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    Putting up for CZ 75B Matte stainless. Gun is like new with only 150 rounds through it. Comes with factory box and two mags. Will include a set of Hakan Pek wood grips. Feel free to PM with questions. $650
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    I was about to get the IWI Masada which still seems great and all. It hasn't failed on any reviews. My OCD got me to thinking about if the removable "chassis" would wobble around inside the frame after several rounds and wear and tear and cause things to get out of specifications which would result in things not lining up for feeding and ejecting. So I got to thinking that I could just spend a little more money and get my dream gun the Jericho 941. So I did. She is all steel , heavy and built like a tank and should last me and my son's lifetime. It reminds me of the Ruger P-Series that were heavy and WAY OVERBUILT which is what I like. The barrel is chomoly vanadium like AR15 barrels. Very heavy compared to polymer guns but sweet. I don't know why I waited this long to get it. Frame mounted safety like a 1911 and ability to carry "cocked and locked". Hope you guys like the pictures. I'm going to give her a bath in Ballistol in a day or two before I shoot her.
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    When Sears told me years ago that they no longer had the repair kits and handed me the impostor, I never pursued it. Thanks to this thread and Chucktshoes telling me kits are available, I just went to EBAY and found a Made in USA kit which is now on order. My old ratchet is soon to be back in service.
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    Received my latest masterpiece from GT and figured I should have a family photoshoot. He is definitely an artist with steel!
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    Up for sale is my like new Dan Wesson ECP in 9mm. Lightweight aluminum frame with a 4" bull barrel, shoots like a dream. Gun has 250 rounds through it with zero issues. I bought this one new earlier this year and as much as I love it I could use the money for a different project. Comes with all the factory items, two factory and 3 Kimber mags (total of 5) Feel free to PM me with questions, not looking for trades right now unless you want to try and bowl me over with some ridiculous offer... $1300
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    I have a lot of tools and most of my hand tools are USA Craftsman tools from the 70s. My first tool set was a starter set given to me by my Dad. I think mostly so I would stay out of his tools. By the time I needed to replace my 3/8 ratchet they no longer swapped complete ratchets but would give you a replacement gear set for the head. When that wore out again I went back to Sears and they handed me a new ratchet, made in Japan, that just looked and felt cheap. I handed it back to the clerk and asked to have my old ratchet back. Even though my ratchet would no longer function me and that ratchet had been through many engines, repairs and projects together working side by side with my Dad. I eventually picked up a couple more functional USA Craftsman 3/8 ratchets at yard sales. My Dad is now long since gone and I can buy mediocre ratchets anywhere, but the Craftsman ratchet my Dad gave me is in my tool chest where it belongs, even if it doesn't work.
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    My CZ family grew. I really like this one.
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    I disagree on motorcycles.
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    The one on the left I picked up from the interweb. The rest are from GT
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    This worked good last year for keeping the BF sales consolidated.
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    When I typed the title I figured somebody would think I was speaking of "the time change" back to standard time. My Craftsman brand 1/4" ratchet literally fell apart a few weeks ago, and I was thinking are they still covered by the warranty? As the Sears store in Cookeville closed, I happened to find out Lowes covers the warranty. I went in today with my OLD broken ratchet and got a brand spanking new one that retailed for $29.98. Not a big deal, however I receive a $49.99 tool set from my parents in 1968 for Christmas, it contained a 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" ratchets with sockets, screwdrivers, pliers and end wrenches. Plus over the years that ratchet that broke had been rebuilt or replaced at least 2 or 3 times. I think the tool set has been a great investment. Times have certainly changed.
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    Hopefully this will be helpful for one of you right handed pocket gun carriers! https://sellout.woot.com/offers/blackhawk-leather-iwb-holster-2?ref=w_disc I deal with Woot all the time...owned by Amazon, can login with your amazon account...great deal for a Leather IWB holster.
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    Sorry about that! The image didn't save. I just added it
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    I have been paying $24.00 a month for NRA carryguard insurance. Today at the Lebanon Gun Show a Rep at the USCCA booth tells me that I am no longer insured. I go home and research and find out she's right. Yet, they have been hitting my CC every month. What a Crock. Anyone else a member of NRA carry guard should read this. https://www.thetrace.org/rounds/the-nra-ends-its-carry-guard-insurance-program/
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    ....was gonna say, looks like a 92 that had sex with a desert eagle and that's the off-spring. Solid looking gun. Better looking here than what I seen in the ads. Good luck with it.
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    How many rounds will THEY hold???
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    Bald Eagles are raptors, and they're aren't any true buzzards in North America. What people refer to as a buzzard is usually a Turkey Vulture.
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    Go buy a new Harley and a new Honda. Do no work on either, and see which one you can ride the most miles.
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    That gun should last a dozen lifetimes...definitely a good excuse for a Galco Miami Vice Shoulder Holster Rig as heavy as it is.
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    Nothing going on here that is any different than the gun industry. Make something cheap enough and there are people that will buy it, sing it praises, and if you say anything bad about it, they will act like you called their kids ugly. Because the alternative is, they don't get to have that product. Foreign products can absolutely compete on quality. But its tough for Americans manufacturers to compete on price. It’s not just wages, its OSHA and EPA rules and restrictions that are very expensive to comply with. (I come from manufacturing; I could list hundreds). Taxes, Health insurance, Retirement, Unions and Union restrictions, training and certifications, not to mention shareholders profits; those things all add a lot of cost to the end product cost. I try my best to buy American Made. Sometimes its hard or impossible. TV’s, cameras, cell phones, computers; I buy foreign made just like everyone else. But the very best of the most import things in life you have to buy can absolutely be American Made. Guns, Cars, Motorcycles, and Liquor. The best of all those categories are American Made; not necessarily the cheapest, but the best. Buy American, Hire American, American Made
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    I have a super nice marlin 1894 in 44 mag made in 1972 for sale or trade. It is is real nice condition and is original with the JM stamp. I also have about 80 rounds of 44 mag ammo to go with it. I am asking $700 firm. Call or text 417-755-9123. Price is firm as this is an early year 44 mag and is in real nice shape.
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    Here's an interesting story. My father worked in the office at the old International Harvester Foundry here in Memphis for 33 years. IH bought all of Sear's broken tools and melted them down for other uses. My Dad was in charge of them. When a load of these broken tools came in they had to be kept locked up and very secure. Otherwise the plant workers would steal them and take them to Sears to be replaced.
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    The Mexican government should hire him to confiscate guns from the drug cartel.
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    There are all gone men. Thanks for lookin'!!!
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    I’ve caught two squirrels; man, they get down right pizzed off. This guy wasn’t very happy either. But still no Groundhog.
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    The propaganda branch of the prog/soc/comm's are the ones upset with O'Rourke because he was dumb enough to actually tell the truth, they want all the guns gone & they'll do whatever to get them. The "thinkers" on the left have already "thought", the underlings must stay in lockstep with their agenda.
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    Remember that there is a difference between those at the top of the leftist movement and the masses of "useful idiots" at the bottom. Always has been...Lenin and Stalin were not uneducated or dumb or "victims of their feelings". George Soros (and the others pushing for a 21st century worldwide leftist "Aristocracy") is not "dumb" , he's a cold calculating snake who makes great use of those ill educated emotionally driven "useful idiots" who can't see that all the causes they are pushing for (no private ownership of guns , no personally owned vehicles, no commercial air travel , no cows, universal health care, etc) will end up being the means of controlling and enslaving them. Leftist domination of the world as a goal did not simply end with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The "communism " part is just a tool to advance an end. It did not just go away. Those ultra rich "citizen of the world aristocrats" who still want a one world government to rule over the masses are just as dangerous to individual freedom and liberty * as Stalin , Khrushchev or Lenin ever was. And the disturbing part is all the "useful idiots" in the US who would piss away all the freedom that is their birthright, that was paid for with the blood of their forefathers in order to be perpetually "safe from getting their feelings hurt " when no one can EVER truly guarantee safety of any kind. * Liberty....Funny that the leftists that now call themselves LIBERALS never use the word LIBERTY. They do not want liberality or liberty...they want control of others and to limit thought and discourse if it deviates from their beliefs. Look up the definition of liberal sometime and see how little it describes the modern American left....
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    And mounted. Had to modify the hand guard to fit the Velcro straps; the pressure switch is very secure. I have not exposed the adhesive backing. I couldn't be more pleased, the splash from the light illuminates the flouro orange painted front sight better than minimum expectations.
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    Stopped in at SMKW yesterday to browse their lights. Spied a Crimson Trace Weapon Light at the gun counter. Price was right, $59.95 Recognized brand, quality should be decent. In the box: Light, well machined. Energizer battery Two end caps Rail, MLok, and Keymod attachment parts and pieces, mounts are also well made (in China) Pleased to find the remote tail switch has Velcro straps in addition to the adhesive backing. Heavy duty operator grade? Probably not for $60, but initial impressions are very positive for my intended applications. My only negative at this time would be overall battery life, about 1 1/2 hours of use. Will get it mounted and report back.
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    Soooooo...I happened to be posted up at the Love’s across the street from The Outpost Armory tonight. I wandered over there to see if they had one so I could get my hands on it and see what it felt like. I shouldn’t have done that. I went and I did a thing.
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    That just means she likes having you around. If she suddenly changes her tune, especially after you up your life insurance, then I’d be concerned.
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    boogaloo is still on 328D7B5F-F427-4FD9-BBA5-B1ABE35B5B2A_jpeg-1145440 by Johnny Rotten, on Flickr https://www.secondamendmentdaily.com/2019/11/pocahontas-i-will-ban-these-deadly-suppressors-to-save-lives/
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    Guess I'm a noob at this, just one in house and he's holding another one for me now. LOL
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    Bump with adjusted price! $1425.00 and its yours!
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    There’s a bunch of Andrew Zimmerns running around here.
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    blah, blah, blah. Lead is a naturally occurring element. As stated above, most birds that die of lead poisoning were shot. Carbon monoxide is also naturally occurring and if you get into a room or cave that has 100% carbon monoxide you will probably die!! Just saying. Are raptors like bald eagles more lead intolerant than buzzards???
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    When the squad leader isn't everyone's favorite person...
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    This is what I found this morning, I figured this would happen. I have a large Pecan tree in my backyard. The groundhog I was trying to catch was sitting off to the side eating nuts and watching the show.
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