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    Got my velvet buck back. Love how it turned out!
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    LOL! You ever grow any cherry tomatoes? You’ll probably have enough cherry tomatoes with 8 plants to sell them commercially.
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    Here's a couple of quick pics. The peppers and Chard were started from seeds indoors in March. We usually purchase our seeds from Johnny's. We always have an excellent germination rate using Johnny's seeds. https://www.johnnyseeds.com/ I like this system of bed building. Simple, fast, and easy. The weight of the soil holds the landscape timbers firmly against the t-posts. The chicken wire keeps the rabbits out, and believe me, we have a bunch of rabbits in our neighborhood, and especially in my yard!
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    Definitely unique carvings, hope you get them back.
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    Up for sale is a C. Sharps Pepperbox. These were made between 1859 and 1874. I believe it is a .32 rimfire. One of the grip panels is cracked and glued on. Just a cool little oddity. $400
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    If I worked at a gun store, I would have to pay them each week...
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    the 507C is the dual reticle feature so you can switch between the dot or reticle. I feel like i can pickup the retical much faster.
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    Thanks for the recommendation. I actually have been thinking of the Holosun products. I first saw one on a Bren Rifle a year or so back and was impressed with it.
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    This has been on the back burner since Christmas. Finally got a chance to work on it and get it finished, I think it turned out pretty good. The holster and belt are from the "Hand of God" Rig from 3:10 to Yuma except I didn't want the same tooling and it is lined, the belt is also lined but with the rough side out so it wont slip around. The bullet loops, Holster loop, Chape, and billet are dyes a deep brown and the rest is an oil finish I also added conchos. I really enjoyed making this rig and plan on doing a cross draw holster for when I get my other pistol. Thanks go to my wife and kids for getting me the pistol for Christmas and to GT for the knife.
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    I was wondering when someone was going to broach the subject. NFA items used in crimes is a rarity.
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    One of Jimmy’s best!! I sure miss that shop. He used to sponsor my son when he shot trap.
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    Hard to say but probably would. Sign up for a benefactor membership and post it for sale here. Looking forward to seeing the pics.
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    There is some serious truth here! The one cherry tomato plant I planted last year had us eating cherry tomatoes daily and I took pounds upon pounds of them into work and gave them to my co-workers. They were delicious though. But that experience (they literally overwhelmed the rest of my garden) is what caused me to plant my lone cherry tomato plant in a large planter away from the rest on my garden. Those suckers can grow! Good looking plants kentmck!
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    Beretta 3901 RL They are not made anymore and are getting hard to find due to being so popular with youth clay target shooter. Soft recoiling SA with 12/13" LOP and 26/28" barrel with choke tubes. A used one in good shape should run $800-1000. I would think that aftermarket parts for the 390/391/3901 guns would fit. EDIT - Sorry. I should have read your requirements first. The 3901 looks to be outside the upper limit of budget.
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    Unfortunately It has no collector value anymore. Colt guys are a strange lot. Once a Colt has been refinished, the majority of Colt guys lose interest. So what you have now is a very nice commander sized 1911. Unless you find someone who wants it customized exactly like you did I think you will have a hard time getting more than $700-$800 out of it. As long as you love it who cares what the value is. Shoot it and enjoy it. I love Colt 1911's. Would love to see a pic of yours if you want to post it up.
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    All I have are 10 tomato plants. 2 are for slicing. The other 8 are cherry tomatoes. 6 of the cherry tomato plants are small Walmart starters. They are a little behind the others I got from rural king and they are going great.
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    We don't sell a bunch of the revolvers but I don't think I have seen one of those come back for repair. The G2C and PT111 get sent back the most at out store, we also sell a ton of those at the store. Taurus has been a good run of late, I've not seen one in a couple weeks sent back. Had one guy send the same LCP back for the third time I'm surprised how few Smith SD9 and 40's get sent back, it's a cheap gun too. I work part time at a local Academy, Fishing and firearms can be two expensive hobbies Edit: If I owned a gun store I would sell Taurus, YUGE margin compared to other firearms.
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    Yeah, like I used to hunt squirrel as a kid.... now we feed them in the yard. I figure if things get bad enough at least they are around.
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    I know this isn't the response that you were looking for, but I just wanted to broaden your view a little bit. You may think that they're made for Paul Bunyan but at 6'4" I can assure you they aren't. I have the same problem with long guns but from the opposite perspective. I'd argue that big people have an even harder time finding a fit which necessitates modification to what's standard. Personally, I'd recommend looking at aftermarket stocks for whatever shotgun you're looking for.
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    I think you are doing a good job at finding what you want. You have the same problem many of us have regardless of the type weapon…there is plenty of options with exactly what we want; but not at the price we want to spend. That’s the bad news. Is there good news? Of course there is! The good news is that if it’s a type shooting you really enjoy; you will eventually find out that what you want to spend and what you need to spend are not the same. I got out of shotguns for awhile because I was getting old and they (12GA Pumps) were beating me up. Sure, I could do it; but it wasn’t much fun anymore. With some friends still shooting shotguns; I decided I wanted to get back into it. I decided I wanted a quality 12GA auto that was a cream puff to shoot. It cost a lot and I really enjoy it.
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    LOL. I wish. That looks like a great trap...but alas, we had a pet rabbit for several years. Now my missus views all rabbits as pets. As I plan to stay married, the rabbits are welcome to lounge around all they wish...
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    @Jamie Jackson Sounds like you need a few of these. You could add some protein to the table.
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    Our garden is doing pretty well except for the okra, which I assume the rabbits are eating. We've had at least 2 clutches of rabbits in the yard. Heres the first harvest, taken just a Little's while ago....
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    They are the 2019 AAA State softball champions. I'm proud to say the head coach is my niece. https://www.wate.com/sports/jefferson-co-high-school-softball-state-champs-for-first-time-in-school-history/2025683243
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    John Harris in Nashville is the best Firearms attorney in TN. He is very familiar with NFA law. You can reach him through the Tennessee Firearms Association website as he is the Director. With NFA items, always play it safe as some things have extremely high values and the penalties for messing it up can be pretty severe.
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    YouTube is probably the greatest invention since books and libraries for getting stuff done.
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    Current configuration... NEW: Arc Division SPARC-M mini comp. Prior to NRAAM, I stripped off the Primary Machine comp, replaced the Silencerco barrel with an Agency Arms barrel, and swapped the Surefire X300UA light for a smaller Streamlight TLR7 light. That was my carry gun for the entire week of NRAAM travels and 12+ hours of walking on the exhibit hall each day. I have a new slide coming for one of my other Glock 19's to spruce it up a little and make it ready for an RMR, so I decided to go ahead and trick this Gen 4 back out to full kit. The SPARC-M compensator is short enough that I can toss the TLR7 back on this gun and carry it in a much smaller holster, should I want to. I figure it'll stay like it is for home defense and maybe occasional carry when I know that I can get away with something a little bulkier.
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    I bought this almost two years ago. It has sat in my safe and not been shot. I have other .308 rifles that I shoot so this one is up for sale. Here is info from the website: WEIGHT 9.5 lbs. (4.31 kg) Unloaded IMPINGEMENT Direct Gas Impingement System LOWER RECEIVER CORE30® Billet Lower CNC Machined from solid 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy Integral Oversized Trigger Guard, Type III Hard-coat Anodized Finish UPPER RECEIVER CORE30® Billet Upper CNC Machined from solid 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy with 1913 Picatinny rail and Laser Engraved T-markings BARREL CORE30® 18” Mid-length Standard Profile 1:10 Twist 5/8x24 TPI, 416R Stainless Steel Match Grade BOLT CARRIER GROUP CORE30® Chrome Lined 8620 Steel Carrier, Magnetic Particle Inspected Bolt (MPI), Mil-Spec Carpenter 158® Steel Bolt, Chrome Lined Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specs with Grade 8 Hardened Fasteners, Mil-Spec Staked, Tool Steel Extractor Upgrade, Extractor Spring, Shot Peened RAIL SYSTEM APEX Gator Grip 15” Free Float Modular Forearm GAS BLOCK CORE30® Low Profile Gas Block (.750”) BUFFER TUBE CORE30® Standard Mil-Spec CHARGING HANDLE CORE30® Billet Charging Handle V.3 MUZZLE BRAKE SureFire SOCOM Muzzle Break HAND GUARD M4 Style Thermoset molded Polymer Hand Guards with Dual Heat Shields STOCK/GRIP Magpul® UBR Stock, Magpul® MIAD Grip TRIGGER GUARD Integral Oversized Trigger Guard TRIGGER Geissele SSA-E 2-stage Match Trigger MAGAZINE Magpul® 20 rd. PMAG® CASE CORE30® Hardshell Case SUPPLIES/ACCESSORIES CORE30® Welcome Kit - Owner’s Manual, CORE® Lifetime Warranty Registration, Stickers, Dog Tags The MSRP on this was $2879 with a street price of about $2100. I am selling this for $1500. It comes with everything that I got when I bought it. $1200
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    Im not quite sure how I acquired this phobia i have about carrying as much ammo in my weapon as I can. For the first half of my career I carried a .38 with only 6 rounds (and another 18 on the belt), before switching midway thru my career to a 9mm with 15 in the gun. Then, after retiring, I developed this fear of running out of ammo... For years after retiring I carried an FN-45 with 15+1 with another 30 on my belt. Finally convinced myself to go to a lighter, smaller EDC and ended up with a 9mm Shield...but the fear crept back and so i got the 365 when it came out and now carry it loaded with 12+1. Will switch to the 15 rounder when they come in probably. Totally un-explainable fear i have on this issue. On a positive note, I only carry one spare mag on my belt now, with 10 more in my bag, lol.
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