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  1. Welcome, from Manchester
  2. Look up military arms channel on youtube, he tested them with a chronograph. IIRC 16" barrel was 2300-2400 fps, Draco was above 2000 fps, and the mini was just under 2000 fps. Don't remember the exact numbers.
  3. Thanks, Got my fingerprint cards in the mail today. I will get with the Sheriff and go from there.
  4. That was my understanding. Lady I talked to probly just didnt know.
  5. So where does one go to get fingerprints done? I am in Coffee County, called the Sheriff he wasnt there today so I talked his secretary I guess. She said he would sign but said they dont do the fingerprints. Called the outpost and they said they didnt know, but in Franklin and Rutherford counties the Sheriff Dept. does it.
  6. Welcome. As far as ranges go, you cant beat Terry Walden's place out 16th model Rd. It's about 5 miles from my place. Then there's P&T range out Cat Creek Rd.
  7. Welcome to TGO, and congrats on the Glock.
  8. Welcome.
  9. People do trusts all the time in Tennessee. Trusts have way to many benifits not to do one, IMO. To name a couple-You don't have to be with the gun all the time whenever it is out of the safe, if you die your wife or kids don't have to have it transferred to them if they are on the trust.
  10. Cain law firm in Franklin Tn, also a vendor here. The way i understand it, without a trust you have to be with the gun or else it is locked up where only you have access. With a trust several people can be named, so you don't always have to be there. So your son, wife, freind, or whoever you have listed on the trust can take the gun to the range without you. Plus you don't have to do the fingerprints, pics, CLEO signoff.
  11. The way I understand it is you can't make a pistol into a rifle, but you can make it into an SBR. But then they sell those mechtec upper with 16" barrels to go onto a glock frame, so I don't know. If I were going to do an SBR I would skip the glock and go with a MP5 clone or maybe an UZI type SBR.But a folding stock AK would be cool to.
  12. Not federal government, but lack of crimes didn't stop california from banning the 50
  13. Gun control laws have absolutely nothing to do with crime. They are all about controlling you and me. NFA laws, AWB, etc were all to control the average citizen.
  14. They made it illegal for new automatic firearms to be sold to civilians.
  15. Where do you get this from? Just curious cause the info I find suggests that $200 in 1935 wold be the equivalent to 3100 today