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    Finally got my hands on a Garand. I have actually had this rifle for several months, just now posting it. I have wanted one for as long as I can remember! As far as I can tell, the receiver's SN dates it to a 1953. Unfortunately it is not a matching numbers rifle, I still thoroughly enjoy it however. I still have yet to shoot it. Overall it seems like it will be a great shooter though, the bore is in excellent shape. I do not plan on restoring or refinishing the rifle in any way. I love the way it looks with all its little character marks and imperfections. Just thought I'd share one of my current favorites in the safe with you guys!
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    John Cantius Garand designed a great rifle and are a real treat to shoot. I hope your Garand thumb experience is a short lived pain. I don't care how experienced you are with this rifle, it's not a matter of it may bite you but when it will bite you loading a clip into the rifle. Just remember it's all part of the fun. Also it's when the term clip or enbloc is proper terminology. One thing about this rifle design is that in an ammo exhausted situation and last ditch survival plan these rifles make an awesome club like weapon. Most modern military firearms don't have this characteristic.
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    I'm sure you know this already this but when it comes time to shoot the baddest battle rifle ever created don't run down to the Walmart or gunstore and get some random box of .30-06 ammo. You need M2 ball or it's equivalent.
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    Not to be confused with the 1891/30 Mosin which doubles as a pike.
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    You're not alone. I've had a 1945 Springfield Garand squirreled away for over 2 years now and haven't found the time to feed it.
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    Neat! I'd love to pick up a good Garand example one of these days.
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    ........SOLD........ Thank you Robert and thank you TGO! Winchester Model 12 Trap Y series. Dates between 1972-1973 It's in good condition for a 45-year-old gun. Shoots fantastic, I've made many dove hit the dirt with this one. West of Nashville. Four
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    I am a huge fan of Milwaukee's cordless lineup especially their FUEL series. Not long ago I found a decent deal on several of their sets. As with most of the sets I've bought over the years there's always that "something" that sits and never gets used. Well this time instead of hoarding it back only to watch it collect dust and become outdated I want move it on to someone who will use it. I will add more pieces with prices and pics as I get time but here is what I've worked up so far. M12 M18 Multicharger for Multivoltage. Brand new. It came out of a new set I purchased and I don't need another charger. NO BATTERY- $35 Milwaukee Jobsite Grade Backpack. Very well made. It was used to work out of for IT work but no grease monkey type jobs. Shows some wear but still has plenty of life left in it. - $60 ( just a stock pic of it atm)
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    Made from 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel differentially heat treated to show a hamon. IPE contoured handles for a great fit with mosaic pins...this thing is a beast.
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    Opened my bottle of Elijah Craig tonight. First time I have tried it and I really like it. This is going to become one of my regulars. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    My understanding is that there is a proper burn rate for powder loaded in ammo for a Garand to keep from bending the operating rod and causing other problems. Congratulations. A Garand is one itch I've yet to scratch.
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    Glad to help and I've seriously abbreviated the advice, lol. Half the interwebz is devoted to what kind of ammo to shoot in a Garand, adjustable gas plugs, etc.
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    Wrong! M1's do not use a hot or heavy load. They were designed to fire a 150gr bullet at 2700-2800 FPS. Surplus M2 that is worth shooting is getting scarcer and prices are going up. I recommend finding some Prvi 150gr or even better, their M1 load.
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    I have a like new Springfield 9mm 1911 for sale. I recently got this in a trade and was told it has not been shot much and I believe that to be true. This is the hard to find Range Officer model with adjustable sights and looks brand new and no visible wear on the pistol. Comes with everything from the factory plus: 2 Wilson Combat Mags Wilson Combat 9lb spring (new in package) Wilson Combat barrel bushing installed (comes with factory bushing as well) Brand new Simply Rugged 1911 holster (Cuda Model) $700 firm. Prefer cash and not really interested in any trades unless it is a nice sit on top fishing kayak. Possibly interested in a Glock 20 or G29 + Cash
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    I know that feeling all too well. Its exactly why I havent shot this one yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I also have a Mosin sitting next to the Garand in the safe that I've never fired I've had both for a couple years. I think I just found something to do this weekend!
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    Great fun to shoot. I'll have one of my own eventually.
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    Knob Creek single barrel and Elijah Craig are two of my favorites. Very good and very reasonably priced.
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    Gun brings back a lot of great memories as I owned Model 12's made prior to 1964 and had the Field grade, Trap grade and Pigeon Grade all at the same time and they were fantastic pump guns for what ever you used them for. As you said many a dove bit the ground with my field grade. It was the only one that did not have Ventilated Ribbed barrel I owned. I don't know how close to the Y series is to the original model 12's but it looks really darn close...........GLWS
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    Almost all liquor store Private Selections are good values. In most stores that I frequent, the Private Selections are usually cheaper than the regular product, and many that are normally batched products become single barrel products by being a Private Selection. Buffalo Trace and Elijah Craig are batched products that are found as single barrel Private Selections in many stores and are usually priced between $25-$30. Four Roses is a good value, but I actually think Knob Creek Single Barrel Private Selections are the best value in bourbon today. At 120 proof, 12 to 13 years old and priced below $40 per bottle...that's a screaming bargain in today's market. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Looks great! The character marks make it even cooler. I've had one for a long time that I still haven't shot. I'm not sure why... time just gets away from me I guess.
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    They could be members of the Christian Kataeb party during the Lebanese Civil War.
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    So, I decided to sign up for Equifax identity theft monitoring. I know, it seems stupid to trust the company who screwed up in the first place, but they already have all our personal information anyway, and I can use it as a double check if I find any problems. However, even though my baby's SSN is potentially compromised, it won't let minors sign up for identity theft monitoring. So I called the number on their EquifaxSecurity2017 website. The representative was completely unhelpful. She said that Equifax "generally doesn't" have information on minors, but she could not answer why my daughter is potentially impacted. She said I would have to call Equifax but this number was just the "incident response line," which seems like this is part of the "incident." When I asked for the number to call, she said that they didn't have a number for me to call at Equifax! Trying to contact Equifax and talk to a live person has been futile. It appears that they only way I can contact them directly about my child would be to send a load of personal documents (copies of both our SS cards, official copies of birth certificates, etc.) by mail. If they don't have my daughter in their system, then I'm not too keen on giving them even more information. So I complained through the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. If Equifax had any sense, they will quickly answer my simple question--is anyone using my daughter's SSN in their database? Once I know that information, then I can decide how much further exposure I want to risk. I'm a little steamed right now. In the Equifax comment form, I told them I hope the government regulates them out of existence.
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    +1 to what MacGyver said. Great looking rifle.
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    Agreed, worth every penny and one of the last real values you can find in bourbon right now.
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    Don't mess with the IDF?
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    Why'd he drop his poke on the floor with a shootin' iron in it?
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    Picked up a DDI Hungarian parts kits gun. Came with a Midwest rail, holosun, and RD AR stock adapter. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    I've got bottles from 5 or 6 different 4 Roses PS single barrels (4 of the 10 recipes) and two bottles currently open. I've tasted all of them (some before purchase) and have emptied a few bottles. Fortunately, I have backups of several of the ones I've emptied. I don't think I've ever had a bad 4 Roses Single Barrel Private Selection, just some were maybe a little better than others. I highly recommend them if you see them in your local liquor stores. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Yeah the story or "heritage" is usually the most expensive part on the gun.
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    Buy the gun, not the story. This motto has served me well.
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    Yea, PJ is correct. The first year I lived here I didn't see any birds but my buddy across town had a few feeders up and he had like 5 birds. I went to Tractor Supply and bought 2 feeders and some nectar and put them up and within a week I had about 1/2 dozen birds. I enjoyed watching them a lot. I was in TSC that Fall and they had HB feeders on sale to get rid of them and I bought the last 6 they had and checked the nectar bags for expiration date and it said it had a 3 year expiration date so bought the last 10 packs of it and following spring I boiled up some water and dumped the powder into the water amd made enough nectar to fill all feeders and then hung them. All around the yard and buildings and by June I bet I had 50+ birds hanging around and they stayed all Summer and I was told that Sugar water was better so I went to Sugar water with red food coloring and the birds loved it. I had birds like that up until a couple years ago and noticed I was not getting as many birds. Did some research and it was because the drought in the southwest made their migration hard on them finding food so they did not migrate this far in big numbers. It has been slow up until this year and right now I have more birds than I have had since the drought. If you just hang feeders you will get birds Omega. You have the Cumberland River up your way and should have a lot of birds as they are attracted to the wild flowers that grow around the River banks and will search out feeders in a large area........JMHO
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    An even better question, why would you want to do that?
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    Adding the following: Full size FUEL circular saw - $150 Reciprocating saw (Sawzall) - $150 5" Angle grinder-$150 This is for the bare tool and since I had to list prices all of above are OBO
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    Man! How did I forget to add 300 Black?! I have actually been criticized for owning 300 Blk. Limited use and all. It was my first AR. I felt like it was an ideal home defense choice and it got my first suppressor. I prefer it in pistol length and have 2 set up for CQB. I'm guilty of spending a good bit on accessories and I'm glad to see that market is growing for the AK.
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