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    If you are uncomfortable selling a firearm, then don't sell it. Problem solved. Nothing is stopping you from going to a gun shop and letting them handle the transfer, but don't force your feelings on me and my private transactions. Another alternative would be for the government to pay the transfer fee and the background check fee, since it is all for public safety, so the public should pay for it. Keep it within the licensed FFL's to do the transfer and fees, to minimize the chance of keeping an accessible gun registry. I may be agreeable to this IF and ONLY IF, we could get something back for it, like national carry permits, removing SBRs and silencers from the NFA, etc.....
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    The earliest known hipsters ...
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    A good read. https://www.officer.com/tactical/swat/news/21039005/terror-heroism-and-survival-21-minutes-inside-borderline-bar-and-grill?utm_source=Officer.com+Newsday+E-Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CPS190101006&o_eid=5113J4674090I4J&rdx.ident[pull]=omeda|5113J4674090I4J
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    Pelosi bump
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    It snowed in 29 Palms, CA in the winter if 84 IIRC. It was just a dusting over the Interstate that you could still see the fog lines, but the highway patrol shut down the Interstate. I guess folks in the southern California desert can't handle ANY snow.
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    Yeah, I remember snow coming down once when I was at Fort Huachuca in late 2000/early 2001. Not to mention Nogales is 3,800 feet in elevation. Much easier to get snow in higher areas than at sea level. It's January there too.
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    no, they ask you to check at the door and they put a tie in it.
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    It's not the BGC that bothers me, it's all that statistical information they could use against you later on that I don't like. I enjoy privacy and being left the hello alone
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    Cleaned it up after the first shoot (25 rounds and say 10 Fail to Fire), I also cleaned up the feed ramp as I had one Fail to Feed the first shoot. The Fail to Feed was with the round's projectile's nose (just below center of point) wedged against the bottom of the feed ramp and the tail of the round still in the MAG. That Fail to Feed had nothing to do with the surface of the feed ramp, maybe the design of the bottom of the feed ramp and the slope of the round in the MAG. Very hard to clear that type Fail to Feed as the MAG would not come out and could not move the round except to pry it with a screwdriver (on my knife) or something else. Anyway, took the pistol out again Jan 2 (26 rounds). They they did at least all fire this time but had to pull trigger 2 or 3 times on say 10 rounds of the 26. I also, had a Fail to Feed on the first round from one clip (again nose against bottom of feed ramp and tail in MAG). I did collect most of the spent cases. I thought the ones that fired looked like light hits on the primer. The ones that required 2 or 3 strikes showed more damage to the primer (repeated strikes I guess). All hits were centered in the primer and looked like good clean round hits (not as deep as might expect). ANYWAY, it is on it's way back to TAURUS as of this AM (TAURUS sent a work number and a FREE Shipping Label for FEDEX). By The Way, can you believe FEDEX quoted $68 to ship it before I got the FREE Label. I was amazed TAURUS sent a shipping label because their web site spells out customer ships IN and they ship BACK. By the way, I had called Customer Service an waited a good while (last time I called got a connected to a person quickly). I kept waiting, but went on the web site to CHAT. The CHAT Rep came on quickly and I explained the situation. He sent work number on CHAT and E Mailed the Shipping Label. I WAS AMAZED. Be MORE AMAZED if they fix it. ???? I took a lot of good pictures of the gun's innards, and the MAGs to show the slope of rounds in the MAGs. Just can't post anything on this site as not up to using their procedures. SAD.
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    I kind of like the Morton Salt girl.
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    Remington R1 is a nice, solid gun in various configurations. If you are looking to buy once, get a Dan Wesson.
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    Nice to see business keeping you busy, Mike. You're not just on the shortlist, you are the shortlist if I ever need more work done in your wheelhouse.
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    I'll check with a friend later today on who he uses. He may be in Cleveland too. Bill
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    Got to take home some hardware last week. Ordered a tri-lug setup for the MPX and Wolf 9. Configured it to the K version a sweet little setup. Will be getting an 8" handguard and running the wolf tucked in. Should leave about 1" out the end in the K configuration. Bought a MK IV 22-45 Lite and what a cool little setup that is! Sounds like an air pistol shooting CCI Standard Velocity.
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    Full size Beretta 92. Put your leftovers in the Tupperware and get a real gun.
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    OK!! The Browning "Light 12" spring arrived. This is round in section (the original Rem spring was square) and perhaps 5 INCHES longer when compared to the old Rem spring. I was concerned that it would bottom out so I chucked it on leaving the fore-end wood off so I could see what we've got. Pushing the barrel all the way back with the bolt to the rear limit, there was still just a little 'light' remaining between coils. It also required a LOT more pressure to get the action compressed fully. This is good! Set for HEAVY, 3 3/4 Dram 1 1/4 oz #4 loads cycle (and seemed amazingly mild). Better yet, the 3 Dram 1 1/8 oz #8 'lights' did NOT cycle!! Changed the friction rings for LIGHT loads and the #8s cycled as designed! Recoil remained quite mild as 12 gauge guns go. I am totally thrilled with this 80 year old shotgun, and anyone who tells you that they kick the #### out of you, probably has not addressed the weakened recoil springs in these old guns. The mass of the recoiling barrel and the tension of the spring really take the bite out of the total recoil energy. Set correctly, they are a real pleasure to shoot!
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    How about a battery operated shooting glove that assists in pulling the trigger at 700-970 rounds per minute
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    Maybe someone like Mossberg will come out with a subcompact, striker-fired, single-stack 9mm. Oh wait, they just did today, lol. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2019/01/daniel-zimmerman/breaking-mossberg-announces-the-new-mc1sc-subcompact-9mm-pistol/
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    I like it when someone can poke fun at themselves....Here's an update on this story: https://www.wkyt.com/content/news/Krispy-Kreme-offers-to-console-Lexington-Police-with-more-donuts-after--503772381.html
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    I like my handguns similar to the way I like women...just thick enough to grip well. These single stack Glocks are way to skinny for me. But I get it, Glock has to make a product to people without the genetic condition known as "man hands".
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