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    Last night a good buddy of mine graduated from college, so his parents had some friends and famliy over to celebrate. His dad, knowing of my firearms habit, gave me the tour of his gun safe in the basement. Oddly enough on the far side of the basement, leaned up in a corner with a Benjamin air rifle was this Mossberg. I almost over looked it, but then noticed the "bullet door" in the stock. Long story short, this thing is crusty, rusty, and largely forgot about...it wasn't even in the gun room, much less the safe. lol When I saw the rust on it and mentioned having done some recent research on cold bluing, browning, coatings etc, he sent me home with it It is a Mossberg S51M, the S designating Spiegel Catalog Company. These rifles were sold in the 30-40's through their mail order catalog. This morning I cleaned it a little, oiled it up, and got it to function. Now I've got it torn down to refinish....I took a bunch of photos, but damn I hope I can get this thing back together. I originally thought I would try to cold blue the entire gun, but considering what it is, I'm thinking I may Durablue it....not sure. The stock appears to be solid walnut, so it will just get the bumps and bruises sanded down and refinished. I'm always interested to hear what you guys think. I'm open to any advise or tips. Thanks!
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    As much as I hate to say it and as much as we (and that 'we' certainly includes me) may not like it if we give an honest reading of the 2nd Amendment we have to admit it has nothing to do with carrying (or even owning) handguns for self defense. Whenever the Supreme Court or any other government entity 'finds' that it does it is only because they don't want to admit that the real reason for the 2nd Amendment is to protect us from them - the government - and to guarantee our rights to be able to bear arms in order to do so, if necessary. If they admit that, however, then they would have to admit that fully automatic and other 'military style' arms are what the Amendment should be protecting and that federal regulation of such arms is unconstitutional.
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    For sale is a Gen 4 Glock 30 with Talon grips, Tru Glo orange rear, green front night sights, and a 4.5 lb Ghost Ranger connector. Price is now $450 instead of the originally posted $550. I purchased this from another TGO member who had put 50 rounds through it, and I have put 50 rounds through it. This has been my every day carry for several months and does have slight signs of wear on the slide which did not show up in the pictures.
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    If you want vegetarian Indian food there is only one place to go, The Woodlands. They do have a lunch buffet but their dinner menu is spectacular. http://www.woodlandstennessee.com
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    Burgoo I made just now . The meat is deer and pork that was BBQed in my old style pit this summer where I froze the left overs. Vegetables are butter beans , okra , corn , tomatoes , green chilli peppers, green beans, vinegar , and cayenne peppers. Pretty much just like the old days when poeple would throw just about anything into a pot to simmer and have for supper. It will simmer for around 7 hours and then be done . Awesome supper for a cold day !
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    Up for grabs is a Verizon iPhone 6 (16GB). Due to my wife's job change, I upgraded early and let her use this phone til she got her new corporate line situated. It's lived it's whole life in a full OtterBox. No water damage. Can't find the box at the minute but I've got the headphones and charger assembly. Located in NE TN. Would prefer to sale face to face but i will ship with payment via Paypal or personal check. If you choose to pay via personal check, i will mail the phone as soon as the check clears. iPhone is sold "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED Thanks--Ben
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    The Cayenne and vinegar is pretty much considered tabasco so it's all ready LOL . I always give it a good amount of vinegar for taste .
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    The Woodlands is great. I've got friends that eat there weekly.
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    The Woodlands evening menu is really good. Another good one is Taj on Nolensville Rd neat the Zoo. Very good lunch Buffet (best in Nashville) but Evening off of menu has very good items. Woodlands would be my pick, though
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    Take Sitar in Nashville off the list. It is the opposite of what you are looking.
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    I had a very similar experience at a gas station in Savannah GA. Thankfully I had more than one gun with me but I came out and said to my(now) wife "I'm surprised you didn't have the gun out of the glove box". She calmly lifted a blanket that was over her and showed me the Ruger LCR in her hand. I guess my point is that there are some really bad parts of town in just about every city but some cities definitely have a larger portion of areas you should avoid.
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    Top with onion slices before cooking. I forgot that part, but imagine you figured it out.
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    I went out saturday... brrr! I didn't see any deer, but while walking in to a new stand location, I found an area of the woods that a good sized buck tried to tear down. Maybe he'll cruise by next time I'm out. I probably can't get out again until next week though.
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    I finally got my poor tired feet out of ICU so I'll post a few thoughts on running the gauntlet at the Knoxville Gun, Mall Ninja and Hot Tub show today. I was looking to get rid of some dreck that had accumulated over the past few years. I'd held on to it much too long and it was mostly a buyer's market, since America's No. 1 gun salesman is about to retire in less than 40 days. I suppose we're in that awkward period where gun seekers know the economy is gonna get better but it hasn't shown up on the paycheck yet. It's a lot easier to turn stuff when the customers are thick at the tables and fighting like it's Black Friday at the Walmart towel rack. This time I had to walk the show three times before I was willing to come off my dream price. Baked-on stupidity is hard to scrub out. First I had to run the gauntlet of lowballers in the parking lot and near the door. Anyone open carrying is subject to interrogation: What ya got? What do ya want for it? What will you take? (As if the second question doesn't matter.) It's easy to shake off the dealers masquerading as civilians. You give them a ridiculous price, such as full retail, and they know they're wasting their time talking to a fool who is unclear on the capitalist concept. But if you're haggling with someone without a FFL, you have a better chance of a tax-free sale. In Tennessee, gun show loopholes are pretty wide but you still should check state ID and frisk for ski masks. It costs the equivalent of a box of cheap 9mm to gain entry. Sometimes the cops hired for security will make an offer as they zip-tie your gun's action. Many are on the lookout for a bargain throw dow......I mean, backup pistol or revolver. It's best to eat before you arrive. There's usually a food vendor ready to take your money, if the health department has given them their license back, but you're still paying steak prices for a mystery meat burger. I remember ordering one time and just happened to see my doctor standing behind me staring at me like I was a sheep-killing dog. I told him that the patty makes for an excellent gun lube and actually attracts wild carnivores. Good for me he was one of the 50% of doctors who finished in the bottom half of the class. The first lap around the building is for show. You want to give the tightwad dealers behind the tables the impression that it isn't your first rodeo and you know which end of the horse smells worse. To set the proper mood, you should dress accordingly. I wore my "Deplorable Lives Matter" t-shirt to declare that I was someone to be reckoned with. When I lived in Texas I was topped with the usual Stetson with all kinds of shiny few-faws dangling off the crown. In East Tennessee, the well-dressed expert has at least 70 ball caps in his closet to choose from, but at the tables he's adorned with a lid which sports at least one Confederate flag and a witty saying, such as, "I Call 1911, Not 9-1-1." On the second time around, you should have your game face full on. The dealers now know that you carried all those slung rifles and pistol boxes for a full mile and they're looking for signs of weakness. Some will venture a "No luck, yet?" comment to drain your resolve, but they should be parried with an air of patience. "I may just hang on to 'em while the price goes up." is the only fitting comeback I've learned. Your mileage may vary. Take a minute to lean over their table and give their merchandise a hard look if you didn't do it on the first round. It's not that you're really interested about the same gun you've seen all over the show, but it gives them a chance to scan for all the intricate details of your pride and joy that you desperately want to disown. Caution: Make sure you keep the dinged side against your body--secrets are for serious lookers only. And don't knock over any Tupperware or other arts and crafts displays. It quickly spoils the mood. A third time around is for God-fearers only. You're praying every step of the way that a miracle will happen and someone will buy for cost plus the price of admission. There's no use putting on any airs. The self-respecting peons have long since headed to the barn. At this point, anything you've got to trade is even-steven with an RG revolver that the dealer euphemizes as "German made." If you're lucky, he'll do the deal and then beat you over the head with both guns. I must have been living right because I found a guy who bit on my rock-bottom price. I like to think he took pity, but I suspect he was afraid I'd heave up that hamburger on his chrome-plated throwing stars. I took his cash and hitched a ride from a handicapped scooter driver headed for the door. God moves in mysterious ways.
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    I was at the Expo show and can't disagree with your description and I didn't eat. I did find a pistol I have been looking for at what I thought was a fair price, but tax and NIC would have made it marginal. It was at a table with a fair number of guns. I asked if the price was out the door or did I have to add tax and NIC and he said out the door. I said sold and he did his own background check by asking if I had a carry permit and could he see it. Studied it for about 30 seconds and took the tag of the gun and handed it to me in exchange for cash.
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    Hayden has never been a fan of the Constitution. He is dangerous, and I for one will be glad to see him go.
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    I guess it would depend on what kind of threat you perceive. An expert marksman with a Mosin and cover might be able to take some people out at distance. But if I think I may become engaged in battle I’ll take accuracy and firepower over quantity of relic rifles any day. Take Afghanistan as an example. Sure, shooters with relic rifles take out some troops. But unless they can shoot and escape; they are dead meat. I don’t buy into the SHTF scenarios, but I’ve thought about an isolated incident where I might need to protect my property (Katrina, looters, etc.). My choice is a scoped 308 AR. It gives me the ability to take out a threat at distance, or multiple bad guys close in. Everything in life is application driven. That’s why there are so many choices in firearms. You will live or die with the choices you make.
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    If the federal govt can say we CAN....... then they can say we can't. Would i like to be able to travel to some "occupied" states and see historically significant stuff like in Boston and Washington DC and still carry a gun? Absolutely. But moving CCW which is a state issue under the purview of the federal govt leaves open some very unsavory possibilities in the future. Now, if it is simply a matter of writing a bill that does NOTHING other than compel states to recognize all licenses (like drivers, marriage, etc...) issued by other states then it MIGHT be OK. But I have real concerns with the unintended consequences that might come to light when that door gets opened.
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    The truth of the matter is this.... Some decisions are life-altering (...and in some cases life-taking...) actions... I've got zero sympathy for the "...they are just kids thing...." and the "...no amount of punishment is appropriate thing..."... The fact is that these two people have caused the loss of life, stupendous property damage, and misery on a gargantuan scale to folks they don't know and who have done nothing to them... Not many people can say they have accomplished such idiotic, and monstrous mayhem; no matter the age or occupation (...or lack of one...) in a whole lifetime of screwing things up and doin evil... That puts them in a very elite and despisable class... A class that i simply do not think you can tolerate out in the general population... These two are miscreants at best and monsters at worst... Those who believe that this is "...kids being kids..." are either intellectually challenged or intellectually dishonest as far as i'm concerned... Actions do have consequences, and this is about the worst action i've seen in a good while... I (...and i suspect others...) have friends and kinfolk, rich and poor, that have lost everything as a result of this monstrous action... This conflagration has touched thousands, if not tens of thousands of people... It is on the same scale as an act of war; no matter the original intention.... America seems to be the only place in the world where we have a pretty large subclass of otherwise intelligent people who dote on our young folks and do them the genuine disservice of lying to them by failing to tell our children that "actions have consequences"... I say that if you believe in "teenage irresponsibility"; you are part of the problem... It also baffles me that there seems to be a "cottage industry" of "experts" who would tell us that "kids will be kids", and seek to explain away and/or minimize this sort of monstrous behavior.... Kids should continually be told that all actions have consequences; from childhood thru adulthood... I don't wanna hear about "kids being kids" and "they didn't mean to do it"... This is not some idiotic video game that you can re-set; nor some goofy "alternate reality" where it don't matter... People have actually died as the result of these actions and property has been destroyed on a god like scale... This one aint gonna go away... If you want kids to be responsible, you have to continually teach them to act responsible; while being responsible yourself... Sometimes the punishment is not sufficient for the crime; and i suspect that is the case here... None the less, serious punishment needs to be passed out for this; right up to and including trial for capital murder... I say, let justice take it's course and keep the "they were just kids" things out of it... Thus endeth the rant... leroy....
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    Those look great! They are also short and stubby, like most cast bullets, so it should be really stable for a jacketed bullet. Are they stable in 10 twist barrels? My 270g+ bullets are on the edge of being stable in a 10 twist at subsonic velocities. Down to what velocity will they expand? I am finalizing my 270-280 cast bullet I designed specifically for the 300 Blackout. I have been working on this for quite a while now. Actively working on it for at least two years and on the back burner for at least a decade. It comes in at just under 280 with pure lead and is ~270-~275 using COWW. Mine will be stable at subsonic velocities in the summer but in the winter I can't get them below the speed of sound and still remain stable in a 10 twist barrel. It seems to be stable at ~1,100 fps but is not at 1,000 fps. In 6,7 or 8 twist barrels mine are working great at least down to 900 fps. There is also a 300 Blackout specific magazine about to be released onto the market. It is the same as a aluminum milspec magazine except without the front ribs that interfere with the functioning with large subsonic bullets. Those magazines will work with 5.56 as well as 300 Blackout. The manufacturer of the magazines has also tested their magazine with my bullets. We have spoke a few times over the years. I think the last time we spoke I was working on some subsonic 7.62x25 Tokarev loads. I loved using Lil'Gun until I started using cast bullets. Lil'Gun seems to have more heat that causes some cast bullets to become molten. But if all I were shooting was jacketed Lil'Gun is about the best powder there is for both supersonic and subsonic loads. Now that I am mostly shooting cast I use IMR 4227 for AR's. I also use Blue Dot in my AR but the barrel needs to be under 10.5" or they will go supersonic. And it cycles great using Blue Dot. For my single shot only loads I use Trail Boss, a "surplus" pistol powder or Clays. I do compress the 5 grains of TB but so far I have not seen any major problems compressing it. Cool stuff, hopefully silencers will be removed from the NFA. Imagine the advancements we will see when anyone and everyone starts trying out different ideas.
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    Completely unexpected, ran into this thing today. viola.
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