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    I'm hopeful that our country will come out the back end of this with stronger protections for individuals. While it's causing a lot of pain right now, it's also shining a bright light on problems in a lot of cases. I could probably say a lot about this, but I'll just say I'm sympathetic. You'll hear a lot of people push back, but as a general rule they're not black and dead because they had a broken taillight or were selling loose cigarettes.
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    As of today I'm down to 328. That's from 395 since November 1st.
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    I would also say hold a S&W M&P. Don't try a CZ 75 or you won't try anything else. It is heavy because it is metal, but there is no better "feeling" gun than a CZ for me.
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    SOLD! Thanks TGO
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    Just wanted to give a shout out about GT. I bought the Stinking Big Knife this week. All I can say the pics do not do it justice at all. It is a huge knife, finish is great and it is so freaking sharp. The guys at work were in amazed at the finish and the size of the knife. For those on the fence about GT knifes, you are missing a chance to get a hand made knife like no other I have held in my hand. You just cant beat a hand made custom knife. Thanks Much GT!!!
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    Okay, I guess I won't be joining the AK club..... 'cause I brought home a CSA vz 58 today. 16" carbine with the fixed "beaver barf" stock (wood-impregnated plastic furniture, all colors match), original new-in-box with sling, 2 mags, cleaning kit. Looks indeed unused (except test fire). Paid more than I wanted to, but she is a beauty. Will get her cleaned tomorrow and broken in this weekend.
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    Mods: if this is a dupe, please note and lock. I didn't see any prior posting. We didn't go anywhere near the craziness in downtown Nashville for the fireworks (the storms threatening were just one more reason not to go !!). However, I was amazed when I saw on the 10:00 news that barriers were up "around downtown", creating a "safety zone", and those entering were subject to search, wanding, pat-downs, and purse/bag searches. Shutting off a city street and making you subject to search before entering ?? Where in the law entitles the Metro Government to abridge all of our rights, including the RKBA, if we simply want to walk down a certain street and not enter a business, venue park, etc. ? I was astounded when I heard this on the news, and just wondered if I was missing something. Help me out, here, somebody ! How on earth is this permissible ?
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    I just fired up my old school BBQ pit that I built a few years ago from scratch. I got two pork shoulders cooking right now . LOW AND SLOW at 220 degrees. Here are some pics of my burn barrel that I burn my wood in and then the pit .
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    I am selling an HK MR762 A1. The gun is in mint condition, I am selling multiple of my long distance rifles, I don't get a chance to shoot them anymore. This gun has a 4-16X42 Nightforce ATACR scope on it. It also has a set of LWRC iron sights mounted. The gun is about three years old and the scope was purchased less than six months ago, the scope is mounted with a Larue QD mount. willing to listen to all offers. Total investment in the rifle ---- 6,500.000 asking price ---------4,500.00
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    After hopefully doing enough research/homework, went ahead and purchased the Vortex Diamondback HP, 4-16x42, was curious if anyone has used this or something similar and your thoughts on it? Have read a lot of reviews, overwhelming majority of which are very good, watched the youtube videos on it and read up on the warranty Vortex offers. Will be mounting it on a Weatherby Mark V Deluxe in .270 WIN, hopefully scope will match the quality of the rifle. Purchased medium height rings and the scope, both from Optics Planet, my first experience with them as well.
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    Got some new color on the frame of my FEG PJK-9HP. Liked the polished blue on the slide but it was a bit thin on the frame. Went with a two tone type finish. This is a shooter but I think it turned out great. Thanks to 173rdABN for doing great work!
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    I just sold one a couple of weeks ago, sold the rifle and didn't need an extra scope. It is a great scope, as is basically anything Vortex. Glass was clear, scope tracked well, a great package at the price point.
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    How 'bout a 3rd gen G19 with new night sights and 3 mags? (Can't fault a man for tryin'.)
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    I can’t really comment on the shooting you posted about because once again we only have one side of the story. However as I former cop I can respond on how to not to get killed on a traffic stop. Good points have already been made by others. I will tell the Officer I have a carry permit, and I am armed. I will ask how he wants to proceed. I will listen to him, follow his instructions and we will both go home alive. I fully understand that Tennessee law does not require you to inform a Police Officer you are armed. I also fully understand a Police Officer doesn’t need to have the gun pointed at him in a threatening manner before he shoots you to death. Him thinking you are going for it can get you killed. Video or not; you are dead. Communication as in most things is the key. Cops are killed every day in this country. Many are on so called “routine” traffic stops (there is no such thing) and “family fights”. Seeing your co-workers shot does something to you; I know that because I have through it. I have stood in the ER with two Officers and a perp shot and had crying nurses apologize to me because they had to try (and did) to save the scum bag that shot the Officers. It was a house the two Officers had been to any times. Only this time the guy opened fire. I decided that would never happen to me. Not on a domestic violence call and not on traffic stop. Pay attention, don’t do anything stupid, if you feel the need to display a gun for some reason or are going to reach in the area where a gun is; make sure the cop knows and agrees with what you are doing.
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    I can't imagine disarming myself in front of a cop; it seems like your odds of getting shot would go up dramatically as you touch a weapon. Videos like this seem to reinforce the idea to tell cops nothing unless required by law. The one time that I was stopped, I answered yes to "Do you have any weapons?" That went OK, but now I'm not sure how I would answer in the future.
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    Regardless of this case I think Chucks point is how do we interact with LEO's to make sure that we are seen as the good guys and don't find ourselves in the same situation. For me its about clear communication and removing any threatening behavior from my side of the transaction. If possible have my ID out and ready. Roll all the windows down if possible to make the interior of the car/passengers visable. (turn on the dome light if its dark). If the officer asks me about being armed/weapons I will tell them. If not I keep my mouth shut. If I do tell the officer that I am armed that's exactly how I say it. NOT "I have a Gun". Then I ASK the officer what they want me to do and do it. Only once was I asked to step out of the car and disarm myself. It was done professionally. I have sympathy for LEO's in general for the work they do and the danger it puts them in. They have a professional duty to protect the public and themselves. I respect that and do my level best to never make them think of me as any kind of threat. Most LEO's have treated me with similar respect in return. We may never know the actual events of this case. It doesn't look good at first blush for any number of reasons. Its a sad thing that a man lost his life. I hope that it does get figured out.
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    To be honest the "diet" pills I was taking only worked for a few weeks. I haven't had any thing in months. I eat, I don't starve myself. I have cut down on my consumption and log everything I eat. What I have discovered: 1 bread is your enemy. 2 everything comes with bread (see the problem) 3 don't be afraid to cheat once in a while, you like something that's not good for your diet? Eat it anyway once in a while and in moderation. 4 get a fitness tracker (I like fitbit) and log everything you eat. It will surprise you how much you really eat. 5 if your joint hurt all the time, hurts to walk, it's time to do something. It hurt me just to walk and now I can climb a ladder all day long and my knees don't hurt. 6 cheat foods to keep handy, pickles, nuts, fruit. Nuts and fruit in moderation, pickles have very little calories and will curb the desire to eat something sweet. I've got a long way to go but to be honest I've already gone further than I thought I would. Oh and one more thing, Your weight will fluctuate, it's not a setback. It will happen.
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    Would i be able to fit in it? I seem to spend a lot of time in the dog house and may as well get a real one
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    Little late, but we didn't have any luck this year at our family farm. It was our first year though, purchased some land in Fayette County back in February. Heard some gobbles as well as a good bit of hens, but no luck, have seen plenty of both since the season has ended, I think they know! In the past few weeks we have seen a hen with 8 poults and another with 10 on our game cameras, looking forward to next year. Will hopefully take out some coyotes/raccoons which seem to show up more than anything on our game cameras between now and next season. Enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures.
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    H&R 940 .22LR revolver. Had the main spring and rod replaced. Worked fine for about 100 rounds, and now it's back to sometimes it fires....sometimes it doesn't. Rohm RG-10. Anything from Taurus. I've shot the PT-92 side by side with my Beretta and there's no comparison. For a couple hundred bucks difference, get the real thing. That goes for every Taurus, not just the PT-92. As a range gun, I have no problem with them, but I wouldn't bet my life on the bull.
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    You might check with who the PBA attorneys are for your area, they are generally well versed in the self defense laws because that is how they defend LEO use of force. Sent from my SM-N910R4 using Tapatalk
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    I've shot this pistol and it's a dream to shoot. Great deal for this sweet pistol!
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    Esko is good people! Good luck with sale!
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    I have a Kamado Joe and my buddy has a BGE. Neither of us have taken ours in during the winter and haven't had an issue. If you go with a BGE or Kamado Joe, I highly recommend the Joetisserie. It is made by KJ, but it will fit either the normal KJ or Large BGE. This is a couple of chickens I did. Literally, best chicken I have ever had. Also, even if you don't have a KJ or BGE, the Kamado Joe charcoal is killer. I have tried others and my buddy has had his BGE for about 5 years and he agrees on the charcoal. You guys inspired me tonight. Time for a filet and asparagus.
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    So we are deciding between a Glock 19 and a 1911? Seriously, you just need experience shooting other guns. I wouldn’t walk across the street to get a Glock for free if I had to keep it. But obviously some people like them. Maybe you can get a group in your area to shoot somewhere together. Then you could try different guns. I have several samples of different handguns if someone in the Murfreesboro area that has land wanted to do this.
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    It's as pretty as it is awesome! I got to take a peek at it today and I like!
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    raildog, did they run out of "H" letters for that road sign? Oh...and you stole my van picture
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    Is that what those young whippersnappers call it now? Times are a changin...
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    To much government! It will get worse.
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    Look to the Federal Government. Their failings in protecting our borders and our security along with their dangerous policies have forced local governments to act like the TSA.
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    Every young American should have to watch this.
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    A few pics of me doing the hearts and minds thing in 2002 and 2003 when I still had hair and clocked in at a reasonable weight.
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    Dave, I dunno. There are many times when I refuse to do business with someone for the same reason you are giving. I view a firearms defense case kind of like brain surgery. If I needed brain surgery, I want the surgeon with the best knowledge and skills and will pass on the one with good bedside manor. I've listened to him talk firearms self defense law for six hours and he knows a tremendous amount. Here in middle TN, any of the defense attorneys wouldn't have handled more than a handful of firearms self defense cases.
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    My wake up call was when I got life insurance and I weighed in at 381 lbs, thinking something was off I ignored that and continued about my life. I estimate I was around 395 before I took control. I've lost 50 lbs since Nov 1st. I use the fitbit charge hr as well. And yes it's off a bit but what helps me most is tracking everything I eat. I've cut out most sodas. I might drink 3/4 a 16.9 Oz bottle a day, most of the time it's closer to 1/2 bottle. I drink plenty of water 5 to 7 bottles a day. I'm down to 340 and my goal is 265. I'm 6'4" so it was not apparent I was that heavy. My knees quit hurting and my aches and pains have diminished substantially.
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      ah yes! the old Heisenberg diet
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