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    Yes, cause we all remember how well the whole 3rd party thing worked out for us during the Clinton/Bush/Pero election. A conservitive 3rd party vote equals an Obama 2nd term.
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    LOL! You'll save youself a lot of headache if you do like most Tennesseans and forget that newspaper exists. Reread the article, and every time you get to the word "white", replace it with black, asian, hispanic, etc., and ask yourself if they'd have published the story. The author must have overlooked this recent story, and many more like it. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2012/08/2012816141649568598.html
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    You mean delegates that were duly elected by the citizens and IAW the rules of the RNC and their individual states? Manufactured unity for the sake of appearances is no unity at all. By disenfranchising the Paul delegates, and by proxy the libertarian wing of the Republican party along with a sizable contingent of folks like myself who are not, and never were Republicans, the RNC has opened itself up to be bit in the ass by us. I don't presume to speak for others, but I can tell you how I view the events surrounding the convention controversy. I see no substantive difference between the Republican and the Democratic Parties. They both want an overly large and intrusive federal government. The R s want to achieve it on a balanced budget while the D is willing to deficit spend to get there. That's the only real difference and to someone like me who is concerned with freedom and personal liberty, it is the difference between deciding whether you want corn or peanuts in your sandwich. There were only 2 reasons I was considering voting R. The USSC was the first and Roberts did a good job of letting me know that battle was already lost. The second reason is that for a minute, it appeared the the R party was vulnerable to being reformed from the inside. What happened with the RP delegation firmly closed the door to that idea. So, I am walking away. We tried it, it didn't work out I'm not going to drive myself crazy trying to force my ideals on a party that doesn't want me, or people like me. To those that would appeal to the libertarian minded folks to vote Romney for the reason of "anybody but Obama" aka "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Sorry, barking up the wrong tree there, bucko. I view both the R and the D parties as unmitigated enemies of individual freedom and personal liberty. It doesn't matter which party is in power the Republic is dead and it is all over but the shooting.
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    Ron Paul could never be elected President. He is, in my view, the wrong face to put on the libertarian movement. His pursuit of a 3rd party run would be a disaster for libertarians, Republicans and the nation. Anyone advocating this should seriously rethink their views.
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    And the people have washed their hands of an old senile coot that needs to go out to the pasture just like retired horses.
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    I figured some of you guys might enjoy this stuff. We harnessed up our Belgian Big John this morning, and started plowing around 7:30 am. We only plowed out about ten bushel, half we normally plant. We did the majority of it with me plowing, and dad driving, just makes it easier when the horse is only put under harness a few times a year due to time restraints. Waiting to start plowing Everyone picking up while I hold the horse and take a smoke break Dad clucking to the John Plowing in action Double shovel plow, and my nephew farmer in training
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    This is an old clip, but still is an important message.
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    Just in case you aren't aware, today is International Bacon Day. I had some this morning to celebrate...yum yum. http://bacontoday.co...al-bacon-day-2/
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    It's really too late for any mix with Paul in it. If Gary Johnson dropped for him to take the Libertarian ticket, time would kill him there. Video said he would not endorse Romney. Paul shouldn't have even tried in the Republican primary battle with that kind of attitude. Kinda dissappointing.
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    I had the misfortune of being a know-it-all teenager when most of my elders passed. I missed out on most of their wisdom when I needed it the most. I found listening to Mr. Eastwood entertaining and enlightening. Sure it had it's moments that were uncomfortable, but not every spoonful of soup has a piece of meat in it.
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    PM sent about base plates. Aftermarket aluminium grips SOLD. Price is now $460 FTF in Murfreesboro. Thanks!
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    Sometimes cheerleaders will raise a stink, but too often they cut their own side "too much slack". Ferinstance before Y2K Boortz and Limbaugh were both budget hawks, and deficits were the worst sort of evil. Then during GWB's term, especially the first few years, all of a sudden deficits weren't so bad as long as they are "in a good cause". And then after Obama, deficits were the devil again. They were drifting in the direction of being budget hawks again in the latter years of GWB, but didn't return "whole hog" that "deficits are the devil" until BHO. I'm of the opinion that deficits are almost always the devil, but whatever opinion ought to be held constant unless someone just has a revelation and change of heart on an issue. If Romney wins and keeps running big deficits, it will be very disappointing if the typical suspects once again decide that deficits ain't so bad after all.
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    I think he intended to sound that way, Links. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just discussing pros/cons here-- Not making recommendations-- Winner takes all for most states, and most states reliable-red or reliable-blue-- Only a handful of swing states, states that ain't a lock, are the only ones that matter n the election. You can see it in the campaigning-- They don't spend much time wooing states they think are lost causes, and they don't spend much time wooing states they think are sewed up. Either would be a waste of resources when they could be shaking hands and kissing babies in Ohio or Florida, the citizens who will actually decide the election. Dunno if it is overt, but the system would encourage certain attitudes of a president-- A D prez, if a red state is having trouble, might say "Screw em, they didn't vote for me anyway and there is nothing I can do to win that state next time." An R would have the opposite attitude. In addition, a prez wouldn't have to work excessively hard to keep any "solid supporting" states happy, because they are in the bag unless you routinely beat them so mercilessly they finally get enough pride to leave. The only states you would want to go over and above to support, are the ones that matter in the re-election bid. Additionally, a D's prez vote in TN doesn't even matter, and an R's prez vote in CA is irrelevant. The small states get slightly more representation by "everybody gets 2 free electors" one for each senator. If states had apportioned electors, the small states would still have those "two for free". So they would retain the slight "extra clout" against NY, FL, TX and CA. So it wouldn't be identical in result to a pure national popular vote without the electoral college. However, everybody's vote would be counted. In a state that is 45 percent R and 55 percent D, the R's would get their share of electors and their vote would get "counted". Additionally, candidates couldn't take any state for granted any more. An R candidate couldn't ignore CA, because maybe the winning elector will come from CA if he tries hard enough in CA. Similarly, the R can't ignore TN because it is "in the bag" because unless he tries hard enough in TN, the losing elector might come from TN. With apportioned electors, ALL the states would be swing states. The major parties wouldn't like that because they would have to work harder, and the candidates wouldn't like that because they would have to do a good job for everybody, not just their friends and people "on the fence".
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    It's a bird cage liner. Canceled it years ago.
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    Browning The Luger CZ75 Glock is iconic but not because its a 9MM just because it was the really fist tupperware gun phenom
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    A polite society would cut him some slack. If you don't like the damned video, or the message, don't bother reading it. I'm not taking sides on this one, but it does seem a trend for Internet gurus to hound and ridicule one's position when all they have to do is just not post their damned rude comments. Make no mistake, I'm voting for Romney and I may or may not agree with some of the comments, but damn that's rude. If you don't like his videos, leave his ass alone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm not really sure I understand some of the criticism. Regardless of his social standings on some of the platform positions, He did a great job of making the most important point, that politicians are our employees and that Obama needs to be replaced. What damned difference does it make if he is old and isn't a well polished speaker? It actually adds credibility to his remarks. No teleprompter and no perfectly scored speech. Just a well known human being doing something great: saying what's on his mind with a comic shtick. Maybe his makeup artist displeased some, also. Confusing me, you guys. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yall are making me bust a gut laughing so hard. In the bottom of your hearts you woulg give an arm and leg for them, tell the truth. I know I would go to the ends of the earth for mine, She likes shooting, starting to looking reloading, has been watching me and asked if She could help. so I say "Hell Yea". She has a 45 colt rifle made after The "Rifleman" rifle, a 44 ball and cap and Her EDC, a LCR in 38S. She is mine, all mine, be proud of your OLs, I am proud of mine and yalls.
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    I think this is a gun board, but that's just my opinion.
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    Browning Hi Power Walther P38 Luger P08
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    That's exactly what the GOP did this election cycle.
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    Clint had some good words but his performance was as OhShoot described. Great man with a great history in Hollywood for what that's worth...which is nothing. That performance to me was indicative of just how out of touch the republican party is. They really have no clue, and have had plenty of time to think about it, as how to get the throne.
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    Interesting how he got positive response for dissing lawyers as politicians. Romney is a lawyer. Oops. - OS
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    I liked it, but his age is starting to show. He definitely got lost a few times, but the man is 82 years old. I can only hope that I am alive and kicking that well if I ever make it to his age. He made some good points and best of all his speech wasn't a script. People should cut this dude a break. Clint Eastwood is the shiznit
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    Overall, it saddened me and I was embarrassed for him by proxy. Even if he were gonna go with a poor schtick like the empty chair number, he should have had it all on teleprompter so he didn't have to stumble through it and the rest of the address also. Clint's obviously still plenty sharp enough to direct Academy caliber flix but he just came off as wandering and senile. Even the ending was impromptu, spurred by a random shout from the audience. I cringed through most of it. - OS
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    I don't think this moved any moderates to the right. I think the same thing when loud-mouths spout off about "commie liberals". Is this your plan to convince the undecided? Sad. Pathetic. But both parties are great at pandering to the die-hards...
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    quick, does that person there (pick anyone) have a gun? Took too long to decide, you are dead. If confronting a bad guy (which is in itself another whole can of worms.... ask mr zimmerman about that) you MUST assume the person is armed and capable of a fast draw and fire on par with experts ... that is able to draw and fire at you in a blink. The only logical counter to this scenario is to draw first. Due to the unknown status of the enemy (potentially a badass with a hidden weapon and leetzor skills) you are in fact in danger and in fear for your life. Prove me wrong
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    Among about a million other reasons, if AlGore is for it, I am AGAINST it. Period.
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    Funny how he overlooks that fact, isn't it. Rather than eliminate the electoral college, I would much rather see the 17th Amendment repealed. Our founding fathers were genius in how they set things up. Most of our mistakes have come in how we have tried to "fix" their system.
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    This ^^^^ Unless he had moved more than 60 days before he changed his address, there should be no reason to confiscate his permit. I also don't think that a policy change of this magnitude is within the purview of the department without legislative action, but would have to research further.
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    Then he needs to call TNDOS handgun permit office right away. Insist on talking to Lisa Knight personally. - OS
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    Lester, there lies the problem. Evolution (macro) can NOT be tested. The "evidence" we use now is based on assumptions. especially when it comes to carbon dating that has proven incredibly unreliable and unpredictable. In fact carbon dating only works if it is several millions of years old and so the assumption has t be made that it meets that criteria before dating can be used. Evolution all revolves around time and if the time models are incorrect or proven problematic, which they have, you can't use them. You are back to square one. Example, explain why cosmic dust levels only date the earth to around 10,000 yrs and salinity levels only date the earth to around 10,000 yrs just for two examples. Those two things are fairly independent of each other and are measurably consistent, especially cosmic dust. I am saying that evolution is just as "magical" logically and scientifically speaking as creationism. The fact that many scientist center on it simply because they reject an ID philosophy does not make it more scientific. It makes it less scientific since it disqualifies a factor that cannot and has not been dis-proven and yet retains plausibility in both the philosophical and scientific fields with much evidence coming from both. Now centering on which religious take on ID is problematic, but ID is not. In fact ID explains everything (through different models) without contradictions. That cannot be said for evolution. There is also an assumption that we have developed in knowledge past the ancients. Maybe not as much as we would arrogantly like to think. As you said, why do we teach the most complicated and problematic of the theories? My opinion is because those who push it have a philosophy that will not let them consider anything other than their own errant philosophy. Thus the Global Warming issue i have with the teacher in the first place.
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    Ding, ding, ding!!!! EXACTLY!!!Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me!
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    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
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    Not sure how old this clip is, but it can't be more than a year or two.
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    While I do not question Ron Paul's political stance, I definitely question the RNC's motivation for making this "tribute" video. Something tells me it was not for Ron Paul. If they truly admired Ron Paul's efforts they would have let him speak without having it vetted.
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    One thread would get real messy, so as I said sub-forum is better option.
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    I seriously doubt TGO David would ever give anyone there own sub-forum to post anything they want. Nice thought though.
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    Sounds like it's time to get to know your neighbor and shoot up some of his ammo.
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