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    My experience has been that the 2.0 triggers are a lot better than the first generation. I put an Apex trigger in one of my M2.0 Compacts just to see if it really made that much difference and, in my opinion, it really doesn't. Bear in mind too that a lot of Glock owners swap triggers for aftermarket kit despite the Glock trigger reset having become the example of what a polymer striker-fired gun's trigger should feel like. While some people may replace them in pursuit of a certain aspect of an aftermarket trigger's feel or function, I think a lot of people -- on both the Glock and S&W sides of the aisle -- swap them because folks are chronic tinkerers or gear-whores. Tinkerer's gonna tinker!
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    I absolutely love this! https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-brave-ones-zimbabwe-domestic-violence-survivors-trained-sharpshooters-hunt-poachers/
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    I hadn't seen those. But remember polls are subject to really one-sided and targeted responses, as well as can be weighted by the population group taking them. Not that I'm questioning you as person, I just tend to be very leery of polling stats.
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    You have to be up close and personal for the animals to get you, but the poachers can shoot you from a greater distance.
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    Wow, I would think Patrolling at night with animals that will kill you and eat you would be a far greater danger than the poachers.
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    With 3.9” pulley it made 723rwhp @ 14.5psi on 93 pump. Timing dialed back to 13 degrees peak for daily driver reliability. Shop said e85 will be around 800rwhp.
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    Nothing wrong with that. It is the accepted way among most gun folks. How else can you properly compare and contrast?
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    I shot a Glock 43, a shield, and a Sig Sauer p365. I liked the Sig the best, mainly because of the sights. They all shot great, I'm sure they are all more accurate than I will ever be. The shield had some sort of spacer on the magazine, it was really irritating. I haven't bought one yet, but it's probably going to be the Sig Sauer. But honestly, they all seem like great guns. Maybe I just need to get one of each, huh?
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    After getting a look at the shooter and a few of his accomplices How could anyone say the shooter was even close to white unless they were trying to sway the police in another direction. I just hope they put these guys in jail for ever and ever for killing that little girl...........
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    You probably know this, but wear rubber gloves or do everything in your power to keep your skin's oil from fingerprints and such off of the bulb when you install it. The minuscule amount of oils on your skin can actually cause bulbs to burn hot on the area where the oil is present, and consequently fail early.
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    I recently inherited my grandfather’s Colt Agent that he has carried for years and years. I am lucky enough that he is still with me, but he is getting of an advanced age and is starting to think about these things. Just wanted to share a couple pictures. Also pictured are a couple boxes of ammo that came with the gun that appear to have some age on them as well. Anybody got any info they would care to share on the white-cased USAC ammo? Never seen them before.
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    Putting this back up for sale. I just plain do not use it, and I don’t want it to sit. -Quarter circle ten small frame glock mag lower -Slash Q extended buffer with Wolff extra power spring -Cross Machine Tool billet upper -Quarter circle 10 bolt -BCM Charging handle -Faxon 8.5” 1/2x28 barrel -BCM 7” KMR keymod rail -SB tactical SBA3 brace -Magpul MBUS -Ares 45 degree ambi safety -KNS anti rotation pins -ALG QMS trigger The receivers and bolt have seen around 800 rounds, the barrel has only seen around 100. I recently changed it out to have a long enough barrel to be able to use my 9mm suppressor direct thread. It currently has thread protector on the muzzle because I anticipated using this with my can that’s coming. The red dot and mount pictured will not be included. Will include (2) 33 round glock brand mags. If you’re reading this and you’ve ever tried to source the parts I used for this build, you know that this listing price isn’t even 3/4 of what it would cost to build. $800 picked up in the Columbia area.
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    My Papaw carried a 2.5 inch 19-4 in Nickle as his service gun as a deputy.
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    Unfortunately for this Officer I expect he will be going to trial. This is not good for cops or citizens. This Judge went into detail about why the Officer was stopping this guy. It doesn’t matter…period. The Officer could have started chasing the wrong guy, but at the point the criminal pulled a gun; nothing prior to that matters. She also didn’t think the video was clear that the criminal pointed the gun at the Officer. That also isn’t required. And if the video isn’t clear it should be thrown out. Her ruling was as ignorant as people that rant about someone getting shot after pointing a gun at cop on a traffic stop and then saying “He got killed over a speeding ticket!” No he got killed for pointing a gun at a cop; and that’s what happened here. However, I don’t think much can be done about the Judge’s ruling because all she is doing is sending it to a Grand Jury. Would a reasonable person (That will be a jury) believe that they were in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm if they were in this situation? A person with a gun visible in his hand running from a uniformed Police Officer, who was giving him commands to stop, and the criminal is close to having cover. I don’t see how 12 people could come to a unanimous verdict that the Officer was guilty of anything. But in these times; who knows.
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    I agree about polls, but my gut feeling on this one says we'll lose too. The majority of people are not invested in the subject and they want to see SOMETHING done whether it will actually accomplish the mission or not. Heck, I don't know off the top of my head if ANY of the mass shooters got their weapon absent a background check.
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    Funk is wrong. The US Supreme Court ruled back in the 1980s (in Tennessee v Garner, a case involving Memphis PD) that a fleeing felon can be stopped with lethal force, although only if there is probable cause to believe there's a threat to the life of the officer or others. I expect the officer's attorney will argue that he had probable cause because he could see the suspect was armed.
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    More accurate, more reliable guns are always more fun. Save a few extra bucks and get an AR10 or FAL. Or find a 308 AK. Those are FUN.
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    If you buy the PTR you can guarantee you wont get burned....or as cheap as they have gotten just assemble a 308 AR and have a better gun lol.
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    haha i'll happily send it to your ffl ;-D
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    My opinion, the grand jury will send this case to trial. Bad atmosphere out there in john Q public.
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    Black Friday before last someone did a $250 AR15... If I can get a factory gun that cheap, why bother building? I am not big into all the specialized name brand parts. Plus resale is easier and higher on a factory gun. I saw 22mods has a complete rifle on sale for $399 https://22mods4all.com/collections/complete-firearms/products/zaviar-16-mid-length-223-wylde-1-9-parkerized-lightweight-ar15 Of course you have to factor in transfer fees.
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    I have 2 sets of AR500 body armor for sale. A large set with front and back plates Level 3 that is adjustable to 3x, The smaller one I bought for my wife. After some medical setbacks we are unable to wear these. They've only been worn to try on. Would prefer to sell but I'll listen to trade offers. Asking 325 for the large one 100 dollars for the small one . PM me or textme @9014133752. Better pics in am
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    Since you're still looking and don't have a critical need (the best time to buy) check out the PPS M2. I handled (didn't shoot) both it and the PPQ SC, I really liked them. Internet reviews from individuals seem positive. If I wasn't hunting (and eventually captured) a RAMI P, my PK380 would have a 9mm sibling.
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    I missed hearing this. So very sorry to see the loss of another of my musical favorites. I saw Dennis and Ray in concert several times and rank them as one of the greatest in live performances. My condolences for Ray's family.
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    I'm not in disagreement with your commentary. I'm not calling for, nor do I see a "race war." What I fear will happen is something on a city wide scale that will let both sides, and all people, the folly of all this "white guy/black guy" did the crime sort of mentality. The kind where citizenry storm the streets chanting for "justice" when all they want is revenge for whatever indignity or crime has been commited. Yes, I tend to be a bit pessimistic, but have you seen the people and the world today?
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    This is what worries me. The media and a lot of people in government WANT us to be against each other. They despise the vision that leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. had for a country united where "color blindness" could reign supreme. My wife are working hard to ensure that our kids love people the way that Jesus loved people. We want them to be indifferent to a person's physical appearances and to make decisions based on the character of people's hearts. I dread the day when our kids encounter someone who doesn't look like them who tells them they hate them because they are white and because white people are guilty of "insert injustice here". My kids aren't being raised to be apologists; they are just being raised to be decent.
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    I see two possibilities: 1 Mis-identification. 2. The family knew exactly who the shooter was and threw the police off on purpose so it could settled privately. I'm betting on #2. The great race war has been coming since the 1950s. I've been hearing about it my whole life. Ain't happened yet.
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    No way would I take that bet. I would honestly be surprised if they came up with any white folks involved in this crime. But, I try to let our criminal justice system work through its process before I decide who's who and what's what. Sometimes that's hard. I also agree with LINKS2K that the media is in the business of news. While I'd like to think this was only a matter of them reporting what they were (truthfully or otherwise) told, I think there has become a greater desire on the part of the average news organization to be first rather than to be right. That's to our detriment, and completely aside from the exercises in axe grinding which so many media outlets on both ends of the political spectrum participate in these days. Also, I don't think any kind of race war is imminent. There's a lot of friction in our society these days, but people in general are too attached to what they have to risk it, and it would require too much effort from too many people. Which, I suppose, is a good thing in a way...
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    I can’t dispute how you feel about this situation or your expectation of a huge racial conflict. I’ll just give my opinion. As mentioned before, everyone involved should be dealt with in the harshest manner according to the law. Secondly, I also believe that media is now committed to the business of making news, regardless the outcome. Bad outcomes are better for media. Finally, I just can’t buy into the race war. People are always doing something that someone believes is going to ignite the powder keg. As I’ve recently gotten away from massive amounts of social media I’m finding that anticipation of a race war is mostly internet driven. Most people are really walking around blissfully ignorant, and they like it that way. At first it bothered me a lot( I still don’t like it), but it’s shown me that not everyone is arming themselves for Armageddon. Do I wish more people would pay attention to national and world events before they effect them, of course I do, but I also like the idea that not everyone is sitting at home soaking up negative and polarizing news while itching for a chance to kill fellow Americans just so they can say I told you it would happen. Good day!
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    No opinion on this topic. But I do have 3 9s and a recently added 45 Shield. lol
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    Sadly, I agree with you on both counts. All we have to do is watch items from almost any shooting, or violence of any type; and someone will yell that a white man did it. Whether true or not, it seems to me that we are so on the verge of a major incident. One that will ignite a ferocious, but short black/white conflict. I say short because so many of both color seem to be just itching for an excuse to start shooting, and will find that the massive bloodshed could well be very one sided. I DO NOT wish nor in any way condone any thing like this, but entirely too many supremacist and BLM groups have a lot of firepower and are wanting to use it on the other. Just an opinion.
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    The media seems to have gone above and beyond to create a race war among us. They very well may succeed. It'll be hard to put that genie back in the bottle once it starts.
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    I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn she knew the shooter personally.
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    I have that same thought as David and don't believe there was ever a white dude. They are either trying the throw the authorities in another direction or it is gang related and they are afraid to actually give them the names of the people doing the shooting. We will probably never know the real truth.
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    I'll bet you a Coke that there was never a white dude inside the car.
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    No, my angered reaction is just to the way these stories spread like wildfire, with little to no verification of the facts, because it's the narrative that the mainstream media wants to propagate. I'm troubled by the society that my kids will be growing up in.
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    There's more to this story than is being told. Supposedly, they made eye contact, and still made the wrong ID, I suspect they knew all along who it was. I'm guessing this was the reason for the false ID, either they knew the perps, or knew it was a gang and didn't want to snitch.
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    Skip to 1 minute 20 seconds for the meat.
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    This one is a 1972.
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    Sweet pistol. I still have my Dad's Colt Agent and Detective. Both appear to be about like yours condition-wise.
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    I can’t tell much from the video so I’ll rely on the media reports. The suspect made the choice to run. He made the choice to have a gun in his hand. It is reasonable that any person, Police Officer, or citizen, pursuing an armed person that is not dropping the weapon; intends on using it. As soon as he gets to a position of cover it’s reasonable to believe he will engage the person chasing him. When I was a cop we shot fleeing forcible felons. Home Invaders, Burglars, Rapists, Armed Robbers are absolutely a danger to the public. The fact that they can out run a cop shouldn’t mean they get to have more victims. Tennessee V. Garner stopped that and its needs to be overturned. We have seen too many cases where there was a public outcry because a Police Officer or armed citizen shot a career criminal because they believed that criminal was threatening their life. If you want to handcuff the cops; go ahead. You will have the same situation you now have in Chicago. Also you as an HCP holder will he held to the same standards. If you shoot an armed robber as he is turning to run; you will be charged. That’s wrong. So be careful; be very careful. Criminals that have guns in their hands and are not following the orders of the Police; will get shot. I have no idea why they decided to charge this Officer so I must assume its politics. (I'll wait to hear why) That’s what happened in Chicago. I don’t think most of us want that here. I’ll also echo the concerns of others; why wasn’t this criminal in jail? It kind of looks like if the DA or Judges had done their job this career criminal would be alive in prison, and a cop wouldn’t be headed to trial.
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    He was such a good boy. Turned his life around (while illegally carrying a gun). Multiple felony history. Failure to obey an officer. A danger to the public and the officer. Guilt of conscience...that is why he ran. IMO no relation to the Garner case. Justifiable shoot. Just do what you are told by the police, especially if you are holding a gun.
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    That does not apply here IMO, he was not shot due to fleeing, he was shot because he did not drop his weapon when told to and presented a clear and present danger to the officer and society at large.
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