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  3. I think they are trying to show that the Swiss are being bullied by the EU even though they aren’t part of it. If they don’t bring themselves in line with the EU gun control; the EU will screw up their travel across borders.
  4. I was unaware of the fine details, like any good lib, I'm taking one single fact to support my narrative, motive, and agenda. "Swiss got a bunch and they're not killing each other, in comparison, I should have the right to have a bunch, because I'm not a killer either." Dave brings up a great point of having enough facts to make a rational decision. The source, DC, is right wing, what exactly is their motive? They either didn't ask or omitted this part of the dialogue to encourage exactly what I did...post, make an uninformed comment and move on...thank you Dave for enlightening me out of ignorance!
  5. I forgot about Houston, that’s a dang good’n!
  6. The last paragraph says it pretty clearly. The same situation occurs in a .357 shooting .38’s. If you thoroughly clean your gun after shooting it isn’t an issue. If you don’t, it could be an issue; so, don’t do it. However… if I was spending $2-3K on a revolver I’d probably do whatever the manufacturer recommended. (That's not true; I would never shoot it and only show it off as a conversation piece.)
  7. I have 2 Grand Nephews coming to visit in June, in addition to shooting .22's I want to set up a knife/tomahawk target. I've looked at SOG & Cold Steel, anyone have experience with these or have any other recommendations? Any help appreciated. Thanks, AuE
  8. KahrMan

    Colt SAA .45

  9. KahrMan

    Colt SAA .45

  10. KahrMan

    Colt SAA .45

  11. Here is the information from the link above: Re: using a 45LC in a 454 « Reply #20 on: January 13, 2011, 09:10:34 AM » Quote The 45 Colt is .100 shorter than the 454 Casull. When shooting the 45C in 454 chambers, lead and powder residue is left in the chamber just ahead of the case. This build up of residue can restrict chambering the longer 454 cartridge and can cause excess pressure by not allowing the crimp of the 454 to easily open up to allow the bullet to exit the case. Another potential problem is when the revolver is cooling down after firing it collects moisture. This moisture mixed with the lead and powder residue creates an acid which can etch the chamber underneath the lead and powder residue. With this condition, even if the residue is cleaned out of the chamber, the longer 454 case will now stick in the etched area of the chamber when fired and can be difficult to remove depending on the amount of etching. Over the years we have seen this problem more from guns in high humidity areas than from low humidity areas but it still occurs in the low humidity areas. For some folks this seems to be an emotional issue and some folks even claim that all we are trying to do make extra money on extra cylinders. What we are actually trying to do is help our customers get the most trouble free life from their FA revolver as possible. I know of some customers that have shot thousands of 45C rounds in their 454 chambers with no problems but they thoroughly clean the gun when finished shooting. Other customers have ended up with one of the above problems fairly quick also. All we can do is put out the information, it is up to the individual what they do with the information. Sounds like the model 97 may be better suited to shooting 45 Colt.
  13. DaveTN

    Savage 99

    I’m not sure the Savage 99 has been around long enough to get a good sampling.
  14. gregintenn

    Savage 99

    Who are these people?
  15. Gretchen Wilson and Jerry Cantrell. Awesome!
  16. The leaders of the NRA have become as bad as the congress critters on capitol hill. Greedy and corrupt. I've long been tired of their "compromise" attitude. It seems the dogs in this fight have been neutered. Its high time for a major overhaul.
  17. Grayfox54

    Savage 99

    I always wanted a Savage 99. It was just one of those things where I never had the gun and the money available at the same time.
  18. Not according to the owner. (Freedom Arms) https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/45lc-in-freedom-arms-mod-83.625740/
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