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    I do have quite a few other instruments-- other electric guitars, other mandolins, other basses, banjos, lap steel, balalaikas, dulcimers, drums, keyboards, etc.... but I figure I've posted enough... well, here are some miscellaneous gig pics, etc. I'll stop after this... I promise. And now, the obligatory "Halloween Gig" pics over the last few years.... OK, I guess I've taken up enough space here....
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    So you're saying it's perfect for getting the wife tipsy. Duly noted.
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    Oh now, you could pour it in some fancy decanter and tell them is was distilled in some backwoods craft distillery. They'd trip over their beards and flannel to get more.
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    Ok, Now we come to my pride & joy-- My Gretsch instruments. First Gretsch I ever owned-- 2002 G2619 Electromatic SparkleJet-- Sparkle finishes are incredibly difficult to capture in pics... Gretsch G2810 Bo Diddley Signature model-- The pickguard is custom-made, of my own design. Gretsch G5135 Corvette Gretsch G3156 Historic Series Streamliner Gretsch G5022C Jumbo Rancher--- this one goes with me to just about every gig. Gretsch Americana collection-- Gretsch released this series as a limited run in 2006, an homage to the various "cowboy" style guitars popular in the 40's and 50's. Four different designs, all parlor-sized (or cowboy-sized, if you prefer) Gretsch G2224 Electromatic Short Scale Bass Gretsch G6073 Bass Gretsch G9350 Park Avenue mandolin-- I've got a couple other mandolins, but this is my favorite for gigging by far. And no, that's not a "stock" photo. Gretsch G6130KPW Knotty Pine Roundup-- This is 1 of 9 factory prototypes, not a production model-- Gretsch did a production run of 75, but this one pre-dates the production run by about 6 months. Gretsch G6118T-125 125th Anniversary model And, my holy grail, my favorite guitar in my collection--- Gretsch G6196T Country Club model
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    This part of my collection is mainly miscellaneous workhorses, beginning with the first electric I ever owned, 1979 Electra X-340 MPC. (case pictured is not the case for this guitar) 2004 Squier Telecaster-- I've hot-rodded this one quite a bit... Yamaha SGV-800 The oldest guitar I own-- a 1942 Harmony Cremona IV-- this one's been to Europe and back during WWII... belonged to a US Army musician--it's got quite a story. 1994 Epiphone PR-5E-- I logged over 300 gigs on this one before I "retired" it to the music room. Dean Psychobilly Cabbie model-- only produced for a couple of years; 2005-2006 DiPinto Belvedere Yamaha SA503TVL Troy Van Leeuwen model-- out of production. Fender Vince Ray Spookshow A/E acoustic-- another limited production model-- 500 produced. Robelli RB-1955 1970 Epiphone 5102-T. Again, the case pictured is not the case for this guitar. Stagg G-Force Competition V-- not incredibly expensive, but lots of fun-- body graphics and tailpipes are stock! Three different flavors of the original Squier 51 model... love these little guitars! Next post will be my favorites-- My Gretsch collection....
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    This is a tragedy all around. So much cultural and economic property damaged to put into perspective at the moment. Like others probably have, there are some great memories of time spent in the area in my mind. I was even considering a trip up there in December if I don't have a job lined up early enough after graduation. I hope that anyone affected by all this is okay after. Rebuilding will be a chore for sure, and too often, people never get all the recompense they thought they were supposed to from insurance companies. Also, I can't say enough about those putting themselves in harms way to fight the fires, or help evacuate people in the danger zones. Suiting up and heading into those blazes is work done by men who have balls that clank.
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    Opening this one up for possible trades. No Glocks, no AKs, no .40s. Anything else is up for consideration. Excellent condition Kimber Stainless Raptor II in .45 Auto. Full size 5-inch barrel. A few very, very light marks from being in a holster. Absolutely no deep scratches or nicks in finish. Round count is well under 300. This one has a few upgrades like the Ed Brown Chainlink mainspring housing, Ed Brown magazine release, and Ed Brown wide extended thumb safety (original ambi-safety included). The barrel has also been flush cut and reverse crowned. I am located just west of Columbia, about 80 miles SW of Nashville. $1100
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    The rain has just about stopped here in the Walden's Creek area. The rain has helped out a great deal. Only an observer here there is clearly a big difference in smoke and visuals no plumes of smoke. I hope and pray that this catastrophe is over. Let's pray for the folks that were displaced and lost everything.
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    For any of you who haven't fired one, an M1 Carbine is about as much fun as you can have with your pants on! They seem to be a good investment as well.
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    Awesome collection. My only Gretsch:
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    Ask and ye shall receive. Since I was AWOL when this thread was started, I'm gonna blow the dust off.... Unfortunately, I can't post a "family shot" of my instruments, because they don't make a wide-angle lens wide enough to get them all in one shot. Let's see-- I've got stuff all over the map... first, some vintage mid-60's Japanese oddballs-- by the way... these are all set-up in gig-able condition.... I don't keep "wall art" guitars. 1967 Teisco ET220 1965 Silvertone WG2L 1966 Kingston Chess 1966 Norma 1968 Norma 1967 Norma Violin model More posted in next post
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    Suggested MSRP of 500. I probably would give it a try. I'm getting less and less in love with my G19. But not being a fan of the P07/09, I'll have to see it. Also ran into some info on the Canik TP9SF Elite. This one does interest me more.
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    Had to wear clothes...that's just not right.
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    Okay, my "care package" trip is officially on now. Truck is rented (Thanks for the hook up, Penske and Mike's Tire in Tullahoma), heading up to Knoxville on Saturday morning. Donation drop-off points have been established at Bacchus Fine Wines (my place) and Templar Shooting Sports (the new inddor shooting range) in Tullahoma. Bottled water, sports drinks, non-perishable food, blankets, pet food, pet crates, batteries, toiletry items... basically anything you'd need if your house burned down, or if you had just spent 18 hours keeping peoples' houses from burning down (lots of tired first responders up there working hard). Shoot me a private message or just ask here if you have any questions or want to donate but can't make it to Tullahoma.
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    The firefighters & emergency responders did an amazing job in saving lives last night, under impossible circumstances. The wind here in Clinton was 30 MPH, I can only imagine what it was like up there. There may be some navel-gazing coming up, but damn, those guys were good.
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    I guess I am missing something, but it must be a miserable way of going about ones day to always be looking over your shoulder and on high alert. Yes, there are some bad people out there, but man relax a bit.
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    Cash only please. Brand new STI DVC Open in .38 Super. Has been sitting in my safe since September 2015. Ordered through Brazos Custom shortly after release. Never fired, will come to you exactly as from STI. I am just west of Columbia, about 80 miles SW of Nashville. SOLD
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    Professionally built, runs great. 11.5 barrel. If you read any info on velocity, 11.5 inch is the shortest you should go without significant loss in velocity. Built with the top of the line parts from BMC (upper $900), spikes lower, Sig brace, Magpul grips, sight. This build cost $1500+. Also included is Weapontech flash hider, muzzlebrake (don't remember name), and carrying case Ready for my next project. TRADE VALUE: $1500 CASH SALE PRICE is $1000. CASH IS KING!! TRADE OPTIONS: SEMI-AUTO .308/AR-10, tikka , remington, tikka, or sako actions only in .308, 6mm, 6.5 creedmooe, or .243 PLEASE DON'T SEND EMAILS ASKING IF PISTOL IS STILL FOR SALE. IF ADD IS UP, IT IS FOR SALE
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    Cash only please. February 2015 production Wilson CQB .45 Auto with a few options. Full-size 5" barrel. Black Armor-Tuff finish. Extras include one-piece Bulletproof magazine well, fluted chamber, flush cut reverse crown barrel, countersunk slide stop. Currently wearing Wilson G10 grips but will sell with the original rosewood grips if you prefer that look. Range bag, test target, all paperwork, and two 47d mags used with gun are included. Under 400 rounds down the pipe. No blemishes or any signs of use. $3,280 MSRP as spec'd. I am just west of Columbia, about 80 miles SW of Nashville. SOLD
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    This is a factory standard 700P 300UM in mint condition. It's had nothing modified. It has a Nikon Monarch mil dot 4-16x42 scope with 20 moa rail and warne steel rings. $1250 obo message me for pictures several boxes of ammo available also
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    Dolly is kicking in... http://www.newschannel5.com/news/dollywood-foundation-makes-donation-pledge-to-fire-victims
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    Hey, guys. I will be listing several nice firearms soon. I am only selling because I need the money, so these are cash only deals for now. First up is a 2015 production S&W Classics Model 29-10. Dirty Harry replica. 6.5" barrel. Very hard to find, low production, out of stock most everywhere. This has exactly 100 rounds down the pipe. 50 light special loads and 50 magnum loads. Like new condition. Only a very faint line on the cylinder from the 100 rounds fired. This will come to you as new with the blue plastic case PLUS an UNOPENED wooden display case that is included with these revolvers. I am in Middle Tennessee just west of Columbia, about 80 miles SW of Nashville. $950
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    "What difference at this point does it make"
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    The greatest zombie movie of all time (according to me), The Return of the Living Dead (1985), addresses the question of rigor most, uh, believably.
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    LOL!! I like Beretta. I like their products. But...I never seem to keep one of the 92/96/M9/etc models. I have one left, a Desert Storm Commerative model. Other than that, I really like several others more. I had a P07, but just couldn't make myself like it. Don't really know why. So I'm curious about the P10. But I'm really impressed with the Canik. Would love an Elite. But not at 400+. Not whenI can get another TP9SF for less than 350.
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    Whenever I hear someone say this tastes like Fireball I always respond..well that's what us non alcoholics call cinnamon...
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    Exactly... unless the homeowners just wrote a check to build the house, SOMEBODY has an insurance policy of some sort on that investment.
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    It looks pretty dang freakin minty to me there compadre. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kingsport has one Stryker Gunsmith
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    That is good to hear about Iwai. I will have to try it. I got to try some 18yo Yamazaki the other day. Highly recommend it.
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    Cleaning out a few things from the safe. Windham Weaponry HBC Semi-automatic, 223 Rem/556NATO, 16" Heavy Barrel, Chrome Lined, A2 Flash Hider, Black Finish, 6 Position Stock, A3 Carry Handle, 30Rd R16A4T. New, never fired. Prefer TN HGCP & sign a bill of sale. $725 Trades considered: New or LNIB - Glock Gen4 G17 MOS New or LNIB - Glock Gen4 G19 MOS
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    http://ads.midwayusa.com/product/830669/desantis-j-hook-holster-clips-for-desantis-intruder-holsters-set-of-2-polymer-black?cm_mmc=pf_ci_google-_-Shooting+-+Holsters+%26+Belts-_-DeSantis+Holster-_-830669&gclid=COistbztztACFUI6gQodt4UBEQ These work?
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    Your post really helped put things in perspective. I was telling my wife this morning that it seemed odd that the residents got zero warning. When you see fires on the news out west they typically have a lot more time to get out of their houses. Most of the people they interviewed on the news stated that there was zero warning. One minute everything was fine and the next their backyard was on fire. You really helped put things in perspective though. Given the wind and dry conditions it doesn't seem like there is anything the firefighters could have done that would have changed the outcome. Like you said, if no one loses their life it will have been a miracle. Right now I would tell anyone in East TN that lives in a wooded area to be on alert. From what we saw last night things chance change in a matter of minutes and you need to have a plan in place for how to get out of dodge if needed.
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    TGO David remember "Nobody likes change but a wet baby"
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    Up for sale is NIB WASR AK-47. Not much to say here, rifle is unfired, in new condition. Comes with its box and one p-mag. I will upload pictures asap. The rifle is up for sale for $600 in Knoxville.
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    Found a video of Raoul at last year's party:
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    Well fellas and gals, I'm tagged out for bucks this year. Hope y'all don't mind my short stories, I enjoy telling them even if it's one that makes me tell on myself for doing something stupid or give you something to laugh at (by the way, there is one of those stories I'll add at the end). So the big 12 that I've been waiting on....is NOT the one I got. Otherwise the first paragraph would not be legible. However, I've been letting every small buck walk that I've seen since I got the 6 a few weeks ago. Now he wasn't big by many people's standards but I'm dang thankful to have been able to harvest him. Everything I'd seen up to that point this year had been spikes, button bucks, or does with fawns. I was sitting in my blind yesterday at 5am thinking about how the 28 degree weather should be good for deer movement. It turned out it wasn't, at least where I was hunting. I didn't see a thing all morning. At about noon I'd decided I was going to head home and spend the rest of the day with my wife and daughter. I was staring across the sugar bowl I was hunting the ridge of and saw legs walking and that's all I could see. As this creature walked towards my side of the bowl, I was hoping it wasn't one of the big rottweiler's that the neighbor owns. They never bother me, bark and move on, but I was hoping it was a deer instead. I was looking everywhere for movement because the deer can walk down in the bottom and pop up right in front of you with no way to tell until they're looking at you. He ends up walking around to my left where I can see part of a rack sticking up. Well my heart stopped for a minute and thought "That's him, he's back!". As he's moving I can see part of the body through the brush but nothing else. I could have shot but I didn't and waited to see more as my heart raced. BAM! Out in a clearing steps a HUGE 1.5 year old basket rack 4 pointer LMAO Man I don't know which emotion was stronger, the thought of it being the biggin or the let down from seeing it wasn't him. I did have a little chuckle about it though as I watched him ease on across the property line. I then made the decision that I'd stay a while longer since deer may have been moving later. My buddy had also just sent me a text saying "Just had a spike come through the back yard, maybe this evening will be a good time to hunt. The 4 pointer and his text were enough to convince me to hang out. About 45 minutes later I was watching that far side where I'd noticed the legs earlier watching for any movement. All of a sudden from my right smaller window of the blind I see movement on my side of the bowl around 20 yards from me. I saw a nice rack easing down in to the bowl. I thought "Oh my gosh, he really did show up!!!" as I raised my .308 up and shouldered it. I put the cross hairs on him and then realized I didn't see the kickers on the back of his G2's. The next few seconds felt like years as I tried to decide what to do and scanned behind him to see if the 12 was around. While I'm deciding , he's steadily moving down and farther away and I decide that he's bigger than any buck I've killed and he looked pretty tall and wide. I shoot and he hunches up and stumbles forward but is still standing and looks back towards me from behind a tree. I thought what the heck is he doing? He eases forward in a non familiar fashion. I'd immediately chambered another round after firing so I decided to shoot again just to be sure. Never seen it happen and would have loved to had it on film but he did a forward flip and dropped straight to the ground and didn't even kick! Then my adrenaline went to 8 million miles per hour! I sat there for a few minutes thinking "Was that him and I just couldn't see the kickers? Oh well, if not I'm still extremely proud of him and thankful for the harvest". I text my wife while waiting and she got all tore up thinking it was the 12 also. I told her I wasn't sure but pretty sure it wasn't but that he was a very nice looking buck for sure. She was still excited for me and knew that I was sitting in my blind unable to make words sound correctly as usual. I waited for a while and eased out of my blind to look at him through the scope. He was still laying in the exact same position he was when I watched him do the flip. I walked slowly up to him and as I got closer said a prayer thanking God for this beautiful animal that I'd just harvested. My heart is racing like crazy as I walk up to him and check to make sure he's done even though I knew he was. He definitely was not the 12 but an 8 pointer I'd seen on camera a few times at night and thought he was a 10 from the pictures. I call my wife and let her know and of course she says "Don't do a thing until you send me a picture!". I love that she's excited for me. She answered "OH he's beautiful!" and I agreed. I struggled trying to get selfies with him so most of the pictures are of him by himself. It really is a new thought process to let the small bucks walk for me as I've just started trying to do that over the past couple years. It may be years before I kill a buck like I see on many of the Facebook TN deer hunting pages. But I'm working towards it and enjoying each buck that I get that is bigger than the last years harvest. Now it's gonna be letting my niece and my daughter's friends hunt with me to get their first deer. My daughter is still iffy about it and I don't want to push it and turn her away from it being fun so I'll wait patiently even though it's hard. I need to get a couple does for the freezer as well but hope to get these girls their first deer. Anyway here's the pictures, I hope you enjoy as I sure have enjoyed the season even though many hours were just watching nature and no deer. I love every minute of being in the woods! And now for the Paul Harvey rest of the story. The funny story that happened earlier that morning is as follows: The morning had been eerily quiet as the sun brought the the woods to life. I kept waiting for squirrels to start their morning ritual of sounding like deer. Then I saw a huge hawk barreling through the woods. It amazes me every time I see him that he moves so dang fast through even the thick part of the woods. It really is amazing to watch. I never heard a bark from a squirrel for an hour and attributed this to the fact that Mr Hawk made about one trip through ever 20 minutes or so. Then they started moving around though cautiously. Well here he comes again and the typical freak out barks began as he landed and sat in a tree 40 yards from me. I was staring at him and since I was tired I kind of fell into an dream mode although my eyes were open. I was imaging for some reason that the hawk had flown into the blind with me. I'd looked up as it began to attack me and I grabbed onto it and through it to the ground and had my foot on top of it as it screamed and flopped. I was trying to figure out my next move as I "came to" from this dream that I was having and immediately had a dang starling barrel right to the window of my blind landing on it sounding like a full grown man had slapped the top of the blind! I jumped back and hollered out loud! It scared the &#(@! out of me, I just knew that hawk was about to hammer my head! Instantly I busted out laughing at how bad I'd jumped. I imagine being half out of it had a lot to do with it, but it didn't matter because I knew my daughter was going to laugh her rear end off. She did and so did my wife Anyway, there's my funny story for y'all to enjoy. Also happy hunting to the rest of you and many congratulations to all who have been successful so far!
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    BTW, if you live in Davidson Co. a law was recently passed that you can't sell your car/truck in your own front yard anymore. Most likely some liberal pushed this one through. I heard of this and haven't seen the government's demands in writing but your own driveway may be safe.....maybe.
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    Thanks. I do hate to part with it, but so many toys, so little money.
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    You can shoot to 300 yards using a red dot. If you are wanting to see the holes at that distance I would suggest a spotting scope. Believe it or not but too much magnification can negatively affect group size.
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    Here's the b.s. part of your argument. Do you seriously think these people give a damn whether or not they have a "right" to do something? If government is the answer, I don't like the question.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow TGO spirit connoisseurs
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    And if we do remove the center you can tell people it is for water drainage.
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    Men, I've been waiting for a while to write a review for this one. This past Saturday I was fortunate to kill a deer. The knife you see above was used to field dress it. It performed flawlessly! It came from Sybo with a razor edge, ready to use. The knife is perfectly balanced and felt like an extension my hand while opening up the deer. It's weighted and shaped to cut just enough without applying excess pressure. I'm thoroughly satisfied with the knife and highly recommend it for hunters. Even after dressing out the deer the knife is surprisingly still razor sharp and ready for another one. Thanks Sybo! Mike
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    They just let him take the rocket launcher? Good grief. I'm pretty sure rocket launcher beats baseball bat
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    Go all out and get a FAL ....
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    Picked up something new to try.
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    Nice, that'll do exactly what you want it to and a lot more. Exactly what most people should get for their first AR. <---Yes, this is your FIRST evil black rifle, if you don't believe us, come back to this post a year from now and let us know how that worked out for you :up:   Nice rifle and nice shooting, enjoy it!
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