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  2. I think that once we have better data they will find the death rate is a lot lower than they initially thought. It's starting to look like more and more people had the virus, without symptoms. That's going to automatically bring down the death rate but we may never know the real number. That being said, 67,000 Americans have died in the last 6 weeks alone. That's not like the "flu" that so many people kept comparing it to. I don't think there is some great conspiracy here but I do think the initial models and data we had were likely flawed. I think most people believe that number would have been far worse without distancing. Did it warrant a total shutdown? I have no idea. I think most people had the right intentions. Whether they admit to the flaws remains to be seen. I don't envy people like Bill Lee. When you have every medical expert in your state warning what could happen, you're not left with many good options.
  3. No, much more recent. I don't remember the ones a year ago. This was within the last few months. Eh, you know what. Sure. They didn't really happen. Bartlett is Utopia. No crime there.
  4. Oh yeah. And who exactly is committing these murders? Hint-not the people that are going to sign up for a carry permit class and they probably wouldn't legally qualify even if they tried.
  5. It's no longer a fringe idea though. 16 states allow people to carry without a permit. Vermont has been like this for many decades and it's not been an issue. If you think about it, the people that were going to carry without a permit are doing it and the rest of us go get a permit. It's not like the current system is really stopping anyone from carrying a concealed gun. I'd love to see us switch to constitutional carry. The current class is a joke anyways. "As of November 1, 2019, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota (residents only; concealed carry only), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming (residents only) do not require a permit to carry a loaded concealed firearm for any person of age who is not prohibited from owning a firearm. Permitless carry in North Dakota and Wyoming is applicable to residents only; nonresidents must have a permit to carry a concealed handgun in these states. All aforementioned jurisdictions do not require a permit to openly carry either except for North Dakota and certain localities in Missouri."
  6. Meh, I conceded 8 months because that's my own funny math, just like all the alphabet health agencies also have their own funny math. NY Times is reporting first death Feb 6., so thats about 4 months ago, and from a source that the hand-wringers should accept. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/22/us/coronavirus-first-united-states-death.html We had a significant number of hispanic workers sick with an unreported, unidentifiable/undiagnosable illness matching the Coronavirus symptoms in Madison, TN in January 2020. Many of them all lived in the same large trailer home community. I dont believe that the virus has been in the US for as short a period as "the experts" say. I've no doubt that "the experts" will go back and ammend the "start date" to late Fall 2019. That leads me to believe that they will go back and add to the body count to pad their numbers with those who died from coronavirus earlier than 2/6, but my thinking is that they are already padding the hell out of the numbers by attributing the death of anyone with the virus in their body to death by Coronavirus. So, Im accepting their current fudged numbers of deaths for TN as a realistic total for all coronavirus deaths actually ocurring as far back as late 2019 in TN. Like I said, its my own funny math, but everyone reporting anything has an agenda also supported by their own funny math. Broken record here, but all the numbers and timelines that have been released and will be released are only released if they support the narrative. Tn Government cares about limiting liability while playing the federal govts games to ensure we get our taxpayer funded bailout for the state and hospitals who were damaged by the nonsensical shutdown of our economy. Also many credible scientists are finally being given a more public voice to explain that "flattening the curve" and "safer at home" isnt well supported scientifically, and that an equally persuasive argument can be made against the efficacy of flattening the curve by staying at home.
  7. You have to read the law and decide if you are violating it. If you think the law says using a brace as a stock is okay; you are okay. If you think because manufacturers make them, or because the BATF has issued a letter, the courts aren’t bound by that. Here is what the ATF says about that… They have issued letters saying braces are okay, then said if you use them as a stock it’s a crime, then changed that and said its not a crime. These guys are clowns. Most of you would never rely on something the BATF said. That is, until they say something you want to hear.
  8. I hope you get what you want for them, but if it comes to selling them off one at a time, there are two that I want.... Good luck, Whisper
  9. It's actually NOT fine, the ATF cleared that up when they said that a brace is NOT a stock, and the length of a "firearm" like the Shockwave is measured with the stock brace folded. The problem with that is that the design of most folding mechanisms and shotgun pistol grips is that if you attach it to a Shockwave, it (with the brace folded) is now under that magic 26". That said, I have an ACE Ltd Mossberg pistol grip and folding mechanism that I will part with, as I have no need for it.
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  11. It’s as fine as putting a brace on anything else is. Lots of companies make brace adapters for the Shockwave.
  12. Nice! Love mine! Have you been able to get the factory glock mags to work with it? I find that only the magpul mags seem to work "smoothly".
  13. Not really, but permitless carry is a more accurate name for this bill. There are still too many remaining restrictions not addressed by this bill to consider it constitutional carry.
  14. I see the 2nd amendment will not infringe part of the arguement but honestly I think this isn’t the best idea our state has ever had...of course me already having a lifetime permit might be a bit biased that other people don’t even have to pass a dumbass exam or shoot a blimp at 7 meters like I did.
  15. I’m going to through the Ruger LC9S in 9mm. I have the Pro model and I love. So does my wife. They aren’t made anymore, but you still see them used. Ruger does still Make a version called the EC9S. The sights are cast as a part of the slide and finish is a matte type. They usually run around $250 or so. https://www.budsgunshop.com/mobile/product/52078/ruger+ec9s+9mm+312+black+7%2b1 If 9mm .38 pr .380 is just too much for her, check out .32ACP. There are several pistols available out there in this nice little round. Starting with a Keltec P-32. I had one of these I pocket carried all the time. When my oldest got her HCP, but didn’t have a pistol to carry, I gave it to her and bought a Ruger LCP. I actually miss that P-32. It s a great little pistol. I have a friend that swears by a Beretta Tomcat .32. Nice looking pistol and well built. Usually runs around $450. Lastly, as mentioned before, there are a bunch of Beretta Police Trade-Ins that have brought into the Country lately. They are Model 81s and come with 1 12 round mag, but they have spare mags available for a nominal price. I’ve been wanting one of these for myself, to be honest. When I had that little Keltec, I sorta fell in love with the .32 ACP round. I found it to be accurate and follow up shots were quick and easy. And at 9.6 oz that little Keltec was the perfect pocket carry. Just a tad lighter than the LCP, but with a lot less kick for such a small gun. https://www.budsgunshop.com/mobile/product/15204/kel-tec+cnc+p-32+p-32+7%2b1+32+acp++27" https://www.budsgunshop.com/mobile/product/25071/beretta+3032+tomcat+32+acp+inox+stainless https://www.classicfirearms.com/beretta-mod-81-pistol-surplus-used-good-very-good/
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