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  2. I'm buying a house in Jefferson City, closing is July 29, move-in is late September after renovations and youngest daughter goes off to college. Suggestions for something in the Jefferson City area would be appreciated, gonna take me a year or so to clear out 100 yards on my property. Lady Radtekk is all for a home range, but there are a couple of other more immediate needs to attend to first.
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  4. Well, I'm not a felon nor have I ever committed an act that would cause the police to have reason to enter my home. Therefore, should someone invade my home claiming to be LE it would NOT be a good life choice.
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  6. No, because we are too busy worrying about tornados. And tornados don’t give two about building codes.
  7. Location is East Nashville. I work from home and head down to Franklin to see my folks on weekends. Must be TN resident and willing to flash ID, especially if it looks like you are too young to buy a beer. For non-locals, shipping can be arranged but will need details if inbound from private party is okay or FFL is required Selling a few pistols I don’t shoot often. Looking to renew my range membership and install a high end dash cam in my wife’s car, so selling to finance that. Trades considered, but I’m really trying to consolidate the collection a bit. Gen 4/5 Glock 9MM 19/17/34/19C/17C would get my attention, especially in Battlefield Green. I also can’t turn brass cased 9MM ammo away at current market prices. Springfield Armory RO Champion Elite 9MM- Purchased In December just before Christmas on a whim. Shoots fantastic. 9+1. Extremely slim. Extremely accurate. Zero issues. The bushingless bull barrel locks up tight and looks badass. Slide to frame fit is tight. Trigger is excellent. Factory fiber front and two dot rear. Zero modifications. I’m more of a double stack guy and don’t have a purpose for this one. I’d carry one of my G26s before this, so it goes. Comes with box, really nice case, 5 mags, and little Allen wrench-like takedown tool. I have 8 extra factory mags and 9 Metalform mags (had 10- one vanished) available for purchase with gun. Factory mags are $25 each, Metalform mags are $18 each. $800 FN 509 w/Trijicon HD night sights and Apex Trigger and sear- I bought this used from another member a couple of years ago and neither of us shot it much. Trijicon HD night sights are installed and there is a minor ding from the punch on one side of the front sight base. Apex Trigger and sear are also installed. It’s a black trigger with blue trigger safety. The Apex Trigger travel and reset are both extremely short and a “must-have” upgrade from what I consider a very slipper factory trigger shoe. Factory parts are included. Comes with 3 mags. Medium blackstrap installed, small blackstrap included. Sights and trigger (and PITA install) were not cheap. $600 FN 509 w/factory night sights, factory threaded barrel, Parker Mountain compensator, and Apex Trigger and sear- I bought this new about a year ago and didn’t shoot it much, although more than the non-comp one I also have listed. Factory LEO night sight package came from the factory (white dot front with Tritium insert) are installed. Apex Trigger and sear are also installed. It’s a red trigger. The Apex Trigger travel and reset are both extremely short and a “must-have” upgrade from what I consider a very slipper factory trigger shoe. Factory parts are included. Comes with 3 mags. Medium blackstrap installed, small blackstrap and medium “beavertail” included. Comes with three mags. Factory barrel included. Sights, barrel, comp, and trigger (and PITA install) were not cheap. $860- will not sell until the non-comp one goes. This one is really fun to shoot and I might end up keeping. Glock 17 RTF “Fish Gills”- Considered by many to be the ugliest Glock ever, it has become somewhat of a collector’s item since then, fetching a huge range of prices on Gunbroker. I bought it used from a fellow “collector” and have personally never shot it. Brass in box says test fire date was In 2010. Gun is in stock configuration and in excellent shape. $600 OBO
  8. We do not typically worry about Hurricanes here in TN. When they get this far North, they are at best Tropical Depressions and moving fast. Therefore in the rural counties, building codes and zoning laws can be very lax. If you want stricter codes and zoning, look at the more metropolitan areas of Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville or Memphis. From your original post it seems you are looking in the lesser populated areas. Perhaps, areas like Jackson, Johnson City, Manchester or Morristown might be more suitable.
  9. My point is that rural code inspectors tend to be some elected official's brother-in-law or buddy and may or may not have the first clue about anything to do with construction. Either way, the bigger builders can usually afford to grease enough palms to get by with whatever they want. So just because the state has a written code doesn't mean that anything that gets built follows it. Florida is a different animal. The insurance industry has forced them to be very strict.
  10. +1 You need to learn what's happening in each of the dies, what are the characteristics of each of the powders, bla bla bla. You need at least one commercial reloading manual and as many as you can get from the powder manufactures. The commercial ones are about $30 the manufacturers ones are free. Read a lot and ask a lot of questions. Remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask.
  11. Howdy and Welcome to TGO!!!
  12. GLWS. If this was closer to me, I'd be all over it. Ed
  13. Sure you do, it's simply expanding on the Golden Rule. Happy Father's Day to you, Doug!
  14. Too young for EBT and too smart to hold a job..... ho hum. And the neighborhood only sees one of their disrespected "robin" hoods gunned down. Like I'v said before, these cities are fatal cancers to the root of our social liberties. Only the book of Revelation will tighten this all up. JMO.
  15. Well, I don't know about all that stuff but do want to wish all of you Dads a very nice and Happy Daddy's day and hope you are surrounded by family on this day...............
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