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  1. I've always been pleased with Xtreme bullets, although sometimes their shipping takes a week or more to get to me..... Amazon prime shipping has me spoiled
  2. Well, I went ahead and bought one from midwayusa, should be here Monday. Depending on what the mold drops the bullets at, I'm hoping to be able to reload for several of my guns with this bullet. There's not a ton of information on this particular mold, but from what I did find, it seems to be one of the best 30 caliber rifle molds to have. I'll post my results
  3. Does anybody use this mold.... Just seeing if anybody uses this mold. I'm hoping to use it for 7.62x54r, 7.5 Swiss, .308, and 30-06. There's a .314 version that I may have to get for 7.62x54r and .303 British, but before I throw $100+ at a bullet mold, I thought I'd get some opinions.
  4. A,B,C,&D
  5. I went into the chatroom right after my first post and there were 4 other people in there. It was just odd that I hadn't seen anybody in there for weeks
  6. I haven't seen anybody in the chatroom on here in about 2 or 3 weeks.... Just wondering if the recent updates killed it or if everybody just found other stuff to do instead of chatting
  7. It's what I do
  8. Seems to be from a Carcano, and made by Terni...
  9. Because I got a pair of Finns... BWAHAHAHA Got 2 VKT M39s from Classic Firearms. Didn't opt for "hand select" and seem to be in decent condition for the price. Both are 1942, and I seem to have gotten one War time stock, and one Post war stock. The War Time stock seems to have an older action and bolt, and in a little rougher condition. Range report will be soon
  10. I've been watching IV8888's video on the Classic Firearm tour, and every time he holds up a m39, I wonder will my guns look like that one.....
  11. Waiting on Classic to send me guns.... I need to keep my mind off of it, or the wait will drive me crazy
  12. Ordered 2 VKT M39s from Classic..... will post pictures/videos when they come in!
  13. C&R arrived today! Now to get all my accounts with classic, aim, and others setup so I can use my license!!! So many hoops to jump thru. But from August 20 til now only took 23 days to get it back isn't bad
  14. I wouldn't mind having one, looks handy