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Knife Sharpeners in Middle TN?

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Does anyone know of any places to get their knives sharpened and/or reprofiled in Middle TN (especially Clarksville area)?

I have a couple of sharps I'd like to reprofile the edge on and I have neither the tools, skill, or expertise to do it!  I have an ontario machete I'd like to reprofile, a pocket knife I'd like to put a hollow grind on, and so on

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Just remember that a belt sander/grinder removes metal very fast and it's very easy to make a mistake. Practice on some junk knives before attempting your good ones.


This one will work best:


But this one is cheaper:


I can do the sharpening with my belt grinder, though I'm still working on it, but I can't regrind one into a hollow grind. I usually finish up the sharpening with my Lansky set.

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Kinda. A hollow grind uses the wheel of the grind to hollow the metal out down to the edge. I dont have a belt grinder setup that will do that. I prefer flat grinds anyways for most knives.

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