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    I fell in love with the .45 Colt cartridge many years ago. Big bullet, big holes. big bang with very manageable recoil. What's not to like? Unfortunately, the traditional Colt style single action revolvers don't fit my hand at all. Not only do I not shoot them worth a crap, the back of the trigger guard beats the holy hell outta the knuckle on my middle finger. It only takes a few shots and I'll be bleeding. Along came Smith & Wesson and I discovered the Model 25. It was love at first shot. Over the years I've acquired several and they are some of my favorite shooters. The one on the bottom right is actually a 25-2 in .45acp. Everything else is .45 Colt. The one on the bottom left is a Model 25-7. These were a limited run made in 1989 featuring a 5" barrel, unfluted cylinder and matte black finish. These are without a doubt the finest and most accurate .45 Colts that S&W ever built. BTW: I also have a Winchester Model 94 Trapper in .45 Colt.
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    This is a 6-inch, Blued, Big Wood Grips Ruger revolver, circa 1986 w/ original box, wrap and papers. The Ruger Security-Six was introduced in 1972 and manufactured until 1988 by Sturm, Ruger & Company. These revolvers were marketed to law enforcement duty issue, military, and civilian self-defense markets. Excellent Condition. I'm in the Franklin/Murfreesboro area. $650
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    Well been wearing it for awhile now and it carries comfortably and holds the pistol in close. It has thick leather and is curved to fit the body. So far so good, I liked it so much I, picked up another for another 1911.
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    I am liking the looks and the review in American Rifleman on the Mossberg MC1SC. Has anyone handled one or shot one yet?
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    This came from an estate I'm helping the widow sell off. I'm not a big fan of wheel guns but for $450.00, I couldn't say no. Bill
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    Good spot. Good chow. Skull's has a really nice upscale menu.
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    I’ve found myself sitting at Merchant’s drinking what will likely be the first of more than a few old fashioneds.
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    If I wasn't 3/4 sick, I would come out. Holler next time you're thru
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    If they have time, they can look at my hard drive. Don't think the files are illegal. From the viewer...
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    Thank you for the offer. Yours sounds like a great gun; but, I’m stocked up with .357’s for now.
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    Lordy ain’t that the truth.... he started naming guns and I just let out a big sigh thinking about what could have been. lol
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    Howdy Wes and Welcome to TGO!!!
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    I have heard good things about Bergara rifles.
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    Thoroughly enjoyed it. And that Gun Shop...
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    I have had decent over there. I forget where. I agree that it's hard to beat Memphis. A friend of mine shot a picture of his lunch at the Barbecue Shop last week. Inspired me to go on a hunt for some around here. I wound up real disappointed.
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    On the opposite end of the state, in Memphis. It’s kind of our specialty.
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    Best movie I’ve seen in a while.
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    I understand wanting a 3”; I love all 3” revolvers. Negative about the Ruger being stronger. The GP100 in 10mm isn’t a weakling, but the S&W is built on the N Frame that the 44mag is built. The GP100 is a smaller gun and built on a frame that 357 and 44spl is built. Many of us 10mm worshipers dream of reaming a 610 to 10mm magnum and we can’t use the shorter, smaller cylinder of the GP100.
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    I got one this morning! 23 pounds 10 5/8 inch beard and 1 1/2 inch Spurs.
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    a And a guy trying to moon the camera next to the pickup, lol.
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    Let me state first that I am not picking on you here. You simply made some statements that are a good segue into something we all need to talk about. That said, I think you are entirely correct that people aren't wholesale rushing to turn them in or destroy them. Perhaps that's because there are still some lawsuits against the government pending that haven't been decided upon yet and owners of these devices are reluctant to destroy something today that, while illegal, might be taken back off of the prohibited items list tomorrow. Or perhaps it really is just an act of civil disobedience and the folks that own these are silently giving the government a defiant middle finger. And, you know, our nation was founded on that principle so I can't fault anyone who's operating under that mindset. It's in our DNA and resonates with me pretty deeply. BUT... the fact remains that bump stocks are, currently at least, lumped into the same category as a machinegun and there was no provision granted to grandfather them in, or allow citizens to register them as NFA-regulated devices and legitimize them with a tax stamp. They are, therefore, illegal to own and discovery of ownership carries hefty fines and potentially imprisonment. Now, does that mean that the BATFE is going to go door to door looking for bump stocks? Highly unlikely. But what it does mean is that a citizen's bump stock could be discovered by coincidence during a search or seizure for another crime, and now that citizen would very likely be charged with a Federal firearms crime that carries heavy penalties. Even if the original reason for the search or seizure was a misdemeanor crime. Say, like getting pulled over for running a stop sign and the officer feels that there's reason to search your vehicle for contraband and finds a bump stock you forgot about in the trunk of your car. Or, if you really want to make it realistic, say your spouse or significant other accuses you of domestic violence -- whether founded or not -- and the police come to your home to investigate. Suppose in the course of that they find your secret stash of bump stocks. Now you're facing the same sort of penalties that former Nashville-area KIA hockster Christopher Bostick was hit with back in 2015 and finally sentenced for just last year. Bostick was investigated for a domestic issue originally, but the police found two "sub machineguns", neither of which were properly registered to him under NFA laws. Instant felony charges. You can read about that here: https://www.wsmv.com/news/former-nashville-kia-dealer-sentenced-on-gun-charges/article_2ecbc3e6-3e2a-5666-9f79-db4d438ca394.html So, the bottom line here is that anyone who continues to own a bump stock needs to engage in a serious soul-searching exercise. While I think that the current power-grab by the Trump administration regarding these devices is egregious, unconstitutional, abhorrent, and hopefully will be struck down by the Supreme Court, I am also a realist and suspect it won't be and these devices will never again see legal ownership in the United States. Keeping one around as a middle finger at the government is a personal choice. Some of our founding fathers likely would approve of it too. But they also had to do some soul-searching when they stood up to the King of England, and many of them paid terribly high prices for it even though it earned the rest of us freedom and a new country. I question whether modern Americans are really patriot-enough to risk everything the way that those men did.
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    ugh.Krystal ??? Give me White Castle anytime
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    I just did this bout a year ago. I changed my address online. Then I had to apply for a duplicate Handgun Permit online. The duplicate costs $5. They told me on the phone that it is not necessary to change your gun permit address as it has the same number as your drivers license and one is good enough. I changed mine anyway. Took about 1 week to get the duplicate with the new address back.
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    Krystal may have been a knock off but they are far superior to White Castle. I will eat a White Castle in a pinch but Krystal is #1. The mustard is what makes the little burgers so good.
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    Ok... I'm a Jersey boy born and raised to a Baltimore father and a Raleigh North Carolina mother. I currently live in MA with my wife who traces her family on her father's side back to 1640's Scottish immigrants. I refuse to believe chivalry and manners are dead or superfluous. I hold the door for my wife, pull out her chair, call people Sir and Ma'am, say please and thank you, and have taught my daughters to behave that way and to expect the same from their boyfriends. We can't wait to move south. I thought the video was hysterical, and I hereby promise to NOT channel that poor soul.
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    Moving you out to remodel and raise the rent by a bunch!
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    My vote: Send it in. Don't trust a local gunsmith to fix a problem with an extraction system that even the manufacturer couldn't get to work properly. Cheers, Whisper
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    Taurus 605. It's an all steel .357 with hammer. Put reduced power springs in it to lighten the double action pull and shoot 38 spl. I've owned one for several years now, never had an issue, very accurate for its size too. Price is about $275.
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    Buds has the Rock Island .38 spl 4" for $212. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/35253/rock+island+51261+revolver+m200+single%2fdouble+38+special+4+6+black+polymer+bla EAA Windicater fpr $292 https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/91848/eaa+earb384+windicator+38+special+4"+6rd+blued+alloy+frame+b Taurus Model 82. Bud's has them for for $351. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/31559/taurus+82b4+m82+6rd+38sp+%2bp+4"
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    That's an AMEN TripleGGG... And Welcome Steve! Formerly from Buffalo/Rochester myself. Moving was a great thing! - Kevin
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    Thanks, after reading your review and a couple others online, I bought one. Found a coupon for another $10 off, $88.20 delivered. Already arrived and I have played a bit. Haven't had time to do a lot with it but should help trigger control. May even try some holster draws. I debated on what caliber to get and finally decided on .380 since my Ruger is where I need the most work. I figured there was a good chance it might also work in my 9s and if it didn't I order another laser if it looked like I would use it. Works fine in my Glock 19 and KelTec Sub 2000. No ejection grove so will not work with my LCR 9mm with moon clips but the 9mm laser wouldn't either since if they put the grove in the semis would eject it.
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    I was a salaried manager for a large retail chain. I remember at a district meeting some 6 years back, the Division Loss Prevention Manager had sent word for the District LP Managers to cover the enforcement of a new policy.... that, while no signage would be posted to state our stores do no allow handguns on premises, management was to approach anyone seen carrying and politely ask them to return their firearm to their vehicle. I have never seen so many people in that company come together so quickly and agree on something for once as we did that day. It was a resounding "over my dead body will we enforce that. Post the signage of that's the company's new stance or you will get no cooperation from a single one of us." Fortunately, we had some excellent leadership. The District Manager asked us to "move like molasses" on this new direction and give him the opportunity to speak to the Div. Office on the matter himself. I have yet to hear of the company making a move on it to this day.
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    Do yourself a favor and talk to an Officer from the department that would respond to a “Shots Fired” or “Man with a gun call”. It only matters what those guys will do. We could really get you screwed up. Welcome to the forum.
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    I’m drunk. I’m not done drinking. I’m so happy Lyft is a thing. Just sayin’.
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    Chuck that would be a reason not to come, clipping your toenails. LOL I asked a few retired, bachelor neighbors about going fishing and I swear one of them told me Saturday was his wash day. Now I am not a slob, but really you are retired, live by yourself and you can't wait a few days to do the washing. I am scratching those 2 for asking about fishing. If I didn't know them better I would say they didn't like me.
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    If you have a lifetime permit, take your birth certificate. You'll need it.
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    You don’t. You really, really don’t.
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