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    My nephew got this yesterday morning.
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    The guy is an idiot....just sayin'.
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    This time of year I always wear orange when I’m at the farm. Heck I make the dogs wear orange. Too many trigger happy hunters back here to risk it.
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    The theory is that when you lower taxes, it makes the economy better and the government takes in more taxes. This can work if you do it right. I agree though, both parties spend way too much. As far as Trump and the bump stocks, I don't like it, but he will still probably get my vote in 2020. What else you going to do, vote for a Bernie or Liz Warren, or are you planning on throwing your vote away to a third party? Sometimes you just have to play the hand you've got. You've also got to look at the big picture. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has one foot in the grave, and rumor is another justice may retire. Long term 2nd amendment success depends on a conservative supreme court, because sooner or later the Dems are likely to get back ahold of 2 branches, and it will be scorched earth toward the 2nd amendment.
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    I would wear it any time that deer season or turkey season is going, better to be safe than shot.
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    In Oct 68 one of the movie iconic movies ever was released. Bullitt staring Steve McQueen and a 68 Mustang and 68 Charger took to the streets of San Francisco. Some facts... McQueen based his character on San Francisco Homicide Inspector Dave Toschi, made famous for his work on the Zodiac killings. McQueen had a copy made of Toschi's custom fast-draw shoulder holster. Bill Hickman seen as the baddie "Phil" who drives the Dodge Charger, actually did drive the Charger in the movie. The driving scenes netted him additional stunt work which included yet another classic car chase for The French Connection.The French Connection Director Peter Yates hired a local trucking company for some background shots (most notably the scene where the Dodge Charger crashes into the gas station), but sent back the initial truck because it was red. He didn't want any red vehicles in the movie because it would detract from the blood. A blue truck was dispatched in its place. Bullitt's reverse burnout during the chase scene actually wasn't in the script - McQueen had mistakenly missed the turn. The footage was still kept, though.
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    During the filming of Dukes of Hazard they went through a couple hundred cars between destroying them in stunts and keeping spares. A guy where I live owns one of the original screen used General Lee "hero cars". (One of the versions kept in prestine condition) The paint is pretty oxidized, but the body's perfect and it runs. I'd probably give my right arm to have it.
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    Welcome aboard. ORSA member also and I agree on membership. Windrock is a nice place. Couple of indoor ranges in west Knoxville also. All conservative gun owners welcome.
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    Let me check tomorrow and will let you know if we have any.
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    Welcome to TGO. Hope you enjoy your stay. Take a look around. TGO has a lot to offer.........
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    I wouldn't enter the woods going to and from my stand and any moving I might do back when we owned the farm and was still wearing it when I retired from hunting. My son and grandsons all wear the orange when they are hunting my sons property since until this year he had poachers. The poachers are gone but they still all wear the orange when they go in the woods. If I was a farmer these days I would do like Chris and put my dogs in orange and if I had cattle or horses I would have a big orange X painted on both sides of them. I have not had any friends get their dogs shot but have had a few get horses and cows shot over the years. Better to be safe than sorry...............
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    That is a beautful Browning to be that old. It will make someone a great gun to plink with and would be a great starter pistol for young person to begin learning about shooting.................
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    Thats a wall hanger for sure along with some great eating..............
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    There are still 'list' in Memphis for these. Hopefully the the rush will soon be quenched.
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    It is actually noted under the "Farmland Owner License Exemption section. It states that if you (or your kids) are hunting your own land you are exempt from the Hunter Education and Blaze Orange requirements. Like Omega noted, I keep it with me and wear it to and from my stand just in case somebody is trespassing on my land.
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    Actually not the point. The point is that they keep moving the goal posts; if they rule something legal, then how are we to know otherwise. As far as I'm concerned, if they "change" their minds, the onus is on them to make current owners whole, not make them destroy their property or go to jail. This is not the first time they have pulled this BS, they should not be allowed to do it again.
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    Let me start off by saying congradulations on the new addition to your family!! I know this might not fall in the catagory your looking for but let me say this. When I was brought here to Tennessee from Illinois at age 16 to live on my Grandfathers Farm/Ranch I didn't own a deer rifle but had been hunting small game since age 10 so was not unfamilar with hunting. My Grandfather ask me one day if I had a deer rifle and I said no sir. He didn't say anything but just turned and walked away. About 10 minute later he came back and handed me a Winchester model 94 and said every boy should have a deer rifle in Tennessee. I went the next day and bought two boxes of ammo and went out in a cut down corn field and put up some targets. A buddy of mine that lived down the road from me went along. Well, needless to say the recoil was about like a 12 guage 3 inch Mag round which I was not really expecting and it hit my shoulder fairly hard. My buddy Wayne told me I needed to make sure I had it tucked into my shoulder better. We had put the targets out about 60 yards and my grandfather had told me to put the target on top of my front sight when I went to practice. Well, was shooting at 8 inch pie pans placed on a couple bales of hay stood on end. Out of a box of 20 rounds I had 12 hits for sure but a couple looked like I may have put a second round through a previous hole. That deer season I managed two deer hunting with Wayne and his brother Tom. Over the years I killed a lot of deer with that old 30/30. I still own it and It will be my Sons someday. He did grow up using it to hunt with and killed his first several deer with it. He began hunting deer at age 11 and he used the gun to bag I think he said 14 deer before he went to a 30-06 Winchester Bolt gun but the gun was passed down to his oldest son when he began hunting and he killed 16 deer with it before he stepped up to a 308 Savage model 110 bolt gun & scope. My Son and daughter in law thought there would be no more children but sometimes things happen. A new addition showed up after his older brothers were 18 & 16. His name is Logan. Well when he was 10 years old his oldest brother began taking him small gamehunting to see how he would react. Needless to say the 30/30 had one more hunter left in her and at age 12 Logan bagged his first buck on a juvenile hunt with the 30/30. He is now 15 and has began looking for more range and has been shootng his fathers 30-06 but wants a 243 so that will be coming from Santa Claus this year. I know you weren't expecting a book report but it all really goes back to a family heir loom hand me down issues. That gun was bought new by my Grandfather back when he was a young man and since then it has been a deerslayer through 6 different family members. It remains in my oldest grandsons gun safe waiting for the next generation. There has been another 30/30 Marlin added to the batch of deer rifles in the family only because someone wanted one with a scope. Good luck with what you deside for your future deer hunter. If it is a hand me down from his father it will mean that much more over the years.
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    If I recall, the first ones came out at $1400 and a little bit. I remember when Ford came out with the Mustang. It was pretty much to combat the VW bug. It started out with a 6 cylinder engine, no radio, stick transmission, and it didn't even have a door on the glove box. If I remember right, it was the first unibody construction that entered the market. Only problem with that was it wasn't strong enough to put 4 high school football players in. OH! let me take that back. You could fit them in [barely], but you couldn't close the doors. Frame sagged too much. Later they came out with Mustangs with a 289cc engine in it. It was stronger than the 6 banger but not much. Then they came out with the real muscle cars, in [460] I think. With the right tires, you could almost get the front wheels off the ground. That is just before you snapped a rear axle or drive shaft. Ahh those were the days. That one pretty much kept up with dodges 426 heimie. [I know I didn't spell it right. What do you want from a 71 yo construction worker.]
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    I've bought a number of holsters from Tulster, I give them 5 stars. The latest being one for my recent purchase of a Sig 320 sub-compact (left-handed). As you're probably aware, you can't get a holster for the P320 just everywhere. I'm happy with every Tulster I've bought for my other pistols too. Just have to make sure the plastic belt hook is snug under the belt. I ordered and installed their snap loops for better more secure retention of the holster. But, hard as I try, I can't get those snaps to wear in so I can unsnap them to take off the holster, so I switched back. This quality holster has attention to detail, is well made and no snagging or sharp areas. The cant is adjustable and depending on my activity that day, I comfortably wear it appendix or at 8 O'clock. CAUTION: Think twice about securing your holster screws with blue Loctite. It's a bugger trying to get an offset screw driver on the backside to make any changes. I ended up using needle nose vice grips to remove the screw from the thread end.
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    Truth. Empire is hard. So is math. The political reality of 2018 is that if you’re going to keep the lights on and the toilets flushing, both parties are really constrained in what they can actually hope to do. And, that’s even further constrained by what they can pass - even when they’ve got their hands on all the levers of power as the GOP recently has. The American path - in this late stage capitalism is largely determined. Either party can deviate maybe a couple of degrees in either direction. But, you’re staying on the path. Rhetoric is easy though - and it works. I’d love to see the average American really figure out that the political class at large - not simply the other party is just feeding them rhetoric to keep them punching down and focused elsewhere while they continue to loot the place.
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    Spoke with twra 15 nov 18. Land owners are still exempt. page 10 near bottom. I still wear an orange hat while walking on my land.
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    Beautiful workmanship, but that would be like packing around a truck axle.
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