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    shes old and alone.  She probably needs, or will one day, the occasional heavy lifting and odd job done.  Be there for her?
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    I want to thank you guys again for all the prayers. My son survived an episode where he stopped breathing and with me trying to help him, he lost all signs of a pulse and stopped breathing at all. He was completely limp, turning blue with no signs of life. I performed CPR for around 15 minutes while talking with 911 on speaker phone who helped me keep focused. I checked 3 times for a pulse and there was none...none at all. EMT's arrived and one of them took over the CPR from me after what seemed like an eternity with me drenched in sweat and I prayed earnestly for the Lord to not take him from us. They began doing their thing but it didn't look good at all. After about 45 minutes with the help of the EMT's and God Almighty he did regain his vital signs and tonight is back home recovering. To those of you that replied in this post, please pray that God would open his eyes and heart to the reality of His existence. Those of you that know Him, know what I mean.
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    I decided to make it a little more permanent with my first tattoo.
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    I wouldn't do a gift card since she doesn't need the money. Maybe donate to a charity and send her some flowers and a nice card. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    She just couldn't wait until my birthday!
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    I'm thinking hand written thank you note and then be on the watch for when she might need help with something.
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    Cut her grass for her w her mower. Update: cut her grass for her when she's not home...
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    [url=http://postimage.org/][/url] [url=http://postimage.org/]adult image host[/url]
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    Got by to meet Mike357 last weekend. Picked up some nice wines and some Purity vodka to try. Every body should stop by when in Knoxville. Great selection and prices. Plus he's a nice guy.
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    She has four kids and none of them could figure out it was just the battery?
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    Thank you card with your cell with a note to call any time. I like to suggestion of doing unsolicited odd jobs (grass, limbs down / etc) Pay it forward!
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^ This. If she is a true southern lady she will cherish the handwritten note. My handwriting is terrible so I print the note in a nice cursive font and then sign it.
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    Better change that plural to singular in the title toot sweet!  ;)   - OS
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    Don't expect "Hollywood" reactions to being shot with a pistol...ANY pistol . If you shoot someone you may well have to shoot them several times with a handgun to change their channel. Some people are just tough SOBs and will not stop fighting until they are dead. Plan accordingly.
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    As someone once said, remove all the warning labels and the problems will solve themselves.  :D
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    Jesus, please make us an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let us sow love. Where there is injury, pardon. Where the is doubt, faith. Where there is despair, hope. Where there is darkness, light, And where there is sadness, joy. Grant that we may not so much seek to be consoled as to console. To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love. For it is giving that we receive. In pardoning that we are pardoned, And in dying that we are born into eternal life. Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
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    Sounds like weapons will become the new tea.  Maybe they should tax the 1st, truth 1%, lies would be 25%, politicians would have the deficit paid off in no time.
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    This program is a "feel good " program dreamed up by our VA, to get he monkey off their back due to the lengthy wait times for an appointment. It's as useless as tits on a boar hog. By the time you jump thru all the qualifying hoops, you're dead in the water. I have a card my self, does fairly well to pick your teeth with.
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    Choice program was forced upon VA to blunt the blows about wait times to see a VA doctor. From what I've read the number of doctors has diwdled due to the rate they pay and long, long payment time.    Made for good PR but seems to be just another half-assed VA plan
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    Here's a good story that rattles me up. So I live about 1.5 hours from Johnson City Mtn Home hospital. But they won't send me there because they say I'm an employee there, (I'm not.) So they make my appointments in Nashville, 4 hrs away. While fighting the VA over me not working there. I asked them if I could get a choice card since YOU, the VA are sending me 4 hrs away. Well nope, can't get a choice card because I live 1.5 hours away from a full hospital. WTF is wrong with these people.
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    So as we got to the land a little later then we had wanted we had to rush through getting the tents up. Oops #1. No big deal. I just kept rolling down hill. Oops #2 Onto the wife! OK so we solved that easy enough, got up turned bed sideways. Now feet are just a little lower then head, Good deal. Could have used another blanket as it got a little cooler. Oops #3. OK so I am asleep and snoring (According to wife) I wake up suddenly when I hear something running through the camp site. I am alarmed and expected in a hoard of marauding raccoons bent on stealing MY food, maybe even a bear hunting dinner, Or a possum looking for an easy meal. Sasquatch would have been easier to deal with. That I would have just shot and gone back to sleep. No, it had to be a dog from one of the neighbors who live just far enough away not to hear the mongrel barking incessantly until 2am. Outside our tent. I wanted to shoot it, wife said no just scare it away. Apparently it does not scare easy. Gave up, went and slept in truck with radio on. Wife did also. Shortly after that son joined us. Now morning comes, Of all of the things in the world I want after that night was a hot cup of coffee, Get stove set up, get pot, get water, get coffee......uh where did we pack the coffee.....Oh SH$^#^&% we forgot the coffee!!!! So to my backup plan. We had not cracked either of the two thermos bottles we had packed along and both were still decently hot. Not quite as much as I would have wanted, but hey, it is coffee! After that we hiked the perimeter and scouted a homesite. We got a good idea of driveway and power line access area. Best of all I spent a good day with my family in the woods. Breakdown of campsite took about an hour is all and went well. So after all of that I am happy! One last issue was my brand new chainsaw would not start, grrrrrr. Back it goes in morning. Yes It was running when we left, Good news is we took a backup! So no real time lost there. So now wife and I are discussing what to do about the dog. My thoughts were along the lines of draw and quarter, son thinks paintball gun, other son thinks 12 Gauge beanbags. Wife........Who I love dearly for thirty years now.....A very animal loving woman....... SHE WANTS ME TO BUY A TASER! Did I mention I love this woman!
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    I think they would of had an issue with me if they wanted my brass.  Unless it's purchased from them at a discount for the brass, it is mine.
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      +1    I'd ask them if you get a discount on membership for the illicit brass exchange you were involuntarily subjected to.
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    For years I frequented that range, at one point I was going 3 times a week. Over the past 2 years it's gotten worse and worse. Last time I went in they told me I had to purchase their ammunition! I thought the kid was joking, but they were in fact not. I was told I needed to purchase their PMC bronze .223 at $12 a box of 20. Screw that. My ammo was 10× the quality and I could prove with a magnet that I brought that my ammo wasn't steel (even though that bovine scatology has been disproven) I'm done. That place is mostly run by kids anyways.
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    I didn't even consider that at the time; I guess I was just thinking in the same orientation that I was already using.
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    That's great!!  You have one of the good ones. 
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    Congrats on a cool work trip! Isn't this one of the places to take the Redhawk? I'm curious about the recommended ammo for what you might encounter.
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    I got two today, the one above as well as some dates on my arm. The dates are when I got marrier, when our son was born and when our granddaughter was born. I am probably done getting tattoos now.
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    Ya know Glocks are fine guns but guys who shoot Glocks are kinda like homosexuals. It's cool you do whatever you wanna do, just stop telling everyone about it.
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    $2500 is a good start I guess..? Yes, your assumption is correct, they want you to buy more. Check with your homeowners for a rider, they may be as or cheaper than that stuff.
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    Eric, I can get you a cocobolo one anytime you want it, but these will be Tuxedo like their Big Brothers
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    I'm on a tour bus right now and have two guns on board. If there were such a fed law then all the musicians I know would be in deep doodoo if pulled over and searched.
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     It's my understanding that the old models were made on the same frame as the 44 mag super blackhawk so you should be good to go.
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    That'll hurt until it stops Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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      I know a lot of people who never even talk about their guns much less post comments about them online but the guns exist. There's millions of guns out there bought way back in the 50's and 60's,70's, 80's which probably don't even have a paper trail anymore and have had several owners. I doubt if they could trace 50% of the guns. Are they fining everyone yet who hasn't bought health insurance? Are they reporting the real truth about the New York Safe Act and other registration laws in some states? My guess is that they are far more unsuccessful at enforcing these laws as they are successful. If they worked there would be no problem with illegal drugs in the U.S., there is a total ban on them. Fact is, the U.S. Government is incompetent, they would have to get every gun owner to "volunteer" all the information about all their guns and I personally have no plans of ever doing that.
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    You let it fall anyway.   Its not going to hurt it.  Cosmetic maybe but that can be buffed out and touched up.  Most of the $$$$ guns are large frame and wouldn't be easy to drop anyway.   You drop the high recoil light weight cheap stuff. 
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    There are no federal laws that say you cannot carry a firearm in a commercial vehicle. You just have to make sure that you follow the laws within each jurisdiction said commercial vehicle will traveling. I have legally carried in a commercial vehicle every day for several years, unless I know I'll be delivering to Ft. Campbell, where I know I'm prohibited from carrying a firearm.
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    We have more firearms freedoms than when Obama took office. Putting a sin tax on a constitutionally acknowledged right will not fly. Just goes to show you that just like Obama; Hillary doesn’t give a squat about your rights.
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    Buy now and stockpile. This just justifies buying all those guns you've always wanted.  :D
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    Update guys: I went to O'Reilly this morning, the first chance I've had since the tow. Picked up the VSS for 90 bucks. I had a little sticker shock since it's the size of a spark plug. But it's not the price of a rebuild so I'm good with that. Jacked up the truck, changed it out and dropped back on its tires. Drive around the neighborhood one time and it shifted every single gear as it should!!! Now I'm not counting ALL my chickens as I haven't fully tested it. But I'm very happy, said my thank you prayer and I'm off to drive it back to O'Reilly for some windshield wiper blades. It's a road test and also my passenger blade looks like I'm fishing for bass. Thanks so much for everyone's help and I'll post back up after the road trip!
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    She sure did have on a nice watch.
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    Open for interesting trades.
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      I blasted some water filled milk jugs with the Speer Gold Dot .22 WMR ammo as well as the Hornady Critical Defense .22 WMR ammo out of both my NAA mini (1 5/8 inch barrel) and my Heritage Rough Rider (6.5 inch barrel.)  The Hornady was kind of disappointing out of the mini (didn't really 'expand' much - had some deformation on one side and that was about all - made it into the third jug) but did well out of the Rough Rider (fully expanded.)  I was very impressed with how the Gold Dot did out of the mini (fully expanded - in fact, looked just like the picture on the label - and was found stuck partway through the rear face of the third jug) and it did fine out of the Rough Rider (I remember that the Hornady did slightly better from the RR although I can't remember exactly how at this point.)  I now keep the mini loaded with Gold Dots and the Rough Rider loaded with the Hornady.    The Rough Rider mostly does 'possum in the chicken coop' duty and will render even a big possum DRT with either a head shot or a behind-the-shoulder heart/lung shot - and possums are not easy to kill.  For comparison, I once shot a possum which was in the coop three times in the brain pan with .22 LR Stingers out of a 5 inch S&W .22A (trying to get it to die quickly and not suffer) and it still took it a while to finally die a much uglier death than I would prefer (which is actually the reason I bought the Rough Rider to begin with.)  I have never tried it but I imagine the NAA with the Gold Dots would do just as well as the Heritage with the Hornady.    It isn't currently my first pick for a primary to carry for 'social situations' (although I do sometimes carry just the mini when nothing larger will do) but the .22 WMR - especially with ammo such as the Gold Dot - is IMO certainly more than 'just a slightly more powerful .22LR' as some people believe.  Throw in that many of the 'full sized' snubbies hold eight or nine rounds and there ain't a thing wrong with it, to my mind.
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    I guess he's using handloads.
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    I see what you did there. :)
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    Went with my nephew this morning, these two birds flew across a creek we were set up next to and went straight to beating up on our jake decoy. Doubling up on those turkeys with my nephew will be a great memory for both of us.
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    Not sure a rant rally belongs here but since it's a rant about tactics and training...... Ever get frustrated and even ashamed of the people in our culture? I've tried half a dozen times to get some guys together in this area for some kind of exercise and train together. Every single time it's the same thing. Excuses. I'm supposed to be the king of excuses and the weakest in a group. It's how I maintain some semblance of confidence. I'm tired, I'm sore, the wife, work. I guess no one in the Williamson county area expects to be faced with a fight someday. The past few 'buddys' just wanna hump a bench, WHEN they show up. It's sad. Lone wolf don't work. No one will ever survive on their own.
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