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    Sorry for the quality but I snapped this just before sunrise and found out it's Venus, the moon and then Jupiter. I knew when I looked up in the sky it seemed different which caused me to snap the photo. Anyway...there it is.
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    I have been wanting a nice O/U for a while. I sold some guns and saved my pennies and bought this Zoli. Took her out and shot some sporting clays today.
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    Finally found a Python in what I consider good shape and I could afford. I've been on the Python search for quite some time now. Most of them I'd want to take home must have gold screws! Sorry for the lousy pics.
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    That C&R license still coming in handy. Serial number has it made in 1945. 74 years old!
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    I feel that it is rare for any level of government to "get it," do good or do the right thing. This is one of those very rare occasions. https://www.upworthy.com/the-health-department-was-called-on-a-teen-s-hot-dog-stand-its-response-was-wonderful?c=ufb2&fbclid=IwAR1CJkipdzhrkspmiWqwtVAM1ziVpDNaKuT0xvao9jml0jbMiA4IqCynTrQ
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    No, my angered reaction is just to the way these stories spread like wildfire, with little to no verification of the facts, because it's the narrative that the mainstream media wants to propagate. I'm troubled by the society that my kids will be growing up in.
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    Funny how two states dropped us as soon as the 18 year old exception was added, even though the training stayed the same. Point being, there is no guarantee how other states will see this ... they might well simply lump all TN permits together as far as their decisions -- which might be to not honor them due to lack of training. I can understand how a state wouldn't want to put up with their LE having to distinguish between two types of permits on the spot, eh? Again, Nashville excels at doing badly what need not be done at all. - OS
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    SOLD I got this on a trade from a member here a while back and decided to sell it instead of taking it out to shoot. I was told it had only been fired a few times and it looks that way. No holster wear, grips look great, no blemishes, etc... I looked it up a while back and I think this one was produced in '79 or the early 80's? No lock! I'll be glad to send more pics if anyone is interested. No trades and will sell for $800 and includes original box, paperwork, wax paper, etc...
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    I found this at the Jackson, TN gun show today. A Model 15-3 2". The gun is easily 98% with just a very light turn line. Timing, lock up, etc are perfect. The action is smooth as butter. It shows very little evidence of being fired. It has a nicely figured set of PC magna stocks on it. Serial number dates it to 1972. I added the T-grip once I got it home. The price was pretty good for this gun in this condition. $475 OTD. I don't really need it. It was an impulse buy just because I didn't have one. But I like it. The bad thing is that with the way our weather has been and current forecasts, it may be Spring before I get a chance to get to the range to try it out. I'm afraid my poor photography skills just don't do it justice. It looks much better in person.
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    I echo WFM. IMO, SnS you do more to hurt 'the cause' than to promote the firearms agenda. If you want to OC in public places, your business, but still creates a negative response by most. On private property, it is the owners prerogative. Now you have possibly caused a business to be posted rather than going quietly on your way. The effect now if posted, those who CC will be in violation of the law, whether charged or not. In more ways than one, who have created a win for the other side.
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    When I was six my father was attacked in our neighbors kitchen by her much larger ex-husband. My father reached for anything he could get his hands on and found a 1 liter returnable glass Coke bottle. I can still see that guy stumbling out of that kitchen with blood everywhere. Later my father sat me down to talk about it, this is all I remember of what he said... ”Son, there’s no such thing as a fair fight.”
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    So life has been crazy busy this last year with my wife starting her fellowship at Vanderbilt Medical Center and the birth of our first child. What a wirlwind, so I have t been near as active here, but through all that my wife passed her board certification and is now a Board Certified Pathologist. She interviewed and has a contract with a physician group in Knoxville. Those of you that know me know we lived in Knoxville for many years, and as we have loved the past few years in Nashville we are excited to be heading back. We have a contract pending on our house here and currently searching on Knoxville. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on yet another adventure and look forward to being an East Tennesean again.
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    Many thanks to @alleycat72 for the lower! All told, I have receipts totaling $376 including the 2 mags, scope, mount & foregrip Lots of judicious shopping around, waiting for deals & eBay netted me this & I'm tickled pink!
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    Just in case anyone needs to know. When you have a record expunged in Tennessee, the state MAILS the orders to TBI and they have up to 60 days to remove it. The mailing process is slow, as we found out. My husband called them on Wednesday to ask how long and was told that if the state had FAXED it, it would have been removed in hours. He told them he had a copy of the orders and could he fax and was told yes. He faxed them at 4:15pm with a cover sheet with his name and phone number. Then on Thursday morning he got a call at 8:15am and was informed that they got the fax and removed it. He asked about the FBI and was told they removed it the same day the state does! We wasn't sure, so he decided to wait 24 hours. Friday morning, he went to Academy Sports, picked out a Glock g43x and submitted the paperwork for the nics check. 15 minutes later he legally purchased his first handgun and skipped off out of the store grinning from ear to ear! Once in the truck, he scheduled his ccw class for this morning. Needless to say, after having a felony since he was 20 years old, 30 years later and he is no longer a felon. Thank you all for your interest and feedback. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation. The attorney we used is Daniel Horwitz in Nashville. Highly recommended.
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    Just one more reason why I carry concealed everywhere I go.
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    To those of us who are relatively new to the shooting sports, as well as those of us who have short memories, Palmetto State Armory continues to send emails full of crazy cheap deals and free shipping on various parts, firearms, and ammunition. Those of us who have been at this a while can attest that this will not always be the case. My advice to you is to buy it cheap and stack it deep while the good times last.
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    No one has to stay on the street in Nashville. Plenty do. There are a lot of reasons for that. Over 180 churches participate in Room In the Inn, feeding and housing the homeless in their churches overnight. We do it once a week, and I stay overnight about once a month. It will change how you think about things when you sit down and share a meal with these folks. My kids go with me, make beds, serve food, and eat with our guests. There are some great advocacy organizations here in middle Tennessee. We really struggle with affordable housing. But programs like RITI make it a lot more tolerable. If anyone is ever interested in seeing what it’s about, if you’re interested in staying overnight, or think your church might want to be involved, shoot me a note. It will change you. If you’re interested in donating/getting involved, here are some great organizations: Room in the Inn - overnight shelter and a variety of services Nashville Rescue Mission Open Table - advocacy and helping get people housed Safe Haven - our only family shelter
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    Guys, we need to fight this with every ounce of energy that we have. The time for letting the NRA, GOA, 2AF, and everyone else fight for our rights is long past. It's time to actually get off our butts and make it important enough that we call, write, email, and even VISIT our elected representatives and tell them that there will be hell to pay at the voting booth if they support this.
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    This is what worries me. The media and a lot of people in government WANT us to be against each other. They despise the vision that leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. had for a country united where "color blindness" could reign supreme. My wife are working hard to ensure that our kids love people the way that Jesus loved people. We want them to be indifferent to a person's physical appearances and to make decisions based on the character of people's hearts. I dread the day when our kids encounter someone who doesn't look like them who tells them they hate them because they are white and because white people are guilty of "insert injustice here". My kids aren't being raised to be apologists; they are just being raised to be decent.
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    This came from an estate I'm helping the widow sell off. I'm not a big fan of wheel guns but for $450.00, I couldn't say no. Bill
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    Wanting to get rid of 4 Kahrs. P40, P45, PM45, CW9. $600 for all four. 615-512-3903 text or call. Buyer beware- I can say with with utmost confidence that these are the most non-trouble free and unreliable guns I have owned. I’ve tried to be patient and forgiving and really want to like them. But they don’t make it easy, and I’ve had enough. Before I take the band saw to them I figure I should try to get at least something out of them. I feel guilty selling them, but if you’re willing to take on their unique idiosyncrasies and have the patience to turn them into productive, useful members of society, more power to you. FTF sale to TN carry permit holders, cash only, meet in Nashville. Some of their peculiarities include : P45, bought new in December. I have approx. 1,000 rounds through it. Installed a new slide release retention spring because out of the box the slide release was working its way loose while shooting. Since replacing spring, the slide release stays put and it has actually cycled a full magazine of fmj without a malfunction. But sadly, anything other than hardball causes a ftf on 2nd or 3rd round every time. After some feed ramp polishing and range time I figured it might come around, but not so. Guess it needs somebody more patient and knowledgeable than me. Which isn’t saying much, I admit. Plastic case and 3 mags. Soo, moving on... the P40 was great until about a month ago it started dropping mags whenever it wanted. I’ve tried shooting left handed, shooting with thumbs out, shooting with somebody else’s hands, and mags still drop with each shot. Almost as aggravating as the P45 ftf’s. I’m guessing that a new mag release might solve it but it doesn’t really have enough rounds through it to warrant replacement parts or repairs so I’m over it. Plastic case and 2 mags. The CW9 has been pretty good, once in a while has a ftf but not often. Just enough to make it less than 100% reliable. 2 mags, no box. The PM45 has actually been surprisingly reliable. I kind of want to keep it but figure it’s an outlier and someone else deserves a chance to experience a trouble free Kahr. Plastic case and 3 mags. So there you have it. A dysfunctional family of four if ever there was one. I wouldn’t buy them, I’d spend my money on something worthwhile. But if you have $600 burning a hole in your pocket give me a shout.
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    SOLD. Thanks TGO. ................. This one has seen very little use so needs to go to a better home. Awesome trigger, great feeling grips. Spare Hogue if you want them. Factory box with all the papers. Spring Hill region
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    My new to me 82G. Custom bedded, custom trigger to 6oz, shoots MOA with "cheap" Tasco Japanese 8-32x40mm target scope and SK Pistol Match.
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    I don't post a lot but let's face it, there are plenty of gun laws on the books now that aren't being abided by the crooks and thugs. Look at the facts, when I was a kid in the 50' & 60's you didn't hear about folks shooting up schools. The AR's made in the 60's are just like the ones made now, they haven't changed. PEOPLE have changed. Start by putting God and prayer back in schools, whipping a kid's butt if he/she needs it, ban all the stupid computer games that encourages shooting people etc. We don't need any more gun laws, we need to change the idiots that abuse them!
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    You are, of course, free to do as you wish in your listing. However, it's quite likely that you requiring the ability to take a photo of someone's ID is throwing up a wall against any potential buyers. There are a number of reasons I can think of that a buyer would not want someone taking a picture of their ID. If, for your sake, you really, really want to "cover yourself" in terms of liability, might I suggest you offering to pay the $20-$30 fee at an FFL? You may gain some interest by doing that.
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    The enemy we know rather than one we don't. Change in the NRA is a definite need. Scrapping it totally would be a disaster for us and the country. jmo
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    Still cleaning the safe out a little. Up for sale is a Colt Lightweight Commander in .38 Super - It is in great condition and comes with box, paperwork and two magazines. $1,000 $850 (firm at this price)
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    I’ve been quiet and I suppose in denial. My son and my cousin’s wife are battling cancer. My son has had four week long sessions of chemo, his numbers were down after every session. He was supposed to be cured after those; he is not. He is now facing more chemo and possibly radiation and surgery; he is my son and business partner. My cousin’s wife has had lots of chemo and a stem cell transplant, she is doing well; as I understand, on her way to a hopefully total recovery. I don’t ask for sympathy, just lots of prayers; the squeakiest wheel gets the grease. Send the grease.....
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    Back in the early summer of 2018, I purchased a No4 Mk1 T off gunbroker that had no scope or mount, only had the mounting pads screwed into the receiver. I got a repro No32 scope and mount and still have yet to sight this thing in, but thought I would share. Rifle has the Holland and Holland stamps on the stock as it should, but neither the receiver nor the stock just behind the safety contain a serial number for a scope. Perhaps it just never had one issued?
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    Sold Too many purchases lately so putting this one out there since it's just sitting right now. This one started out as a Ruger Mark III 22/45 Target Model that was transformed by Turnbull Restorations. This gun originally had a polymer lower that did not have grip panels. I bought another Mark III and swapped the lowers so that I could add wood grips to better match the gorgeous Turnbull finish. Grips are cocobolo that look great in my opinion and really take the looks up a notch. I bought this one new a few months ago as new old stock and have not even chambered a round much less shot it. Comes with plastic case, paperwork, gun lock, picatinny rail, the wrap around Hogue grips that were on the donor gun I bought and 3 mags. Feel free to PM with any questions. $450 Will ship for $25
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    @Grand Torino well gentlemen I've tried to come up with words but there are none. Let's just say GT smashed one into the atmosphere. All I can say is thank you GT once again. Ill just let the pictures talk.
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    Well, Dante joined the family on Sunday! We start training with him in a few weeks. Great little guy... now if he would just learn to go to the bathroom outside.
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    Thanks to God, we have a lot of good honest people on this planet, and more than a few of them are TGO members! This item has been recovered, no damage, no problem.
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    The only thing I can swear by is a one-piece coated cleaning rod and Hoppe’s #9 with cheapest bronze brushes from WM. Q-Tips are an indispensable must, along with an old toothbrush. Pipe cleaners are very handy as well. One thing I can assure of is every person is probably going to give a different opinion.
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    ***Price Lowered to $200*** I'm selling a Hi Point 995TS 9mm carbine with two magazines. https://www.hi-pointfirearms.com/hi-point-carbines/hi-point-9mm-carbine.php What you get: The carbine and two 10 round magazines. Why are you selling it? I want to make room in the safe for new toys. I bought it on a whim and barely shot it since I have other toys I prefer. How does it work? It's a Hi Point carbine. It's ugly, but it shoots great. How much do you want for it? ***, and a signed bill of sale. How'd you pick that price? I looked up what they're selling for new plus the price of an extra magazine and knocked $30 off that. Will you come down off that price? I'll knock $10 off if you'll show me a valid TN HCP. WHAT?!?!?! But muh privacy!?!?! You don't have to show it to me. I'm offering to give you a discount if you do. You sure like to talk a lot. I prefer to think of myself as honest and informative. How about trades? Make me an offer. Things that would pique my interest: (and yes, I know I'd have add $ to equalize the value) Beretta 92 (regular or compact, 9mm or .22). Beretta 84/85 Cheetah .380. Sig P239 Sig P365. Sig P320. Revolvers in .22, .357, or .38. Ammunition. .22lr, .38spl, .357 magnum. .380. 9mm. .223.
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    All three are the same blade blank but by changing configurations and handle materials you get very different results. Things that are the same.... Blade length of 5 1/2" made from 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel Hammer forged appearance Black oxide finish Come with combo kydex/leather sheath shown #1 Hidden tang with Sweet Gum handle with Padauk and G10 accents. Hammer forged finger guard made from same material as blade. SS pin and lanyard tube. #2 Hidden tang with Texas Mesquite handle and G10 accents. Hammer forged accent made from same material as blade. SS pin and lanyard tube. #3 This is a full tang knife with file work on the spine, Birds Eye Maple handles with Purple Heart and G10 accents as well as liners. It has mosaic pines and brass lanyard tube. Buy a single knife for $125 shipped Buy both for $235 shipped Thanks for lookin'!!!
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    Apparently y'all have no appreciation for the classics. How sad for you. I happen to be quite fond of the Walther PP series pistols. They're still around after almost 90 years for a simple reason. They work.
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    Pretty pleased with myself. Not the most conventional way to hunt a Turkey, but I guess you do what you know best! I stalked it for about an hour and a half keeping the wind in my face, then used a tree between me and him before sneaking up Ninja style! I showed myself, it looked at me, I see a beard and boom. Was a pretty crappy shot to be honest, looked like only one BB got him, but right in the brain! The Turkey was 15lbs in weight, beared was 9 inches long! I processed it at home as it was cool enough today to drive back home, kept the spurs, beared and fan and will have those mounted as its my first! Very happy chappy!
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    Some of you may remember THIS THREAD from last fall. It was asked who would be the TGO test subject and buy one. Well i'm your sucker volunteer. So now I'm gonna tell you all about it. Here's a link to the manufactures web page with all the details. Extar EP9 Also note that the price is $419. That's pretty cheap for a gun like this. That's also why they're so popular. First off, the thing is kind of hard to get a hold of. They restock on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:00pm Mountain Time. And you better be there then because these sell out real quick! I talking the whole inventory is gone in less than an hour. It took six months, but I finally happened to catch it at the right time and ordered one. The website also mentions that it takes 1 to 2 weeks for shipment. Believe it! It was two weeks exactly from the time I ordered until I had it in my hands. I have no idea why it takes so long, but it does. Here's how it comes in the box. You might note that the brace was already on it when it arrived. All the info says it comes separate and the web site even includes instructions for putting it on. Oh well, I ain't gonna argue about it. Here it is after I added a few things: First impressions: Its a neat little pistol. Compact, light weight and it even looks kinda cool. It handles very well. The trigger is a bit heavy at just over 7 pounds. However, it breaks very clean and crisp. Once I got used to it, I could handle it quite well. Of course that's easy enough to fix. But I think I'm gonna leave it as it is. Magazine issues: The gun comes with one Magpul 17 round Glock magazine. It works perfectly, no problems there at all. However I also ordered 4 Glock factory extended magazines for it. two 24 round and two 32 round. They had issues. all the mags fit ok, but none of them wound drop free when released. They were just a little too tight. I ended up having to sand the sides down a bit in order to get them to drop free. I remember in one of the You-tube reviews I saw that that guy mentioned that he had to do that too. Not really a big deal, but it was irritating to have to do it. Since I don't own any Glock pistols to try, I can't say if the regular pistol mags work or not. It may just be an issue with the extended versions. When shooting the gun I also discovered that it is entirely possible to shove the mag in too far when inserting the mag on an open bolt. When this happens, the bolt hangs up on the back of the mag when trying to close. This only happens if you shove the mag in very hard. Plastic on plastic I guess? Anyway, I learned to insert the mag and then give it a slight downward pull as as it seated. Again, not a big deal but irritating until you get the hang of it. maybe the gun just needs a little break in time? IDK? Range Report: Ok. so I took it out today and shot it. I started shooting off the bench at the 25/50 yard range. I needed to sight it in and I wanted to shoot some groups. Overall performance was good. Here's a few targets. Bear in mind that I'm a shaky, half blind old man. A younger shooter and a better trigger would probably get better groups. MALFUNCTION!: It seems that one of my reloads was out of specs. It wouldn't go all the way into the chamber. When that big, heavy bolt rammed into it, the cartridge got stuck big time! It wouldn't fire because the bolt was slightly out of battery. OTOH, the extractor had a death grip on the cartridge and I couldn't get the bolt open to clear it. I ended up having to separate the upper and lower receivers and putting a wooden dowel down the barrel and hammering the stuck cartridge loose. But this was the fault of a bad round, not the gun. After getting it sighted in and shooting groups, I then moved over to the Action Shooting range. I had a bay set up with 7 steel round plates, 1 popper and I added three IDPA cardboard targets. From there it was all run and gun! I'd put in a magazine and start banging steel as fast as I could go. I got good hits every single time and was able to stay in the A zone on the cardboard consistently. The little gun performed like a champ! All in all, I put 500 rounds through this thing today. Except for the malfunction already mentioned, it fed and fired everything I put in it. Factory ammo, my reloads, FMJs, HPs and LRN. But be warned, this little sucker will burn through a whole lot of ammo real quick! One more little item to mention. When you start dumping 32 round magazines through this thing, the handguard tends to get hot! And that little quarter inch exposed section of the barrel nut behind the handguard gets real hot! I'm thinking it will be a good idea to add some sort of forward grip to this thing. Not sure if I want to go straight or angled? Opinions here would be welcome. Final thoughts: Ok, so I got one. Now what? Honestly, I don't know why I bought it? Looks cool and sorta appeals to the inner operator in all of us. But does it really serve any real purpose that my current handguns and rifles don't already fill? I just don't know. If the S should ever HTF. I know what I'll be grabbing and this ain't it. Granted, for what it is and at its price, its a darn good little gun. Yeah, it has a couple of little quirks, but nothing bad enough to say don't buy. I enjoyed shooting it as it is a lot of fun. But somehow I get the feeling that I'm just gonna play with it for a while and eventually send it on down the road. I'm gettin' a little bit too old to be playing at being an operator.
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    Have you shot it yet? Is there something you don’t like about it? Rather than mods, I’m the type of guy to recommend ammo and practice.
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    Moving you out to remodel and raise the rent by a bunch!
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    Free time has been pretty scarce lately, but I carved out a little recently to assemble this pistol build chambered in AAC 300 Blackout. I still haven't had a chance to get it to the range to sight it in, but plan to soon. My objective was to build something better than the Springfield Saint for around the same money or less. I wanted a pistol so that it would be legal to have in the vehicle anywhere in the US that allows pistols, and wanted 300BLK to take advantage of the cartridge's nature to burn all powder within an eight to nine inch barrel, with good ballistics for social distances (and then some). Being that I wanted a firearm that I could travel with and not worry with alerting the BATFE as would be the case with a short barrel rifle, I also skipped building this as something ready for a suppressor. There is no point in avoiding red-tape in one area, only to induce it by traveling with a can. Before assembling the upper receiver, I locked it into a vise and then squared and lapped the upper receiver face with a Brownells lapping tool to make sure that it would mate flush with the barrel extension. Here's a list of the parts that I used: Palmetto State Armory lower receiver with Magpul MOE grip, SBA3 brace, and nickle plated trigger and hammer assembly Aero Precision upper receiver with forward assist Toolcraft black nitride bolt carrier group Ballistic Advantage 9.5 inch barrel (300 BLK) Black nitride gas block, low profile, 0.750 inch Black nitride pistol length gas tube VG6 Precision Gamma 300BLK muzzle device BCM MCMR M-Lok Free Float Handguard - 8 inch Radian Raptor charging handle Geissele Super Precision mount for Trijicon MRO Trijicon MRO, Red dot. Minus the MRO and mount, making this an apples to apples comparison, I came in at around $750 which is definitely cheaper than the Springfield Saint with a mixture of components that I feel provide an overall higher quality firearm.
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    I was going through some old pics on my PC. I was actually looking for the Rabbit hunting I used to do but I must have got rid of all the photos. Anyhoo, I thought some of you may be interested in a small trip down memory lane! Ferrets were used for Rabbiting! The Landrover was my shooting wagon, there was literally nowhere where that could go, and my personal best Carp, 34lb Mirror Carp!
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    Every dog question gets the same answer from me.........................adopt/rescue. If you live in the boonies, I don't recommend any type of hound though. If they get on the trail of something, you might not ever see them again.
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    I always just put the gun into the little basket my drawers make while doing my business. Kind of impossible to not get a reminder it's there if I somehow forget while pulling my pants up.
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    How many of you will get this one?
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    The NRA deserves our support. As a matter of fact, if they fail, we don't have a chance. You will never agree with all of their moves and stances. Heck, I never agree with myself a 100% of the time.
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    I can’t dispute how you feel about this situation or your expectation of a huge racial conflict. I’ll just give my opinion. As mentioned before, everyone involved should be dealt with in the harshest manner according to the law. Secondly, I also believe that media is now committed to the business of making news, regardless the outcome. Bad outcomes are better for media. Finally, I just can’t buy into the race war. People are always doing something that someone believes is going to ignite the powder keg. As I’ve recently gotten away from massive amounts of social media I’m finding that anticipation of a race war is mostly internet driven. Most people are really walking around blissfully ignorant, and they like it that way. At first it bothered me a lot( I still don’t like it), but it’s shown me that not everyone is arming themselves for Armageddon. Do I wish more people would pay attention to national and world events before they effect them, of course I do, but I also like the idea that not everyone is sitting at home soaking up negative and polarizing news while itching for a chance to kill fellow Americans just so they can say I told you it would happen. Good day!
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    The media seems to have gone above and beyond to create a race war among us. They very well may succeed. It'll be hard to put that genie back in the bottle once it starts.
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