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  1. If you're really concerned with protecting your hearing, you'll need to run some tests, or at the very least look at the manufacturer's numbers. Keep in mind anything about 120dBSPL can (generally will) cause instantaneous damage to your hearing - this doesn't mean immediate noticeable loss of hearing, but hearing loss is cumulative, so at the very LEAST I recommend keeping the exposure to instantaneous sounds to <100dBSPL. I don't think I've ever seen a suppressor capable of more than about 30-35dB NR, which means you would realistically need ~20dB of extra protection with a typical firearm (most of which generate somewhere in the neighborhood of 150dBSPL). For example, when I'm shooting (I don't have any suppressors), I wear 33dB NR plugs with some 25dB over-the-ear muffs. This combination yields enough protection that I can shoot everything I own for hours with no damage. I'd LOVE to shoot with nothing on my head, but it's just not practical for someone who wishes to protect their hearing. May not seem like a big deal now, but in 20 years when you have tinnitus and struggle to keep up with conversations, you'll wish you were aggressive in protecting your ears...
  2. Gun laws are not great in NC...
  3. Yah, upon further reading it's made for subsonic loads, so while I can use it on the .223, they've had to be subsonic. No biggie, that's what I'd want to shoot anyway. That looks like the ticket, man - retain your sight picture, incredible performance...
  4. Wow, that's impressive! I have never considered using the suppressor on a smaller caliber and it remaining that effective! I suspect a .40S&W suppressor would actually work fairly well on a .223 rifle...
  5. Considering getting a .40 suppressor, but don't really know much about them. The reason I want .40 is I'd like to be able to use it on my G22 and G27 (both of which would render the 180gr round sub-sonic) and possibly on my Sub2000 and my .40 AR (assuming I build it as I plan). I know on the rifles I might have to find or start loading lower power round to keep it subsonic, but for now it seems like a good plan considering how much .40 I shoot. So, any ideas or recommendations for a good quality can that will work on a pistol and rifle? Any help appreciated!
  6. hahahaha Not yet, but I hope to. Meant to hook up with him before tonight as he has a guy heading my way tomorrow, but have been to busy to call him. Great price on the ammo, hope to get some!
  7. Nice, he and truthsayer will get along great!
  8. What does he play? (hipower, don't answer that one...)
  9. Welcome, dblscale!
  10. Done, thanks for the heads up!
  11. I'm just trying to piss you off. Is it working? *tips hat*
  12. Yah, I'm amused by his character and his videos. I subscribed to his youtube channel some time ago. Might even pick up a 'professional Russian' t-shirt...
  13. For the record, Kyle's accent is fake. Great video(s).