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  1. Welcome and thanks for your service!   Back in the day (1973) I was there, 2/17 Air Cav. for my last year of active Army service.   It's my understanding there are feral hogs on Ft. Campbell that you can gain permission to hunt if you so desire?
  2. Welcome from our state capitol, Paris, TN. You came to the right place.
  3. Howdy and welcome to a great place.
  4. Wish I wasn't so far away. The best to you and your business!
  5. Nice to have you on board!
  6. Howdy!
  7. Hi ya and welcome to a great forum. There's guys on here who have forgotten more than I'll ever know about ammo, guns and gear.
  8. Hello from Henry County!
  9. Welcome and enjoy your freedoms in this great state of Tennessee. A bunch of good folks on here.
  10. Welcome from the state capitol, "PARIS, Tn."
  11. Say hey fellas! Recently retired after 38 years living in the Peoples Republic, due to employment. My last year of active service (1973) I was stationed with 2/17th Air Calvary, Ft. Campbell, KY. I lived in a converted barn made into four apartments somewhere in the boon docks near Erin, TN. I said to myself, "this area would be a nice place to retire to"... SURPRISE!!! Man did the years fly by and now I'm an old man Anyway, not much to tell. Member NRA, joined local county gun club here, finally have farm fresh eggs daily, three years active U.S. Army, 1 yr. RVN as door gunner / crew chief UH-1C assault helicopter, 17 yrs. USAR. Enjoy shooting IDPA, trap, skeet, precision rifle and love the freedoms Tennessee has compared to the Peoples Republic. Looking forward to jawing with y'all and telling tall tales