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    I actually bought a box from each just to see if the discount was in the system but not on the shelf. It was not on 50% off at the Antioch or Harding place. But my persistence was rewarded at 100 oaks. This ammo was not on sale yesterday but today I bought this for 109.25$.
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    Still not enough incentive to get me into a Walmart.
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    Just received my sawmill blade knives and now I know why everyone brags about Don's skills. They are beautiful.
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    I visited the range and put about 250 rounds through the 92X Performance. The trigger measures about 6.5# in DA and 3.3 # in SA. Weight of the gun without a magazine is 2 lbs, 13 oz. The reliability was perfect with both included magazines. I was shooting reloads, 115gr Brazos coated LRN atop 4.6gr Titegroup. Accuracy of this load in this gun was mediocre, about 2" at 15 yards. I didn't have any other ammo with me to test with. I don't know if they had any special accuracy requirements for this gun; I did detect slight movement of the muzzle when the barrel is in battery, so that's not great. Shooting impressions: Sights provided a good picture. I'm going to nitpick the front fiber sight a bit and say that the fiber was placed higher than I like. I'm used to Dawsons, which are easier to align vertically. I found myself looking for the top of the black front sight to get alignment for precise shots, only to find glowing dot there. So I'll probably replace that. The rear sight was easy to adjust, I had to dial it a few clicks up and over to get my hits where I wanted. I disliked the "gas pedal" style takedown lever. It's only large enough to get maybe half the tip of my thumb onto it, and the edges and corner are far too sharp for comfort. I'm going to look into swapping it out for a standard 92 part. I shot most of the time with my thumb underneath it. I also wasn't fond of the slide stop's angled tab. Its proximity to the safety lever and its downward rake of the tab meant it was more difficult to find and hit than it should have been. I'm not really sure why they didn't use a standard 92 part; maybe they were worried that people who ride the safety would accidentally hold it down with the tip of their thumb. The thumb safety was OK: it had a good tension on and off, and the extended "shelf" was easily reached by the thumb, although I would have preferred it to extend further back. Beretta says they will offer 3 different sizes of safety lever, but I haven't been able to find out what they look like yet. The safety did make slide manipulation a bit more of a challenge than I'm used to on 92s. Between the location of the serrations (low on the slide) and the prominent safety levers, it makes grabbing the "sweet spot" more of a challenge -- if you grab too low, your fingers will be blocked by the safety. I'm glad they included forward serrations, they're probably going to see a lot of use on this gun. The frame serrations were a bit of a help, but not what I'd call sharp enough to be really useful, and the slick nickel/tin finish wasn't helpful here. I would skateboard tape over the frontstrap if I were going to do much competing with it... not that such a heavy gun is all that hard to hang onto in 9mm, but I like my grip to be locked in. The built-in mag funnel was well done. No lanyard loop, and it looks like you can get to the mainspring housing pin without taking the grips off. I thought the beavertail might prove to be a problem due to its sharp corners, but that was pretty much a non-issue.
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    @TomInMN , My complete with paper, box, sights Kimber 82G w/Mueller 40x. The Kimber can shoot with its 6oz trigger and other tweaks. My trade partner needs a rifle that he can use in the new ARA benchrest factory class. My wife has taken to loving shooting "her" Savage heavy barrel 7.62x39 (barrelled action built by Dolomite Supafly) so I thought a Savage .22LR bolt gun was in order for her. Pic below is my 62yr old wife working out the kinks first time firing a centerfire rifle.
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    This is in a story at guns.com...
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    Getting a early start on wishing all you folks on TGO a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the new year be very good to all!
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    You probably saw a couple of months ago where Walmart announced they wouldn't be selling pistol ammunition. I had been watching and while there had been some markdowns there wasn't any price that couldn't be beat with bulk buying and in particular with Black Friday Specials and rebates happening. That changed as it has now dropped to 50% off today, or at least it did at the Ft. Henry Drive Kingsport location. I was actually alerted to it by the clerk as I came up to check on prices. It was it won't last long if all the sporting goods clerks are that proactive in letting folks know, but you may be able to snag a deal or too. I couldn't pass up 9mm Rem UMC 250 rd mega packs for $25. It was also a good excuse to buy some premium self defense ammo at a great price. The earlier discounts had thinned some of the variety down, but it seemed that every common caliber still had something on the shelf. I don't know if this is system wide or just a single store, but its worth checking if you need more ammo.
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    I am trading into this Savage MKII McRees chassis with Rifle Basix trigger, 8-32x33 20mm Mueller scope. OK, the eyepiece and sunshade may have to go, but the package appeals to me.
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    Thought I’d share my current favorite “pistol”. Had to sell a few to fund this one but I really like it. I have an DD M4A1 that I run an ACOG on which makes a great big brother to this! Set up: -DD MK 18 10.3” 5.56 -Geissele SD-C trigger -Eotech XPS2-0 -Surefire Warcomp -TangoDown VFG (meets 26” OAL) -Magpul Pro Iron Sights -Surefire Mini Scout M300 with pressure pad -SB Tactical A3 Brace -Lancer Mags Thanks for looking
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    Basically the same. Wipe off residue with a minimal amount of solvent on a patch, wipe with a very lightly oiled patch, then dry with a clean patch. I like them clean and dry. Plastic followers shouldn't need any lubricant and it tends to attract grit. I've never had issues with corrosion.
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    For plastic mags I just wipe the powder residue off the follower and lips with a rag infused with a little CLP. Blued and stainless mags the same but I wipe the entire mag down with CLP, generously if they’re not it going to be used for a while. Rarely, if ever, do I go to the trouble of disassembling and cleaning the innards. It’s just not necessary unless you’re having magazine problems.
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    Very nice. Full disclosure I am a bit of a Daniel Defense fanboy since going to their armorer course and touring the factory. I have a M4V7 14.5" SLW and a .300 10.3 V7 I use on SWAT. Both are super accurate and reliable. Little overgassed is the only complaint I have.
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    Very nice!!! I have one as well and it’s my baby!
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    Its good to see Sheriffs sticking up for what they believe in. Will it change anything? I doubt it, but I could be wrong. Threatening deployment of the National Guard if LE doesn’t enforce the laws is a little over the top. They won’t need to. Sheriffs have a little protection because they can’t be fired; they would need to be impeached. But I’m sure the state legislature is more than willing to do that if they are willing to ban guns. Police Chiefs and cops don’t have any such protection; they will do as they are told or get fired. I’m sure there are plenty of applicants in line to fill the positions of those who take that stand. Instead of falling on their swords they would accomplish more if they kept their jobs and just ignored the violations while working on getting the laws changed.
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    Right at 7lbs dry.. which isn’t light but, it’s so well balanced you don’t notice.
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    I only speak English and Southern!
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    Sexy! Whats she weigh in at?
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    38" barrel? OK, you need to know some thing right off the bat. If you put a Extra full "Turkey" choke on that long tom, it may very well not pattern any better or much better than what you all ready have. If you want to make it more handy in the woods by shortening it, obviously a good choke is important. The reason those old long barrels were so good in putting down long range patterns were the shot in the barrel has a longer time to be affected by barrel friction. Generally, the shot starts to hit max velocity at about 16-18" of bore. At that point bore friction starts to slow the shot closest to the bore or shot cup while the shot in the center of the cup continues to fly forward without the outer slowing shot pinching them back. By the time the first bee bees start leaving the bore, a nice "shot string" of bee bees has all ready formed, minimizing the choke's bad effect of flattening the bee bees as they no longer have to push threw the choke restriction like a fist all at more or less the same time. Your clay shooters know all about shot strings and those long barrels are awkward but do a nice job of stringing the shot into good long range patterns without the super tight extra full choke diameters. Those Turkey chokes only work good with buffered shot. With that out of the way, you need a absolute minimum of .855" OD for Win Choke II that is the same as Browning invector and Mossberg. Those are lead shot only threads. Some older guns like yours were actually tighter choked than the standard of .699" for a full choke ID.
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    Somebody needs to buy these. Great deal.
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    Dang, 11 hours and it’s not gone. Trust me guys, if you buy this you will not be disappointed. Gt’s knives are truly a work of art and of course function.
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    Multiple managers have said the corporate directive is 22LR, hunting rounds (30-06, .308, etc but soft point only), and shotgun ammo. And if you haven't heard, anything left on shelves as of 12-29 is being donated to local PD. Two managers told me no further price drops are forthcoming, but who knows for sure. Either way, can't pass on sub-10cpr 9mm and sub-16cpr 5.56!
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    What the hell kinda backwards-ass pageantry's this?? Don't need???? Whut's wrong with you.......
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    When you need to kill a T-Rex hiding behind a refrigerator in your neighbors house, accept no substitute.
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    I remember when we had a couple of inches one time and everyone at work was getting ready to leave because there was a snow storm. One of the guys asked me “How do people up North drive in this all the time??”. I told him; “There are speeds between STOP and 70 MPH.” The other thing some fail to grasp… Driving on snow is really not that hard. Driving on ICE is hard for anyone.
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    I picked up a 9CT not long ago. I'm not really fond of the PTR hand guard and will probably replace it with something like the classic MP5 wide foreend, though I'd like some sort of handstop. Nothing wrong with the PTR handguard, other than it's ugly. I don't plan on tacking on a lot of accessories since it's only ever going to be a range gun for me, but I will probably put a RDS on it, most likely a Holosun.
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    I've got one word for you: Buffalo Bore.
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    It appears you are correct. So what that other story should have said was... I was trying to be nice and buy a gun from a foreign manufacturer that was building a manufacturing facility here. Now I hope they choke on their linguine.
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    BFR 45-70 7 1/2" barrel shot around 12 times. Good gun I just don't need. 900 obo. Only trades with boot would be a vaquero in 357 or a sig 938
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    Yes. 5.55/.223, 7.63x39, and .300 Blackout are all going. Those are all “assault rifle” calibers.
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