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    This followed me home recently. 2017 Triglide.
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    I don't know how anyone came up with this idea but it's cute. imgurl
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    What's a calabar? Is that where squids go for a drink?
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    First and foremost, Merry Christmas! After months of passively searching, I purchased a factory FDE SilencerCo Osprey 45 suppressor for my FN FNX 45 Tactical in FDE. I purchased the suppressor via GunBroker from BMC Tactical/Warrior Steel. After remitting my payment 45 days ago, my suppressor arrived at my preferred LGS, the Nashville Armory. The wait time officially begins as my paperwork has been submitted!
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    Brand new in the box Minox ZE5i 1-5x24 (Model # 66554) ..... This is their premier line of scopes made in Germany (Superb Glass) Scope has an German #4 reticle with illuminated center dot ..... Scope is daylight bright at setting 7 of 11 (Scope is as bright if not brighter than my Razor 1-6) Scope carries a 30 year warranty http://shop.opticsplanet.com/minox-ze-5i-1-5x24-riflescope.html?_iv_code=MX-RS-ZE1524-66554&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=plusbox-beta&gclid=Cj0KEQjw4MK_BRC1n6KTtezikbIBEiQA872hYVKEYi0tOrlYfwmzRWMdJC_mUhxPX4NnoOOK9dpM3qkaArga8P8HAQ Final price drop .... 50% OFF! I'll hang on to it otherwise Price: $749 Shipped/Insured CONUS Trade Value is $1500 Trades: Aimpoint T1/T2 2MOA Aimpoint Comp M4s ACOGs BCM 11.5" Uppers LMT 10 5" Upper IWI Tavor Daniel Defense or BCM Rifles Colt 6920/6720/6721 DDI AK47 Arsenal SLR107 Arsenal SAM7 Glocks in 9mm Dan Wesson 1911s HK USP Tactical .45/9mm BCM Complete Lower Nightforce 2.5-10
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    My daughter did this one year. Used a cane, wore wire rim glasses and had me help her in and out of the car. fooled several people.
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    I am very impressed with the M8. It has much more power than my 2010 103 with Stage 1 mods, and doesn't have the Twin Cam "rattle". A Stage 1 M8 dyno'd at 90.6 horse power at Fuel Moto. Add a cam and tune, and you're probably looking at over 100HP. Absolutely love the comfort and ride of the Trike.
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    I thought some folks would get a kick out seeing an old parts gun become a viable pocket derringer. The Brownie was missing the lock, grip panel and ejecting pin so it was game for a serious upgrade. I found an EIG E16 barrel assembly at a local toy show for 20 bucks. The EIG is an Italian clone of the Brownie that was made for a short time in the 80's. The EIG has a physical extractor rather than the loose pin the Brownie stores in a hole at the top of the frame. Anyway, The Brownie is a very weak design with very thin diameter lock pivot pin and frame/barrel joint pin. The EIG is built for only standard vel 22LR ammo and that is pushing it! My new lock design would incorporate a third lock lug that seats behind the frame recoil face. This locks the barrel with the frame directly taking most all of the recoil forces off the lock pivot pin. I start out with a piece of 4140 steel and a plan. Here is a comparison of the new lock to the original EIG lock. I use a spring and plunger to power the lock rather tham a leaf of the Brownie that was missing also. Here a nice tight fit. An issue that both the Brownie and EIG had was that once the gun is loaded & locked up, the firing pin is constantly pressing against one of the cartridge rims with the striker spring. I was not going to pocket a gun like that so I designed a firing pin blocking button. To activate the block, you simply depress the trigger about an eight of an inch and press in the frame mounted button and then let up on the trigger. This holds the firing pin off the rims until you want to fire, you just squeeze the trigger as you normaly would and the button pops out via its own spring as the trigger moves rear ward. here is the new milled slot. I also added a side mounted spring and ball detent in the rear of the lock to help keep the lock in the locked up position as seen here.... some test firing The Brownie has a poor grip design that normally ends up with the grip panels breaking away from the top frame plate that ultimately makes the owner over tighten the grip screw, cracking the wood around the screw escutcheon. So I milled the top side plates with a inverted radius. I used an old pair of Luger grip panels for wood donors. Safety button on Safety button off Hiding under a FN HP forgery To harden a simple 4140 part like this lock I set up a MAP gas can burning and heat the lock red until a magnet will not stick to the part then quench in ATF. This makes the lock much harder than in the raw but yet not brittle. 4140 is great stuff! Hope you enjoyed this project! I sure did.
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    Very nice....congratulations.
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    SWEET TRIKE! Heck I might could ride one of those. LOL Heck. Who am I kidding? I'd fall off before getting it out of the drive.
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    Nice. I bought a Sporty this summer and I don't know how I ever lived without it. How do you like that new Milwaukee Eight?
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    Very nice. Love the blue.
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    Congratulations on the acquisition! May you enjoy it in the best of health.
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    The really worrisome thing is that when places like Nashville, Memphis, etc. start really whining then they can screw up things for the entirety of the state. I suspect that is especially true of Nashville where many of the legislators probably live and certainly where the legislative bodies meet. Just as many people say that New York City screws up the entire state of New York, cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco screw up all of California and increasingly liberal, large cities in other traditionally pro-gun states have started screwing up the entirety of those states I would hate to see one or two cities in Tennessee screw things up for all of us.
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    Damnit. I gotta quit working and just stay on TGO so I don't miss any deals.
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    I use it as one of my main computers. It runs my plex server (media server). Utilizing Google Docs for all my office work and I can do pretty much anything a Windows machine can do for a fraction of the cost.
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    If you target the 5% of serious criminals that commit 95% of the violent crime and either kill them or lock them away then your problem largely solves itself. Unfortunately too many interest groups need those people committing the crime to keep said interest groups relevant.
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    Because they don't give a whit about violence. They don't like guns.
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    Violence of any type is perpetuated by people. Focus on the people who do the violence.
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    The law enforcement community has been pointing out that every major city that is run by a democratic mayor is having these same issues so it is nothing new. The only thing new about Nashville is more and more folks moving from other democratic major cities and states like New York, Michigan. and other northen states are voting these democrats like Barry into office trying to create the same situation they moved away from.................jmho.
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    The 80's called. They want their pistol back.
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    Why don't these hysterical fools focus on violence violence? Why is gun violence worse than any other kind?
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    Nashville elected a commie mayor. You get what you ask for.
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    I remember back in the mid 90's you may have hear of 5-6 shooting a week in Nashville. Now it's 4-5 a night it seems. The town has grown leaps and bounds which means the low life population has grown with it. It's not a safe place at night anymore and the undesirables have no decency or common sense. Everyone owes them something and since nobody is giving anything away they feel it's their right to take it.
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