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  2. Thank you for the correction. I’ll humbly update my post. I’m too young to have firsthand knowledge of the events of those times. That’s what I get for relying on what I’ve read elsewhere without vetting it for myself.
  3. If you are going to engage in 2A discussions you might want to get your facts straight. Both of those statements are incorrect. The NFA of 1934 restricted ownership of fully automatic weapons to those who choose to pay the tax. The Gun Control Act of 1968 regulated the interstate transfer of all firearms. They was no more sending of guns to your doorstep from dealers after that.
  4. Rock River Arms AR 15 9mm Magwell Conversion Block for Colt style magazines, new never used, $150
  5. Congrats on your new toy David. There is quite a lot to like about the FN with its feature set. Looks like you got a good one out of the box There are no such things as secrets in the industry these days with electronic media being what it is. FN does a bit or marketing, though it does not seem as prevalent as Sig for sure. I'd venture to say its not a lack of marketing as much as some other factors, like making a connection or resonating with a buyer at point of sale. To be fair, they really seem to be more about the SCAR and less about their pistols. Many of the FN pistol folks (from my recent visits to their forum) dont appear to be tinkers or shooting enthusiasts who modify guns. And that group is smallish to start. That seems to explain why there is minimal aftermarket support for their platforms, and I think that iIS where they are missing the connection. Trying to find hot rod parts for FN's says to me the real shooting enthusiasts that drive that demand and help spread the word are staying away. FN went to Apex for the 509, let see if that helps them make a dent. Wish you guys many happy range days. .
  6. Working great for me. I smoked for 44 years and stopped 4 weeks ago with the help of the Zyban. I've had few cravings and basically no symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. I could barely go an hour without jonesing for a smoke, even less when drinking coffee or beer. Everyone's mileage will vary but it seems to have helped me greatly.
  7. Peter King rep. from New York says the time has come and will back an assault weapons ban. Will other Republicans fall in line or fall like dominos? Could the Red Flag law sweep across the nation to states that don't already have it? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/rep-pete-king-is-the-first-republican-to-sign-on-to-the-assault-weapons-ban/ar-AAG1wqH?ocid=spartanntp Morgan88
  8. One of the draws for my move to TN is my perception that it is more 2A friendly than many other places. Apparently that doesn't sit well with all. On the City Data Forum where I've been researching in preparation for my move I got into a little bit of a back & forth regarding 2A rights and liberties in TN. I thought you guys may find it interesting what others think, both for and against. Firearm discussion starts on page 4, where this link should take you: http://www.city-data.com/forum/kingsport-johnson-city-bristol/3050334-questions-about-johnson-city-4.html My posts: #36 "My perception that the politicians in Tennessee, especially local politicians, are trying to prevent the erosion of the Second Amendment is one of the draws as to why I am moving to Tennessee. I have been disappointed to see responsible gun owners in Florida, where I currently reside, and across the nation as a whole being vilified through the bias of the left stream media and myopic, dishonest, pandering politicians." #45 "A relevant video with levity. Those of you who take the time to watch the two minute video will have a good laugh about how someone pro 2A to deal with the unrealistic presumptions of someone who is opposed to 2A rights https://youtu.be/JIiFeZ7r6aU #47 "As we have seen time and time again, you’re most likely to be killed by a gun and a person with bad intentions while in a gun free zone. Along that line, I wish that signs did not carry the weight of law in Tennessee. In Florida signage is not something we need to concern ourselves with" #53 Quote: Originally Posted by JOinGA The vast majority of Americans, Republicans included, support some sort of action on guns. I am a liberal, but I understand why some people feel they want to have a personal weapon....particularly in rural areas. I don't advocate banning guns or confiscating guns. I do advocate for red flag laws where, with due process, guns can temporarily be removed from people threatening harm to themselves or others and point-of-sale background checks for all gun transactions. If you are a responsible gun owner, neither of these should infringe on your rights at all. Moms Demand Action has 6 million supporters and a lot of us are in Tennessee. "."I thought we were shunning discussing general politics versus Tennessee specific topics, but here we go... Although I am not convinced of your assertion that the “vast majority” seek further infringement of the Second Amendment, I will point out that the majority is not always right. Red flag laws are ripe for abuse. Although I cannot speak to Tennessee laws, the Florida Baker Act provision is currently sufficient when properly used. The red flag laws as currently proposed are certainly not grounded in due process prior to confiscation. The problem with background checks is that it leads to registration. Registration leads to confiscation. If you don’t see a problem with that just look to Venezuela and Hong Kong. Nazi Germany stands in even more stark testament as to how the government abuses an unarmed populous. Regarding Moms Demand Action, that sounds like a dating site. It’s amazing how as recently as the early 1970s firearms could be ordered from the Sears catalog and delivered straight to your home. Fully automatic weapons at that time did not require special government permission. It was a much better time."
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  10. Really like these and the handles on the second one is really cool. Kinda looks like a pine cone
  11. You'll get good direction based on experience at http://www.early-retirement.org/forums/
  12. Lets not demoralize monkeys. I have gone to some trouble to try and effect a safer life style for all monkeys in the name of Science. If you see one of these on a stop sign, I was there promoting these poor underestimated critters.....
  13. I'm sure as more of these bills get signed we all will be reading more horror stories very much like this one..........JMHO
  14. They say those big punt guns would rock a boat back 10 feet or more. I read a story where a market hunter killed 80 or more ducks with one shot.
  15. Oh, I’m fully aware of that, but I got most of the C&R guns that I wanted through the surplus market years ago. The prices in the secondary market have gotten pricey, and many sellers don’t want to accept C&R licenses, so they force you to go through an FFL in order to buy from them anyway. I just got tired of messing with the hassle of it given the few purchases that I made after my last renewal, so I decided it was easier for me to just let my C&R license lapse. There’s not much that I want that I don’t already have that is C&R eligible, and if I find something from a local individual, I don’t have to worry about any of it (currently) in a face to face transfer between TN residents.
  16. You lost me at the glaze but those look pretty good.
  17. There's still plenty of opportunities to use a C&R, but it's in the secondary markets now. There are a lot of collectors out there buying many guns per year off their 03 license ...
  18. That would explain a lot with pigs since they are breeding year round. In the winter when food isn't as plentiful it would make since that the sow isn't getting the nutrients that she would get in the summer.
  19. I have a brand new/never shot wood carbine stock with barrel band, even the new barrel, never shot as well if interested. Probably have a OEM trigger group or two as well, and possibly a plastic OEM stock that I would have to look for, new barrel off that one as well. I'll be in JC sometime in Sept and can meet up then if it all works out.
  20. WOW! Very nice. Left side of the #2 knife has a gorgeous tight pattern. Not that both sides aren't awesome, but I really liked that pattern.
  21. Great example of red flag failure & consequences. https://www.ammoland.com/2019/08/florida-man-has-firearms-rights-taken-away-over-mistaken-identity/#axzz5x3496KJU
  22. I’d be pretty confident it’s diet. There’s some really interesting work in the study of average individual size of deer populations. Folks are fond of saying that deer in certain areas or larger or smaller due to genetics. When the scientists take the deer into captivity and adjust the diet or transplant them, the deer size will grow or shrink within a generation. It’s believed to be almost completely due to in utero diet of the mother. Whats the quality of the food the mother gets while pregnant, and then what’s the quality of, and how hard do they have to work to get food as they grow?
  23. I bought a plan F from UnitedHealthcare. My wife bought a plan F from Farm Bureau. Hers was about 25% cheaper than mine. After 3 years both have paid every medical bill with absolutely no problems. We are both happy with our supplemental policies.
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