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    My wife just got a call.....she entered the Remington ladies only giveaway today and won. She has to be at the Nashville Armory tomorrow to meet several female shooters, and won a new RM380. That will probably be a few hours so I am going to the NRA convention again I guess.
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     I clicked on the Alliant website back several weeks ago looking up a recipe. As I was looking around I saw an offer for a free 2015 reloader's guide. I clicked on the offer and filled out the information. I had totally forgotten about this when it came in the mail today. Nice paperback book with handgun, shotgun and rifle loads for all the Alliant brand powders. This guide is much more information and gives a lot of detail the reloader's guide on the website does not provide. The site does allow a download of the booklet, but for me, this is easier to use as I can keep it on my bench and refer to it as needed. Just thought some of you guys might benefit from another reliable source for reloading recipes.        http://www.alliantpo...es/catalog.aspx
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    This video will make up for the last one.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocmhhhvgusY
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    Well went down to Nashville to see the big show. Jeez never seen so many people in my life at one place. I hate crowds but wanted to see the exhibits more.   Got to talk to folks from Sig, Beretta (got to handle a new M9A3), EEA, Ruger and Armscor (the 2 main guys were there). Lots of nice folks and more brands than I mentioned but trying to see most anything took time to work your way toward it. So many vendors with interesting items.   Lots of give away stuff but I don't collect.   The guys from Armscor were really nice and we talked about the new 22 TCM ammo, pistols and rifle. They had all on display. I think that a 22 TCM may be in my future when components for reloading get more available. I want a rifle and pistol.   The crowd finally took its toll on me and I had to leave.   I found a place on 4th Avenue to park for $7.00 for the few hours I was there, better than some that was charging $11.00 per hour! I had fun but have had my nuff of people to last me 2 years.   Saw a lot of folks carrying today. Some were OWB and most IWB. Quite a few were printing pretty good, seems their method of carry was turning the grip of their firearm out away from their body. Wearing tight Tee shirts or other type shirt did not help. I expected to see some gun control folks but did not, guess they are too smart to get ignorant around that many firearms people.
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    Nice!   You can't go wrong with a Sig.
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    One of the police was shot in the leg as he fought to maintain control of his gun .  The police shot one of them and shot and killed another - looks like they didn't have a choice.   That could have taken a different turn - with multiple dead officers.  Funny that the perps were a family Christian band.   It's like those people were on one of those illegal drugs where nothing stops them.  Not tasers, not getting whacked in the head with a baton, not anything.  It looks to me like the police showed  much restraint.
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    We went Friday and left at about 2p and went over to Pub 5 for lunch. I've been there several times and the food is great. Anyways, the 21 year old waitress was all bubbly and asked if we were in for the conference. I said yes and commented that everyone in the restaurant probably was. She said it had been busy and "all of your people have been really nice." LOL I just laughed. She was completely innocent and sincere, but it stuck me as really funny. What did she expect? Did she think it was a KKK rally?
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    Trimmed the pistol grip down this morning.... still a few tweaks away, but I'm on the right track.
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    I have to wait on my wife to get out of a baby shower so I'll get to swing by the range and sight in a rifle before heading to the show. Shooting and going to the show in the same day. Can't beat that! I'll probably go back tomorrow too after church. I contemplated going to the prayer breakfast but $40 is too rich for my blood.
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    And honestly most people would not notice what you are carrying. We all think we are printing because WE know the gun is there but the average person will never notice. Most are oblivious to their surroundings and would never notice a concealed gun regardless of how big it is. I have worn shirts that were tight enough to outline the gun and never noticed anyone acting like I was made. Since getting my Shield life is a lot better because it is so much lighter than my 1911.   One of the biggest things that those carrying guns do that gives them away is they constantly touch their gun. I see people adjusting their gun or touching it, I presume to make sure it is still there, as well as resting their hand on the gun's grip. If you need to check if you still have your gun you need a different holster. Also, you should be able to feel the weight, or mass, of the gun without the need to constantly check if it is still there.
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    Went today to see what fit my hand and what didn't.  Loving wife decided  I needed a Kimber Raptor and a Kimber Solo, because they were pretty.  And you wonder why I carry her to gun events?
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    #1 on the 7th. Double beard #2 this morning. What we refer to as a limb hanger. Nice long hooks. Great season so far. Good luck to everyone. Be safe.
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    This is straight from the Hodgon website (Berry's hollow-back round nose thick plate bullets) BULLET WEIGHT124 GR. BERB HBRN TP ManufacturerHodgdon PowderTitegroup Bullet Diameter.356" C.O.L.1.150" Starting Load Grains3.6 Velocity (ft/s)957 Pressure27,700 PSI Maximum Load Grains4.1 Velocity (ft/s)1,057 Pressure32,700 PSI From what I've read, Titegroup is a great powder and I have it on strong authority (a Hogdon rep at the NRA convention today) that Titegroup production is being ramped up in hopes people switch from HP 38 and Win 231. If I understood correctly, the way those 2 were manufactured is an older/slower process and Titegroup is easier/quicker. I may switch to it myself when I run out of the 2 above for my 45 acp loads.
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    If these young people would just speak English, us old people would know what they were saying.
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    Made my first trip to Bud's in Sevierville today. Saw this in the used gun display. Had been toying with the idea of maybe getting a P238 to replace my LCP, but the new ones are so dang expensive. This one was priced right, had a few extra goodies, and I got a pretty good trade value on my LCP. Couldn't leave without it... :D [URL=http://s1284.photobucket.com/user/mhlittleton/media/SIG%20P238_zps6nywyxph.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1284.photobucket.com/user/mhlittleton/media/SIG%20P238%20AND%20STUFF_zpsktlfs4ci.jpg.html][/URL]
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    Not seen this posted here yet.     Check out the First review of this TV on Amazon.  Titled Financing Available!   However the questions and other reviews and replies are good as well. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UN105S9-Curved-105-Inch-Ultra/dp/B00L403O8U   PS if you have 1 click buy enabled be careful, they have 1 in stock.  But if you do, well we will all be at your place for the big games.
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    This thing is a complete mess from top to bottom.  Not sure if one of those guys shot the cop or if he was just reaching for his gun and a second cop came over top and shot the perp.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEnuSVQe8E4   Hope the cops are all ok
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    Welcome to life in the New World Order. It's not going to get any better I'm afraid.
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    They are a great little pistola... I front pocket carry one every day, just like i would a pocket knife...   Enjoy... leroy
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    Looks like they lost their dictionary, too.....
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    Need this to ride back and forth to work.
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    I'm not saying that it's okay for cops to beat the hell out of people but sometimes I can certainly understand why they want to.
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    First I would go to www.annualcreditreport.com and request a free copy of my credit report from all three of the credit reporting agencys. If there are things on there you disagree with, send them a certified letter disputing the incorrect information. They will investigate the discrepencies and get back to you. Until you know exactly what it is you can't do much about it.
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    I bet her parents are proud... Edit. After second thought, they are probably just like her.
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    I wish I was local...I'd be all over that 8 pounds of Unique for $139.00!   There's a decent Unique load for most handgun rounds and I've even loaded some lead .30-30 "plinking" rounds with Unique.
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    Drinking my coffee and having breakfast.  Hoping to be there in another hour or so.
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    Congratulations to everybody that's got turkeys. And good luck to the ones still trying. I've got 2 so far. Sorry, can't post pics. Something about resizing pics on this new computer with Windows 8. Anyway. No.1 Sat. 4th - 23lbs. 11.5" beard 1  1/8" spurs No.2 Sat. 11th- 21lbs. 10" beard   7/8" spurs.
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    I'm a big fan of KeePass for storing my passwords in an encrypted file. It has a cool feature where you include the URL of the logon page for whatever web site you are storing a password for. When you click on the entry inside KeePass the URL is displayed, and will take you to the page if you click it. Then You right-click the KeePass object and select Autotype, and it will fill in the username / password for you.   I've started going through my passwords and making them very strong. If the site supports it, I'll use 16 to 20 characters, with upper / lower/ number / specials. I don't care what the password is, and I never have to remember it.   For work, I store my password file on an IronKey secure USB thumbdrive, so it is twice encrypted.
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    I came I conquered and I am back in Memphis now..... NRA show was def worth the ride ,I got to handle easily 100+ guns and accys Every MFG' staff was inviting and helpful showing off their guns and gear   Its great to get a first hand feel of guns you were thinking of buying ,some were over the  top impressive and some I thought I had to have before the show  turned out to be duds and I was glad I did not buy them after handling them at the show...   I am proud to be a lifetime member now of the NRA
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    I was there from about 8:30-3:00. Did not stop the whole time. Felt like I got lots of good swag. Take an old cap as Benelli is having a trade your cap deal. Trade in your old cap and get a new Benelli one. Lots of people were getting caps from other booths and trading them in. You throw the old one in a big glass bin. Good marketing on their part, but it seemed wasteful to me. Lots of cool t-shirts to be had for 10-15-20 dollars. Most were the 10-15. I quit getting pens and junk stuff. Pelican has some floating key chains. Tons of bags and brochures. I didn't get much paper as it is heavy and I can find online whatever I need. Some decent deals are out there. Lots of gear and pack companies at pretty killer prices. Picked up a Nightforce scope for my 300 blackout...it was not free. I have plans tomorrow, but I plan on being back most of Sunday. Some pretty good knife deals there as well. Bought an neat concealed holster for a under the steering wheel. Take comfortable clothes, good shoes, and a good dose of patience. Lots of wheeled vehicles, strollers and karts, but most everyone was very courteous and polite, much to the dismay of the radical left who think we are all rude and disrespectful. Best part of the weekend is that I won 5 guns at the raffle Thursday night. Two Mossberg Duck Commander shotguns, a Steoger coach gun, and two Uberti Cattleman revolvers. Pretty good night:) Here is my swag shot, excluding guns as they have to ship to my FFL. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    The NRA overall has done a lot of good.  I think we would have a lot harsher gun laws at the federal level without the lobbying the NRA does.
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    TG is one of my favorite pistol powders for two reasons: 1) You can find data somewhere for just about any bullet in any handgun caliber. 2) Low charges weights mean that 8lb jug will net you somewhere between 8,000-15,000 rds. The downside is that it is very fast, so you generally won't be getting max speeds, especially with heavier bullets. Use caution, start with lighter loads and work up slowly, especially just starting out. Watch your charge weights and check for consistency. Titegroup usually meters very well, but just keep an eye on things. Also, know that most loads with TG will usually only fill 20-30% of the case. Be careful of a double charge, as you won't see powder spilling out if it happens.
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    This is where a 19L is favored. Sight radius of the 17 and grip length of a 19 Easy to do as well.
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    HB0995 is now on the Senate Message calendar for Monday's session (4pm CDT).  Bet it heads to committee after that...
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    Aside from the friends (netmindr and NoBanStan) I went there with, I didn't see one single TGO person that I recognized. We need a better way to represent! They really did a great job putting this together. The maps were right, the layout was brilliant, the venue was big enough for all 15-20K people to enjoy themselves without feeling overly crowded, and the people working were nice, friendly, and helpful. I can't wait to go back tomorrow, even though I'm sore and tired from all the walking/standing. Note to self: desk jobs make you soft.
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    Plated are not the same as jacketed.  Use the mid-upper end of lead load data to about mid-range jacketed data.
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    The Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge is the phone to own right now if you are not an Apple guy. It has gotten rave reviews and is expected to give the iPhone a run for it's money.   We've been planning on picking up a pair, and since the phone was released today, we'll probably take the plunge and get them. I'll need to bring a big bag of money though. They are not cheap.   I've been very happy with my Galaxy S3, but it is nearly three years old now, and ever since I moved, I have poor service with Verizon in my house. In fact I usually have to go to the porch to talk. AT&T has a tower I can see from my living room, and everyone that comes over and has service with them gets excellent reception all over my house. Verizon has given me excellent service over the years, but Its frustrating not being able to talk on the cell in my own living room, so that is enough to make me change providers.
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    I can already hear the Anti-gun People trying to figure out how to make a law that covers Shark Assault Guns being illegal and proposing it to Congress................. :shrug: :shrug:
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    If, when, things do kick off there will be some who view it like traditional military operations and will go out in their gear, as a group, and get easily killed off by those in power. But, as we all know, the real test for those in power will be how they deal with the guerilla operations that will come later. Then the real challenge will be who will be the new person, people, in charge and how corrupt they will become. We have to be careful because we do not know who the next power brokers will be and things could get a lot worse before they get better.   In the end I do not see the United States being anything more than a has been super power.   The US is already in its final death throws because we have millions living in poverty, we have no more freedom to do what we want, our veterans not being treated well and we ARE subjects to our ruling class. That tells me the country is already past the point of no return and there is no way to fix it other than to let it fail in order to rebuild. But before they let those welfare leeches, who have not paid into the system, starve our government will starve those on social security, who have paid into the system, and our veterans. We now have a national healthcare system that is not about helping people but about putting more money into the pockets of those that rule over us.   Funny thing is the veterans they are alienating are the ones they will need again very soon. We are poking the bear and have been for several years. At some point Putin is going to have enough and we will be in WWIII which will cost everyone except those in power who will continue to get rich off the US war machine.
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    Sonny, set them up on their slides, grips up, next to each other. You'll see how much shorter the 17 is. It's definitely Commander size, NOT full size 1911.
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    This TRP is brand new in the box and features the black finish "Armory Kote" .... It doesn't need much of an intro but it's arguably the best production out of the box 1911 on the market ... Gun still has all the factory oil on it .... Its truly "brand new" Model # PC9105LP I am looking for trades + cash Trades of interest: Glocks 9mm P226 9mm (threaded barel) Other 9mm handguns with threaded barrels
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    I work for LE in Nashville, and I would not trust them.
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      The collection should be ultimately protected by the collection. ;)   - OS
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    Pretty girl. Those are some wicked cool eyes. I bet she bats them at pawpaw and she gets anything she wants.
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    I cut my teeth in photography by being a photographer on the Dragon for three years. I saw a lot of wild stuff and I literally have hundreds of pictures to prove it but this is one of my favorites from that time in life. This happened to be a personal friend of mine who walked away from this accident completely unharmed. He landed on the side of the road, stood up, and yelled at me "did you get that?" And that is why I'm a firm believer in wearing good gear while riding motorcycles.
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