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    I bought a air soft pistol for my daughter last year to teach her the firearms fundamentals. She liked it and did well with the safety concerns so I picked her up a SR22 this week off Arms List. The first shot was dead center from 15 ft. You could not wipe the smile off her face. After the first mag. she said " wow that was fun" we spent the next half hour working on stance and the trigger reset. She is hooked.
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    I've learned never to underestimate the propensity of Cowboys fans to buy whatever is being peddled in front of them.
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    The free market is speaking: The San Francisco 49ers quarterback currently has the fifth-best selling jersey on NFL.com, less than a year after it was put on clearance sale. Ironically, Kapernick doesn't see a direct profit from those sales, the profits are pooled along with every other jersey sale and split between the current maker (I believe it's Nike at the moment), the teams, and the players as a whole.
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    You're thinking RefferMac! You are far ahead of the pack brother! Reholstering any handgun should always be a deliberate and purposeful act. There is no such critter as "speed reholstering". I've carried daily for at least 26 years and I am always cautious when reinserting the gun back into the holster..external safety of not. I predominately carry a G 19 appendix IWB. There is nothing wrong with "looking the gun" into the holster, with the "tilt" of the base of the holster out as you mentioned. It will become more intuitive over time..but one should never become complacent with any aspect of gun handling. IMHO the majority of self inflicted gunshot wounds come from complacency and inattention. Dolo of course is right. Dry Fire practice is essential for improvement. Practice with dummy rounds or simply an empty gun will gain you a lot in the long run. I'm not familiar with the holster you cited, but as long as it's secure and doesn't shift I'm sure it'll serve you well. I second shotgunshooter's recommendation for professional training, especially with Randy (Cruel Hand Luke). But he's a friend, so I am biased. Ingraining skills under a watchful professional eye such as with Randy can help prevent training scars which take a good bit of effort to "unlearn".
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    You don't have to have a loaded gun to practice drawing and firing.
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    There's nothing unsafe about it. Training will greatly benefit you and I'm sure you could get hooked up in one of cruel hand Luke's classes. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Tyler T. One of the best products I can think of, produced by one of the most mismanaged companies ever.
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    Ok, turns out to be an add on called Interclue. It allows you to touch a link on a page and see what it is before you open it up. When this add on is active, I get the message above. When I deactivate it, TGO returns to normal. I used to use a similar add on called Cool Previews. It worked great, but since the developer stopped supporting it, Firefox quit accepting it as a valid add on. Just FYI in case it happens to someone else.
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    The truth is often an offensive thing to those with a vested interest in maintaining a status quo built upon not seeing it.
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    Pains me to list this one. You can search for a long time and not find a nicer Browning Superposed Magnum. 1958 production. 50s model Superposed guns in excellent condition are seldom seen, and the Magnum guns are scarce. 30" barrels choked Mod/Full. 3" chambers. All original finishes. Original Browning recoil pad as found on the magnum models. Comes with vintage Hartman Superposed case. $2,500.00. Doves & ducks will fear you!
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    I am currently working on the details with Dave on this, it will be just like the Godfather only smaller, i will put up the official thread once I get it all sorted
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    So, Saturday I went to Smoky Mountain Knife Works to look at a few knives. A few months back I decided I wanted another 'heavy use' belt knife that could serve as an all around utility and 'survival knife' which I could actually carry in public (I generally carry large fixed blades on weekends - can't carry them at work.) Now, I have to say that spending more than $50 on a knife still feels like a foreign concept to me (with $30 or under feeling much more 'natural') and that it probably won't be something I will do very often. For that reason, I have been looking at knife usage reviews on YouTube and elsewhere for months. I had my choices narrowed down to: Kabar Becker BK2 Kabar Becker BK7 Kabar Heavy Duty Warthog Ontario RD6 Schrade SCHF38 (just to have a lower cost option in there) Well, I didn't like the balance in hand of the Warthog. The RD6 was nice but, even though it starts out at about 1/4 inch thick at the spine it is as fine at the tip as my RAT 5. I like the RAT 5 a lot but one of the reasons I didn't just stick with it for the purpose (along with the cutting edge only being a little over four inches) is that, honestly, I kind of wanted to go into the 'sharpened pry bar' class of knives for this so the fine tip on the RD6 kind of took it out of the running, for me. I wanted to look at the SCHF38 because I like the blade profile - not too many 1/4 inch knives with that blade shape in the 'under $100' category. I already have a 37. Actually, it is my second 37. I broke my first one doing light batoning but Schrade, who admitted to having a heat treat issue with a batch of their knives late last year) replaced it quickly and with no hassle and the new one held up when I purposefully used it harder than the one that broke to test it out. I liked the Schrade a lot in person and it is a lot of knife for something like $27 but I really wanted something a little 'higher end' so I passed on it. Sort of (I'll come back to that.) In the end I was very torn between the BK7 and the BK2. I liked the extra blade length of the BK7 and it was the same price as the BK2. I really liked the thickness of the BK2, though, and I wasn't sure how comfortably I could carry something like the BK7 around as a 'weekend edc'. I already have longer blades for other uses (including the aforementioned SCHF37) so I ultimately went with the BK2 - although I wouldn't be surprised if I own a BK7 at some point in the future. Now to the pleasant surprise. The BK2 was priced at $89.99 so when I got to the counter it was just a little over $90 and the lady at the register said, "And you need $100 to get the 20% discount." Now, when I am in a knife shop and you say to me, "Spend $10 more and get a $20 discount," I hear, "Find a $20 and it will basically be free." So back to the Schrade counter I went. Of course, the $27 for the SCHF38 was beyond the $10 I needed but that also meant the 20% was a little more than $20. The final outcome, then, was that I got the Schrade - which was also on my list of 'possibles' - for about $14. Now, the BK2 is obviously an awesome knife but I think I am really going to enjoy the SCHF38, as well. I got rid of the factory edge over the weekend (a v-grind at the very edge of a knife that is 1/4 inch at the spine does not slice worth a crap but convex that edge and suddenly it slices pretty well.)
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    Like new Draco pistol. Only thirty rounds though it. Was going to SBR, but going in another direction. Has Russian Plum handguards (with heatshield) and a mottled Romy plum grip that matches pretty well. Come with one 30 round mag (as pictured) and original box. $500. In Clarksville. No trades.
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    Put up a new stand yesterday to bow hunt from. I am ready for opening morning.
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    Man, I'm jealous. I haven't found that in my area. I keep a bottle of Green Spot around and hear that Yellow Spot is incredible.
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    I feel old now because I had a pretty good idea what this would be just from reading the thread title!
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    Perfect fit in length and diameter: What a random thing to come across. Why I actually have a replacement M1 Carbine front sight (without a pin) is another story.
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    Don't even have the right to talk without getting government permission.
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    He's just a victim of his environment. He only wanted a hotel room so he could be at church early. He dindu nuffin.
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    Andy did a really good job of making this stage interesting stage because the mix of small and large targets was supposed to force you to slow down and speed up depending on the target difficulty instead of just blasting away. Me being me, I had to analyze the video and see if I really did slow down and speed up as I'm supposed to: I took an average of 0.92 seconds to take a shot at the large paper rifle targets. 0.85 seconds to take a shot at the small paper targets, and 0.93 seconds to take a shot at a clay. So I have the "slowing down" part down, but it looks like I'm missing the "speeding up" part!My plan for the swinger at the end didn't quite work out like I thought it would, but luckily neither did anyone else's plan for the swinger so it didn't hurt me too badly. Good times!
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    I believe birdshot doesn't go more than a few hundred yards. Even if it does, it's very harmless. I know hunters from church that said they've been rained on with birdshot from 200 yards and it's nothing (rained on, not shot straight at.)
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    I will throw a v-neck option into the next design!
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    Newish M4v7 MLok from daniel defense I just bought this not to long ago. comes with titanium forward assist a battle arms magazine release and a abcr bolt release as well as the griffin armament muzzle device Price is 1200 obo this is a good price on a great rifle Location is Chattanooga TN I will drive to meet
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    Yes, I got that email this morning as well. If the shirts are as good quality as the Longmire shirt I got, I'll be very happy with them.
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    Rugerla I love my switchback. Hands down the best bow I've owned. I started practicing at the beginning of Aug. As I get older it takes longer to get in shape. I don't have tons of places to hunt but they always seem to produce a few coyote and a deer or two.
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    Pretty sure Tyler also made trigger shoes that set screw into the existing trigger to make the trigger feel lighter. I have quite a few of them in a junk box.
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    http://oakridgetoday.com/2016/09/04/police-evacuate-residents-from-marina-pavilion-after-gunshots-reported-but-say-no-injuries-damages-reported-or-found/ I found another news article about this. Turns out the "bullet hole" in the roof was not recent. On the FaceBook, someone was commenting (speculating?) that the shooters were dove hunting, which is perfectly legal there. If that is the case, then there would have only been bird shot falling, not bullets. I did a little Google map estimating, and it looks like it is about 1000 yds from where they were shooting from to the pavilion. Not being a dove hunter, does it sound legit that bird shot would carry that far? My suspicion is that the folks at the marina heard the gun fire and maybe thought they heard bullets, or they had a few pellets fall around them. Either way, I'm sure they were terrified, and I'm glad they did the right thing by taking cover with the kids. This may just turn out to be much todo about nothing.
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    I've had the same issue but it's only every so often. Thanks for letting us know what go you found.
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    If I need more grip I use an innertube from a bicycle. Depending how you cut it out they have some lines molded in that help it stay in your hands. And it doesn't permanently alter the pistol. Something else I have seen people do is wrap the gun's grip in plastic wrap. Then take a small amount of automotive body filler and put it on the front of the grip on top of the plastic on the front of the grip. Then grip the gun and slowly squish the body filler with your fingers until it feels comfortable to you. Let it harden then smooth it with sandpaper. And finally removed the plastic and use the innertube to hold the body filler in place. That gives you a grip molded to your hands. And if you screw up it is easy to redo. You could probably do a few dozen pistols from a single tube.
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    I had the pleasure of speaking with the reps from Southern Grind at the NRA convention earlier this year. I was very impressed with the quality of the product, but more so by the company and the rationale for it. I've always been a Zac Brown fan, but this was just icing on the cake for me.
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    I have a T-grip on a Smith Model 19 snubbie. It makes a hard to hold pistol a dream to shoot. I'm looking at the possibility of ordering a couple for some j-frames.
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    They are still being produced but for my entire life they have been hard to get. It seems like they are always back ordered. I sold one on a forum a few years ago for $25 in less than 5 minutes.
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    I'm consolidating calibers so this is my last .308 rifle. Never fired PTR 91 A3S from Atlantic Firearms. It has the picatinny rail factory welded on the receiver. It also features the paddle magazine release and the 5/8x24 threaded barrel to accept AR10 muzzle devices. I added an HK21 extended charging handle, Swiss Brugger & Thommet rail ($350) and a metal HK SEF "sniper" trigger pack with a 5-6 pound pull ($300). These come from HKParts.net and apparently Bill Springfield did the trigger work. I also have a used Harris BRMS 6-9" bipod with an ARMS mount off my old MK12. I was going to do a DMR styled build with this, but I lost interest. All this needs is a Magpul PRS2 stock and some glass and you're good to go. Like I said, it is unfired and comes with the original case and all original parts. Also, I will include 6 genuine HK steel surplus mags (20 rounders) and the aluminum 20 rounder it came with. Looking for $1600 FTF with an established TGO member. Meet at Bass Pro Nashville or Sumner County. Trades: SLR107UR, SLR101S, SAM7R, SGL21, SGL31, Benelli M4, Trijicon MRO, RS Regulate 301 (gen 2), BCM A4 rifle
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    Tyler grip adaptor. Have been used on many of these revolvers to adjust for a better grip for some.
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    I agree. A V-neck shirt is my favorite. Have a had time with tight collars around my neck.
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    And the gun owners community at large isn't exactly short on moron's.
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    I wondered if that might be the case. To be clear about my question, I have no issues with out of state members. We have a lot of them! But I do start to wonder when most of the posts seem to be borderline trolling for reactions.
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    he didn't lose a penny when that rocket exploded. SpaceX did, which is a bad thing, because they are doing some really cool stuff right now.
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    It aint exactly a shoulder holster, but it is a great way to carry your pistola... I've got one for a Glock 20 and love it... http://clarkforkleather.com/leather-chest-holster/ Good luck with your search... leroy
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    Oxy stays in your system for sometime as well and its prescribed and abused much as any other drug. The bottom line is that MJ needs to be treated as any other schedule II drug (Schedule I now) and decriminalized. The Feds just don't want to admit they are wrong so they keep it illegal. Personally, I would rather have to deal with potheads than drunks, carrying or not.
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    What a man or Woman does with the money that they work for is their business. The graveyard is full of people that alcohol killed and the government made money on every one of them. I do not use any illegal substance but have no problem lying to someone who has been lying to me my entire life. All men are not created equal
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    The Bull in this thread is astounding.
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    He got what he wanted, attention. Wether it was truly to draw that attention toward what he claimed or if he is simply a once was star on a rapid decline looking to grab some spotlight who knows. Kinda strange how he went from a Super Bowl contender to someone who may not even make the team this year. Best comment I've seen on the matter was "he should have taken the opportunity to stand, even if he makes the team he'll never get off the bench." Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My daughter turns ten in a week. She had been shooting for five years. She goes to State Finals in two weeks as a ranked shooter. Girls can shoot, and have a lot of fun doing it. See if you can find a 4H Shooting Sports in your respective county, you won't regret it. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    I wanted to share my experience regarding Apex Tactical. As many may know, this company is a source for after-market quality parts for several firearms, especially the Smith & Wesson M&P lines. I have installed several Action Enhancement Kits and triggers. Have been completely satisfied with results and any minor company support on technical issues. I have a M&P 5" Pro that I use for IDPA, etc. I thought I would install the semi-drop in barrel which requires 'a little' customizing. Well I had nothing but trouble....primarily mis-fires, lite primer strikes with factory and reloads. After several conversations with Apex staff they asked that I send the gun to them. They would 'make it right' and I would be charged for shipping and ammo only; no gunsmithing charges. So I did. Of course the M&P line was never known as an out-of-the-box tack-driver. The early models like mine were especially unkind to accuracy. My gun was in their shop for several months, and I imagine it was more difficult than most to rectify the issue(s). Anyway, it is my understanding they did a gunsmith fitted barrel, test firing, shipping and a T-shirt to boot all on their dime. They say you can't rush quality and below is the proof: this is at 25yds, machine rest, 10 shot, 1.56" group. Thanks Apex
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    Thanks for the replies... I don't know if anyone should be jealous. Once we decided to go down this path we went all in with my retirement plan. It looks like it is going to work out but I am 100% committed. Failure is literally not an option. I find that fear is a great motivator. My wife (who should have never said yes : - 0 ) deserves to have a comfortable retirement for putting up with me all these years. Folks in her family live about 20 years longer than they do in mine so I'm planning for the really long haul... I've learned a few things: 1) It doesn't matter how big of a tractor you bought, it will always be at least 1 size smaller than you need for some random task. 1b) Who knew tractors didn't have brakes on the front wheels? If you go down a steep hill with a heavy load in the front end bucket and the rear wheels come off the ground you are along for the ride until you get to the bottom. 1c) always keep a pair of clean shorts in your car. See 1b for any needed info. 2) Buying a backhoe attachment was a huge mistake for me. I would have done a lot better to save the money and rent a mini-excavator when I needed it. But, if you need a trench dug that is not straight, not level, and not smooth from beginning to end I'm your man! 3) The biggest leap of faith was drilling the well. It cost almost double what I budgeted. I haven't turned it on yet. Sort of like a lottery ticket: Until I check the numbers I'm a winner. If the well doesn't produce life will not be good for a while. 4) I knew the rule build a bigger barn than you think you will need. I built a 30x40. I had a 12x24 shed before. I thought a 30x40 was a huge overkill. It is only 50% too small. 5) Tractor folks only deal in 1,000's. As in: do you want to spend 1,000 or 2,000 or 3,000 etc... They apparently have never heard of 10's, 20's or 100 dollar bills before. 6) Tractor implements are like AR's. Once you have the first one you realize how many more you need. It doesn't help if your normally very frugal wife is a implement gateway drug... She says things like: I want mulch on the inside of the fencing around the greenhouse. Can your tractor do that? My answer was yes (sounded like thousands)... But even though I haven't mulched any trees yet she loves her little greenhouse. We've been married 23 years and I never knew she'd always wanted one. It's been tiring but we own some dirt free and clear. It is really quiet out there. The wind is almost always blowing and so far we like all of our future neighbors. BTW: when we bring the dozer in to cut our permanent drive way he is also going to take the dirt we will be digging out for our basement and close the end of a little ravine so that I can have a pond in a few years. While the dozer is there he is also going to level out a 25 yard wide by 50 yard deep spot and use the rest of the dirt for a berm. Getting a place to shoot started us down this road and I WILL have a small range. I may not be able to afford any steel for a few years but I am going to try to have a big ole TN Gunowners Mid Tn shoot and celebration. Hope everyone likes pulled pork... Mark
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    El Tap is better anyway. We went there regularly back in the day.
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    "Train up a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it."   Very good father, you are , Sir.
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    Still there. She is 10 by the way.
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