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    Turn her in, Gordon. See something, say something.
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    There are flights back to Germany every day.
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    There are a couple of ways to do it but the easiest way is to just drill them out. The hole that is left will not interfere with any function and if you decide to operate in wet environment you have extra drain holes.
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    This was posted over a year ago, I doubt they still have it. They aren’t even at the same address anymore. Not active on the forums here anymore either.
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    I doubt that it will ever happen, but on the talking head channel they were bouncing around the idea of expelling the rest of an attacker's family when they all come over on a visa like he / they had. The idea is that it would be a deterrent to a would be attacker to know that his wife and kids would not be able to stay in this wonderful country that he hates so much, once he would be caught / killed. And, who knows, they are likely of the same mindset anyway, so we should not want them. Is it fair to the maybe unknowing wife and kids? No. But this is war, and you don't take chances with people in war. If there is the slightest chance they are a threat, you get rid of them. Of course, a policy like this would make leberals' heads explode. I think Israel has a similar policy: You get caught being a terrorist, they bulldoze down your family's house.
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    Glock 35 Gen 3 40 cal Practical/Tactical NIB with Meprolite fully adjustable night sights, $550
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    Lot of truth here. To me it looks like they took the takedown lever of of the M&P and slapped it on an SD9ve with a stretched out trigger guard.
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    Well a 4 inch barrel is a plus. At some point they all look the same....
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    The weather was perfect last weekend. Kinda annoying. I will be up in a tree for a couple of hours in the morning and leave before it gets to warm.
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    I contacted a professional gunsmith friend of mine about the R51 who I had not talked to about the R51 before. Some years ago he and I were always monkeying around with something, then he gets out of the Army goes to the gunsmith school and moves far away and actually makes a living as a gunsmith. I think I have my final answer: They're terrible. I was the only warranty center for them for about a year They're the worst pistol I think I've ever screwed with, but they are mechanically fascinating.
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    It's gonna be nearly 80 degrees tomorrow, and hotter than that Sunday. I think I'll wait til it cools up a bit.
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    Let my foot hit you in the ass as I show you the way out of my house. WOW.
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    Jeebus, After that, I might be down one sister-in-law...
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    Ah well, I guess some of us communicate better than others.
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    Thank you. That one was a real mystery. I could have sold a dozen Glock 19s in the time that one was for sale. It was a nice pistol.
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    Glock 22 like new, low round count with factory night sights, $400 or possible trade for Glock 17 or 19 in like new condition.
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    I used to have a 1st gen in 38-40. Never should have gotten rid of it. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great, thanks! sales@springvalleyarms.com is best.
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    North Koreas latest weapon
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    The end of mowing season is coming. You might find someone getting out of the business and unloading commercial equipment.
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    I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say most of those ANTIFA nuts are white folks. Just a curious observation I've been making over the years. I wonder how all the so called "oppressed" feel about whitey speaking for them.
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    Thanks Rob but I guess I missed out too.
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