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    When I was a kid in the mid 60's, we lived across the street from Carl Ownby. When I had my appendix out in 66, he gave me a pocket knife. His wife was a sweet lady.
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    I bought this trailer to store my Ranger and Zero-Turn while I was looking for new property and had my things in storage. I am now settled in to my new place and don't really have a need for it anymore. I don't want to leave it sit and degrade. - 16' V-Nose with 18" V so 17' 6"" inside length to V-nose. 7' wide. Electric Brakes. Tires are excellent. This hasn't been used much. - 3500lb axles, 2-5/16" ball. - 7' ceiling height- Allows for driving in a UTV (I had a Polaris Ranger XP1000 in it and it fit fine. I have doors but could open the passenger door and get in and out of the Trailer side door by myself. I pulled my zero turn in behind it and had about 2" to close the ramp. There are two set of E-Track on each wall at different heights. Good for tying things in. No damage of any sort and inside is very clean. No leaks or any issues at all. TGO Price is $SOLD. Will be listed higher on other sites. Title in hand. These were all the pics I had right now, but can take inside pics if someone really needs them.
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    That be good if FREE Shipping and No Sales Tax. Picked mine up today, 09-28-2019, after Smoky Mtn Gun & Ammo notified me it was Ready To Pick Up. FED X had notified me they delivered it on 09-27-2019 at 9:15AM. 09-28-2019 1st Shoot of the new TX22 at friends range. Tried 3 different AMMOs: Shot the Aquilla 1135 FPS first (think that is when I had the Fail to Load or might have been with the AQ 1255 FPS); Then shot the Aquila 1255 FPS; Then the BLAZER 1200 FPS; Then the Remington Thunderbolt 1235 FPS. The Fail to Load had the bullet, projectile, lodged partly in barrel and the case at feed ramp. The bullet was knocked out of alignment with the case ( guess when slide closed on things). Other than that worked OK with all three AMMOS, accurate considering my shooting skills (ain't an expert). I have a picture of the targets, can't post pictures as site will not let me. GROAN I did post on a Taurus Forum.
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    It’s probably worth the few hundred bucks it’ll cost just to put a professional in as a buffer between you and someone you’ve got a relationship with. They’ll take the “personal” out of it and just get the deal done. As Joe Friday used to put it, "the facts ma'am just the facts."
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    Is that seriously a document produced by members of the US Senate? There’s no need to read all 77 pages. The slick first page is all anyone is going to look at. Just damn.
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    ?? October edition? Mine has article by Wayne in same place as usual, still listed as Executive Vice President. - OS
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    It would be really interesting to hear what logic drove them to the XD when Glock practically owns the LE market and the S&W M&P is usually second on the podium with Sig still getting the occasional contract. If it has anything to do with the "grip safety" of the XD, it is going to speak volumes about the level of Fuddery inside that PD.
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    By 2010 Remington had closed the Marlin plants and transferred everything to Remington in NY & KY. I’m a Remington fanboy and think they make the best bolt action rifles and shotguns on earth. You can spend more money than a Remington costs; but you can’t get a more accurate rifle or shotgun. But only the reviews after the move in 2010 will apply to the Marlins. So, there’s that. Henry has been building rifles for 23 years, which isn’t that long when you start talking gun companies. But levers is what they do; and they have an excellent reputation. I don’t think you could go with either. But I know if you want .357 you should plan on ordering new. Used .357’s seem to carry a premium and I have no idea why; they aren’t any harder to find new. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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    My Aunt amd Uncle just settled my Grandmother's estate, which included some RE. As a beneficiary, I received a phone book of docs, much of it regarding the RE. An attorney, title company, and title search would be on my check list. If nothing else, to ensure you remain friendly neighbors.
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    You know, until you mentioned it, I hadn't thought about the front serrations much on the Glocks. I guess I'd have to say that I really don't have a strong opinion either way on them. They may not be esthetically pleasing to some, especially on a nice 1911, but I usually don't pay much attention to them. Yes, I know I'm a bit strange. lol
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    That is wonderful news! Prayer...the best medicine!
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    What’s that old saying? Why are lawyers so expensive? Because they’re worth it. I expect it applies here. Maybe especially here. It’s probably worth the few hundred bucks it’ll cost just to put a professional in as a buffer between you and someone you’ve got a relationship with. They’ll take the “personal” out of it and just get the deal done.
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    You are a wise man indeed, my friend. I sometimes forget this, and it usually bites me in the caboose. Another wise adage: No good deed goes unpunished.
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    She is home now and getting better, thanks for the support.
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    I agree. One of the few good uses for a lawyer....assuming they are a RE lawyer. I've seen some messed up deeds from lawyers that don't specialize in real estate...
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    That's a pretty good visual description of the differences. I do think, as mentioned above, that a 22mag may be better for those nests, but I still think that this would be a fun rifle to have for options if you have some land. It has it's uses, and as I said before, I don't have a need...this is more of a, "I love .22s and lever guns." type of a thing. I also like the difference is decibels between this and a .410. The fact that it's much quieter is good for in closer housed neighborhoods.
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    I am from Mississippi and evidently the hunters in this neck of the woods don't dove hunt like they did down south. It was a family tradition to hunt doves on opening day, maybe a few time afterwards. I like most hunting, but enjoy doves the most. You don't have to be quiet, you usually don't have to freeze your _utt off. And the very best part is if you wrap a piece of delicious bacon around the little dove breast and place it on your grille for a few minutes, you will have some mighty fine eating!!
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    You will appreciate the fact that Springfield Armory has gotten tired enough of our jokes about this that they are firing back at people on Instagram.
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    The resolution did pass city council 8-1. Mayor Rojero will allow the last two shows already scheduled for the year to continue but will not approve any more. She will be out of office in a couple of months and both the candidates running to replace her approve of the measure as well. Gun shows at Chilhowee Park are done.
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    Received my American Rifleman & no LaPierre to be found.... Jason Ouimet, Interim Executive Director, NRA-ILA My mistake, he's still there.
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    I guess he's gonna suck somebody to death.
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    It will be interesting to see what all is offered here. I’m a little confused by the “Murfreesboro Armory”. Unless maybe they mean this is a joint venture between The Outpost Armory and the Nashville Armory??
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