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  2. Merely trying to understand the intended use. I tried to stop associating with people who think like that a long time ago.
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  4. I called the moose lodge because they have reception and a range and the administrator told me that we could just do it in the parking lot and I advised him that shooting a gun in parking lot is not smart. I have called around, but I was wondering if any of you fellas might have any advice.
  5. I just finished reading a book about church security. It was written in 2012 by Carl Chinn. The title is, “Evil Invades Sanctuary.” The sub title is, The Case for Security in Faith Based Organizations. I got my copy off Amazon, used, for 6 bucks. It is a good read for one who is serious about church security. Chinn was a participant at the hostage situation at the Focus on the Family building. A disgruntled, previously injured on the job, construction worker took several hostages which Chinn was one of them. He was part of the Focus on the Family security team. He describes his event along with another church shooting event he was involved with. This other event he was involved with was at the New Life Church shooting in Colorado in 2011. One line in the book that really stood out with me is, when he faced interaction with the shooter carrying an AR 15, he pulled out his handgun, a Kel Teck 32ACP mouse gun. He told of how he felt at that time with the shooter coming in his sight carrying a pistol and AR and just how small his pistol was. He said Jenne Asam appeared just in front of him, from a south hallway, with her 9 MM pistol drawn and issuing the shooter with a firm voice the opening fire with her pistol. Chinn was also involved with the Ted Haggard fiasco when he was outed for homosexual activity. Talked about the News Media show and all the ramifications going on with that situation. He talks extensively of the need for security at churches and I would recommend the read to anyone who is serious about self defense at church. His description of the aftermath of the Colorado shooting was very vivid and reveling. He has been involved with several churches and growing and developing church security teams throughout his carrier.
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  7. Here's a new set of Farrar magazine "bumpers" for Beretta 92 & 96 series magazines that have flat metal base plates (G.I. mags, 92F, etc...). They're 100% new & never been used. A great addition to any Beretta collection. $20. I accept cash, USPS money orders or PayPal "friends and family". Located in Oneida.
  8. My bucks have been been constantly coming to 1 area. Last 4 days they seem to have disappeared or moving way before daylight. Tomorrow morning is the last day for my dad to get one before heading back to Michigan. Wish him luck!
  9. Hmmm. Feels trappish. Was it the combat crack seeming off color to you? To be fair, most of the time I only compete against myself. So I'd say no, I'll classify it as Range / Target based activity which over time has taken a few forms. I like to homogenize some aspects of guns to keep, feel, manual of arms, and practices similar when possible. Obviously I have a preference for trigger style and you are reading my wish for that based on my other guns that follow this pattern (e.g. 320RX, PPQ Q4, & M&P CORE) that were already about there or had support to do it. I know that does not conform to some folks thought around leaving things stock for reliability concerns or a preference for heavy or poor triggers to guard against AD's when motor skills go out the window if SHTF. These folks tend to think of certain guns, whether they competed for the modular weapon contract or just because they were duty guns somewhere, should not ever be messed with. Trying to get them to have good manners makes no sense to them. Fine for them, their gun, up to them. Many of them cant adjust them being sold in the civilian sector firearms means they are all fair game and not really combat guns. Think 'Assault Weapon' inspired poo poo! FWIW, I dont believe mods always = unreliable or that a good trigger is always dangerous.
  10. As far as a registry is "supposed to be" illegal for the gov to do...... Then why did I have to send all my completed 4473's to a Gov office in Texas back in 96 when I closed my Gun shop business. I would have destroyed them but that was illegal to do unless the transactions were something like 15 years old. If all cops were good cops (Constitution abiding), yeah, let them have what ever. Sadly that is not the case. In times of Marshal Law, we are to be ordered to do what the Gov deems appropriate regardless of our known rights. Then you have recourse in court of course latter on..... LOL! See how that worked out for Koresh & Weaver. My money tells me who to trust.......
  11. Well I finally got to watch two of the play off games today and will get to see the championship game tomorrow. Got to see two great games today!!!!
  12. So....finally broke down and bought one of my bucket list guns, a CZ SP-01 Tactical (it’s the all black that basically looks like the SP-01 but a decocker instead of safety, it IS NOT the urban gray one with taller sights and threaded barrel. This will be important in a sec LOL). My question for any of those that have this one is on holster options. Almost every manufacturer offers holsters for the SP-01 and SP-01 Phantom. A lot of the research I’ve done says the tactical won’t fit the Phantom holsters, but some info says they will fit standard SP-01 holsters. Looking for someone who possibly has the Tactical to verify. Appreciate the help as always!
  13. I think the police should have every piece of equipment they can lay their hands on to do their job and go home safe every night!!!
  14. Although I'm not in a hurry to move these, I'll entertain reasonable offers. The wife wants me to put them back in the closet till they sell, and I'd rather not have to put them back if i can get away with it
  15. Although I'm not in a hurry to move these, I'll entertain reasonable offers. The wife wants me to put them back in the closet till they sell, and I'd rather not have to put them back if i can get away with it
  16. Although I'm not in a hurry to move these, I'll entertain reasonable offers. The wife wants me to put them back in the closet till they sell, and I'd rather not have to put them back if i can get away with it
  17. I have for sale my garden tiller. I have had it several years now and bought it new at TSC . It has a 6 HP Briggs and Stratton engine. The oil has been changed regularly. I am asking $125 and I can deliver it around 40 miles from Clarksville area. Thanks.
  18. I have a kel tec ksg holds 14 rounds come with forward handle for pump and muzzle break . It's a good to very good shape shows a little wear I put maybe 50 rounds through it not sure what they as are going for these days. Make me an offer Looking for 308 , 6.5 creedmores , 700 magpul for the right gun some cash always interested in kimbers, ar pistols, 300 blackouts .
  19. Enjoying Daddy Daughter day today just out shopping, eating, and riding around enjoying the day together. Talked her into going in to Sportsman’s Warehouse with me after telling her I’d buy her a hoodie since I was gonna get one for myself. Unfortunately they didn’t have much of a selection of them to my surprise. I was wanting a couple. I know they have more on the website but that’ll be a big seller soon. Anyway, I talked with the Remington, Leupold, and Hornady guys while I was there and bounced around to see what all they had. A lot archery and hunting supplies, reloading supplies, hunting boots and a bunch of camping equipment, even generators. Pretty cool store and I’m excited to go back when I have more time to creep slowly to see what all I missed today. I didn’t make it to the gun counter as it was packed.
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