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  2. Glad you are so far away, I don't feel as bad about missing out on this one now....
  3. Cleaning some stuff out and found these. 5,000 primers. $125 Local pickup in Mount Juliet.
  4. In the words of the great Bill Jordan, "No Second Place Winner."
  5. Today
  6. Thank you out for the bump. It reminded me I need to mark it sold!
  7. Sorry for your loss. My daughter and her family has a Vet horror story as well. My grandson was shooting his bow and his dog jumped in front of the arrow. He was shot through his front to mid section. She took it to her neighborhood Vet who charged her 600.00 to look at the dog then tell her there was nothing she could do, but to take the do to the Emergency Vet Hosp in Murfreesboro. My daughter did and when they called me I met them at the Vet Emergency. Walked in and they had already charged my daughter 1100. 00 to tell he there was noting they could do, but there was a place in Nashville that could Possibly do surgery on the young dog(Black Lab). Said the cost would 5000.00 plus. I told the Vet the first thing they should have done was told my daughter they could do nothing for the dog, because of where the arrow went through, and it was hopeless then give them more false hope. It disgusted me what they did. That Vet knew she could do nothing for that dog, because my daughter had brought copies of the X rays to them from the first vet. IMO, they just took advantage of my daughter, and I told them that. Look, I know it is hard to deal with pets death, because we lost our ####zu, after 16 years, a couple years ago. I cried like a baby. Had to have her put down, however our Vet, for the whole 16 years, charged us 150.00. She is interred in our back yard. We now have another dog. My daughter spent almost 1700.00 on a dog that the first Vet should have told them it was hopeless, and not feasible to try and save the dog. That Vet should have put her down then and there. The minute I looked at the x ray, and I am not a vet, I could tell it was hopeless, however the lady Vet was trying to talk my daughter to spend another 5,000. + on the dog. I asked what are the odds the dog would pull through and she said, "Possibly" 20%. Now I ask her would she take that chance on those odds, and she would not answer me one way or another. Guys, it is hard to say, but there are too many dogs in the world to spend that kind of money on a pet that has such a low chance of it being successful. For us, our dogs death was hard, but it was not unexpected. One major artery in my daughter's dog was severely damaged and she was bleeding internally, plus several other vital organs sustained damage. It was hard for my grandson, but he now has another rescue dog. My daughter did not have the money they spent on Vet bills which should never have happened. I call that taking advantage of a bad situation. It is bad enough to loose your much loved pet, but to be forced to pay lots of money on top of your loss, is frustrating, let alone being fleeced by Vets. Loosing a pet is hard. Again sorry for you loss great Dustbuster. Also sorry for the sop-box rant, but it just infuriates me when someone is taken advantaged of by "Supposed" professionals when one is in a vulnerable state. IMO, that is all it was in my grandson's case. No one wants to be the cause of their pets death, but if you can't fix it, don't give false hope.
  8. So sorry for your loss. We lost our Border Collie at age 14 a year and a half ago and our cat at 15 last year so I feel your pain. I suggest you check with Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue to find a new little friend. I adopted an orange tabby cat from one of their foster moms back in January. He's sitting in his camouflaged observation post watching the bird feeder right now! The great thing about a foster dog or cat is that you can get a great feel for the pet's personality from the foster parent. There are other rescue organizations in Nashville so you should check them out, too. Oh, and my avatar, WillowTheDog is also a rescue.
  9. When in doubt, always call it in. Better to be the one calling than the one being called about. The caller is the de facto victim and the person being called about is the de facto suspect.
  10. We should just rename this thread "political memes"..
  11. Headed west to Memphis on Saturday, can meet anyone in that area along I40 if interested.
  12. $300 between now and Saturday if anyone is interested. Headed to Memphis on Saturday so can meet anyone in west TN along I40.
  13. If i'd been smart enough to have bought this in .308, rather than .223, I'd still have it.
  14. In view of the current crime rate in Memphis, it seems Rallings and Gibbons are more interested in protecting criminals than law abiding citizens.
  15. Sounds like you don't have the proper priorities... I actually shoot a lot less than I use to. Some of that is due to being in conservation mode given today's climate.
  16. Well sad to say someone beat me by 30 mins of that falls thru I’ll take 2nd dibs!
  17. Out of the mix on this one too far for me! It sure is a beauty though!
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