the lessons of their youth as they get older. Common Sense isn't something that they exhibit regularly right now but they both have in the past. The average young adult these days shows even less in my opinion.


    How do you define Common Sense? For me it is "the sensible course of action given the current circumstances and knowledge of what worked and or didn't work in the past" It's the what worked in the PAST that guides us! Think critical about what works and doesn't work and use that knowledge to guide your Common Sense...


    "Common Sense Gun Control is a falsehood to mask the real intention and hide from the actual problem. If you want to stop gun violence the first thing you have to do is think like the criminal and predict his actions (much like you think like your quarry when you hunt). Only by understanding the criminal mind can you thwart his actions. None of the great O's orders do this. If you want to stop a criminal you have to act directly against him. His criminal mind is always looking for a way around our civilized rules. Yes I said it Criminals are not civilized they are Evil Barbarians that care not for our rules or civilized society.


    Our civil society teaches us what is "Common Sense" to to us its members not what "Common Sense" is to a criminal! Criminals do what they want without regard to others they are UN-civilized by definition. Protecting ourselves requires us to throw off the blinders of our civil behavior to understand them.


    We don't need "Common Sense" Gun Control we need "Common Sense" Criminal Control!

  2. Tactical Black Magpul Pmag 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 30rd Magazines on Sale for $9.99 until we run out!

    In Store and Online!

    Come in the Brentwood location and get some while they last.


  3. If your safe has an electronic combination locking system only, you should think about this. If we have an EMP attack you wouldn't be able to open your safe. Everything that is electronic not protected by a Faraday Cage will be unusable. Think about it for a moment. Everything electronic is FRIED! We would be back living without electricity like during the Civil War! Here's another thought too not many of you have pondered. Police now have portable EMP devises that shut down car computers causing the cars to come to a halt. What prevents them from using this portable EMP devise on your home during a raid to disable your electronic safe so you can't get to your guns. There's a lot of information on EMP and Faraday Cage construction on the internet. Protect your communication devises, generators, and other necessary electronic devises now. If your thinking about buying a safe, buy the dial type for for your protection. Cannon Safes has EMP proof combinations now that open both ways.

  4. soc-5041-o-blk_01_1.jpg

    Sandpiper of California (SOC) Three-Day Pass Elite

    I have had this bag for exactly one year. I got it last September right before my dad passed away and immediately started using it for business travel and every-day gear toting. It has absolutely shrugged off a mountain of abuse. It looks as good today as it did when it was brand new. ZERO signs of wear.

    I've crammed it under airplane seats, in overhead compartments and stuffed it under chairs on busses. I've thrown it in and out of my Jeep, carried it daily to work, and kicked it under more desks than I can count. It's carried not one but two laptops AND an iPad simultaneously and in complete safety to the devices and comfort to me. It's the only backpack I have found yet that doesn't scream "Tacticool" but has dozens of cubbies and pockets suitable for the prepared, armed individual.

    The main compartment has a padded sleeve for a laptop as well as a bladder pocket for hydration. The next largest compartment is lined with three heavy duty vertical strips of velcro to which you affix three included mesh zipper packs which are perfect for holding laptop power supplies, cords, toiletries, and sundries.

    A series of pockets and flaps cover the front of the pack and hide several compartments sealed off from the elements, a typical pens/pencils office supplies organizer, etc. The pack is covered in various places with color-matched MOLLE loops for additional attachment points.

    The straps are HEAVY DUTY and padded for comfort. There's a "drag loop" at the top of the pack that works just fine for a handle. The shoulder straps have a comfortable chest-strap that can tie them together and spread even more of the load across the wearer's upper body.

    The back of the pack has extraordinarily comfortable and durable padding panels that are designed to comfort your back and channel air-flow to keep your back from getting sweaty.

    I really can't say enough good things about this pack and wish I had the sort of funds to just give them away to people. You can find them online for around $100.






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    In the over 20 years we have been selling gun safes we get many questions about the features of the safes we sell. One of the most asked questions is what is the difference in fire ratings of the various brands. I have listed out the main things to look for in a fire test.

    The external temperature of the fire test, usually between 1200 and 1950 degrees

    The amount of time it takes the test furance to reach its test temperature

    The time the safe was tested to, usually between 30 and 150 minutes

    How many temperature probes were in the safe to text the internal temperture, the more the better

    The internal temperature that the safe reached during the text, the lower the better. the industry benchmark is 350 degrees.

    But why you ask do the different companies have different external test temperature and test exposure times?

    A lot if the test results are smoke and mirrors and the companies keep the test specifics a secret because they don't want you to see that not all test are the same.

    Look for a company that shows you the type of test they do and the furnace ramp up time and duration of the maximum heat exposure. This will give you a better idea of how the safe will hold up in a real world fire.

    Stay tune , more to follow..........

  5. How amazing it is how easily lead the liberals are in this country when they are being lead to the slaughter. This page is dedicated to helping them along.

    “That which is aquired to easily is esteemed to litely.â€

    I believe we are living in the most dangerous times since the Civil War.

    Our system is broken and we all need to fix it. The Democratric Party has been taken over by communist radicals of the 60’s ( you know who they are) and they have expertly used the guidlines of the Communist Manifesto to methodically dissasemble this country built on the blood and tears of generations. The minorities are in control and the time to sit idlly by is over.

    This is a forum dedicated to finding methods to return our country to it’s glorious norm.

    If you are of another view, there are many places to go to spread it, don’t do it here you arn’t welcome.

    What are your thoughts? Want to expand on this?

  6. (reference)


    This list is by no means complete. Please understand that many individuals that provide online resources for survival, primitive living, homesteading, natural living, etc. are either self funded or maintain their sites from donations, sponsors & click programs etc. Do not be surprised to find occasional dead links, defunct 404s, etc.. Bear in mind some of these 'bloggers' aren't necessarily very indoorsy so updates may not be the most timely. I have no affiliations or personal connections with individuals operating any of these sites and they are listed solely for your entertainment purposes. Material you find may be contradictory with other survival/primitive/natural living sites so please use caution. Some few of these sites have 'pay content or product' and on the supply/gear sites prices may be wildly out-of-market so please perform your own research before purchasing. All that being said you really have no excuse to not learn yourself some facts... especially with the 150+ bloggers listed at the end providing daily updates of their individual experiences.



    American Red Cross

    LDS Another Voice Of Warning

    Mother Earth

    Equipped To Survive

    Steve's pages

    Survival Blog

    Pole Shift - General Survival

    Captain Dave's Survival Center


    SHTF Blog

    SHTF School

    Survivalist Boards

    Offgrid Survival

    Backwoods Home Mag

    Woods Monkey

    American Preppers

    Wildwood Survival

    Foraging Texas


    Middle Tennessee Preppers

    Primitive Ways

    Woodland Survival

    National Center for Home Food Preservation

    Annies Remedy - Medicinal Herbs Listing

    Survival IQ

    Backpack Gear Test

    Living Primatively

    Simple Survival

    Nature Skills

    Backdoor Survival

    Survival Mastery

    Wilderness Survival

    Survival Cache

    Boy Scout Guides

    Army Field Manuals

    Skills for Wild Lives

    Survival Ebooks

    Survival Topics

    Israeli Home Front Command

    Survival Resources

    Wild Woman Outdoors


    Other resources & retail stores specializing in outdoors/camping/survival etc. gear:

    SurvivalTop50 bloggers

    Bloggers 51-166

    Update: edited to be navigable in Tapatalk

  7. blog-0190216001368549429.gifGreetings from PARKER'S SAFES AND VAULTS!

    I get a lot of questions from folks who are in the market for a gun safe. I thought I'd take a few minutes and address a couple of those. (I'll be the first to admit that I'm a little biased, but my opinions are based on my personal experience. I have delivered, installed and serviced a lot of safes)

    First question...

    1. There is so much information on the web and so many companies claiming that their safes are the best, how can I choose the best safe for my money?

    -Great question. No one wants to buy something and then wish later that they hadn't. Quality, function and price are the main considerations.

    QUALITY- A heavy safe made in the U.S.A., with 4-way active bolts, a reinforced or plate steel door perimeter, a solid plate steel door, a dial lock and at least a double step door would be what I would look for.

    FUNCTION- Be mindful of where the bolts extend on the inside of the safe. Some safes have very little or very thin steel around the perimeter of the door. The door perimeter needs to be stout enough to hold the door in place during a pry attack. If you run your hand inside the door on the strike side and feel a raw edge of steel, it's probably not enough. This raw steel edge can be flexed away from the door with pry bars. It doesn't take much prying to flex the perimeter away from the door enough to gain access. Look for safes with a tubular style door perimeter or better yet, a plate steel door perimeter of 1/4" or more. In my opinion, it doesn't matter how many bolts or how big the bolts are if the door perimeter lacks sufficient strength to hold the door on during a pry attack.

    Look for 3 numbers on your fire rating. Yes there should be 3 not just 2. These are:

    The temperature at which the safe was tested, the duration of the test, and most importantly, the inside temperature of the safe during the test. For example, 1500, 90 min, 349 deg. Paper gets crispy at about 405 degrees and house fires burn at an average temperature of 1100 degrees.

    Again, I recommend a dial lock instead of an electronic one. (I know, not too trendy, but they work when you need them to.) and at least one external relocker.

    PRICE- A quality safe is an investment. Safes that are cheap are cheap safes. Safes like most at the big box stores can be breached in a matter of minutes and offer little real security. Buy one quality safe a little bigger than you think you'll need and be done with it.

    2. I'd like to get a safe, but will the floor framing in my house support it?

    Generally speaking, yes. Unless you already have a lot of weight on the floor or are considering a really heavy safe.(2000 lbs.) It largely depends on where you put the safe. Placing it near an exterior or load bearing wall or directly above a support pier are the best options as the load is closer to the bearing point. The sheer strength of a standard 2x10 is around 2500 pounds. With most safes, we'll span at least 2 of these so we should be fine. Another option is to reinforce your floor if you can access the crawl space or basement. I have delivered a lot of heavy safes into many different styles of homes and have never had a single floor load issue.

    As always, it's my pleasure to personally entertain any safe questions you might have. If you have any questions or would like to see some quality safes in person or both, please give me a call.


    Aaron 931.842-6445

  8. blog-0034555001365293891.jpgSo, my son has reached the ripe old age of exactly 12 1/2 years old. As he has gotten "older", his thoughts have not necessarily turned to the SI Swimsuit Issue (that I know of, anyway....), but towards the great outdoors and just how, exactly, he'll get there under his own (right foot) power. So, we began a search for the perfect project vehicle that we could work on together to turn into a reliable, safe, good looking (His thoughts may have turned to that swimsuit issue after all since he wants to look good going somewhere??) vehicle. At this point we have had several deals either fall through or just didn't get there quickly enough to make a deal.

    Until Tuesday.

    I found a 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief S (wide track) that is in rough shape, but not too rough. Floor pans are completely rusted out, most likely from an aftermarket sunroof that has RTV all around it, the door panels are gone, the shift lever from 4 Lo to 4 Hi does not work (Manipulated the linkage and shifted well. At least the BW transfer case worked), the back door does not open, and the carb is completely shot (even though the motor idles smoothly when using a spray mister to inject gas directly into the carb), and it has a ton of surface rust on the body, but only rotted at the rocker on the drivers side.

    My son was aghast.

    I fell in love.

    Mechanically, the old truck is pretty sound, and has the makings of greatness. After showing my son some pictures of the old Chiefs in good shape, he is 100% on board. The scope of the project is large with long lead times, so, I would like to start this blog to chronicle the father / son rebuild of an outdoor Icon.

    I will post up some pics along the way, and of course, am happy to receive advice on this journey. Anything you can add, or point me in the right direction with this is greatly appreciated!!


    In The Country

    If you read my first blog,

    you know I retired and fled the urban environment and population

    centers post haste. I realize many can not relocate from the

    population centers, as they provide the majority of employment,

    convenience and shopping, however...

    They also offer the most

    risk of becoming a victim of violent crime and governmental people

    control, especially during hard times or a natural / man made

    disaster. Trust this when I say, former law abiding moral people will

    resort to anything during hardship and disaster to survive and

    provide for their families, that's just human nature and survival.

    Add to that the climate the government created with all the welfare

    programs and people now “expect and demand†unearned handouts.

    The attitude of, “you owe me†has become instilled in millions of

    welfare recipients. With that said, then the question becomes, will

    you become the source of their survival to the detriment of your own

    family and survival?

    With the advent of a

    catastrophic natural or man-made disaster, law enforcement, fire

    departments, EMT service personnel, etc. will naturally leave their

    posts to protect and provide for their families and themselves.

    Katrina being the latest localized natural disaster with plenty of

    warning. It's historically accurate and human nature to abandon your

    post and flee to your loved ones when they are in danger. Agreed?

    Kaos and the criminal element then naturally take over.

    There are literally

    hundreds of gangs in our cities and urban dwellings, both large and

    small. That translates into hundreds of thousands if not millions of

    gang-bangers looking for an excuse to rape, murder, pillage, loot and

    burn down the town if not restricted. That's not even counting the

    large criminal / drug induced segment of our society always looking

    for opportunities and easy targets, much-less the average Joe trying

    to steal for the survival of his / her self and family.

    Compassion and charity is

    a wonderful thing and needs to be practiced but, to your own

    preparations and demise? Think on that for a moment if you will. How

    far are you willing to go to help others in need at the detriment of

    your very own needs and survival of you and your family?

    I know first hand what it

    is like to experience spitting cotton because of thirst and such

    hunger that you think your throat has been cut. This was a

    “temporary†experience and I knew relief was in sight in the near

    future. Imagine the thoughts and justifications former law abiding

    citizens will have to justify in their minds their actions to take

    from the haves, to provide for themselves and their families when

    they realize no help is forth coming anytime soon?

    Suffice it to say, it's

    human nature and survival to morally rationalize violence and

    stealing from the haves to survive and provide for their families, at

    the expense and demise of the haves. It's a historical fact played

    out many, many times. When it comes to hunger pains and survival of

    your family, the mind conjures up all kinds of moral reasons to

    steal, harm, accost and pillage innocent people.

    Think about this if you

    will. Plague, famine, pestilence, earthquakes, drought, dust bowls,

    financial collapse, global warming, world war, terrorism, tsunami,

    crime, murder, volcano's, etc. have plagued mankind since the

    beginning of time. Our current place in history is no exception and

    we are definitely not immune in modern times to national / worldwide

    duress and survival. Modern history is loaded with examples, don't

    ever think the U.S. is immune to such events and many are long past

    due according to the experts.

    Add to that the U.S. is

    not very popular anymore and many nations want to destroy us. They

    could make 9/11 look like a walk in the park someday. They could

    release a biological weapon, EMP attack, poison a major water supply,

    detonate a dirty bomb near on in a major population center, destroy a

    number of our nuclear power plants, the opportunities and targets are

    endless. Mark my words, it's just a matter of time. We have to catch

    them each and every time, they have to succeed only once.

    Shall we look at

    probabilities and statistics of a national disaster? Anyone actually

    know how much debt we are in both personally and as a nation? I've

    seen reports that personally and as a nation, all our land, national

    resources, cities, and infrastructure could not pay off our

    collective debt. What “expert†would tell the American people we

    are not insolvent and bankrupt with a straight face? Ever wonder to

    whom we owe all this debt to, and what the consequences are if they

    demand it back right now?

    What are the odds? They're

    guessing and have no idea but, it's said the New Madrid fault line

    and many other fault zones affecting the U.S. have a 1:50 chance of

    slippage in the next 20 years? Science has no idea and can only rely

    on statistical probability based on historical activity, it could

    happen any day. A major quake in the U.S. would bring us to our knees

    and disrupt all commercial transport of our survival needs for an

    extended period of time. Our grocery shelves would be bare in three

    days, gasoline would be gone in hours, utter chaos would prevail


    What about all the other

    probabilities that are unstoppable and will occur again like drought,

    earthquake(s), asteroids, meteors, mega solar flares, multiple

    volcanic eruptions, famine, pestilence, avian flu, etc. etc.?

    Everything taken individually seems like a minute chance and nothing

    to be concerned about, right? Now, adding everything up collectively

    and applying a little common sense to the equation. You can do your

    own addition and subtraction to figure out your own odds of something

    happening. But I call it a good chance in my short life time left.

    Well, what did I do to

    better prepare for the next eventual local, national or world crises

    that will eventually occur, as they historically always do? IMHO, you

    can't prepare for everything or totally prepare for anything, that's

    an unfortunate fact unless you're a billionaire or a “Doomsday

    Prepper†on TV.

    I prioritize my needs

    based on where I'm at today in the country. In the urban environment,

    my needs were much more into stocking food & water, protecting

    them and bugging out to a safer location when the need arose.

    The whole point of this

    diatribe is to make you aware of the potential disaster(s) that faces

    you and your families, and how will you potentially fare?

    You can't prepare for

    everything but you can prepare for an extended unexpected emergency

    and enhance your chances for survival without resorting to criminal

    activities and stealing from your neighbor to survive.

    I have car insurance just

    in case. I have health insurance just in case. I have home owners /

    earthquake insurance just in case. I have SHTF preparations, JUST IN


    And you should too...

  10. blog-0268302001358472943.jpgTonight I took another shot at our trusty friend, the LiteSpeed httpd engine. To be fair, a friend and I worked on this thing until almost midnight last night and we noticed some things that gave me a hint about why it didn't work quite right yesterday.

    The good news is that our current web server is now running LiteSpeed which is a brutally fast alternative to Apache. As I mentioned yesterday, I hate the Apache web server more than I hate gingivitis. Actually that's not entirely accurate as until this moment I really didn't have an opinion on gingivitis.

    So let's just simplify it and say that Apache has stolen so much of my free time lately and caused me so much undue stress that if Apache were a person, I'd put on my best Affliction shirt from The Buckle, drink a lot of RedBull and make a YouTube video all jacked up on caffeine where I ultimately signed off by saying if it crashed one more time I was going to start killing servers.


    Yeah... I went there.

    Hopefully us running LiteSpeed for the time being will tide us over until we get moved to our new server where we also won't be running Apache. No small coincidence. In the meantime, if you notice anything odd about the server, please report it in the Feedback and Support forum so that I can investigate.

    And enjoy the nice fast page loads.




    In the wake of the Trayvon Martin incident, it is important to understand Tennessee self-defense laws before threatening or using force intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily injury. In this class, while learning about Tennessee self-defense laws, criminal liability, use of force, and ways to deal with threats to yourself or your family, you will use a firearms training simulator with a lasershot Glock 17 simulated firearm interacting with a video screen with realistic self-defense scenarios.


    Tennessee Self-Defense Laws

    Civil and Criminal Liability

    Use of Force Continuum

    Firearms Training Simulator


    Course Title:
    Firearms Simulator & Self Defense Law Class

    Dates Offered:

    June 19th, 6pm-9pm

    June 30th, 9am-Noon

    July 19th, 6pm-9pm

    July 21st, 9am-Noon

    : Volunteer State Community College, Gallatin, Tennessee

    : Open to Everyone Ages 18 & Up

    : $49.00 (includes handouts and use of firearms training simulator)


    Kevin M. Cook, Director and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. Director Cook is a former federal law enforcement officer and investigator. He is a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and has taught use of force and self-defense law for the past eight years.

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    *I’m tossing this into the mix as a blog because I thought some might enjoy it and I couldn't really find an appropriate venue in the regular forums.*

    On a personal note, I’ve found the best way to meet adversity is with a smile and if you can't laugh at yourself... Well, you know the rest. This was an actual letter written to my former boss upon learning that he and his family had decided to vacation in Colorado... It was also inadvertently (and almost accidentally) the first piece I had published.

    If you like it, let me know and I'll consider sharing a few other pieces I've written.


    Dear Boss:

    Congratulations on having chosen the Colorado Rocky Mountains as your vacation spot this year! As you may know, even though I'm originally from Kansas, I have spent a great deal of time in the Rockies. In fact, due in large part to inaccurate maps, faulty compasses and the mysterious geologic forces which strive to constantly re-arrange other wise familiar landmarks - I have probably spent more time in the Colorado back country than most members of the search and rescue team. At any rate, I am convinced that you, yourself could not have picked a better destination.

    I must admit that I am honored that you have come to me for advice and I commend you on your excellent judgment. Naturally, over the years, I have acquired an almost encyclopedic knowledge on this subject and you may believe me when I say that I have forgotten more than you know.

    From the time of Zebulon Pike to present there have been literally thousands of books and articles authored on the subject of camping and living in the Rocky mountains. So many so that my wife jokingly inquired as to why anyone over the age of eight who owns a library card would willingly come to me for advice. I politely informed her that I, for one, could understand your wanting to learn things that only a real expert like myself would know!

    With that in mind, Boss, I have decided not to fill your brain with information easily obtained from other sources. Instead, I have enclosed the following list of things you should NOT do while you are in the mountains. I know you should not do these things, because unfortunately, I have done them all at some point in the past. Needless to say, the results have ranged from just thoroughly embarrassing to damn near disastrous!

    Good Luck Boss! May you learn at least as much from my "adventures" as I have...

    Things you should NOT do in the Mountains

    (Or anywhere else for that matter!)

    1. Do not wrap an egg in clay and place it the campfire to cook.

    2. Do not try to start a campfire using only a mouthful of brandy and a Zippo lighter.

    3. No matter how cute and cuddly it may look - Do not try to pet a baby porcupine.

    4. Never try to kill a skunk with a banjo!

    5. Never try to bluff a moose...

    6. Never try to cross a stream on any log which is more than ten feet above the water - Especially if the water is less than three feet deep!

    7. Never leave your clothes more than a mile from where you are actually "skinny-dipping."

    8. NEVER allow yourself to be convinced that riding a plastic toboggan down a two thousand foot snow mass and into a mountain lake would be "a really neat thing to do!"

    9. Do not sneak up on your camp partner and "woof" like a grizzly - Especially if they are holding a cast iron skillet or a fly rod.

    10. Do not throw rocks or pinecones at your camp partner when they in the bushes answering the call of nature - Especially if they are bigger and meaner than you are.

    11. Do not throw rocks or pinecones at any stump that looks like a sleeping bear.

    12. If you must climb a tree to escape from a recently awakened bear, do NOT disturb anything which looks like a yellow jacket nest - at least until AFTER you are past it.

    And finally - Even if the hornets choose to go after the bear and leave you with only a few stings - Do not jump up and down, clap your hands and laugh uproariously while you are still standing in the uppermost branches of a pine tree!

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    Contrarian is an adjective in this context. Referring to your previous means basically "This is gonna stir up some stink"It is not name calling. "Troll" would be name calling. Not contrarian. There is a difference.
    Thanks for clearing that up my friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
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    I was at the laundromat today, doing my normal semi-monthly laundry and picked up a "Daily News Journal". I do live in Murfreesboro and I am a student at MTSU and I was reading a front-page article that a person awaiting their HCP in the mail would read. The article was entitled "Police to Speak to Shooting Victim: Campus Crossing Incident Involved Permit Holder". When I read the headline, a chill went down my spine.

    As I began to read the article it began describing how a man with "multiple gunshot wounds was being transported to the hospital by a private vehicle, and later Life Flighted to Vanderbilt." As I read on, the shooter and two witnesses were questioned and all three were released. The police refused to comment on why he was released other than that the shooter was a "handgun carry permit holder." When I finished the article I sat down and started thinking about why they would release him. Obviously, if there had been any question to this not being a self-defense, he would at least be in custody, or would he? I mean, with our Justice system being completely "bassackwards" will that make sense? I thought that the "refuse to comment" was them saying "We don't want to say, it's self defense until we speak to the victim." But in this instance, I believe that the media are using the words "shooter" and "victim" completely out of context. If, in fact, it was self-defense, the term "shooter" doesn't seem to fit. Neither does "victim". Wouldn't it be the "Guy trying to save his own life" and "Criminal that got what he deserved"?

    Regardless of the media's crappy use of terminology, the simple fact behind this is: IF this person used his HCP as a means of self defense, shot a person, and was inside the law at all times, the MTSU HCP community can, possibly, have a case on allowing CC on campus, with state approval, of course. HOWEVER, if this person shot out of spite or was wavering the laws, he has just set us back farther than we can imagine, and the anti population will still see HCP holders as "gun toting crazies" and not those who wish to defend ourselves and our families from harm.

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    Well this is my 1st attempt at a blog. I am not writing this for sympathy but to try to find a way to relieve some stress and deal with a bit of depression.

    My name is David. I was born and raised here in the Nashville area. I am 52 and have both of my parents still alive and living here in Nashville. Mom is 83 and Dad will be 83 in May.

    Let's start with Dad. He was never in a position where he made a lot of money in his career. He never was an outdoors-man by any means. He didn't hunt, fish or play sports. He spent his spare time in church. We grew up in the Methodists church and Dad was our Youth leader. Even though he was around all of the time I never really felt that close to him. He was not terribly affectionate. I am so glad that I was brought up in church but I'm ashamed to say that it is not always evident. I'm a work in progress and I have a loving, patient Savior.

    Dad always had high blood pressure and didn't take care of himself and he is paying for it now. He would not go to see a doctor. His twin brother was a pharmacist who gave him BP meds because he knew he was not going to a doctor. I guess that he felt that any type of medication would be better than nothing.

    In '92 his health caught up with him. He had a triple bypass and then in '93 he had a stroke which affected his left side. That forced him to start seeing doctors on a more regular basis. He can just barely get up out of a chair now and when he does make it to his feet he can barely walk. About that time my uncle got him started on supplements and all types of vitamins. There is no telling how much he has spent on these pills over the last 15 years. He believes that the doctors don't know anything because they are not familiar with all of the crap that he takes. He reads the information that these companies send him and swallows hook, line and sinker. They write these to sell their products so they make them sound like they are the key to life. He can't comprehend the reason behind these tactics. The problem is that the one person that he trusted about these was his brother and he died in '99 of congestive heart failure. There is no one else on the face of the earth that could have any chance of convincing Dad that he is wasting his money on them.

    Now he is hooked on trying to win sweepstakes. You would not believe what he gets in the mail every week. I was there 3 of the 6 days that mail was delivered about 3 weeks ago and I pulled 17 pieces of that junk out so that he didn't see it. I have my Mom weeding it out and hiding it in the garage before he sees it and then my wife is mailing requests to all of them to please remove him from their mailing lists. I really doubt that will help because they just sell the names to others who are trying to scam them also. They get calls many times a week telling them that if they will wire varying amounts of money to an account, usually in Jamaica, that they will win anywhere from $350k up to $3.5 million. These have all been scams that they have not lost too much money on, usually $20 to $50 to register for the prize. I have pretty much been able to stop him from responding to them but there are a great many out there that have his address and phone number. I want to change their number but he is fighting me about that.

    He has not been diagnosed but I suspect that he has at least mild Alzheimers. He can't comprehend anything anymore and he also doesn't remember telling me things and repeats himself constantly.

    Now for my Mom. She is such a sweet person. She was a teacher for about 40 years. She taught at Whitsett Elementary for about 30 years. Most of that time she was teaching 1st and 2nd grade. I have a good many friends that I went to school with that she taught.

    She is still in fairly good health physically but her problem is that she has been diagnosed with mild to moderate Alzheimers. That is such a horrible disease! She has made the comment many times that she wishes that the Lord would just go ahead and take her home because losing her memory is the worst possible thing that can happen to a person. Her mother, my grandmother had nearly completely lost her memory before she died in '84.

    I have had to take her car from her for safety reasons. Dad quit driving about 10 years ago. I was afraid that she would take a wrong turn and end up in AL or in a bad part of town and end up dead.

    They will not go to look at Assisted Living facilities because they think that I will leave them there. They don't have a clue what they are about. They have never known anyone who lived in one so they have a mental image of them being nothing more than a nursing home. They have want me to leave them at home for as long as possible and I have promised that i would. I know that when I make the decision that it's time that they will not agree and I will have a fight on my hands. I do have a brother in the area but his job prevents him from being much help.

    We have signed them up for Life Alert (I've fallen and I can't get up) and That makes me a little more comfortable with them being home alone but not completely. Their neighbors are pretty good about watching after them and they have my phone numbers.

    I am having to do most everything for them. They don't need to go too many places but I need to always be available to take them to church and the grocery. I spend a lot of time with them but I don't want them to feel like I am baby sitting them.

    I am by no means wealthy and I have been living on savings and credit. That is about gone and as the cash disappears the stress goes up. My wife has a decent job but not great but we have health insurance at least. I can't lose what we do have but I can't find any work that will fit my needs. My wife doesn't drive and is very insecure so I have to get her to and from work everyday and also see to her needs.

    Maybe I can cut some grass in my neighborhood when Spring gets here.

    If anyone that reads this has any chance of having to care for elderly family members I would recommend that long before you need them you should get Power of Attorneys drawn up and keep them in a bank box until you have to use them. You need to be sure that they have their Wills in order, Living Wills, Power of Attorney for Health Care and a Durable and General Power of Attorney. If you wait too long for these you will be in a world of trouble. Please don't wait too long. My cousin is in this very predicament now with her mother.

    I have never been one that had problems with dealing with stress or depression. I could always lay down at night and be asleep in 5 minutes no matter what. That rarely happens these days. I have a new perspective on what people are dealing with when life tries to get the best of them. It's tough to leave Mom and Dad at home because in trying to do what they want I know that if I make a mistake and leave them there just one day too long that could be the day the catch the house on fire and they both die.

    I do want to ask a favor of anyone who reads this. Please keep me and my parents in your prayers.

    Thanks and God Bless

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    My wife experiments with venison. She came up with an idea of putting marrinade on the venison then vacuum sealing it. By doing that, the marrinade gets into the meat during the "vacuum sealing" process. Then she puts it in the freezer for a month or longer and when you cook it, it is great!

    Some of the marrinades she uses are"

    Honey Mustard

    Herb and mustard

    Hot spice rub


    Man am I lucky!

    (And fat too)

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    New items bought over the weekend






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    Well, I have been physically ill with an unknown ailment for 8 days now. Aside from being physically drained, I feel mentally weakened as well. What better time to start using the blog feature here!:D

    Seriously, I have had to take it easy as of late for obvious reasons, and it has given me ample time to think. A very dangerous thing when you are me.

    A full recovery is inevitable, but being sick and tired, I feel, has become a chronic condition. I'm sick of the way I used to think about things, so I have changed. All the :):tinfoil: BS is just that, BULL:poop:. Why? NO, not because there is no chance of it being true, a frightening percentage is probably VERY true. I can't, or am unwilling to do anything about it. So why worry about it?

    I have decided at nearly 32 years on this planet, that I will take a more practical approach to life. The activists sometime mislabel practicality for apathy, but they are sadly mistaken. The written word of my GOD says "Who by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?" TOO RIGHT!

    I refuse to worry about anything anymore. TSHTF scenarios used to play out in my mind constantly. Now I just enjoy survivalism at it's very purist form. Strip away all the what if's and zombies and government thug attacks and just learn peace and contentment from scratching out an existence with what I can get my hands on.

    I have a long way to go, but I have found this very refreshing, liberating and just tad bit fun.

    I have only my wife that I care about. I have washed my hands of my family for reasons no one need know. I have, in the last year made two good friends. I say good friends because in the last year, they have never asked for anything. That's a good friend. I'm sick of bums, and relatives who want to tell me what and how I should do things.

    Freedom isn't some new law that allows me to carry my gun into Cancuun's and eat my nachos, while the sap next to me gets plastered on a margarita; legally. Freedom is going to bed at night and falling asleep in two, maybe three minutes, because the day is over, and I won't be worried by it anymore.

    I have also found new tastes in firearms. I've grown bored with all the tacticool blather. I don't know why. The cool thing is, I have found other things that interest me, and I don't owe anyone an explanation as to why. I just traded a polymer, laser equipped modern handgun for a Winchester model 94. Made in 1971, it's much older than me. It's in great shape, but not a safe queen. We will be getting to know each other very well.

    I've also fallen in love with the .45 Long Colt, which may lead you to think I would be interested in Cowboy action shooting or hunting. Not! I hate hunting for sport, I hate rednecks, and I hate the old west. I'd like to live in this country today if the natives had stabbed the guy in the throat after his foot touched plymouth rock. Yeah, I said it. No I don't care if you like it. I'm sick and tired remember? I'm sick and tired of being reminded that many tragedies are traceable to white men. White men slaughtered two of the most beautiful people to ever grace the earth. Indians [Feathers, not dots!] and Jews.

    Well. There's a few things out in the open. That feel nice too. So many people are afraid that the other guy will think ill of him if their opinions misalign. I could care less.

    You wouldn't worry so much about what other people think about you; If you knew how much they don't.

    Well, my throat is still sore, but my head seems clear. Till next time.

  13. The time for sitting back and wondering is over. We have to take the fight to the antis. Use their tactics against them. Every single time one of the whack nuts shoots people ina "gun free zone" we need to start pounding it over and over again how the current laws are useless, and how a single permit holder might have saved lives. They don't give us any quarter when it comes to using these incidents against us, time to do the same.

    For example, ABC is going to run a BS 20/20 hit piece called Americas toxic addiction to guns. Do you REALLY think it's going to provide ANYTHING other than misinformation making all gun owners look bad? It's a political hit piece designed to garner support for another far reaching and permanent AWB

    Someone on posted a letter to send to your local ABC stations that run 20/20 I've sent it out, and I suggest you do the same

    "Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am a responsible gun owner and a firm believer in the right of law abiding citizens to own guns to defend themselves and their families from criminal predators. While I believe that the vast majority of police officers are decent and honorable individuals who do whatever they can to protect the safety of private citizens, the undeniable fact remains that the police cannot possibly protect everyone, or even a small percentage of the population, because that is not their intended purpose, nor are they staffed or funded to do so. For this and many other reasons, we cherish our time honored rights under the Second Amendment.

    It has come to our attention that your station intends to air a segment on an upcoming 20/20 program titled 'America's Toxic Addiction To Guns.' It would appear, based on the program title alone, that this segment will present a very negative and hostile view of the Second Amendment.

    We are asking you to not air that segment of the program, please, because we view it as unacceptable for your network to disseminate false and misleading information that undermines our right to self defense to the viewing public.

    If you do choose to air this segment despite our objections, we are going to organize a grassroots boycott, at the local level, of all the corporate sponsors whose advertisements appear during the program in question. We have thousands of members of the National Rifle Association here in this city, and our membership will no longer purchase goods or services from those corporate sponsors. Furthermore, we will be sending letters to each of them to explain why we have taken this action, so that they may understand the importance of not supporting anti-gun and anti-freedom lies and slander with their advertising dollars. While we feel it is unfortunate that we have to boycott local merchants, especially in this economic climate in which many companies are struggling for their economic survival, we nonetheless feel that a message needs to be sent directly to the advertising sponsors of this kind of false and misleading programming.

    We hope that you will give favorable consideration to our request, and that in the future, you will consider an editorial policy that is more favorable to the rights of self protection for law abiding citizens.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    /you name here/

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    ACL surgery went well and I'm out of all the braces and just rehabing the knee.

    Finally able to start getting some range time in.

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    Well I have been operating for some time now. To be entirely honest it has not been very popular. And we have not been getting much business. Because of that and recent events leading to an increase in everything firearms. I have made firearm related auctions on the site free. No end of auction fees, no listing fees. The only fees are for special features like bold, homepage etc. The only thing that I ask is that for those that are selling please make sure that you decrease the cost of the product to the amount you would normally mark it up for other online auctions. Prices have rocketed I want to drive them down at at least a little bit. Every little bit helps. And dealers are welcome to take advantage as well. Anything firearms related.

  14. creeky
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    This will be a bit of a rant... but hang in there it may get funny. Or pathetic... to early to tell.

    I do a little hobby webcomic. It's been on hiatus while I was taking care of some other business. So I'm getting back to it.

    Well.... I had a little bit of flaky code that had been bugging me so decided to fix it. Nothing major. I'm pretty anal about keeping backups and stuff like that... (can you see where this is going?)

    Yup... you guessed it. Screwed it up. How bad? Toasted the config file that handle authentication with the databases. That... is not good.

    I tried a couple of things but to no good. Soooo I decided to just rebuild the site and fix all those little things that had been bugging me for so long. (Yeah I could have restored the site and dug out an older config file to replace the toasted one, but after thinking this would be better.) Just liked the idea of a fresh coat of digital paint after a long hiatus.

    It's been a while since I have sat down and did some coding...

    Let's backup a bit first and go over my coding skills. I basically subscribe to the "Monkey-Code-Implication-Process"... or the "M.C.I.P". I modify code by grabbing bits of code out of my butt and throw it against the wall to see if it will stick. Yeah... just like monkey's throwing feces in the zoo. The major difference being when a monkey does it, it looks humorous. When I do that digitally, with code, it looses that "cute" appeal to be replaced by "pathetic".

    Oh how I loath code.

    Anyhoo... after 6 hours the site was back up. Still uploading the comic archive and building the supporting pages when I can, but overall it is up and functioning.

    But still... I can't really complain about sitting behind a mac for 6 hours on a Saturday. It sure does beat digging a hole outside in the hot sun for 6 hours.

    Kind of helps to keep things in perspective.