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  3. Star to issue July 1 2019. The beginning of federal I.D. Make need it soon to buy firearms and ammo and other things. Don't know for sure but it seems to be the way government works.
  4. I’d love to trade my Remington 700 I have in the classifieds if you had some cash on your end.
  5. You're free to believe whatever you want. I live near Bartlett High and feel perfectly safe here. I have some rather strong opinions about Raleigh. But I won't air them here. No point to it.
  6. Btw, no requirement to ever destroy them, only that they are kept for 20 years. Since it's extra work to cull them, have read that few dealers ever zap any. And only requirement to ever send in any 4473s a dealer has is if they go out of biz. - OS
  7. I have a mint glock 43 . Never use otnot fire it. Ip for trades or offers . The gun is in mint condition. Let.me know what you got.. maybe 50 rounds down the pipe. Nightsites and 2 mags case and paperwork
  8. Probably. Having to strip down in locker rooms is one reason I adopted pocket carry pretty early on. - OS
  9. Yep, any full service DMV. https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/safety/driver-services/locations/dllocationserv.html - OS
  10. I’d also like to know where one can order a Chinese made AK at all considering importation of Norincos was banned 25 years ago. That guy is a dumbass.
  11. I got friends that live in the neighborhoods behind Bartlett High. Recently, they had something like five shootings or robberies in the area within a week. It’s not the utopia Bartlett residents keep trying to sell me.
  12. hughd

    Real I.D.

    Does that apply to HCP as well?
  13. Green River Gun Club in Bowling Green Kentucky will be holding an IDPA BUG match Saturday June 29. No details yet, but probably 4-5 stages and 50-75 round minimum. A back up gun is not required to shoot. You can shoot any legal IDPA handgun. These BUG matches are great for new shooters that want to see what action pistol shooting is about, as well as those who carry concealed. Set-up at 8:00AM, shooting @ 9:00 AM. For more info see Green River Gun Club's website: http://www.bggrgc.com/
  14. If Mr. Cobb would be so kind as to share where I can get Russian AKs for $150, I'll apply for another credit card.
  15. I think there was a shooting at the Taco Bell across the street from the PD last July 4th. A couple Memphians visited Bartlett to watch the fireworks and apparently had a disagreement. Anything can happen anywhere anytime. No one on this forum believes this more than I do. However, to imply that Bartlett is even in the same galaxy as Memphis crime-wise is just silly.
  16. Keltec has a fix for that now. They put a shim I’n the mag. It supposedly only happened with hollow point ammunition. I have a box of silver tips, that I never shot through mine, because of the rim lock situation. I only ever carried ball in mine, because of rim lock and also for penetration. Hollow point out of a .32 tend not to expand and doesn’t penetrate through heavy clothing. I ended up giving P32 to my daughter as a carry piece. Then I got the LCP. Still usually carry ball in it too. But in my S&W 442, I carry 130 gr Federal Nyclads.
  17. I worked for the City of Bartlett for 25 years. So I have a real good idea of how things are here. Bartlett PD is light years ahead of Memphis PD. They close cases and the bad guys know it. Yeah, we have our share of petty crimes. But serious stuff like armed robberies are rare here. And when they do happen, the bad guys do get caught. I can't even remember the last time there was a shooting, much less a murder here. Interesting story. A few years ago some guy robbed the Target store on HWY 64. At that point 64 is the city limit between Memphis and Bartlett. If the robber had stayed on the Target side of 64, he probably would have gotten away as MPD response time there is 30 minutes or more. Nope, this dummy crossed over into Bartlett. There we six BPD cruisers on him in less than half a mile. Bartlett is a fine town with an absolutely outstanding Police Force. I'm proud to live here.
  18. I do realize the article I linked to is very biased, but I think the consensus is that those facts are generally true.
  19. What is absolutely the most frustrating to me is that statistics can easily prove that law abiding citizens that own suppressors have an insanely low crime rate. The facts literally disprove the narrative. https://freebeacon.com/issues/atf-despite-nearly-1-3-million-silencers-united-states-rarely-used-crimes/ 1.3 million silencers. 44 suppressor related crimes per year over the last decade. However, the article doesn't suggest that those 44 suppressor related crimes were of the 1.3 million legal suppressors. It actually suggests the contrary with the following: Of those 44 crimes per year, only 6 involved defendants with prior felony convictions. I'm fairly certain that a defendant with a prior felony conviction could not legally possess a suppressor or firearm. So, that suggests of the "44 crimes", some (at minimum, 6) were illegal suppressors in some form or fashion! So...1.3 million legal suppressors...44 crimes per year "legal and not legal suppressors" and now suddenly it is an epidemic. It makes me sick just listening to the rhetoric because it is such a lie. Yes, people die at the hands of handguns and semi-automatic rifles, etc. I can at least understand why those types of weapons are opposed by many. Of course I still oppose any restrictions on them. But opposing legal suppressor ownership is as backwards as could be seeing as how the people who go through the process for obtaining a legal suppressor are about as standup as can be.
  20. The local Fox affiliate ran a story about the increased use of rifles in crime and used Bennie Cobb, a "certified firearms and rifle instructor" and former captain with the Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office, as the main source. There are several things that struck me as untrue or misleading at the very least. Am I wrong? https://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/rifles-now-the-street-weapon-of-choice-due-to-easy-access-in-our-area-expert-says/961526525 Where can I buy an AK online for $150? You also do not have to have a license to carry a handgun if it's not loaded. Rifles cannot legally be "carried" loaded (with exceptions for protecting livestock, hunting, etc) without a permit.. If I recall properly, you can have a loaded riffle in your vehicle if you have a HCP. Where is this place online that I can purchase rifles that don't require transfer to a FFL (and a background check)? I suppose it's theoretically true that one could be a rifle online without going through a dealer if it were within the state. But,, his statement makes it sound like background checks don't apply to online purchases of rifles.
  21. Just for clarification, I don’t think they’re all junkies either. I just don’t want to hear Memphis terrible and nothing bad ever happens in the sticks.
  22. I don't. For $600 total I'd meet you in South Pittsburg.
  23. I agree to a certain extent with Cap, although I don't paint all country folks as junkies. I've spent time in "the country" and have found that bad things happen there, too. On the other hand, if you choose to live in the country and commute to your job in Memphis, you'll spend more time on a highway or interstate than the typical city dweller and be more at risk, if you believe all the hype.
  24. Like Straw Dogs & Deliverance countrified neighbors, or something different?
  25. I can't either but it's in the Big Springs Industrial Park.
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