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    Capone, you sir are an optimist.
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    You aren't wrong, but here's what needs to happen: If they're going to allow us to carry there, then THEY should be allowed to carry there as well. Government workers should be allowed, no... encouraged to be armed. Armed in the clerks offices, armed in the courtrooms, armed in the jury gallery, armed in the hallways, armed in the parking lots, armed on the sidewalks... armed. Let's face it: Politicians piss people off no matter which side of the aisle they are on. Someone, somewhere, blames them for something. The same for judges, attorneys, jurors, etc. And assembling them all together with set schedules of comings and goings makes them easy to find and easy for criminals and future-criminals to target. You and I probably get to enjoy a life where we aren't as loathed as a lot of government workers are. We go to our jobs where, if we are lucky, people are reasonably happy to see us and interact with us. I wouldn't wan to to be an unarmed government worker in a sea of armed potential assailants. Level the playing field and I'm a lot more open to it.
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    Not saying that we need to go to the mattresses over it, but philosophically, I think gun carry in the state capital is the litmus test. To me, it's the easiest question to see if a politician respects the rights of the people to be armed, or something only to be tolerated at a distance, and behind a wall of security. I have to get permission by the state to carry a pistol outside of my home and vehicle and range time, or else doing so meant I was breaking the law. The state ran a background check on me, and forced me to attend a mandated training program before pronouncing me safe to carry in public. But even with their required system, I still can't carry my weapon in a building that the public pays for, and is there for the purpose of the people's business by the representatives and officials we elect. Really, there is nowhere more symbolic to be able to exercise the rights of the 2nd Amendment than the power halls of the government that amendment ensures we can protect ourselves against. Banning guns from the capital is the ultimate protection of the ruling class from the proletarian, meaning the carry permit is just an appeasement method for whenever they don't have to deal with us. In essence, they've made a giant safe space for themselves, but it's a physical one, not an emotional variant. At best, it's a infringement of liberty...at worst, it's a way to secure a base of power. It's a simple question to me of if the government really believes in the principles of the 2nd Amendment, or just pays lip service to it for votes. We either have an ally on our side or just another person we're negotiating with.
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    I don't think it's going to take that long to miss these prices. Buy now and stack em deep.
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    I'm afraid that in 15-20 years from now we will be looking back talking about $400 complete ARs and $10 30rd mags.
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    Meh. That piece, like much of what the TFA publishes, is the opinion of John Harris. While John has done a fantastic job of championing firearms rights over the years, I take what they publish with a grain of salt and read it through the lens of being one man's opinion. An opinion that the one man believes should be yours as well. The last statement of that article strikes me as being the reason it was written: Bill Lee hasn't done anything wrong yet from a Second Amendment perspective and former Sheriff Jeff Long, now Lee's Commissioner of Homeland Defense, was an extremely pro gun-ownership Sheriff for as long as I've lived in Williamson County. Until either one of them make a move to restrict our rights, the worst the TFA can accuse them of is not expanding them... and Lee has only been in office for a ONE DAY as of this writing. Do I think the TFA is worthy of your financial support? Sure. Do I need a fear-mongering OpEd to make me cut them a check? No. But I guess some people do. Honestly, a more economical and far more effective way for you to ensure that Bill Lee doesn't trample the Second Amendment is to email, write, call, and visit him in person and tell him how important it is to you. We, as gun owners, need to stop outsourcing this to organizations like the TFA, NRA, GOA, etc. We need to evangelize the message ourselves and be serious about it. Elected representatives fear or respect their constituents far more than they care about organizations who claim to represent them. What's louder? One large voice or the storm of thousands of voices?
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    How many of you will get this one?
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    I was broke then, so it really didn't matter.
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    Gone Still trying to thin the herd a bit so putting this one out there. HK USP Compact .45ACP V1 with the decocker/safety. Comes with factory box and a total of four magazines. $650 $625 Have something I want to buy, so here is a nice price drop! $575 FTF or $600 shipped. One last price drop... $500 FTF, $550 shipped. Will consider trades but would prefer to sell. PM me with any questions or offers
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    I have a Glock 26 with a couple of upgrades. Comes with the box and paperwork. It has two Hyve magazine extensions. It also comes with an upgraded trigger by Apex Tactical. It has fiber optic sights. Less than 50 rounds through the gun. SPF
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    In case you don't understand the comment...check the dates on the posts.
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    Man, I knew I should have never clicked on this. I’ve been carrying a FNS9-C since they came out. I love it. I’ve put thousands of trouble free rounds downrange. Looks like I might need to get it a (slightly) bigger brother.....
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    I love my wife, I am glad I married someone that I can consider a partner. Most of the time.
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    Cheap as you've got. Literally open to anything. I just had a silly moment & opened a PSA email & now I've bought a complete upper & I've got nothing to attach it to. Damn you George Dickel!!!
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    Well if you invested 100k in a bunker like some of them you would want to use it. LoL That is why on my site I try to focus people on much more probable events. Floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes, and blizzards are much more likely to put you into a dangerous situation. EMPs, nuclear war, social breakdown, and pandemics are much less likely. The reason to keep them in mind is only because of their huge "if they happen" consequences. No one can plan for everything. You might have a bunker and 50 years of food but get caught 75 miles away on the interstate when it happens. Or plan for an pandemic only to be hit by an EMP. I for one don't want to test my long term survival skills if I can help it. I am neither the most physically fit or meanest of the bunch. I don't want to gamble how far my wits will take me. That being said, I have thought on the situation and mulled over options. I have made some preparation for disasters that might befall my family. For the average person, that is about all you can do. I liken it to a marathon runner in peak shape getting hit by a bus. Sometimes it is just your time.
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    I think preparation for any emergency is good but the way some people talk on forums its almost like their hoping for an excuse to use their 10yrs stockpile of food and ammo lol.
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    You might also look at a few canoes that are designed to put a small gas motor on or a transome mounted trolling motor. My brother has one of them he uses for bass fishing on small rivers and it works quite well for him.
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    Ideologues are seldom ever happy. Sadly they miss opportunities for good.
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    I attempted to install the Powder River Precision Spring (PRP) Kit for my XDS Mod 2 in 45 ACP. I had completed the same instal on the original XDS 45 with no problem. That was a few years ago so I tried to follow the videos put out by both PPR and Galloway Precision. Unfortunately, the Mod 2 version is different in one key aspect that was not mentioned in the tutorials. There is no extractor pin so as soon as you release the pressure on the extractor safety plunger the extractor just falls out. I found this out while trying to find the extractor pin and discovered the extractor had already fallen out on the workbench. I thought I broke something. I did call PRP for advice. They acknowledged the Mod 2 installation was different regarding how the extractor and extractor springs were installed. The extractor actually installs the same way as a Glock. My tip is this; if you plan to upgrade the springs on your XDS Mod 2 you need to watch how the extractor is removed and installed on a Glock.
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    I was going to reference that exact location. I see them a couple times a year going down wilson pike in the morning standing in the field right next to the walking path.
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    I have done it a couple of times (not prolonged just saw a bass jump near me and rode over for couple casts. The issue is the low speed control, even with F/N/R controls on the newer ones they still are not fun at low speed. There also isn't a whole lot of room for gear and anchoring can be a PITA dragging stuff out from whatever compartment you have it shoved into. If i was going to get a boat for the sole purpose of fishing I would look at either a kayak or one of those little "bass buggies" or whatever and a trailer with a good winch. At that weight you could get a small electric winch and pull either up onto a trailer pretty easy.
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    I found this at the Jackson, TN gun show today. A Model 15-3 2". The gun is easily 98% with just a very light turn line. Timing, lock up, etc are perfect. The action is smooth as butter. It shows very little evidence of being fired. It has a nicely figured set of PC magna stocks on it. Serial number dates it to 1972. I added the T-grip once I got it home. The price was pretty good for this gun in this condition. $475 OTD. I don't really need it. It was an impulse buy just because I didn't have one. But I like it. The bad thing is that with the way our weather has been and current forecasts, it may be Spring before I get a chance to get to the range to try it out. I'm afraid my poor photography skills just don't do it justice. It looks much better in person.
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    Not for nothing, but politicians have different responses to where a message is conveyed to them (public or private). An organization trying to establish itself as an opposition to something that doesn't yet exist forces Gov. Lee to disregard them at the least, and more likely keep a wary eye on him, lest he be seen as weak out of the gate. They should have asked for 20 min on his calendar to introduce themselves, and summarize their agenda before spinning up the fear mill.
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    Back from Mexico Bump
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    Effort does pay off, congrats. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
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    Rode them a lot,but would not try fishing off one. You can get the little two person boat with oars or a peddle boat at low cost. I have never caught a carp because catfish always take the bottom bait first. The Mississppi River has always been carp haven with lots of commercial fishing. The Asian Carp are now invaded the Cumberland River,I see a lot of them caught at Preist Dam when they discharge water. The folks kept them saying great to eat? Some of the finest fish I ever had was smoked carp at fish markets on Missippi River.
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    Ditto on the WOW!! Those are some really good shots. I favor the one with his wings spread and on the carcass. Perhaps just as landing?
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    Nope, they are Muzzle Loaders, black powder only. If you could put a shell in to them the .gov just might come a ask a few questions. I am thinking of getting the Diablo Break Open, 30 grans of powder a card and wad, some buck shot with an over card and just see how it shoots.
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    Don't believe he is far off from the truth !!!!!
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    I take it you folks don't work in marketing?
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    OK, so we've been here before. I admit it. Every so often, someone will release a mid-size 9mm handgun with dimensions somewhat approximate to those of a Glock 19 and I will buy it and then tell you all that it's worth your time and attention. On a few occasions, even, my opinion of the firearm hasn't deteriorated over time. I still love my M&P M2.0 Compacts, for example. But eventually and inevitably my attention wanders back to the Glock 19. I have carried it or the Glock 23 for over 20 years now and it would be impossible and foolish for me to be dismissive of the experience with and familiarity with that platform. I can index a target with the Glock 19 as naturally as I could point at it with my finger. So, why do I keep doing picking up the next "Glock Killer" every time one is released? Enter the new FN Herstal 509 Midsize, or 509M as they're calling it for short. I took a chance on it sight-unseen. I had never held the full-size 509 and had only fondled a FNX-45 Tactical on a few occasions in gun stores. There really is no comparison in size or feel between the FNX-45 and the 509, but that's really as close as I had come. But, some friends of mine prodded me toward the 509M because of how well they liked their full-size 509's and I took a chance. I'm glad I did. The 509M seems like a perfect marriage of the best elements of some of my favorite guns: -- The slide's serrations and top rib remind me of the HK VP9 as does the profile of the picatinny rail on the dust cover. The slide's heavily beveled face reminds me of an HK P2000. -- The trigger shoe feels like a fatter, wider, smoother M&P trigger and the crisp break and short, pronounced reset remind me of a Glock Gen 5. -- The grip's backstrap and front strap remind me of a CZ P-10C and the flat side panels remind me of a Polymer 80 that's been worked over by a skilled stippling artist. -- And of course it is virtually the same length, width, height and weight as the Glock 19. I am honestly very, very excited about this gun. Far more than I thought I would be. I purchased it for right at $500 and initially thought that I would just flip it for a wash or maybe a small profit if I didn't like it. Most of them are selling for $550 online at the moment, but you can still find them for a hair over $500 if you search and aren't slow on the "BUY NOW" button when you luck into one at that price. I know that I say this every time, but this stands a good chance of relegating the Glock 19 to the safe. Well, for at least part of the time.
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    If you start fishing from a jet ski you might just be a bigger redneck than the ones born here.
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    Thunderbolt and Lightning....
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    I like the Diablo. Don't believe I'd ever shoot it though.
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    Here is a very fascinating read about repurposing calvary blades into fighting knives for WWII. Also the campaign to gather knives and send to troops. https://blog.knife-depot.com/wwii-demand-for-blades-led-to-knife-crowdsourcing/?fbclid=IwAR0F9-vVRPWBnGI7tbxEaAB1vVT1wYZu8RwGgGfUXaqu8i9E5JO7oM2OYDo
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    A little late to the party but here are my thoughts. I have a SW Bodyguard and it goes with me just about everywhere. It almost never leaves my pocket. Most of the time I also have my Glock 26 on my hip but when I need to be "ultra concealed" the 380 is still in my pocket. About the only time the 380 comes out of my pocket when I am out of the house is when I go to the VA for an appointment. As far as the 380 isn't powerful enough debate there is plenty of research done out there where folks have put clothing in front of ballistic gel blocks and shot it with a 380. There is still plenty of lethal force from the 380 through clothing. With any self defense firearm, it is only as lethal as you are accurate with it. Again there are plenty of stories out there where LEOs and others have mag dumped multiple mags of bigger calibers into a person and not taken them down. A lot of things play into it. This might be a logical reason to always carry a larger caliber but in the end as the saying goes, "the most effective carry firearm is the one you always carry." I always have the 380 in my pocket but again about 90 or 95% of the time I also have my Glock 26. Who says you have to only carry one gun!
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    Sadly I agree. When SHTF you are gonna have a hard time bringing anyone into the fold because of trust. Is that 10 year old sweet little girl a plant to let murderous raiders into your camp? Do the people you let in have skills to be more than resource black holes? Even if you are well prepared, a long term or a teotwawki scenerio will mean hunger and toil. Without access to electricity and/or mechanical assistance it will be even worse. Growing enough food to sustain even a small group will be back breaking. The days of mules and horse drawn plows are gone. The small population of animals that still exist will probably be slaughtered by the masses for food long before anyone gets far enough above water to start farming again. The woods will be hunted clean of anything bigger than a chipmunk. Stores, warehouses, cubbards, and anywhere else anything of value is stored will be looted. Sadly lots of it will be wasted as the JIT mentality have people gorge themselves today just to starve in a week. I truly believe cannibalism and slavery will rise up again as the "strong" prey on others. These gangs will terrorize groups and communities in search of resources. Those of us with guns will have a bit of an edge if we are willing to make the hard decisions, but even reloading supplies will run out at a point. True we can make black powder and mold our old bullets, but making fresh brass? When we are back to flintlocks holding off invaders will be much different. I hope for everyone's sake that the fragile system holds. As much as I despise a lot of today's world, I do not want to test how I might survive when a simple cut could mean a horribly painful death due to infection.
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    We're ALL going to die eventually. And, it's going to be UGLY!
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    That South African .308 was good ammo.
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    If we all had time machines, we would have a lot of nice guns and cars....
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    The 3 hours is not an issue to me driving. I made the Johnson City to Jackson run a bunch over several years. My issue relates to having the time to go there. Between work and family it is hard. Especially when the family is not supportive of this theme of thought.
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    Hell, I moved down here to GTFOOD! I'm w/ you guys, I'm sticking it out here. Just purchased 17 acre's at the end of a windy country road ... just hope I can get it improved and the house built before the schumer really hits the oscillator! - K
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    I lived in west Texas in the 70/80. Hard place to live when things go bad. No water and there will be many Mexicans looking for things to get on our side of the boarder. Nothing but hot in summer, cold in winter and lots of sand.
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    Cool!! Here you go! https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/forum/39-firearms-classifieds/?do=add
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    My SIL told us of two serious incidents. One caught the butt of the rifle to the head when she failed to catch it. The frightening one was the girls were to hold the rifle to support them as they jumped up and spread their legs in sort of a double side kick. While doing this a girl somehow came down on the rifle barrel driving it up into her vagina.
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    He probably didn't marry her for her brains ...
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