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    At the end of the day this is all that matters. It’s sad that it takes a natural disaster, an external threat or a pandemic to make us remember we are one. Politics and politicians are the real viruses.
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    The world is an awfully small place You might have thought we would have learned that on September 11th. In America, we’ve largely been conditioned to be pandemic voyeurs - maybe noticing as somewhere else suffers. That’s about to change. Look out for yourselves - but check in on that elderly neighbor. Maybe the older couple down the street whose kids have moved away. The single parent who’s just trying to make ends meet. We’re in this together - that has always been - and always will be America’s greatest strength.
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    Took delivery of my first Henry rifle today. Had this on my bucket list for awhile. Model H010, cal. 45/70, 19.3" bbl. Be glad when this crazy weather clears, so & can go shooting. Comes with open sights; brass bead front, semi-buckhorn rear, adjustable for windage & elevation.
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    I was at Sam's in Hendersonville today, just to see how people were reacting, and actually to pick up a few staples. Here are my Observations... NO TP, Paper towels, a very few boxes of facial tissues. Almost out of bar soaps and liquid soaps. Strangely, I thought, detergents for washing clothes were not gone. Meats seemed to be the hottest item. Little left, but I did pick up a package of steaks. Just to blend in with the crowd you know. Of course canned goods getting low. I actually forgot what I went after while watching people though. Not going back. Speaking of "People," It seemed to me that the crowd was very heavy on older people. Maybe 75%. A few that looked 30/40ish. Almost no really young or children. Take what you will from this. Just what I saw. Now a bit of positivity on my very young neighbors(30ish with 2 kids). The young wife called my wife and asked if they could shop for us, instead of me going out. They knew I did all the shopping and didn't want me to go and risk any exposure. That was so darn nice I just got misty. Really...I did.
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    I voted for Trump and I think that more then gives me the right to gripe about his stupidity and bull-headedness. That doesn't mean I would vote for Biden or Bernie. Just saying he could quit being such a monumental ass and maybe listen to some people that actually know wtf they are doing. A good example is when he ran Jim Mattis out. Pure ignorance and stupidity on Trump's part. You think our military is better off without him? Or how about when he ran out Kelly or Kohn....the man could have really improved this country instead he only chooses to keep "yes men and women". How about his fight with Jeff Bezos and his underhanded way of screwing them out of that defense contract just because he got his feelings hurt. The smartest thing Trump could do now is to shut up and actually listen to the people that know about epidemics, health, and medicine. Let the people with actual knowledge of how to handle this crisis do their job. I am hoping this stock market crash has taught him that maybe his way isn't always the only or best way. Time will tell.
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    The amount of stupidity I'm seeing on social media about the 2020 NRAAM being canceled because of COVID-19 is almost as epic as the amount of stupidity it takes for parents of kids who's schools are shut down to "self-quarantine" taking those kids out to the mall, the movies, etc. this week. Seriously, I think we damn near deserve this virus and some of us are getting in the way of Natural Selection by trying to force people to be smarter. Sort of joking. Maybe. A little. Maybe not.
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    Essentially, they're making sure the gears stay lubed. "Injected" means the Fed, using their autonomous authority as a central bank, decided to make that money available to financial institutions as loans on very, very friendly terms, so they can in turn prevent bank runs. The money is meant to let them continue to operate and make loans that businesses and individuals rely on, lest this medical crisis have a financial one (credit freeze like in 2008) pop up on top of it as things get tough. The banks just get favorable terms on these loans because the theory is without those institutions being strong, the economy as a whole will be at risk. It's not a silver arrow or anything, just a preemptive step, and a sign they see this as nothing to be lethargic about.
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    Toilet paper and hand sanitizer seem to be the 2020 version of 22 ammo here.
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    I don't believe a couple incompetent, butt-hurt foreign leaders will train wreck our economic recovery. But I do wish Trump would forget his Twitter password.
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    I make my Nashville TV debut on Channel 5 tonight in my role as a mental health therapist talking about how to handle the anxiety of COVID-19 and all the other uncertainties of our current day.
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    Source: https://www.nraam.org/ My Thoughts... As-if You Care... This should really come as no surprise to anyone given the number of other major events that are being suspended or outright canceled to quell the spread of the COVID-19 virus here in the United States, let alone the fact that Governor Lee has declared a state emergency for Tennessee, or that President Trump has declared a national state of emergency for the entire country. However, and as no surprise, there are still people who are imagining this into a tactic by Wayne LaPierre's minions to skip the annual voting and keep him in power. So let's think rationally about this for a moment if we dare. As most folks know, I think the NRA's leadership needs to be erased from stem to stern and replaced with new blood who put the Second Amendment and the true right of the people to keep and bear arms above all else. I am not a WLP fan, and I believe that the NRA is in a terribly weakened condition right now because of his shoddy leadership and just general fiduciary malfeasance on the part of the Board of Directors. That being said, a person has to surrender a lot of logical thinking to come to the conclusion that cancelling the 2020 NRA Annual Meetings in Nashville is some sort of scam, or to even think that the NRA could pull off postponing the event for a later date in the year. IF you have never organized a large event or sat on the board of directors of an organization that has, it might not occur to you that the NRA had paid a large sum of money to rent the Nashville Music City Center for the venue and that it was in turn charging its exhibitors large sums of money to come in and set up their booths. It might not also readily occur to you that exhibitors had by now established shipping, travel, lodging, and other logistical contracts in order to get their booths, wares, and people on site for the event. And it might not occur to nearby Tennesseans who could just drive an hour and be at the venue, that thousands of NRA members had also established contracts with airlines, hotels, arranged for days off from work, etc. to be there as well. But, last and certainly not least, you might have overlooked that the NRA announced this cancellation on March 12th, which is a hair more than 30-days ahead of the scheduled April 16th start date for the event. And that 30-days is generally the cut-off for cancelling any of those contracts that I mentioned above without substantial penalties. SO... maybe, just maybe, there were people at the NRA using their heads who came to the conclusion that it would be better to cancel this event now, than arrive at April 16th only to find that COVID-19 wasn't fully licked and that exhibitors and attendees were opting to stay home, or that some government entity has put the populace under quarantine and made that decision for them. I figure the only way NRA members would be even more pissed about the whole thing is if the NRA had pushed forward and then lost the ability to get a refund on all of the money... OUR money... it had spent to rent an empty building for an event no one could attend. But hey, maybe that's just me being practical and not assuming that Wayne LaPierre is hiding under every bed, waiting to steal our checkbooks and credit cards when we sleep. Oh, and as for that idea of rescheduling the event later this year? These things take months of advance planning and by the time March 12th rolls around on any given year, most venues large enough to handle a crowd like this have already booked themselves out for the remainder of the year. And of course the exhibitors have likely already set their plans for the remainder of the year as well. So, yeah... good luck with making a rescheduling happen. Maybe I'll see some of y'all in Texas for the 2021 meetings. Until then, don't forget to vote in the NRA elections. They won't cancel those this year. They'll just let you do it remotely. Kind of like they always have.
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    I’ve offered to shop for all of my neighbors - all of whom are older. It’s the least I can do - they’re all like grandparents to my kids. Don’t disregard your mental health in all of this. It’s okay to take a step back and step away from stuff like social media, the TV, and even TGO for a bit if you need to. It’s going to be important to protect your sanity in the coming days. Find someone you can reach out to and check in on. Buddy up with someone and check in regularly. If you need someone to chat with check in on here - or shoot me a PM. I’m certain we could get a group of people willing to reach out. For those of faith - pray. Find solace in a community of faith. If you or someone you know gets sick - let us know. We’ll get through this. It’s going to be tough. We’re going to need everyone to do their part. Take heart.
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    Because social media told us that TP was in shortage. Self-fulfilling prophecy. People are easily manipulated sheep.
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    I really wish for once he could have admitted that he’s not the smartest guy in the room and deferred to those best equipped to handle this. What really kills me is that there was a golden opportunity to not only do good, but reinforce his goals of moving industry back to the US under the auspices of national security and general public welfare. If he could have come out with an honest “this is gonna suck for a while, but we will listen to the experts like Dr. Fauci and get through this together as Americans” and then pivoted to bringing back supply chains for things like pharmaceutical production back to the US as a national security necessity, he would have greatly helped the nation and also mitigated fallout from the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.
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    It’s absolutely the right decision. I hate it for the city of Nashville that’ll probably lose out on ~$30M? in related revenue. This is a giant convention - but certainly not the only one canceling. There are a lot of small businesses that are really going to hurt. If you’ve got a restaurant or small business you frequent - this might be a great time to purchase a gift card or two to use when this is over.
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    Expectations or forecasts that the stock market will recover quickly once this virus is conquered are unrealistic. Investors will reassess valuations based upon new earnings forecasts. At this writing, the Dow is down 28% from its recent all time high. It might appear to seem reasonable to assume that it would bounce back to its high level if a cure or other solution ended the pandemic. BUT, there is no doubt that corporate earnings (and personal incomes) have been slashed. Let's say corporate earnings are now going to be down by a third. That would leave today's stock market at nearly the same relative valuation that it was at its peak a few weeks ago. Until earnings recover (or more precisely, the anticipation of the perception of same) the market is not a screaming buy, just because it's down so much. Expect sucker rallies. A LOT has changed and it will take a lot of time to recover from this. Be patient, don't panic, and buy the next big dips cautiously. This group will certainly understand the concept of keeping some powder dry! Full disclosure: I was a stockbroker for 40 years from 1976 through 2016, with a brief timeout to get a law degree. From KU, #1....... Now, no March Madness. THAT's sad for this Jayhawk!
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    Me personally would choose as light as reliably possible 223/556 rifle...preferably of the AR variant. I wouldn't choose a 308 unless I was "bunkering". They are just too heavy...even my Adams Arms small frame 308 is heavier than I would want to carry over any long distance. Most engagements are typically over in seconds if not precious few minutes so I believe a rifle caliber would still be of great benefit over a pistol caliber and the versatility it offers in regards to hunting would also be a huge benefit. 223/556 is the obvious choice because ammo, mags, and parts are everywhere....at least in this country...and mexico lol. If I had knowledge of where the fight would be I would just avoid it if at all possible lol.
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    E 4, I also have knee problems. Had one replaced 2 years ago. I purchased a set of steps like home steps from a company in Dallas. They were 500. but worth every penny. I collapse them like an accordion and lay them in the door of the RV. They are made from lightweight material and last a lifetime. Shipped to your door. Port-A-Deck RV-CO.com 214-649-9407
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    Charmin Wipes are where its at anyway. Thank you city sewer.
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    Another one I never got around to shooting and have decided to try and move on to a new home. Wilson Combat Brigadier Tactical with action tune and magazine guide. Original owner traded back in at our local shop and I picked it up from there. I've not shot this one and can not say that it hasn't been shot but if it has it wasn't very much. Two of the three magazines don't even show any signs of being inserted into the gun. Spring and lanyard loop included with the Beretta blue box. No signs of wear, just as beautiful looking gun. Action is silky smooth as you would imagine, these have some of the best DA/SA triggers out there. Originally sticker was $1380 with the extras. Feel free to PM with any questions. $1150 Will consider trades but only for greater value than my cash price, multiple guns are fine. Prefer handguns but will consider others if the value is there.
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    Still for sale, but I won’t be meeting with anyone or going to the post office anytime soon. Social distancing. All knives are TGO #3. $590 shipped priority mail if you purchase the remaining (3) knives together. Otherwise the individual prices are listed below. Never carried safe queens. TRADES: GEN5 Glock19 MOS or New Delta Point Pro or New RMRr LOWER PRICES 1. Magic2 $225 NOW $205 shipped 2. Pro Strider SnG $175.00 SOLD 3. BR1 Damascus and Carbon Fiber $250.00 NOW $210 shipped 4. Godson Custom Tuxedo $190.00 NOW $180 shipped 5. Godfather Custom Tuxedo SOLD 6. Dark Angel SOLD I will take cash,PP, Postal Money order or CashApp Thanks for looking!
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    I went to WalMart, Sam’s next door, and a Kroger 3 miles away today. Not a single roll of toilet paper. No paper towels. Little to no soap. Canned food aisles decimated. No bottled water. No pasta other than really fancy stuff. No isopropyl alcohol. No cleaning wipes. No hand sanitizer. There is a full blown panic going on.
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    You might be overthinking this. Crush washer then flash hider. Screw it on until clocked and no more. No loctite whatsover!
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    Well, pandemic aside, there are some great deals to be had. I booked a round trip ticket to see my best friend in Portland, OR. Total cost was $156. It's the epicenter of the virus but I'll take a risk. If you are interested in any vacations now is the time to book. Our friends found a round trip flight from Atlanta to Costa Rice for $188.
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    Here comes one of my long winded posts with a pointed ending Long ago when Willy Clinton got into office [ and to date I don't know how ] and everybody was afraid they weren't going to be able to buy a handgun and they were buying up any handgun they could put their hands on [ I remember a little old lady that could just about see over the counter at the local indoor range ] buying a handgun. At the time you got a free hour to shoot on the range and a couple of boxes of ammo. The salesman behind the counter asked her if she had any questions. She said " only one, where do you put the bullets in?" The reason little old lady's usually limp is because they've got a bad hip, not because they shot themselves in the foot.
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    I agree, not many government offices will pass on free money.
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    Nevermind. Looks like whichever side wins will institute the healthcare takeover.
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    He didn’t do nearly enough for some. No worries I won’t be back. You all take care and learn to appreciate.
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    It's always the ammo......lol
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    Fixed it for ya. I try not to do business with those who don't appreciate my being on their property.
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    "Palmetto State Armory Handgun Owners Group"
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    I agree. If I had to get from point A to B when there was still a smattering of civilization, I'd want a pistol I could conceal and a rifle I could conceal in my backpack. I also wouldn't want to be wearing camo or my NRA cap! I'd want to be as inconspicuous as possible. In that situation, I'd go with a folding carbine or an AR pistol. If a threat is more than 50 yards away, I'm retreating.
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    I have a Henry Golden Boy in 38Spl/357Mag. I like all the Henrys. congrats and H F.
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    Ill be there with a table full of TP, sanitizer, and panic buttons
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    Daylight broke this morning to reveal about 30 turkey hens and one old tom strutting in my front yard. My wife opened the blinds and "Walla" "old tom" was just outside her window with his tail feathers in full bloom. Guess another turkey season is not far off. All I can say is, "Come On Spring." Weather man said 70 here next week, so it will be camping next week for us. Number one grandson is looking forward to our trip to Pigeon Forge on the 20th. Cody has Downs and he spends a lot of time with us because both his parents work. He is a great travel partner. Gatlinburg, Great Smokey Mountains Nat Park, here we come, L/w. Got to get the truck fueled, and the "Wildcat"(5th Wheel RV) cleaned, stocked, fluffed, and ready to roll. Cody did not get to see the new Pirates show, last fall when we were up there, so he informed his Mimi he is looking forward to viewing that when we go next week.
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    That there is a thumper! Have fun!
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    Was at sams club today and was a normal day, I could buy all the water and TP I wanted, typical crowd. No sanitizer noted.
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    Headline: Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — and that's the real global emergency https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/coronavirus-deaths-trump-stock-market-pandemic-economy-bankrupt-italy-a9394891.html
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    I had planned to go to Kroger after work and heard about TP shortages, so I went during the day because we were OUT of TP. Sure enough, Kroger was out. The store was packed and it looked like everybody was buying canned goods, chips, and beer. Maybe they were expecting to get furloughed. I picked up a few things and stopped at Dollar General. They had TP. Mission accomplished. This is getting stupid.
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    For a long time I thought I wanted a 9mm AR - until I shot one. I found out the recoil was as sharp as I’d heard. Not like a 30-06 or 12 gauge - just sharp and not fun. No thanks.
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    peej has spoken a " Great Truth " here... Rifles is rifles (... Think 200 yds out...)... Pistols and pistol carbines is shorter... Settle this issue in your mind first... My take is to carry a good pistol and a good rifle... That bein said, ya need to pick the flavor. I tend to like the turnbolt " Scout Rifles " ALA Jeff Cooper and Ruger... Its always hard to beat a 308, abeit Brother Dave's AR10 or a bolt gun... Again, you pick the flavor... Nothin beats a real marksman at long range... Nothin beats a 308 to about 800 yards or so... 800 yards is a real long way here in Tennessee. Heres hopin this helps. leroy
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    SKS. Rifles are most useful in a rifle caliber. I've never understood pistol caliber carbines.
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    Picking only one gun for any application is tough. But If I could only take one rifle with me in a SHTF scenario it would be my DPMS 308 Recon LR-GII. I have plenty of ammo and mags for it, its applications include both close-in and long-range targets, and the .308 Winchester is devastating. Mine is equipped with a Vortex Viper 6.5-20x 44mm scope.
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