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    I figured it was time for me to embrace the future and put a red dot sight on a Glock. I chose my Gen 4 Glock 19 for this and ordered a stripped slide from Suarez International done in their black Melonite treatment with plain black, suppressor-height, front and rear sights. I filled it with a set of stock Gen 4 Glock internals from Big Tex Outdoors, tossed in a Silencerco barrel that I've been sitting on for a while, and topped it off with a Trijicon RM07 6.5MOA red dot sight. It's riding on my Gen 4's frame with an Agency Arms minimalist magwell, a Streamlight TLR-7 light, a Crux Ordnance extended mag release, and a bit of thumb-index stippling done by yours truly with an ice-pick heated up with a BIC lighter. Just kidding. I used a woodburning tool, but I totally could have done that with a hot ice-pick. I may put a different trigger in it. I'm not sure. I am one of those weirdos who likes the OEM Glock Gen 4 trigger, but the trigger on my Gen 5 is just so damn nice that it has me thinking about an Agency or Apex trigger on this. We'll see.
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    Looking to move my 2017 Specialized Camber Carbon 650b Comp Bike. Rode it for about half a season last year and loved every minute of it. I've been working out at a gym for the past few months and have been hitting that everyday so I'm not sure when I'll ride again. Bike was bought and maintained at trail and fitness. (besides normal care like keeping the chain lubed and tires correct pressure) Tons of great features such as tubeless tires, dropper post, full suspension, 2,8 width tires and race face pedals. Large frame I'm 5'10 200 pounds More details can be found on google or here https://mikesbikes.com/product/specialized-camber-comp-carbon-650b-274057-1.htm Asking $2100 Located in nashville Asking $2100
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    They prevail, even when the other team slips a weapon onto the field http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/07/daniel-zimmerman/karma-lions-eat-rhino-poachers-in-south-africa/
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    Hi, I’m Randy and I’m going to gut punch you.
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    Do you have any of those home security projects you want to get done and intend to get around to one of these days. That always end up at the bottom of your priority list that never gets done, until a time comes when you had wished they were your top priority? Fortunately my recent home security experience ended well, but could have easily went South depending on the resolve of the home intruder. I'll try to keep my recent experience and thoughts as brief as possible. No one wants to experience a home invasion, especially when you're in bed and most vulnerable. Most don't want to have to use a firearm unless it's the last resort to protect your family and yourself, even inside your own home. This night I had wished I had done those home security projects I had intended to get to one of these days. I live in the country and things are pretty quiet around here except for the bugs, frogs, etc., especially at night. The wife and I were in bed and not asleep yet, and started hearing these loud metallic tapping / banging sounds coming from somewhere in or on the house and our lazy English Bull Dog starts barking from the living room where it normally sleeps at night. These sounds are obviously man made, as there can be no other explanation. My ADT alarm system has not gone off, I'm fully awake and coherent and grab by bedside handgun. I slowly proceed to the living room where the dog is and observe the dog to ascertain any threat that might be there. I have no indication or reason to believe anyone has made it to our living quarters based on my visual clearing, inspection and the dogs actions. I know the sounds we heard were man made and most likely someone trying to break into the house. I briefly consider calling the county Sheriff for a deputy to come out and check things. But reconsider based on my last experience of it taking :45 minutes for them to get here, and what good will it do anyway. I suspect whatever and whomever it was heard us and has probably left. My natural manly urge is to go outside to confront and / or to check the exterior to see what or who it is, and inspect the outside of my house. Using common sense and thinking about Tennessee Castle Doctrine Law, I fight the urge and remain in the house. I have a dead bolted door that leads to the basement, and the basement is next to an attached single car garage, separated by a flimsy hollow door with a dead bolt. One outside door that leads to the basement that has a locking door knob and dead bolt. The basement has a small window big enough to climb through with one of those flimsy thumb latches easily opened. The garage has three windows with the same type of easily opened thumb latches and are not alarmed. These are some of the areas I had intended to better secure but never got around to it. Eventually we went back to bed, and at first morning light I went outside to inspect my house and try to determine what the noise was we heard. Circling the house, the very last thing I got to and checked was the outside door that leads to the basement. Before I even got to the door I seen the damage from someone trying to Jimmie and pry the dead bolt and door knob. Damage to the door, frame and weather stripping. The thought occurred to me again whether to call the Sheriff and report an attempted home invasion. But I thought better as it would only generate a report and waste my and their time. I did inform all my immediate neighbors about the incident and be vigilant. The following two days I finally got around to beefing up my security to make it much more difficult for anyone to gain access into my home, basement and garage. At a minimum, it will take much more effort and noise to get through my additions. Something I should not have put off, the peace of mind and safety of addressing my know vulnerability areas. Just thought I'd share, and a reason to expedite any security additions your intending to get around to one day. My personal idea of security: To make my place as unattractive as possible, and as difficult to enter as possible. In the end, I win if it's very difficult to get in.
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    My Grandson owns an electrical contractor company and if you dont have any luck with the guy on Tuesday let me know and I will speak to my grandson and see if he can help you out.
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    500 lumens from an LED emitter powered by a CR123A battery. Runtime is about 1.5 hours. I've got three of them now. Love them!
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    I have seen that report and I cant help but smile. It is sad on many levels, people had to die, rhinos being killed, etc but the fact the poachers got what was coming to them made me smile.
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    Let me add Greg, there is one more aluminum boat I would buy if I myself was looking for an aluminum boat and that would be a G3. I know several friends that own one and I have rode in and fished out of theirs and they are great boats and best of all they are owned by Yamaha Marine so you should be able to get a package boat w/ a Yamaha motor at a good price. Sending you a PM
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    I love the notifications and customizable zones. I don’t use the outdoor alarms. Even with my jacked up back, I still jump out of bed like a private in basic training if that ADT alarm startles me awake. My wife never budges. She has far too much confidence in my abilities.
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    I don’t have any alarms blaring, motion or sound notifications are sent to my phone. I can check my property no matter where I am to determine if the threat is real and needs the cops. With my Nest cameras sensitivity is adjustable and custom “Zones” can be set in the software. You can pick and choose the areas you want to cover. I love technology. At night my dog takes over notification duties.
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    I'm a huge fan of my P365. Shoots extremely well.
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    The boat shows start in February, sellers get more motivated in November as the holidays loom.
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    The CPMs30v steel on that blade will serve you well. I like that those are tip up carry - and reversible so that you don't have to change your grip between removing it from your pocket and deploying it. I'm not a giant fan of the handle finish - the "Grivory" they use I think is about the same consistency as FRN - I just like a little more texture. But, that's a personal preference. If it felt good in hand, then that's what matters.
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    Are you suggesting it shouldn’t be a news story? He was very well liked and an incredibly smart man. I have had some interaction due to my profession. He also was the cardiologist to some of my friends and family. I’m not sure I understand your issue. MVA’s happen all the time, a gun range death is far more rare.
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    I made good money years ago buying, selling, and trading. Today I mostly buy and keep. The internet has made trading for profit more difficult.
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    My problem is I only buy and never sell. I have a few I probably should sell because I don't get them out often but I bought them for a reason. Last (only) gun I traded was when I was about 14 and I still regret it and it was just an old junk single shot 10g.
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    “Flipping” may not be the best term to use on a public forum if you are doing it for profit.
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    I’m glad that everything worked out in your favor. In addition to ADT, I’m up to six Arlo cameras, a Ring doorbell and nine of the new Arlo flood lights. I still don’t consider them as deterrents, just early warning systems. When the kids were home, we had a German Shepherd. My wife won’t agree to another one until one of us retires. I can’t wait. One of my favorite features of the Arlo camera and motion detection lights is that you can decide between all motion or people, and get your notifications accordingly.
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    When I go out I am always carrying concealed and I do go out of my way to wear clothes that prevent printing. My son in law carries also comcealed but he is not as concerned about printing as I am. I was over at my daughters house one day and I got up out of a chair to go in the kitchen and he said "Gosh your not packing. I thought you never went out without one of your guns. I turned and raise my shirt and he said damn, I could not tell you had anything". Now he goes out of his way to make sure at every opportunity he can carry without printing. He bought a new holster like mine and bought some new clothing to help. I don't want anyone but me to know I am armed if at all possible............JMHO
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    Does the red washer behind the tread protector mean it’s a toy ?
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    Agreed! And the stupidity of it was I really got into it. lol I had just had my first experience with HK. Got a VP9 Tactical from PSA and just put it in the safe. Finally ran a few rounds thru it and was pretty impressed. The trigger is very good. Reset seems a bit "long or slow" to me. It's not as quick as my PPQ or my Caniks, but it still pretty nice. Still undecided on it. Keep it or not? We shall see. I'd need to run all side by side to test and evaluate. But that's going to be a while. Still recovering from hernia surgery, and I'm not pushing. Or lifting. lol Forgive me...bad pun.
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    Walt. Buddy..... . . . How uncomfortable are you right now, knowing that I've got a raging stiffy because of a photo you posted on the internet. Again.....?
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