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    Not a good attitude. Whether you like them or not is immaterial. We should not give up any right due to the fault of one individual.
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    Only substance in the entire article "banning a particular item will not prevent the next attack " Also "i" think fast food is a waste of money therefore we need to ban fast food. Who's with me ?
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    I guess I'm one lacking common sense in this area then because IMO a background check is pointless for those seeking to do evil and only complicates things for the rest of us. The one big BIG thing it does do is allow the gubment to track you and i ,average law following citizen, with every firearm transaction from the point it becomes law forward. That gets into my personal business and my private life neither of which they should be privileged to. At that point we become much like Australia where I have to ask permission to go shoot the GD thing. No thanks !
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    I don't know it anyone saw this, but I saw the news that Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted this comment: In the past 48hrs the U.S. horrifically lost 34 people due to mass shootings. He then commented that on any given 48 hour period in the U.S. 500 die due to medical errors 300 die due to flu 250 die due to suicide 200 die due to car accidents 40 die due to homicide with handgun Sort of puts things into perspective. This in no way condones what the "idiots" that murdered these innocent people did, it just shows that on most any given 48hrs. in the U.S. about 1,240 people die not related to a gun, 40 due to a gun. Now I for some reason don't hear the left or right complaining about these 1,240 people and how we need to police our medical errors, find cure for flu, give people mental health help so they won't kill themselves. Do something about these car accidents. All of these deaths with the exception of the flu, is due to humans, either there incompetence, lack of training, poor attitude, or a host of other issues, but it is the human. Not the car, not the medical procedure. There is a definite pattern. Not the gun.
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    I think you're correct but I cannot think of a way to stop this without infringing on everyone. Unless you were to ban all guns, and confiscate every gun from every household, this will never stop. Even then, you'd only find maybe half of all guns out there, at best. I think where we screw up is that we always blame "mental illness" but fail to actually do anything about it such as additional funding. The same people calling this mental illness suddenly get very defensive and start screaming about "socialism" if you mention funding these programs. It's pretty clear we need to create more programs for people that need help. This is going to cost money.
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    So I have a hard time seeing "common sense" in something that will have a zero impact on shootings of any kind.
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    I've never had much interest in a pistol AR since AK pistols exist, but I hate to see the BATF do a 180. These targeted articles really chap my hyde. Its an attempt to further misinform and polarize the unknowledgeable anti-gun crowd under the guise of being informative. Not sure if you guys caught it, but this clown not only is taking a shot at AR pistols and braces, but SBR's by likening them to fully automatic weapons (playing 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon). H e covers that the shooter had a pistol and not a rifle, then transitions to SBR (correctly defining it) trying to allude to their similarity and that the SBR requires a tax stamp. Then this: "The process is similar to legally owning a fully-automatic rifle" Then refers again to the jerk who killed the folks after setting the context, saying "It is unclear if Betts' went through this process, but the firearm he used did have a barrel shorter than 16 inches." He already established it was a pistol and did not need the "process", but is drawing a line for the uninformed that an SBR is just like a full auto, and this pistol used is basically an SBR...which of course means its just like a full auto rifle. This is all done in a pretty sly way, but unfortunately it does work on his target audience and its clear what his entire point was with this article.
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    It basically starts there. Essentially, "this restriction" is reasonable so let's just concede there and be done with this. However, then they want another slice. Then another. You are then left with the little sliver we have now and some gun owners figure it's reasonable for them to tell us when and how we can eat it. Click that above image to see the rest.
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    They are indeed handy. They are popular for a reason. As far as drums I've yet to see the advantage of one over a magazine in any of these shootings aside from the pray and spray Vegas episode.
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    I also have one.... Fantastic weapon especially if you have handicaps. I have a bad shoulder among other things and an ar pistol makes it easier for me to handle.
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    Exactly criminals don't abide by laws no matter how many hundreds or thousands of them are passed. They only harm or impede the lawful citizen that wants to buy a gun to give his grandson or buy one to shoot sporting clays. This all started about 50-75 years ago. Parents quit disciplining their children, the Bible says if you love your children you will discipline them. Proverbs 13:24. It is all about not loving, it all boils down to a heart problem.
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    It’s all yours. Great gun and a good guy to buy from.
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    Times running out folks! I am getting closer to calling it. Last chance if you want it
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    Point of fact, flamethrowers are completely unregulated on the federal level. Only a handful of states have regulations concerning them. They are actually a rather commonly used farm implement. Folks really should know what in the hell they are talking about before they open their mouths.
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    I can save them lots of trouble and $$, it was hate. Killing people pretty much puts it in that category.
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    Yea, I seen that pic: And this: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/274538/51-mass-shooters-2019-were-black-only-29-were-daniel-greenfield But nobody can even discuss the issue without being labeled a racist. Sad.
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    Especially when not only is it advertised as such but he also has more guns on the table for sale that many people here own. Couple that with the fact that many of these people as such are supplementing their income by buying/selling guns, even the ATF would consider them a dealer (albeit not a properly setup one). Personally, I think you should be able to stop at Ace Hardware on the way home, pay cash, and walkout with an M4 no questions asked. You know, a little concept called freedom.
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    When pro 2A folks start talking about “common sense” gun control measures.
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    Don’t you hate it when we can’t have discussions without people calling us racists? It use to be you knew when someone wasn’t capable of intelligent conversation by them using the terms “Hitler” or “Nazi”. Today its “Racist” or “Nationalism” or its especially evil if you are a Nationalist and you are white, and if you are a Nationalist, white and old; you can’t be discussed in public; especially around children.
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    HE SAID AS MUCH IN HIS TWITTER POST!! It's the "art of the deal" I guess...
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    Place a #2 pencil in barrel not sharpened with eraser setting against beech face so firing pin will launch it if working.
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    It seems to be always the weapon be it a gun, knife or vehicle. There is a human body with a finger, hand, foot and part of a brain that does the ASSAULT. The brain is the ASSAULT weapon, not the tool. Which a firearm, hammer, knife or vehicle can be used as a tool. The liberal left won't be happy until all citizens are helpless victims because they won't have any tools to defend themselves. But I bet you all the money you could stuff into Fort Knox that the liberal left will still have walls around their compounds and their personal bodyguards will have all those EVIL black rifles and other assorted weapons. Put the blame where blame belongs and it danged sure isn't at the feet of the law abiding gun owners. Rant ended for now.
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    Not for the AR, and I'm pretty sure not for the AK either, it just has to start life as a pistol.
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    Actually, they are straight up crazy. They suffer from classic disorders. Textbook. Antisocial Personality Disorder / Psychopathy The problem is those are not illegal or give grounds to commit without overt signs you are a danger. Totally agree, folks would not be willing to submit to the personal freedom infringement to ever identify those effected.
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    Mental illness for sure. But, I think its more a lack of morality. Young people today have a very skewed idea of right and wrong. Parents have failed to teach them, schools are nothing more than liberal training centers, religion is a thing of the past. Good jobs are hard to find, many college degrees are almost worthless. Many young people in this country have lost hope. They see no real future for themselves. They simply quit caring.
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    I'm lost....... Again.....
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    There isn't a way to stop it without infringing and a lot of it in a heavy handed manner to have any effect. I think we blame mental illness in the absence of true mental illness. A lot of these shooters are perfectly sound of mind when they open fire, that mind is just demented in a way that isn't a clinical issue, but rather a reflection of character. There is no easy solution to any of this, and we (at least for now, anyway) have decided that the risk is worth the personal right of being able to keep and bear arms is still in place.
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    Joe....along with many others, Trump included sometimes...didn't get the memo.
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    May be? I think the recent clashes with Antifa have made it a certainty.
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    I agree with you but I can't help but laugh at this considering our current President. The two of them could argue in circle for hours. I actually look forward to the debates.
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    My 308 is heavy without using drum mags. But I have enough 25 rounders.
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    But M4’s are for sissies. I was thinking of something more effective.
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    You should be able to stop and buy a machine gun. You either believe that the “being necessary to the security of a free State” means that “The People” may need arms to protect themselves against an out of control government or you don’t. If that is true a group with machine guns have an obvious advantage over those limited to semi-autos or magazine capacity. Of course the whole “Nuclear Weapons” issue is in play also.
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    I was just talking to Jim about this. The fear doesnt seem that bad as I noticed that Brownells and a couple others still had drums in stock last night (I was checking to see if the news was causing a 2012 style buy up). But...now OOS Damn media!
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    You may well be correct, but what if he uses this to get democrats on record voting against the very gun control measures they tirelessly call for? He can then say he tried.
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    Trump was never a Republican or Conservative, except for convenience. At best he is pragmetist and at worst a snake in the grass (closet Democrat). And I'm afraid we are about to see the snake show it's ugly head. I believe he will trade us for his wall along the southern border and immigration reform.
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    My SHTF rifle is a 308 AR. However I just heard that there is no need for anyone to have 100 round magazine. So I suspect those same people would not think I need a 308 with 25 rounds.
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    No, Trump has a long history of favoring gun control. He only changed his stance before he decided to run for office. He has supported of a variety of gun control measures including an assault weapon ban. Here is his latest words of wisdom. Again, Trump doesn't have to do any of this. We all know he only does what he wants. All this does is piss off his supporters.
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    I did catch that as well, and as I was formulating my thoughts on it...you posted a very good commentary. Thanks for expressing it so well.
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    The few places I've been in wouldn't even take the trigger lock off, much less let you test fire it.
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    I bought one, but I kinda figured this would eventually come up since is goes against the intent of the law. I didn’t put a brace on mine as I didn’t want to be the test dummy for that. This guy obviously won’t be the test dummy either. I just wanted something cheap to thrown in the trunk in case something more than a handgun was needed. The initial intent of allowing a brace to be used by those that don’t have the use of both arms was a good idea. Of course, some quickly jumped on it and used it as a stock and some halfwits at the BATF couldn’t really make up their mind. I think the attorneys at the BATF must all be Defense Attorneys, they need to throw some Prosecutors in the mix to give them a reality check. I thought we were headed for some major changes in the NFA to allow SBR’s and possibly Suppressors. But with an SBR being used here and a suppressor being used recently in a workplace shooting; I doubt that will happen. The bad thing about that mag is, any legislation will probably address anything over 10. I don’t think they can get that through the Senate; but you just never know.
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    Still shorter than the waiting list for a new one...
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    Happy to be of assistance man. Ha. This will be my second blade courtesy of GT. Very much looking forward to delivery on this one in particular.
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    i see them as a kinda get used to kind of thing if that makes sense
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    I doubt it. I’ve not seen and held a Ruger Wrangler yet, but I’ve seen and held a Heritage. I can’t imagine Ruger making anything that low end, but I guess it’s possible. Maybe we’ll get sub $200 Smith & Wesson revolvers.
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    Yeet Cannon! I might have to get one. Some other cheap, American made pistols are the Ruger LCP and LCPII, and the Charter Arms line of revolvers, many of which can be found for under $300.
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    You are asking the same question that every surplus collector has asked for a century. Whats up with the outrageous SKS prices? What's up with the outrageous Mauser prices? "I remember when they were 25 bucks each in a bucket at the hardware store."
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