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    Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus, TGO and YOU For as long as I can remember, TGO has never really provided "safe waters" for people who want to preach conspiracy theories and rile-up the masses. There are plenty of places for that sort of thing on the Internet and yes sometimes the conspiracy enthusiasts (or nuts, if you so prefer) are proven right in the end. But since there are so many other places for it and since we feel that the ravings of fringe believers tends to bring down the property value, we prefer that our members engage in discussions based in reality. Lately the moderators have begun removing posts fanning the flames of conspiracy around the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic. Generally speaking, I am supportive of their actions. Here's why: Priorities First and foremost, we have a present problem to deal with so let's start by putting our focus there. We have members who are and have been personally affected by COVID-19 and chances are this is just the beginning. If we are going to invest our mental and emotional energies into something, let's invest them in encouraging, supporting and helping our own community. Respect Again, we know that we already have members of TGO affected by this pandemic. So far they (and we) have been fortunate and it's turned out well. That could change. We don't want that to happen, but the statistical projections indicate that by the time the dust settles none of us will have many degrees of separation from someone that died as a result of the virus. I just think maybe it's a little disrespectful to the people currently fighting this virus and eventually to those who lose the battle for us to sit around and imagineer boogeymen behind a virus that science currently says evolved naturally. Stay In Your Lane, Bro Following right in behind the matter of respect is the simple fact that unless you're an educated, degreed, certified ass-kicking virologist, geneticist, research scientist, or have data from a respected source that is... you should probably stay in your lane. Remember the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020? That happened because social media said there was a shortage of toilet paper. So the people believed it, reacted like scared sheep, and ran right over the edge of the cliff with arms full of Charmin. There's no reason for us to allow the next big social media fear-fest to start with or take root on TGO. We can control what happens here, so our intent is to manage it so that there's at least one place you can visit online that doesn't feel like the lunatics are running the asylum. You're welcome for that. Even if you don't appreciate it right now. And So What If That Conspiracy Theory Is Accurate? The President, love him or hate him, has already said that there are going to be consequences on the other side of this current situation for the way that China mishandled this. Even if they didn't bio-engineer it, their government hid the outbreak from the world until it was busting out of their borders. So far the Prez has done everything he's said he would do... right or wrong... so we can be pretty confident that the US isn't going to just let this slide. So, even if the latest conspiracy theory is accurate... you and I can't do a thing about it. Establishing and maintaining a military to preserve our sovereignty, the strength of our borders, and the security of our interests is the one thing that the government should be doing. It's maybe the only reason the government should exist if you ask some. But they are equipped to do something about it. Not us. Not even Chuck Norris. Let's let the government handle the boogeyman. And if they need our input on that, there will be an appropriate time to tell our elected representatives what we'd like to see done. And I'm sure that our actual scientists will be following up on all credible leads that help them expedite a treatment or vaccine for COVID-19. So if that takes them back to a secret lair somewhere in Communist China where they're having unprotected sex with bats while eating live frogs... so be it. In the meantime, let's stay grounded in reality here. It's scary enough and it requires our full attention.
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    I have been a TGO member since 2008; more active some years than others, but I am committed to checking in daily. Last autumn I realized how much I missed being on TGO on a regular basis. In the time I have been on TGO, 99.9% of the folks I have met have been kind, generous, funny, helpful (even when I ask dumb questions or make inane comments), and supportive when I have shared personal issues. As we start 2020 I want to offer a genuine and sincere THANK YOU to all who have interacted with me. It is my goal to be a friend, support, and advocate for everyone I meet on TGO. Let's not take Tennessee Gun Owners for granted. I am 64 years old and as I grow older, it is easy to realize that there are some things in life that we fail to truly appreciate. Blessings upon all who gather here.
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    We have done this a couple of times in the past. Since the increase in traffic at TGO since Covid-19 I thought it was a good time to bring it back. I am donating Qty 10 6 month benefactor memberships. The rules are as follows: 1) you mush have been a member at least 1 month prior to this post 2) you need to have at least 10 posts. 3) you can't currently be a benefactor. Thats it. If you meet these requirements then post in this thread that you want to be included in the drawing. I will keep this open through the weekend. Sunday evening or Monday morning I will take all the names and put them into a randomizer and select 10 users for the membership. The hope is that after your membership is up that you will renew and continue to support this site financially.
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    We finally got good news today. The missus tested negative for CV. She still has has that pesky mid range fever that comes and goes though. The doctor prescribed a ZPAK and something else that I picked up this morning. She already says she is feeling better.
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    There might be a couple laying around here. (Actually, two of these aren't revolvers. It'll take a true gun nut to figure out which two.)
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    Well hell! If we're gonna turn this into a picture thread, Then hang on to your butts! .22s .44s .45s Modern masterpieces: .22LR, .32H&R and .38 Special A few Colts. .22 & .38 Diamondbacks Trooper Mark III Let's throw in a Ruger! Where are all the wheel guns? Hell, I've got 'em!
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    I really thought Obama had taught us to be self sufficient. If you're not prepared I have no sympathy.
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    A friend built this for me. If it ever dries up outside it's range time.
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    STI Staccato P DUO 9mm 2011 This may be the ultimate host for a red dot optic, and anyone who's been following my posts for the past year knows that I have become a fan of red dots on fighting pistols. I became aware of the Staccato P earlier this year and managed to elbow my way through the crowd around STI's booth and wrap my mitts around one for a few minutes at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. Scores of people were doing the same thing, and for pretty good reason. STI has managed to take the lessons they have learned building race guns for competitive shooters over the last 25-years and start cranking out a mass-produced series of combat handguns. The already impressive Staccato P gained even more notoriety this year after word got out that the US Marshals Special Operations Group (SOG) had adopted the pistol for duty use when they looked to depart from the Springfield .45ACP 1911 that they had carried for the last 16-years. While there are easily more expensive handguns owned by quite a few of you here on TGO, this one pushed the boundary of what I am willing to spend on myself. Truthfully I had essentially written off the idea of owning one until I lucked into a little extra cash and my loving wife gave me the green light to do something... impractical... with it. Blah Blah Blah... How's It Shoot? After picking it up from a nearby FFL transfer agent at lunch, I just managed to eke out the last 30 minutes of my local outdoor range's operating hours today before they closed, and ran a few mags of 115gr aluminum cased Federal 9mm FMJ through it to dial in an RMR that I popped off of an M&P for the time being. Before stepping foot out the door I "slaved" the dot to the top of the front iron sight just to get it close and make the process a little quicker. It wasn't too far off at the range. The first three shots made an effortless cloverleaf at 9 yards, about 2 inches lower than my point of aim. It only took a few tweaks of the RMR to get the dot and barrel agreeing with each other at 9 yards, and there was no disagreement at 15 yards either. This target is the last one I shot for the day before they called the final "CLEAR" and I had to pack it up and go home. This is 17 rounds at about 15 yards grouped around a 1" bullseye, offhand. The gun is capable of wayyyyyyy more than I am. I am not sure if I am going to leave this RMR on there or just order another Holosun HE508T and install that instead. I put one of those on my Gen 5 Glock 19 recently and really like the smaller 2MOA dot as compared to the 6.5MOA dot in the Trijicon RM06. There are a lot of other things to like more about the new Holosun too, but I need to make a post about that separately. Anyway... I'm tickled with this 2011. It's the first time I've owned a 2011 or a 9mm 1911/2011 and it could very easily end up seeing some carry on Sundays when I'm doing the Safety Team thing at church. John Moses Browning would approve, I think.
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    Sorry for the quality but I snapped this just before sunrise and found out it's Venus, the moon and then Jupiter. I knew when I looked up in the sky it seemed different which caused me to snap the photo. Anyway...there it is.
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    That C&R license still coming in handy. Serial number has it made in 1945. 74 years old!
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    Hate to be “that guy” if this doesn’t apply to you, I’m sure it will to someone else...are you out of debt? Do you have 3-6 months worth of expensives saved up in an emergency fund? For most of us, these things should take priority over a new firearm purchase. If you are in good shape then awesome! Buy night vision!
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    Took delivery of my first Henry rifle today. Had this on my bucket list for awhile. Model H010, cal. 45/70, 19.3" bbl. Be glad when this crazy weather clears, so & can go shooting. Comes with open sights; brass bead front, semi-buckhorn rear, adjustable for windage & elevation.
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    At the end of the day this is all that matters. It’s sad that it takes a natural disaster, an external threat or a pandemic to make us remember we are one. Politics and politicians are the real viruses.
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    I think I am almost done with polymer/plastic guns. I like plastic guns like my Glocks . They are like Craftsman automotive tools. They work and hardly ever fail , except maybe a 36 or 44 ,,,,, LOL . But seriously I have my plastic guns and they work great but I have gotten older or to where I like good ole steel. I got this 2 year old CZ 75 Compact 9mm ALL STEEL today and I am very pleased. Just gave her a bath of Ballistol. The way I feel about it is like Obi-Wan ,, " Not as clumsy or random as a blaster , An elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
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    I was really surprised about a week ago when I got the call. I thought they had sold out this years batch. But the lady told me that some people had changed their minds and they still have some. I picked it up last Friday and took it to the range yesterday. Its a 1942 Colt frame with an Ithaca slide. Finish is about 80% with some noticeable wear and scratches. The #1 is painted on the grips. However the bore is perfect. So while it has seen some serious use, its seems to have been well taken care of. While it is a mix master, I noticed that there are no arsenal rebuild marks on it. No, its not as pretty as some of the fresh arsenal rebuilds some folks got. But this gun has been there and done that for 77 years. Its got character. It shoots just like an average military issue 1911. Nothing to brag about, but I was able to keep most of my shots in the black on a 12'X12" target. I attribute that to the small sights and a really heavy trigger. By my gauge the trigger is 8 lbs 12 oz. Which is perfectly normal for a G.I. issue pistol. I've got a set of new springs ordered. I may work on that trigger a little while I have it apart. Haven't really decided yet as I may leave it just like Uncle Sam issued it. Yeah, I'm aware that some of you spoke poorly of the guns and the whole program. But I now own a piece of history. I like it!
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    Well it's finally done. I finally got moved to my new home. I now live in Gordonsville Tennessee and back in the country again after 20 years of city life. I forgot what it was like to need something from the store living in the country. It's not a 10 minute trip to grab a few things anymore. The nearest stores are about 12 to 15 miles away. So now I need to get back in the habit of when I go to the store I need to stock up instead of just grabbing a few things. I also am now living in a house I could have put my last house in the living room of. It's a journey just to make it to the coffee pot first thing in the morning!! The kitchen is also huge. Master bedroom is as big as both of the bedrooms in the old house. I have put all of my furniture in the rooms and they still look empty. Getting TV reception is an adventure also. I'm shopping a new antenna this coming week. Need something with more than a 50 mile range on it. Tommy said they are bringing Fiber-Optics lines down this road in about 2 months and I am sure hoping Spectrum is one of the servers on it. If it is I will be getting TV and Internet as son as they can hook me up. Tommy (SIL) says he just wants internet cause they don't watch enough TV to get it. Another thing is I have not got a good nights sleep since I have been here. Not use to it being so quiet at night. Oh well just wanted to bring folks up to date on whats going on in my life..................
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    I have been wanting a nice O/U for a while. I sold some guns and saved my pennies and bought this Zoli. Took her out and shot some sporting clays today.
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    Finally found a Python in what I consider good shape and I could afford. I've been on the Python search for quite some time now. Most of them I'd want to take home must have gold screws! Sorry for the lousy pics.
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    I feel that it is rare for any level of government to "get it," do good or do the right thing. This is one of those very rare occasions. https://www.upworthy.com/the-health-department-was-called-on-a-teen-s-hot-dog-stand-its-response-was-wonderful?c=ufb2&fbclid=IwAR1CJkipdzhrkspmiWqwtVAM1ziVpDNaKuT0xvao9jml0jbMiA4IqCynTrQ
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    No, my angered reaction is just to the way these stories spread like wildfire, with little to no verification of the facts, because it's the narrative that the mainstream media wants to propagate. I'm troubled by the society that my kids will be growing up in.
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    Hi friends, went to my favorite local gun dealer last Friday and picked up a nice Colt Mustang Pocketlite while paying for a CZ TS. Dealer has had this old 1918 Colt in his case for a long while now. Missing a lot of finish, rebarreled during WWII. Shipped to Bush Terminal in Brooklyn in July 1918 whereupon it was sent to see action in France. Very excited to own a piece of history like this! Hard to believe something 102 years old survives in a functioning condition. The things it must have seen in the last 102 years!
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    The world is an awfully small place You might have thought we would have learned that on September 11th. In America, we’ve largely been conditioned to be pandemic voyeurs - maybe noticing as somewhere else suffers. That’s about to change. Look out for yourselves - but check in on that elderly neighbor. Maybe the older couple down the street whose kids have moved away. The single parent who’s just trying to make ends meet. We’re in this together - that has always been - and always will be America’s greatest strength.
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    As a former Police Officer, I get mad every time I see this topic come up. You can’t make a person a criminal because they are a victim of a burglary. Metro PD needs to get off their lazy azz and go do the job they get paid to do. The Chief of Police where I was would have laughed at this and the told those planning it “You can’t be serious”. I keep a handgun in my car and am planning on having a rifle. My vehicle is always locked; even when parked inside, in my garage. If a gun is stolen from my vehicle in a burglary and then discovered on a criminal that has just committed a crime, what do you think the criminal is going to say when asked if the vehicle was locked? Then a DA can make a name for himself by going after the terrible citizen that left his car “unlocked” with a gun in it. This is BS. Rant off.
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    My wife told me, many years ago, " I will never allow myself to think of being with someone else, like I am with you." That one statement helped keep me from doing something stupid. We are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary today. Daughter called last evening and told us to be ready to go, somewhere, at 3 this afternoon, and they would be here to pick us up. Don't know how this sweet lady put up with me for this long, because at times I didn't deserve it. However, I like it, I love it, and I want some more of it! Edited to add advice to younger men; Treat her well because you are going to be old someday, then you will really NEED her to be nice to you. The Bible tells man that happiness, in the home, is the man's responsibility. And yes guys, that means you need to take out the trash. Do your part.
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    I have enabled a new feature in our software that essentially grants everyone limited moderator powers when it comes to reporting content that goes against our community guidelines. This new feature is "Auto Moderation" and is currently set so that if TWO OR MORE PEOPLE report content that falls into one of the following categories... Spam Abusive Content Non-Benefactor Advertising Benefactor Posting in the Wrong Area The content will be automatically hidden until a moderator has a chance to address it. This allows us to keep TGO clean and acknowledges the facts that our best defense has long been our members and that our tireless, hard-working, and insanely dedicated team of volunteer moderators can't be everywhere at once and definitely can't be online 24/7. I will tweak the automation that makes this work behind the scenes to ensure that it isn't used unfairly.
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    Got my personal best this afternoon at 3:00. It was raining steady with 12-14mph winds so the rain was falling diagonal across the field. After passing countless bucks, I could not pass this one up. 4.5 yr old chocolate rack 9 pointer. I’m sure blessed today and so thankful. All the work this year was worth this two minute long encounter with this big feller.
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    Not a good attitude. Whether you like them or not is immaterial. We should not give up any right due to the fault of one individual.
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    I was at Sam's in Hendersonville today, just to see how people were reacting, and actually to pick up a few staples. Here are my Observations... NO TP, Paper towels, a very few boxes of facial tissues. Almost out of bar soaps and liquid soaps. Strangely, I thought, detergents for washing clothes were not gone. Meats seemed to be the hottest item. Little left, but I did pick up a package of steaks. Just to blend in with the crowd you know. Of course canned goods getting low. I actually forgot what I went after while watching people though. Not going back. Speaking of "People," It seemed to me that the crowd was very heavy on older people. Maybe 75%. A few that looked 30/40ish. Almost no really young or children. Take what you will from this. Just what I saw. Now a bit of positivity on my very young neighbors(30ish with 2 kids). The young wife called my wife and asked if they could shop for us, instead of me going out. They knew I did all the shopping and didn't want me to go and risk any exposure. That was so darn nice I just got misty. Really...I did.
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    After nearly two years of waiting my customer Cumberland Valley rifle is finished and I am loving it. My Gr gr gr grandfather settled in Mid TN around 1801 and in an area where some prolific rifle makers of that genre (ie. Thomas Simpson, Jacob Young, etc.) were in their heyday. I wanted a rifle that would be as close to "possibly" what he would have owned on the TN frontier of the first third of the 19th century. Posting a picture below but it is a .40 caliber flintlock with a 48 inch barrel. It has a 14.75" length of pull so it is a long rifle. Fits me pretty well, though as I am 6' 6". The stock is curly maple and really pops in the sunlight. I would have posted more photos but I hit my size max with the one below. thanks,
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    I retired a little over a week ago, so I decided to purchase a few things that I’ve wanted for a while. Sorry for the crappy pictures. 1.Ed Brown Special Forces 2.RX conversion kit for my Sig Legion P226 SAO I think I like the pistol more without the optic. 3.Les Baer TRS I’ve had this one for a short while 4.Remington 870 Marine Magnum with SureFire fore end, Mesa Tactical saddle, Magpul stock and temporary RMR. I’m thinking about a MRO. 5.Springfield Armory Professional
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    I'm sure the terrorist in question would have preferred to wait for Congress to debate this for months & make up their minds.
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    Picked this one up yesterday to replace the ECO I parted with to help fund a motorcycle purchase. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but hopefully soon!
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    Funny how two states dropped us as soon as the 18 year old exception was added, even though the training stayed the same. Point being, there is no guarantee how other states will see this ... they might well simply lump all TN permits together as far as their decisions -- which might be to not honor them due to lack of training. I can understand how a state wouldn't want to put up with their LE having to distinguish between two types of permits on the spot, eh? Again, Nashville excels at doing badly what need not be done at all. - OS
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    SOLD I got this on a trade from a member here a while back and decided to sell it instead of taking it out to shoot. I was told it had only been fired a few times and it looks that way. No holster wear, grips look great, no blemishes, etc... I looked it up a while back and I think this one was produced in '79 or the early 80's? No lock! I'll be glad to send more pics if anyone is interested. No trades and will sell for $800 and includes original box, paperwork, wax paper, etc...
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    I found this at the Jackson, TN gun show today. A Model 15-3 2". The gun is easily 98% with just a very light turn line. Timing, lock up, etc are perfect. The action is smooth as butter. It shows very little evidence of being fired. It has a nicely figured set of PC magna stocks on it. Serial number dates it to 1972. I added the T-grip once I got it home. The price was pretty good for this gun in this condition. $475 OTD. I don't really need it. It was an impulse buy just because I didn't have one. But I like it. The bad thing is that with the way our weather has been and current forecasts, it may be Spring before I get a chance to get to the range to try it out. I'm afraid my poor photography skills just don't do it justice. It looks much better in person.
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    I echo WFM. IMO, SnS you do more to hurt 'the cause' than to promote the firearms agenda. If you want to OC in public places, your business, but still creates a negative response by most. On private property, it is the owners prerogative. Now you have possibly caused a business to be posted rather than going quietly on your way. The effect now if posted, those who CC will be in violation of the law, whether charged or not. In more ways than one, who have created a win for the other side.
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    Just one more reason why I carry concealed everywhere I go.
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    When I was six my father was attacked in our neighbors kitchen by her much larger ex-husband. My father reached for anything he could get his hands on and found a 1 liter returnable glass Coke bottle. I can still see that guy stumbling out of that kitchen with blood everywhere. Later my father sat me down to talk about it, this is all I remember of what he said... ”Son, there’s no such thing as a fair fight.”
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    Does anyone really know until presented with the decision?
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    Who else enjoys a 5" Model 27?
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    Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.
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    I'm a crazy dog guy so the ad from the owner of WeatherTech as a thank you for saving his dogs life is pretty awesome to me. He paid 6 million dollars to bring attention to the Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine which treated him and is doing great things for cancer treatment in animals. I bought WeatherTech products before but will do so again to support them.
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    Eh may see about moving this again. Bought last year brand new attached pictures of where my 30-30 hammer touched up then stock in the safe I have a Swarovski z3 4-12x50 zero’d on it right now I’ll include for $750 on top of rifle price Leupold 1inch Rings included $740 in nashville
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    Okay, I’ve gotten some time to come up for air. I’ve reread everything here and will offer a few thoughts. Upfront, there will certainly be folks who disagree with me. Take these thoughts for what they are, and maybe use them to process your own church’s response. It sounds like you’ve got a good engaged leadership. First, this is absolutely Kingdom work. Scripture is concerned with three types of people over and over again - the sojourner, the widow, and the orphan. You might argue that a young drug addict doesn’t fall into any of these categories. But, he’s clearly an “other” who society has little use for. Jesus would see this young man and engage with him. This young man is Jesus’s kind of person. Second, working with folks like this is a long effort. It’s dirty. It’s personal. It can be life changing - for the people doing the work as well as the person being helped. When you decide to help - it will change the way that you see things. Things are rarely as simple as we like to try to see them. And working with folks with needs like these will change the way you see things. We’re a small church (150 on a good Sunday) and have worked regularly with 3 or 4 folks who’ve struggled with addiction and homelessness for years now - literally 8 years in a couple of the cases. There are rarely any clean breaks. We work towards that - but there are definitely systemic issues that make it tough. Be prepared for the long haul. Third, there are going to be some people who will be quite vocal in opposing working with this young man. The way I think about this is sort of like this - if this is Kingdom work - it’s very much at the border of the Kingdom. We’ve built our comfortable suburban churches to be at what we see as the center of the Kingdom. So, we rarely have to get our hands dirty if we don’t want to - and a lot of us don’t want to - so we’re really uncomfortable with it when we experience it. Think of a person who’s only ever bought meat neatly shrink wrapped at the grocery store suddenly having to slaughter their own meat. Many really aren’t going to like it. —- File this next part under the thoughts of a church of Christ guy who is deeply skeptical of some of the ways we’ve organized our churches today. What I’m about to say is likely to offend a lot of folks. Feel free to skip ahead. I’m deeply skeptical of the “security teams” that we’re organizing in a lot of our churches. We’ve organized these suburban churches that give us these curated experiences that make us feel good about our personal relationships with Jesus. But, do we see the Gospel in our churches? if we’re not careful - the illusion of security in our churches can become idolatrous. I think we really need to struggle with this more than we do. To go back to my Kingdom language from earlier, I think we see ourselves as being close to the center of the Kingdom. But, in reality we’ve created these cloistered, walled off churches and don’t realize that we’re way more isolated than we think we are. Jesus referred to folks like this as whitewashed tombs once upon a time - and I think It’s probably worth holding up mirror every now and then and taking a good hard look. The irony of it is, we don’t realize it - but we’re not fully experiencing the Kingdom either. There’s a rich seven course meal waiting, but we’ve convinced ourselves that the stale sandwiches we’re eating are as good as it gets. This young man is isolated in ways that are public. But, what we don’t realize is that a lot of us experience isolation in ways that are just as debilitating - but we suffer in private. One of the things that we’ve lost in the modern Western church is that historically there was no idea of personal salvation. Redemption and salvation was delivered through community. I’d offer for thought that by leaving our comfort and heading to the borders of the Kingdom, we might find that salvation comes to us all. Happy to discuss this further out of this thread. —- Back to this young man, I’d offer some pragmatic thoughts. 1. Let your safety team operate as sort of “congregational concierges.” I think we see shootings and want to see the outsider as an opposition force. But, in the Kingdom, everyone is welcome. This young man may in fact go to the front of the line at the proverbial wedding banquet. We need people on these teams who default to being welcome and generous. 2. This young man may not be in a place where he’s ready to accept help. He may not know that he needs help. But, if we figure that God brings people though our doors for a reason - then we need to see him and invite him into the Kingdom. 3. But, it’s okay to set some ground rules. Sort of a framework like - we’re happy to help - but you can’t be high at services. You cannot ask members for money. Appoint a point of contact (maybe a deacon) and funnel through that person. 4. Think about other resources in your congregation who might be able to help. For instance, you might have folks who would never volunteer for a “safety team” - but who work in other helpful spaces. In our church, we have nurses, a mental health resource, people who work in non profits in housing, and social workers. The value that they bring to the table is infinite. And, it’s great to see them use their professional talents for the Kingdom. 5. Consider outside help. We put something in place a while back where we basically subsidize counseling for our members. Specifically, any member of our church can go to counseling for $5 per session - which basically rounds to free. We pay $70 as a church to make up the difference. I see both the bills and the uptake in our church - and from a pastoral perspective, this is probably the best money we spend in a given year. You’re in middle Tennessee - so I could put you in touch with resources that could set something like this up. 6. Scaffold your help. This is a long effort and there is some fatigue that can go along with it. Have that point person or persons - but check in regularly and have your elders keep up with what’s going on. 7. Work towards reconciliation. This young man needs healing - and his family needs to be a part of it. He and they may not be ready for it - but it’s worth looping back on. 8. Know that the Holy Spirit certainly plays the long game and will work in ways that we cannot even fathom if we’ll just make room for it to happen. That was a long answer to your question - but know you’re doing Kingdom work. Certainly my prayers are with you. Happy to talk further if it’s helpful.
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    I saw this on the way to the Mennonite store this morning and thought I'd share.
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    Many thanks to @alleycat72 for the lower! All told, I have receipts totaling $376 including the 2 mags, scope, mount & foregrip Lots of judicious shopping around, waiting for deals & eBay netted me this & I'm tickled pink!
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    Just in case anyone needs to know. When you have a record expunged in Tennessee, the state MAILS the orders to TBI and they have up to 60 days to remove it. The mailing process is slow, as we found out. My husband called them on Wednesday to ask how long and was told that if the state had FAXED it, it would have been removed in hours. He told them he had a copy of the orders and could he fax and was told yes. He faxed them at 4:15pm with a cover sheet with his name and phone number. Then on Thursday morning he got a call at 8:15am and was informed that they got the fax and removed it. He asked about the FBI and was told they removed it the same day the state does! We wasn't sure, so he decided to wait 24 hours. Friday morning, he went to Academy Sports, picked out a Glock g43x and submitted the paperwork for the nics check. 15 minutes later he legally purchased his first handgun and skipped off out of the store grinning from ear to ear! Once in the truck, he scheduled his ccw class for this morning. Needless to say, after having a felony since he was 20 years old, 30 years later and he is no longer a felon. Thank you all for your interest and feedback. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation. The attorney we used is Daniel Horwitz in Nashville. Highly recommended.
  49. 11 points
    Apparently y'all have no appreciation for the classics. How sad for you. I happen to be quite fond of the Walther PP series pistols. They're still around after almost 90 years for a simple reason. They work.
  50. 11 points
    To those of us who are relatively new to the shooting sports, as well as those of us who have short memories, Palmetto State Armory continues to send emails full of crazy cheap deals and free shipping on various parts, firearms, and ammunition. Those of us who have been at this a while can attest that this will not always be the case. My advice to you is to buy it cheap and stack it deep while the good times last.
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