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  2. Yep, it’s a shame that some folks will probably be made examples of resulting in some serious consequences.
  3. Are you kidding, I was refreshing every hour Dang OCD
  4. I was wondering if anyone read those status updates as the day progressed.
  5. Lazy Loading for Faster Pages It may seem counter-intuitive to say that something "lazy" brings better performance but, in this case, it is a true statement. Version 4.4 of the IPBoard software (what our forum runs on) introduces Lazy Loading of page content which in turn makes pages load faster for you while you are browsing. Lazy Loading is a method by which attachments, embeds and images are not loaded by default. They are only loaded when the viewer scrolls down enough to make them visible. This allows the page to load a good deal faster because it doesn't have to load megabytes of images before the page is shown as completely rendered. When you scroll through posts with pictures included on TGO, you will notice the way that pictures subtly come into view as you encounter them. This is Lazy Loading at work. The forum software loads the picture for you just before you actually get to it. Much the same way that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such services deliver content to you as you scroll rather than trying to generate huge pages of data all at once. If you're curious for more info, you can read about it on Invision Power's blog, here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/44-turbo-charging-loading-speeds-r1109/
  6. Today
  7. @AFgixxerTN I, with confidence, can say you could handle a 12 Gauge with 2 3/4 shells.
  8. Thanks! Glad to see the status updates yesterday. There for a second I thought that maybe the Collusion thread broke all of TGO.
  9. Unfollow Without Logging In TGO only sends email to our members unless they agree to allow us that privilege. Each email that we send includes a link that allows you to Opt-Out even more easily than you opted-in. In previous versions, the unfollow link would have taken you to a login page if you were signed out. For members that haven't been back in a while, this may cause some annoyance if they do not recall their login details. Invision Community 4.4 allows non-logged in members to unfollow the item they received an email about or all followed items without the need to log in.
  10. WFM

    Remington tac-14

    I have a Shockwave, and between the Remington and Mossburg, the Mossburg is a better made gun, especially considering all of the troubles Remington has had for the last few years.
  11. DaveTN

    1911 Information

    But that’s my point. If I buy a quality gun from S&W, Ruger, Kimber, etc. and it doesn’t function properly out of the box after a thorough cleaning and lube; it goes back. I don’t buy into the “needs break-in” or mag issues. I use WWB as range ammo, that is a proven ammo in the low cost stuff and my guns need to work with it. I had a shield that had problems out of the box. I read all the comments about mags, beak-in etc. I emailed S&W, they sent me a shipping label, the gun was fixed and returned; no more problems. I didn’t return the mags and they didn’t send me any back; mags had nothing to do with it. Should I have had to send it back? Of course not. But guns are mechanically devices and they can have problems. My life can depend on my carry guns, so I’m not going to try to blame everything but the gun; I want the mfg to make it right. Issues with 9mm and short barreled 1911’s are common. My comments were simply that for a new user a full size 1911 in .45ACP by a quality manufacturer should be accurate and trouble free. I looked at a 9mm 1911 for a target gun simply because of ammo cost; knowing it could have problems that would need attention. But when I was looking they wanted more for a 9mm than a .45; that’s crazy. I’m not paying more because they sell less of them. However, those were just my thoughts to a user who is new to the 1911 platform. I’m sure he will do his research on what is suggest here.
  12. My pleasure! TGO is a labor of love for me.
  13. Thank you for the update. Behind the scenes work goes VERY under appreciated.
  14. Up for sale here is a new Palmetto State Armory AR15 upper. Never been fired, just stood in the safe. It’s a 16” M4 profile 1:7” twist with Magpul MOE handguard as well as a Magpul flip up rear sight. No BCG or charging handle is included. I paid $249 for it on one of their sales a while back, asking $200 on it. Only selling to fund some unfinished projects.
  15. Up for sale here is my Ruger LCRX 3” model in 38 special. It’s in great shape, fired 50 rounds then has sat in the safe. Looking to fund some unfinished projects is the only reason for selling. Asking $400 obo. Comes with factory box and everything that came with it new.
  16. I dont but was just curious about the original post and what information was going to say.
  17. DaveTN

    1911 for carry

    In your price range I would check out the Remington R1 Commander. Grab a gun has them for $560 new. I have not owned one, but they get good reviews. Going a little over you budget I would look at the Ruger SR1911 Commander at $742 new. I owned one of those when they first came out in the full size and it was an excellent gun. Plus its stainless. I don’t care for shorter than the full size. Functionality and accuracy suffers, and you are already carrying a big heavy gun, so the .75 additional barrel length really doesn’t matter. Check your prices on new vs. used. Recently I haven’t been able to save enough to justify buying used; but you may find a good deal if you put a “want to buy” ad here.
  18. I have 2 1991's in 45 acp and one in 9mm. The 9mm is a RIA and has been great. My 2 45's are a newer Ruger SR1911 and a older RIA. I do carry a 1911 some.
  19. Like New (without box) 1986-1989 Iver Johnson .22 Carbine......Beautiful Walnut Grained Stock......10-round Magazine $400 WITH Bushnell 3-9x40 Scope, GI Sling, and extra 15-round Magazine. $325 WITHOUT Scope, Sling, extra Magazine. FTF in Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, Watertown areas. Will provide Bill of Sale to Legal Buyer.
  20. Bud's has them right now for $323, but they have the Mossberg 590 Shockwave for $297. And Smoky Mountain Gun Works (also in Sevierville) has the Shockwave for $279. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/2084_37_64_991/products_id/36688/Firearms/Shotguns/Remington/Pump+Action+Shotguns/Remington+870+Tac-14+Pump+12+Gauge+14+4%2B1+Black+Synthetic https://www.smga.com/mossberg/590-shockwave-12ga-14-bbl-6rd-142 You can get an adapter for the Mossberg that will allow you to shot the Aquilla Mini shells ( Buck of Slugs). That will increase the capacity to 10 in the mag. http://www.opsolmini-clip.com/ Here are the Mini shells https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2506162922/aguila-minishell-ammunition-12-gauge-1-3-4-4-and-1-buckshot-11-pellets
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