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    Up for sale is my Staccato P Duo. I am the second owner. In total there have been less than 500 rounds thru this gun. It comes with everything in the pics. Gun, Trijicon RMR, Dawson Tooless guide rod (not installed yet), Southern Trapper IWB holster and I think I have another holster for the gun somewhere. The guns shoots great and is very accurate. I bought this with the intention of making it my carry gun. After carrying it some I just prefer some of my other carry guns. I have about $3300 tied up in this gun. I will let it go for $2500, the price of the gun without the RMR and all the other extras. Not really looking for any trades right now but might be tempted with a nice colt or O/U.
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    Received some more of V’s extremely, beautifully crafted holsters. Very pleased! Thanks again V!
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    This morning a disabled friend of mine had an appointment. I volunteered to drive. We got finished right at noon, so we swung into Sonic for lunch. Started to order our usual Super Sonic bacon double cheeseburgers when the voice on the speaker came back "Sorry, we currently aren't serving double burgers. Single patty only". WHAT! Sure nuff, there was a message on the order screen which read: "We are currently serving a limited menu. Some of the items you want may not be available. We are sorry for the inconvenience." Ok, I can deal with social distancing, wearing masks, so many places closed and all the other stuff Covid has brought us. BUT NO BACON DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS! Oh man, that's over the line! The end times are truly upon us.
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    The rise in popularity has little to do with fish and a lot to do with getting away from family.
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    As I go through a bit of rough patch, heart breaking vs. life threatening, I've been having a hard time praying. This song found me, I hope it helps you when you're going through any difficult time!
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    I have a never fired Henry Big Boy 357 mag with blue Octagon barrel for sale.Because of a ill placed Pace Maker,With a heavy heart I am letting my rifles go.This rifle is perfect with box and paperwork that came with it.If you are in the market for one of these.Here is a chance to save some$$$$.I live in North West Tn.Troy area.38260 zip code.Thanks for Looking.This is my first post on this website,so please excuse any mistakes I may have made with this add.$600.00 firm
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    This optic was put in these Burris Xtreme low rings and mounted on a rifle but never taken to the range. I have the box but seemed to have misplaced the sunshade it came with. $475 picked up in Columbia. I apologize If these pictures aren’t the clearest, for some reason I can’t upload pictures straight from my phone without dumbing down the quality. Will be happy to share pictures via text or email.
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    I am so happy right now.
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    Depends on what vintage this ammo is
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    You folks need a good gun range. Jeez....
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    BBQ might help. I wrap them in bacon like dove. They have a tinge of dirt taste.
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    People always laugh, but I use to routinely hunt, kill and eat snipe.
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    SOLD This is a fantastic hand gun and I hated to sell it. It is in good hands now. Offered for sale is a hard to find in this condition, very nice Israeli made Kareen Mark II. Basically a clone of the Browning High Power, the Kareen Mark II was originally made for the Israeli army. Because it had to be able to fire the hot 9 mm loads that the Israelis fire in their UZI submachine guns, the Kareen Mark II was build stronger than the original High Power. The Kareen Mark II is available in a handsome duotone finish, and its all steel construction should be more than sturdy enough to handle huge amounts of ammo, ensuring a long life. The magazine holds 13 shots of 9 mm. The pistol comes with three magazines. There will be no price reductions on this fine weapon. It is accurate, smooth and a dream to shoot. A fixed price of $650. If I don't get my price, I'll keep her. Weight: 2.125 lbs (.96 kg) Caliber: 9 mm / .40 S&W Barrel: 4.6 inch (11.5 cm) Action: Single Action Range: 165 ft (50 m) Payload: 13 + 1 / 10 + 1 Cost: $ 650 Made in: Israel Special: Wraparound rubber combat grip standard, all steel construction.
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    That's about all they do right. Sonic is in the bottom 5% of fast food chains.
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    Had an awesome season. 4 birds in TN and 2 in Texas.
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    Call me Joe Exotic, captured (or he captured us) one of those mythical and elusiveTN Black Panthers. He is carefully hiding in the lower right. Not a hunter, but have spotted elk and bear in the park, a herd of buffalo, turkey at my in-laws, deer in my backyard and the occasional red fox. Other than coyotes, it appears East TN has a healthy ecosystem and TWRA does a pretty nice job with land management.
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    Even though most of the local farmers markets are closed, some of the vendors are still setting up in their locations. One of them, maybe Midtown, has a refrigerated trailer that has coastal goodies and gator. Fayette Packing is still open, you just have to call and place your order. I have a couple of local farmers I use if I want beef or pork in bulk.
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    You don't support freedom through intimidation. That's exactly what these morons are trying to do.
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    Wasn't there another thread about how you can stock up on double cheeseburgers?
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    It's not being pushed because there's no money to be made through people taking Vitamin D.
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    I may have spoken to soon on ToP's horn line being the best. Totally forgot about BS&T 1:22 reveals an incredible tuba solo (maybe a bass trombone?)
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    All I’ve ever seen are the surplus ones. That’s a really clean, unique pistol. Good luck with the sale!
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    To me, I am appalled at how ill prepared the CDC (Redfield) and the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Disease (Fauci) were for this pandemic. The CDC (Hint: Center for Disease Control) had one job and they blew it. They're barely even in the discussion. Fauci seems to be leading the effort, but Fauci has been Director of the NIAID since 1984! The guy is a dinosaur using the same approach he used for AIDS 30 years ago! Remdesidir is a joke. It only helps AFTER hospitalization and only provides benefits that are marginally significant. And the hype about vaccinations is equally frustrating. Even if they find a vaccination, which is still debatable, I'm not taking a vaccination and millions of others won't either. To me, the best approach is boosting the immune system of the entire population. That's surprisingly EASY to do... exercise, lose weight, eat healthy, and take supplements shown to boost the immune system and provide antiviral protection. You might be thinking, "Oh that would be really hard to do." Actually, if we threw a few hundred billion dollars at the problem, most people would come around, either by the carrot or the stick. In fact, millions would start doing this on their own if only our medical professionals would start talking about the benefits of proactive health, instead of wasting time talking about vaccinations. Since I last posted on vitamin deficiencies, more studies are showing a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and the severity of Covid 19. Vitamin D also helps suppress the cytokine storm that is a primary killer with Covid 19. I've started going to the NY Times OpEd page and posting about vitamin D in the comments section on articles on Covid 19. Maybe, just maybe, some journalist will take the ball and run with it... goodness knows, our medical experts aren't doing it. Here's one of those new studies. It's database is ~445 million people so you'd think it would be big enough to get Fauci's attention. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40520-020-01570-8
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    This is just another downside to open carry. It can cause unwanted attention. It's not worth the hassle of debating or arguing with a business over their views of carrying a gun into their business. If they don't want me to carry there then I'll just go somewhere else.They should at least post a sign as to avoid any misunderstanding.
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    I feel like this is an opportunity to reiterate that it’s good idea to find a local meat supplied butcher. Also, use this as an opportunity to diversify the diet and add more types of meat to the menu. Wife found a local supplier of bulk amphibian/reptile/coastal seafood. Last time I was home I did some fried frog legs and gonna have some gator next time. Maybe some shrimp as well.
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    Airborne....Hoo Raa. Yes, I have some cool toys but as I reach the age of Geezerville, it's time to sell off a bunch of stuff I don't shoot.
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    Check out Troyers in Limestone. Had about everything the couple times we have been there in the last month. Just get there early. Plus you can order a 60lb pack of chicken great if you feel like working that much up. Takes a few days to come in.
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    Gun has been cleaned/greased twice, to no avail. I'm going to check the ejector, and hopefully the new springs should be here soon. Theres a 32acp stainless that's been for sale for a few weeks on armslist. I believe he was asking $750 for it.
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    I take back what I said earlier. My woman is digging Scottish tribal music. We’ve been watching it on YouTube/Roku for the past 45 minutes.
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    Yeah, the Walther PP series is another one of those guns I sorta have a thing for. The S&W version in .32 is quite scarce. I bought the only one I ever saw for sale. Sent it to Walther Arms in Ft. Smith Ark. to have the recall done and its been 100%. Great little gun. top row: .380s Middle row: 32acp Bottom row: .22LR BTW: Bond's gun was a Blue PPK in .32. If I ever run across one, I'll buy it!
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    Got out to the range this afternoon. I have an new MP 9 C 2.0 that I have had some problems with not cycling. I took some Federal 115 FMJ practice ammo out this time, and fired 100 rounds through it. Did not have any stoppages out of it, with the federal ammo, this time. I been firing WWB 11gr rn practice ammo previously. I cleaned and lubed the pistol well and had good success with it on this outing. I have another, w/o a safety on it, that I have been carrying for a couple years that I have had no problems with. I have about 800 rounds through it at this time. I really like these pistols, but also have a Taurus 7 shot 357/38Spl revolver I carry all the time also. I did not fire it on this trip, but have plans to do that on Monday. I think 100 rounds is about my limit with arthritis. My wife took her 2 revolvers out(Lady Smith mdl 65 357/38 spl, and Ruger LCR 5 shot 38 Spl and run another hundred rounds of 38 spl through them. She liked the Gongs, for sure, after I sprayed the bare metal with white primer paint so she could see where she was hitting. She was able to hit the 4" gong every time with matter of fact fire, but had to go to the 6" for rapid fire to keep all shots on target. We practiced from 15 ft and had no problems with splatter from the RN ammo. It is my plan to have her learn how to run the MP 9MM C 2.0. Both my MP's have the 4" brls on them but just one does has a manual thumb safety on it. Hopefully I will develop some drills and movement into my practice once again. Also want to do some draw and fire drills in the future. I will use the humanoid targets of this. Was a nice afternoon for a trip outside shooting. Am tired of being confined to our home because of the virus. Have plans to go to Defeated Creek Campground, outside of Carthage TN, and on Cordell Hull Lake, on the 1st of June. Will stay to the following Saturday as they canceled our first 8 days because of being closed due to the virus, and it is hard to get reservations at that park. Will be elated to get some good times with our grandkids and get some fishing in. Looking forward to some serious outside time.
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    Went to Kroger as well today. The only ground beef was their high dollar vacuum packed organic stuff. It’s good, but only 90/10. I want leaner when making chili.
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    The price of ground beef has got way out of hand around my area. Thats really an understatement.
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    Yes, says Made in Taiwan on the box of Wolf Gold.
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    If I ate a SONIC Double Cheeseburger every time I wanted one; someone would be driving me to an appointment… a Cardiologist appointment.
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    Saw his YouTube video update he posted today. Said hoping to open in September. With the virus contractors have had some delays on getting things finished. Looks like I'll be driving to Nashville when it opens.
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    I have a friend that has an MG42. I hope to shoot some day. The closest thing I’ve got to fire was a Bren.
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    cool, I guess you couldn't use M13 links if you wanted to... I use my son to load my belts Untitled by Johnny Rotten, on Flickr
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    I discovered this video after pandora randomly ran this on my feed and I went in search of Terry's solo. I'm pretty sure I've watched it around 100 times now
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    Sonic goes through my colon like a freight train with no brakes.
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    $h!t I had some many rules when washing it, it was ridiculous! 100% toy, owned it for 13yrs and drove it 8k miles. DSC01305 by Johnny Rotten, on Flickr
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