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  1. The sterling runs in the neighbor hood of 600 and the Thompson is between 800 and 1 K from what I have seen. I have the Sub 2000 in both 9 and 40 and they are fun to shoot, compact, and minimum plastic. If you look you can find prices between 350 and 400. If you are lucky at a gun show you might find a better deal. I found a 9 with the wrong magazine for 250. It took G17 mags but had a single stack that would not feed with it. I think the seller thought they were pulling something over on me. It shoots great with the proper mags. You can also use 31 round mags with them.
  2. Sterling 9mm: No plastic I had one of these in a civilian legal model and was tempted to buy one of these also: They are available with either the stick or drum mag and sometimes both. I also saw the tommy in a pistol configuration.
  3. Magiccarpet: I see no need to remove 2 to 4 inches from a PS90 and the FN fiveseven is only 6 inches shorter with a 6 inch barrel. The only difference would be a shoulder stock that the pistol configuration does not have and the pistol configuration at 24 inches or longer would be longer than removing 4 inches from a 26 inch PS90 so you would be breaking even with less control. I did put a new scope on the PS90 so we can test that next time.
  4. That is between Clinch Mtn and Clinch River just after it becomes Norris Lake. (Well the river of course I do not expect you to believe the Mtn becomes a lake;)). I chose the name Desert Rat as I recently retired from 54 years living in the desert south west (Mojave Desert/ Las Vegas). I moved here to watch the trees grow and because my parents were raised here. I currently live about 4 miles from where my Great Grand Mother was raised. and my mothers family was from Powell Valley ( specifically Speedwell). I also got back into weapons for varmints and Home Protection ( Those may be the same:tinfoil:). That brought me to this site. I also answer to Mike as that is the name I was born with!