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    The plain. I find it much more aesthetically pleasing than the black. Something about wooden toys looking like wood just strikes me as right.
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    Whelp, that post just cost me $94.
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    Had to play with some different buffer weights and springs on mine to get it running nicely; ended up with a standard carbine buffer and spring. A H2 or a sprinco spring would slow it down too much and cause it to fail to pick up a fresh round from the mag. Also, make sure you bring a nice heavy duty cleaning rod to remove stuck casings if you intend to burn through steel cased ammo with it in binary as you will encounter a few and relying on mortaring sucks.
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    Grandson went to the burn hospital today. Got an excellent report. The burn Dr said his face was healing great and his 3rd degree burns on his arms and neck will not require skin grafts, at this time. He cautioned them on infection and told them that they had to keep up his wound care and keep the 3rd degree burn areas as moist as possible. Also they needed to keep the burn areas covered at all times. He had a scare this morning. He had scratched the blood out of his arms, in his sleep last evening. Of course he is on pain meds and did not realize he was scratching so hard. The Dr told him/them the itching was normal and to cut his fingernails and put gloves on his hands to keep from scratching so hard at night. This was under his dressings that he did that. The dressings were still on his arms, but had blood on them. The Dr told them the itching was coming from the regeneration of damaged nerves, and the healing process around the burns themselves. We are delighted no skin grafts are needed and hope that continues. It takes his mother 2 hours to clean and recover the burn areas twice a day. He has made wonderful progress, the Dr said almost unbeliavible, considering the initial burns. Our prayers have been answered so thanks all of you who prayed for him and them. Most of all thank a "Loving God" for our great news. We are so encouraged and relieved. Got to be careful of infection, but every day that goes by the chances go down on that also. Mason asked him about the discoloration on his face, and the Dr was truthful with him. Told him it was going to take time for his coloration to come back, and that it may not come back completely, for sure in the most damaged areas. Being 15 he is worried about his looks and that is totally understandable. He explained it might take 2 years for them to recover completely, or as mush as the will. Dr told him his face will probably recover better than the 3rd degree burns and if his arms do have scaring, that he can wear long sleeve shirts. Told Mason he is a lucky child that most of the worst burns can be covered if he has areas of bad scars. Mason was a little disappointed but relieved that his face most likely will clear up in time. His mother said he was worried about going back to school.
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    I remember that story. I believe a snapping turtle was consumed that summer as well. Possibly even a opussum.
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    @Oh Shoot is a connoisseur of eating groundhogs.
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    I would get one as well but I’m not going to spend $94 to get in more trouble than I usually am because the only thing I’d do with it is shoot my wife in the fanny.
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    Tell me about it. Bought a gun from a guy the other day or I’d already jumped on this. I’ve made multiple purchases from GT, and every one has Ben a work of art/masterpiece.
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    Rodents from the country that eat mostly plants, yeah. Groundhogs, beavers, squirrels, rabbits...
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    Ground hogs are very good eating. I grew up eating them and hunted them a lot. If I get a chance to get one in the cross hairs of my Marlin 60 I will be eating high on the hog again. I have a buddy that said he will cook it on his smoker for me if I get one.
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    That's a ghost gun. Don't you keep up with politics?
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    Deal in confidence, stand up seller!
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    Did you look up the old timey talk, lol? Duh.
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    Anyone would be hard pressed to find a better trigger on a pistol than this one.
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