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    I feel that it is rare for any level of government to "get it," do good or do the right thing. This is one of those very rare occasions. https://www.upworthy.com/the-health-department-was-called-on-a-teen-s-hot-dog-stand-its-response-was-wonderful?c=ufb2&fbclid=IwAR1CJkipdzhrkspmiWqwtVAM1ziVpDNaKuT0xvao9jml0jbMiA4IqCynTrQ
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    When I was six my father was attacked in our neighbors kitchen by her much larger ex-husband. My father reached for anything he could get his hands on and found a 1 liter returnable glass Coke bottle. I can still see that guy stumbling out of that kitchen with blood everywhere. Later my father sat me down to talk about it, this is all I remember of what he said... ”Son, there’s no such thing as a fair fight.”
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    All three are the same blade blank but by changing configurations and handle materials you get very different results. Things that are the same.... Blade length of 5 1/2" made from 3/16" thick 1095 carbon steel Hammer forged appearance Black oxide finish Come with combo kydex/leather sheath shown #1 Hidden tang with Sweet Gum handle with Padauk and G10 accents. Hammer forged finger guard made from same material as blade. SS pin and lanyard tube. #2 Hidden tang with Texas Mesquite handle and G10 accents. Hammer forged accent made from same material as blade. SS pin and lanyard tube. #3 This is a full tang knife with file work on the spine, Birds Eye Maple handles with Purple Heart and G10 accents as well as liners. It has mosaic pines and brass lanyard tube. Buy a single knife for $125 shipped Buy both for $235 shipped Thanks for lookin'!!!
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    I like that "Last year we saw tens of thousands of students nationwide take to the streets to demand action...." Tens of thousands out of the population of 325 million. So lets say 65000...or .02% of the population. Just as a comparison, there are estimated to be 251,000 Amish in the US. So should we all turn off our electricity? Stupid people pushing personal agendas and firing up those too lazy to think for themselves.
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    As I believe TGO David is suggesting, this and all other activities by the Enemies of Freedom should be vigorously opposed. Just because their efforts have failed in the past doesn't mean they always will. Remember that the first "assault" weapons ban passed, and its supporters would love to see it back in place. Remember also that the administration of our current president, who was once a gun-grabbing Democrat, has already imposed the bump stock ban. They are not our friends.
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    Contacting my representatives is becoming my new hobby.
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    Its almost as if relaxing regulations encourages people to try harder.
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    I love it when the government actually helps the community instead of hurting it, well done.
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    Look at all the Republicans signed onto that thing!
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    I don't know if y'all are familiar with ZEV Technologies but they have been making a bunch of Glock accessories for years. Well now they have made their own pistol. It takes a lot of their Glock parts and uses Glock mags but looks like some amalgamation of a Glock and Sig P250.
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    SOLD - Thanks TGO
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    Not worried, I've seen an 8yo trying teach their grandparents how to use their computer.
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    I also ordered enough parts to build another pistol and they are all here. Had a un complete side charging upper. Now I am now on the hunt for a non anderson lower. The hunt is not going well. I should have bought more than two lower a year and a half ago. Everyone charges 50 bucks for a transfer fee so there is almost zero savings ordering online.
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    I found the shockwave brace to be more of a hindrance and it didnt match the magpul furniture, so I threw a plain pistol buffer tube and called it a day.
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    Imagine the boom to our economy if a small business's biggest concern was whether it was pofitable --- not whether it met all of the tax and legal burdens. I'm not advocating for zero laws and regulations regarding business...I'm advocating for almost zero laws and regulations regarding business.
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    "Old is 20 years away from wherever you are." My Dad.
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    Thanks. The picture is of Rube Waddell. Same era as Honus Wagner. He's my great-great-great uncle and in the MLB hall of fame.
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    Well you got me there, but the blaze is mostly known for making stuff up.
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    Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”
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    The best advice my Daddy ever gave me: Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.
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    Good choice.. My dad taught me growing up, "you'll never be satisfied if you don't purchase the one you really want in the first place". Kinda like the "cry once" saying.
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    I recently ran across a deal(at least I think so) on a Colt Gold Cup National Match 70 series on another forum that I belong to. I've always wanted one in 70 series and passed on a few due to the price($1200- $2000 plus) this one I got for $850. I checked the serial# on Colts web-site and it showed it was made in 1981. The slide to frame fit is tight with no movement or rattle, has the original box(has seen better days but it is original to the gun) has a collet bushing and it fits tight to the Bbl. front strap has the vertical serrations, original grips. I haven't had time to put some rounds down it yet, but hopefully soon. Here are a few pics.
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    Reagan gave us some words to live by. The video is well worth the four minutes of your life.
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    Greg at http://www.bugholes.com/articles.asp?ID=83
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    Don't go cluttering up things with facts. No one ever won a vote by presenting facts.
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    LOL I didn't mean it towards you , just towards the company setting it so high. I like Glock and anything simple like them with very few parts but that dude is tooooo expensive ! . yeah I was just messing with ya !
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    McCain will be voting for someone on the Arizona Democrat ticket next election, guaranteed.
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/01/08/she-bragged-man-dating-app-about-poaching-deer-he-was-game-warden/ The link text pretty much says it all, but damn. She bragged about poaching to her dating app match and he turned out to be an OK game warden. That’s bloody hilarious.
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    It's brilliant timing as well. The democrats can offer this up in negotiations for the wall. "We will give you the money you want if you sign this bill." Trump will agree and will sign it if it gets to his desk. Win win for them and Trump will tout it as a major victory.
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    Attrition, mi amigo, attrition -- major legal changes take effect as much over time as immediately. Few of our progeny will remain criminals by stashing banned firearms they can't even shoot without risk of the hoosegow, - OS
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    I must have one of the accurate ones!!!
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    Always drink upstream from the herd. Don't squat with your spurs on. Riders in the Sky
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    Its mostly correct. Shouldering a brace does not change the classification of the firearm. However, installing a brace with the intent to shoulder it, is still illegal. Its difficult to charge someone with it since intent is difficult to prove, but much easier when people post about it on the internet.
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    Someone did! Not quite in time for Christmas, but I think it's off to a good home now, finally.
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    At $299 this is the best and most reliable "trunk" or "truck" gun you can buy brand new. People talking about the Security 9 and the Taurus G2 but fitting the trunk gun category but I think the XD is more reliable than those others.
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    I've had my XD45 for over ten years and it's always been reliable.
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    I had an early XD 45 a long time ago. That thing felt like it was a tank and never had a hiccup. I always was fond of the XD series despite abandoning it. If it didn't have the grip safety I think it would be a little more popular. $299 is a sweet deal for a solid gun.
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    People may think you are an idiot, but there is no reason to open your mouth and prove it.
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    LOL! I got to use an AR with one a while back when Fighting Sheep Dog hosted a Toys for Tot's drive out at Windrock.... Man, what a blast! Clearly though, once you have one, you have to get a complete set. I have a hard enough time affording Ammo as it is, can't imagine what I would go through...
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    Chuck, one night myself and another Officer was dispatched to a business on a burglar alarm. It was a business where the alarm went off a lot and was always false. As I approached the building I could see from the street people in the building. The other Officer was right behind me. I blacked out and rolled into the lot. They had seen me and took off running for the door. The first suspect went out the door and I gave chase on foot. The other Officer put his squad on the door and blocked the 2nd suspect inside. 2 white males that appeared to be adults. We ran across the street (about 100 yards) and into a wide open field. A short distance into the field the suspect stopped and turned and faced me. He was pulling something out of his waistband that I thought was a gun; but I was not absolutely sure. My choice was to do something or wait to see what he was doing. I fired a warning shot into the ground feet in front of him. It went through my mind that we had a department policy against firing warning shots, but my only other option was to kill him. When I did that he turned around and continued to run. At that time we could shoot fleeing forcible felons; burglary was a forcible felony. As we crossed the field he was approaching a building. My thought was that if he made it to that corner; he had cover to shoot me. I fired at him. The bullet hit the corner of the building as he went around the corner. Other Officers had arrived and were coming around the other end of the building. As I rounded the corner those Officers had him at gunpoint and he had his hands in the air. He had no gun. When I asked him what he was pulling out of the front of his pants he said he didn’t have anything. Turns out he was a 16 year old juvenile, home on leave from reform school. He was taken to HQ by other Officers and turned over to Juvenile Officers. Command Officers came to the scene to see what happened with the shooting. When I told them what happened one of them said “We have a department policy against warning shots.” I replied with “Screw that, department policy won’t save me if I’m on trial. I have to be able to use anything I have to keep from killing someone; that is what I did.” As we were getting ready to leave, the Juvenile Officer radioed us and told us to stay there, he was sending the Fire Department out; they would explain. When they arrived they said “your suspect threw a gun on the roof.” They pulled a loaded 6” Model 66 off the roof. The 16 year old told the Detectives when he turned on me; he was going to shoot me. He didn’t expect me to fire so he ran for cover. He saw the other Officers approaching from the other way and knew he was caught. Otherwise he would have shot me once he got to cover. As he rounded the corner they weren’t there yet and he threw the gun on the roof. They never saw the gun. I am alive today because I violated department policy and fired my weapon. So is he, because if I hadn’t been in a wide open field, if there had been people around; I would have shot him. Even though he never got a chance to point his gun at me; one of us would have probably been dead when I rounded that corner. After that incident our department policy was changed. I didn’t make him burglarize that building; I didn’t make him run, I didn’t make him have a gun, and I didn’t make him try to kill me. He did all that because he was a dirt bag criminal with no regard for life. The protection of violent criminals has gone too far. Law abiding citizens and cops that have to use deadly force to protect themselves from dirt bag criminals should have that protection; not them. So having been in the same situation this is very personal for me. By the time you see the weapon pointed at you; it’s too late. I feel terrible that the officials have turned their back on this Police Officer, and all other Police Officers, and sided with a thug carrying a gun. It’s reasonable to believe he would have shot the Officer. Yes, he will probably he acquitted. But he or no other Officer or citizen should have to go through what is being done to him.
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    pm sent (already in the dog house)
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    Dug into some of my S&W info and edited above. target trigger - wide with serrations, target hammer - also wider, target stocks - those nice Smith grips, not the skinny "coke-bottle" looking ones The sights are not considered a T because they are all the same, regarding which model you refer to. Fixed sights, like model 10, 13, 36 and 581 and adjustable, like model 15, 19, 27, 586. You can get different inserts like white border for the rear, different gap width, so on. Now that we got the Smith history lesson for the day straight, someone needs to snatch this one up. Hard to find them that pristine!
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    Smith collectors have always referred to the "three Ts" as target stocks, target trigger, target hammer. Regardless of the "Ts" or not, all model 19s are referred to as Combat Magnums. The reason is that Bill Jordan (famous Texas Ranger, not the camo inventor guy) convinced S&W to chamber their K-frame Mod 15 .38 in .357, hence, the 19 was born. He received the first one. I've got the book on Jordan, interesting read. Here's from Wiki on the 19. "Jordan also collaborated with Walter Roper in the design of wooden grips intended for heavy-calibre double-action revolvers, which are now made by Herrett's Stocks as the "Jordan Trooper". Jordan always favored a double-action revolver for law enforcement duties. He was largely responsible for convincing Smith & Wesson to adapt its medium K-frame series revolver to accommodate the .357 Magnum cartridge, resulting in the (S&W Model 19 and S&W Model 66) "Combat Magnum".[
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    Good price on this pistol. I broke down and bought an HKVP9 last year. I was completely and totally surprised how much I liked it. It is right up there with the Walther PPQ and the Canik pistols for handling, accuracy, and great triggers.
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    I wish someone had told me this a dozen lights ago...
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    That Sig is a beauty. Someone needs to swipe that before Christmas!
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    Like Grayfox, I have a Sport II and have similar experiences. If I was so inclined, I would buy 8-10 boxes of assorted brands and weights of .233/.556, borrow a sled, and spend the day finding the most accurate ammo. Then I'd start spending money on practical parts and accessories to improve accuracy. Or buy or build a purpose driven platform
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