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  2. There's a time and place for either. Any time I inspect a foreclosure I OC.
  3. I checked today's internet story on the shooting. No mention of a suppressor or any weapon at all. You'd think that if a suppressor was used that the antis would be screaming by now. Or maybe a pissed off killer who's already dead and only 5 killed just isn't that newsworthy anymore. This story doesn't seem to be getting the nationwide mass coverage other shootings have gotten. Hell, more people get killed on an average weekend in Chicago.
  4. I got that e-mail from TFA too. But I'm not expecting much.
  5. The breeze off the bullet will put most things down. Lol. Very nice. GLWS
  6. Today
  7. There have been bills in the past, but is there a current bill he is supporting? It still has to get though the legislature. Good news though. I also hope he suggests legislation that really puts the screws to violent offenders. Maybe the surprise is a bill will also be announced.
  8. Good morning I now have enough in my pocket i will take take it please. Doug
  9. Will there be any actual enhancements to the “enhanced” carry permit?
  10. If your just target shooting get some Easton 2013 with 5" feathers cut to your length. Nice inexpensive arrow, pretty durable. Full Metal Jackets are a great arrow, I use them for hunting, pricey. You can go on Easton's web site they have a nice arrow selector setup, just plug your numbers in, draw length, lbs pull intended use etc. Gives you good recommendations.
  11. The Virginia Beach shooter did, also a workplace shooting. You can read here both sides make their arguments whether it was a factor. But with legislation pending (maybe??, I don’t know what happened to it) to remove suppressors from the NFA, you can bet the anti-gun lobby will jump on it anytime one is used. https://www.scmp.com/news/world/united-states-canada/article/3012756/virginia-police-search-motive-shooting-killed-least Common sense would need to be applied to this issue.
  12. Ok let me see what time Ill be there and if I am going Ill know I hope in a few hours.
  13. Wish you were closer. That's a heck of a deal even though I don't need another. Great deal for someone. If you are coming to Nashville for some reason, I would take it. I don't have plans to be up that way until May unfortunately.
  14. Also this day in history 1972 my baby girl was born. Celebrating her 48th birthday!!
  15. Praying for the families affected. It must have been a pistol or some other "gun" as they didn't mention an assault rifle. First time I have heard a silenced gun being used. I would like to know if in fact it was and if it was a legal or homemade device.
  16. Let me see.... The governor will announce his support for permitless carry, and an increase in penalties for those who use guns illegally.
  17. For sale I think 400$ is a fair price . Custom built Rugger 10 22. I dont recall who built it. It is a few years old.(6-7) I know the trigger has been worked or changed and this gun has the following. Green Mountain bull barrel Revolution Ruger 10/22 Explorer Laminated Wood Bull Barrel Stock Cayenne (I think) Burris P.E.R.P scope mount Cabelas Premium 4-12x40 8 factory magazines Soft case.
  18. I forgot to add that this also comes with 10 boxes of ammo.
  19. I use an ILF recurve at 48.5 pounds and use Easton FMJ arrows. I get mine from 3 Rivers Archery with feather vanes. I have had real good luck with them. My particular spine and length will probably not work for you as I have 150 gr. field points and broad heads in conjunction with a brass insert for a higher FOC. You can always adjust your spine and arrow length for your set up. It does make for a quiet set up. I have linked a video showing my set-up. It is toward the end of the video. If you have any questions just let me know.
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