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    For encouraging me to build another AR-15 that I don't need... just because I can! Picked up a stripped lower to start another build today.
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    Gun folks need to breath some life into the younger generations. Education and right wing air time that has had some thought put into it. The left is just waiting on us to die so they can protect those that remain to death. The left also knows there is no changing our old asses and the young people flock to them because there is no structure and few rules. When they wake up in the real world with a couple kids of their own and a bunch of bills to pay they start getting particular about where their tax dollars go and after that they consider individual rights. Sunfish
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    Back in the mid '80s I picked up one of these that had already had the conversion done. It was nowhere as nice as this one but was a blast to drive. The only problem that I picked up on real fast was having all the metal on the rear end replaced with fiberglass made it notoriously wicked on wet roads. It did, however make at least 10-15 trips to Oklahoma City and back with no problems. If I wasn't so far along in life and was able to still do the type of work required, I would be all over one of these: The "New Beetle" was so unpopular that the used ones are dirt cheap now and the kit doesn't cost that much. I'd say less than $5000 for the whole thing. host images
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    I told the above story to someone I met about 5 years ago. Saw her last week and she told me how much it helped her through that tough time and she has told the story to others for encouragement. God's message to me, "keep it up!"
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    OK, its in dire need of paint but for the 67K on the clock and 5 grand I paid for it out of Ocala FL (completely rust free) I wasn't going to be too upset over that. What the pictures don't really show is how low the front of the cars profile is and steep rake of the windshield. In this shot, I had just completed a coil spring swap in on all 4 A arms and figured out what Monroe Air shocks would work on the rear for a slightly higher rear end. When I'm done, I it will look like this guy's 98 LSC. A 98 base model interior. 2 memory driver seat power seats, These cars ran 38K new and now can be had for a fraction of that mostly because of issues that any shade tree dude can bang out like leaking air ride bags, The cars would squat once speed goes over 60 for better handling but to me, it was far more simple to do a coil spring kit for a couple hundred bucks and never have electrical ride sensing issues or leaks with the on board pump & bags. And off course some folks go ape sheet over these 4.6 engines. These Lincoln engines became the coveted Cobra engines with slight tweaking of components. Its an all aluminum 281 ci block that rivals the size of a 454 big block. 32 valve intech V8 that howls like a banshi with my air intake mod at its 6K rpm red line. These cars are real sleepers and still enough yard parts to pretty much get a rough one back into decent shape. It didn't take me long to buy a new radar detector........... Just a sample of play time in this older one.
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    You never know who might be next. What if UPS and FedEx decided they wouldn't ship guns or ammo anymore? THAT would be a game changer for sure. Could enough popular and political pressure be exerted to make that happen the next time the Dems get the triumvirate? There's already a taste of that, in that neither will knowingly ship firearms between non-licensed folks. Indeed, for some time now, there is actually no legal way to ship a handgun between unlicensed individual people period, even though doing such intrastate is legal federally. - OS
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    They aren't done, rather change focus. However I think some of it is smoke and mirrors based on cash flow and recent quality issues . They know they can sell as many Socoms as they make, but the 1 guy who works customer service (says something right there) will tell you how many pissed off calls he gets daily about their cost cutting. The recent issues in long guns seem to come from bidding out to lower cost contractors whose machining quality is no where near what it was 5+ years ago, and short cutting build quality. An example I've seen on recent M4's with bad extensions was they ground down the lugs versus re-barrel or swap the extension to save a few bucks. That said, I think, and hope for their sake, the pause is to re-examine their business model and production, fixing what is broken and improving the component quality (going back to old subs?). In that, looking at what re-introduced models are working and focus on that. The snake guns are a good call.. Current offerings are more about the name and history, if they dont hit quality on the new snake guns. that will get out to bite them
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    I am selling a Brand New never removed from box Holosun Elite Flagship 2MOA Dot / 65MOA Ring Open Reflex Sight w/Green Dot and Holosun Riser. I am asking $300.00 FTF sales or $308.00 shipped. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. "NO Paypal" Thanks for looking. SOLD - Thanks TGO
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    Politics has taken over everything.
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    New press is all setup and cranking out some 55gr FMJ loads tonight. I already had several hundred pieces of primed brass so this was great to get a feel for the new press. I have a LED light kit on the way already, KMS Ufo light for better visibility. It will be most helpful with handgun rounds as peering into small rifle brass is difficult anyways. Also already want to buy the Inline Fabrication improved output catch bracket, as the catch bracket with the press is fairly flimsy. Fully serviceable, just flimsy.
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    I don't own any AR15's or Ak47's but that is by choice and not because I'm afraid they will come and take them away from me and arrest me. I own 1 long gun and it is a Marlin 60 22cal with a scope in case I want to go squirrel hunting. The politicians keep calling the AR's assault weapons or Military style weapons but I know several people that hunt with them and are very successful deer hunters. Yea to a point they are the gun of choice in many of the mass shootings but so have pistols also been used in much the same manner. The mass shooting at W Virginia Tech, 33 people were killed and the shooter was using a Glock 19 and a Walther P22. Are those considered assault weapons now too? Of course not yet!! There have been several other mass shootings where a pistol/pistols were used. The reason the politicians call these guns assault weapons is because if you were to actually sit down with several of them and have a debate you will find most of them could not tell you what gun is which or tell you who the manufacturer is, what the caliber is or anything else about them. It is mostly follow the leader and nothing more. It is a case of the Blind leading the blind and all falling in the same hole!!! Also the politicians that don't want Americans to have guns are the same ones that when they leave their homes they have anywhere from 4 to 8 body guards protecting them with of all things, guns!!! Many of them also carry one themselves. Also I wonder how many of them can tell you what type of firearms Charles Whitman used back in 1966 when he began shooting people from the Tower at Texas A&M. He didn't have one of these so called assault weapons but still managed to kill 11 people and wounded numerous others before law enforcement shot and killed him. It was later said after an autopsy that he had mental issues due to a tumor in his head. So how many people honestly believe that if they did get the so called assault weapons taken away they will stop the mass murders? If that is what they believe they are dreaming!! There is not a law that can be written that will stop Criminals from obtaining guns. There is not a law that can be written that can stop a mass murderer from carrying out their plans. If they can't get a gun they will get a truck, a car, a knife, a ball bat or some other type of weapon but they will continue to kill people. That is what they do...................JMHO
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    I was told no Christian is exempt from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't know where this thread will go, but I hope to learn, encourage and enlighten with positive posts, responses, questions, and critiques. I want to be a better Christian today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. I hope there will be enough information shared for folks make a decision about Christianity, free from hypocrisy and enough discernment to identify hypocrisy. That's what makes evangelism so hard and so I'll avoid it with the truth. Being 50 year old man, but only an 11 year old Christian, I was sure I wasn't prepared. Not a Bible scholar nor a theologian. Nice thing is I see this Christianity thing as a child does...it's not hard, it's not confusing. It has not been tainted by religion, the bias of my upbringing in the Catholic Church nor blinded by hypocrisy. I was actually saved in a Catholic Church, so the cause and event are probably the best place to start. You should all know I am a sinner; past, prssent, and future. I have broken more of God's commandments more times than I can remember. In 1988 I turned my back on God. Mom passed after 9 months of chemo and cancer. It was obviously God's fault, so I was ready to be like Frank Sinatra and do it my way. Had a pretty successful run, ups and downs but mostly up. Then a strange thing happened while bitching about having to wash some dishes in 1997. I had been married about a year and Mrs GtGs was the subject of my ire. All of a sudden, it occurred to me, if Mom hadn't passed, the likelihood of moving to Tennessee was zero. Not saying I'd still be living at home, but I loved my Mom and still miss her. It also revealed Mrs GtG was His gift to me, to love, cherish, lead and protect. Coincidence I had this errant thought, perhaps. Too much opium trying to connect randon events, maybe. God's plan for my life, with revelation of why I had / have trial and tribulation: this is my obvious choice considering my perspective. It was also a healing moment, my anger and hate towards God evaporated because I had an understanding of why. Here is where I missed the boat, when the anger faded, I was cool with God. I was aware of Him. That was about it, I didn't acknowledge, worship, glorify, or give Him any real credit. My lifestyle didn't change much. Went to church a few times, like any good C&E Catholic, I dropped some spare coin in the collection plate on the high holidays. Fast forward to 2007. Life (on the surface) was great. No cares or worries. Health, wealth, marriage...it was picture perfect. So I bought a bigger boat. The first Saturday I owned it, I was sitting on the bridge after washing and waxing. She was shipshape and in Bristol fashion. While surveying mine domain, another one of those errant thoughs, "I'd never thought I'd have a boat anything like this, I'd better get me to church." Strange to say the least, but at that moment the vague awareness of God manifested into, "GtG, you ain't all that and a bag of chips and somehow you think or know or feel God has been helping you out." So I went and talk about a religious experience. The folks in the pew next me probably thought my family just died or I getting ready to die myself. In the Gospel of Luke, there is a parable of the barren vine, the landowner and the gardner. So he said to the man who took care of the vineyard, 'For three years now I've been coming to look for fruit on this fig tree and haven't found any. Cut it down! Why should it use up the soil?' I was rocked to my core. This is what I heard and understood. I was the barren vine which had accepted 40 years sun, fertilizer, care, labor, space, investment, mercy and Grace for no yield. God was done with me and I was going to hell. Even my savior Jesus Christ, as the laborer, was willing to shield me, but I had to do something, because scripture doesn't say how long the season is. That's when my heart and mind opened to the truth recorded in the Bible, as I understand it with my childlike perception. The very next week, another religious experience. The Prodigal Son. Yep, through scripture, God revealed there was a party in Heaven over my return to the flock. So when I have zero doubt of heaven and hell and I was certain I was on the hell express, God showed how much he loved the wretched, selfish sinner I was by sending that message to save me from myself. What if I had hit snooze...yikes. So I found the Lord and got right with God and even went and got saved when times were good. I heard and read about trusting, patience, faithfulness. All those things you actually need when times are bad. Didn't quite understand as that stuff doesn't apply to me since time were good. Pretty important, because things got bad. 2009-2011 are tough financial times, I'm working 2 part time jobs to supplement my full time income, our home environment was not marital bliss. I'm reading my Bible a lot during this time, but truthfully, I didn't or couldn't feel God's presence or understand much of what I read. Except for Psalms and Job. There are some wonderful nuggets in Psalms which capture how I want to speak to or cry out to God. In Job, he praises and glorifies God regardless of his situation. He knows the Lord blessed him in the goods times, this is a test of his faith and he will trust God with tomorrow. I clung to this like a drowning man at the end of the rope. 2012 there was light at the end of the tunnel, it wasn't a train, and life got a bit easier with a new job. In August, out AC broke and so did my blindness. Mrs GtG was not happily married and didn't particularly care about the future outcome of our marriage. You see, like Paul, I was still blind to my sin. Yes, I got right with God, accepted who Christ is and what he does for me every day, began to forgive myself for treating God so poorly, but forgot I thing. Why do you persecute me, through her? In my selfishness, I had become a monster. When I looked at my behavior I was ashamed - I wouldn't want to be married to me either. I confessed and asked for forgiveness. Still married and it's better today than day 1. Well, that's my story and it's still being written. Welcome to the religious thread where all are welcome!
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    Putting a feeler out there Marlin 30-30 Jm stamped 1980 serial number with Simmons scope 3-9 scope updated photo with Leupold mount and rings. Zero’d with hornady ammo. I'll include the box of ammo Located in Nashville $450 or best offer updated photos of some close ups of some imperfections
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    When I was a kid, I had a cardboard box for a tank and my imagination. In hindsight, I don't feel too deprived.
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    I don't believe that will happen, but I can ship it for a lot less than it would cost for gas.
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    If somebody is looking for a great .22 this is a fantastic deal.
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    I will take it. I am in Antioch and can meet later today.
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    It doesn't look anything like the Old King Cobra, sadly. This one reminds me of a upgraded Charter Arms. I do not like the contours.
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    Politics has taken over sports, I do not watch any sports at all, sad as it is.
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    “They” are not stupid contrary to some people’s beliefs. Frankly, I’m astounded that what OS referred to has not already happened.
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    Multiple shots, increased accuracy (possibly)... I want one. https://youtu.be/K-ypO3ZQXd0
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    I know several people who are into sporting clays, hunting, etc that have this exact mentality. "I don't own an AR or AK so it won't effect me" thinking that if they sacrifice what other's like they would never come after their shotguns and bolt action guns. No one eats an elephant in one bite....
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    When I need a check up, I'll read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and replace "Love" with my name. Its gentle reminder that I've got more work to do to become the man I want to be.
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    I'll take it if you're willing to meet half way to Chattanooga. Bill
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