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    The only thing I can swear by is a one-piece coated cleaning rod and Hoppe’s #9 with cheapest bronze brushes from WM. Q-Tips are an indispensable must, along with an old toothbrush. Pipe cleaners are very handy as well. One thing I can assure of is every person is probably going to give a different opinion.
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    So I have been asked lately to make some crossdraw holsters so I have decided to work on a couple designs. The main thing that makes them a little different is the angle (at least I think it is different, lol). I made these to be a little more extreme than most of what is available as that's what I am getting asked for. The first one was made for a S&W 686 2.5" barrel and can be made for just about any medium to large frame revolver. The second one is not for everyone but I had to do it, lol. This one is for a 4.75" barrel SAA I still need to do a little tweaking but I wanted to show what I have been working on lately. Thanks For looking
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    Definately hug her a bunch and everyone hug their children every chance you get cause you never know when it might be the last hug. Also make sure you tell all of your family each day that you love them, each and everyone that you talk to. I am very glad your daughters Guardian Angel was riding with her this morning................
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    6 hours to print in PLA supports were a bit of a pain, but supports always are. The PLA isnt the most durable or heat resistant material, but as a novelty its interesting....
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    Here's one you don't see everyday. I picked this up off Armslist yesterday. Its a "Commander" sized 9mm Hi-Power made by FM Argentina. These are excellent quality, licensed copies of the famous Hi-Power pistol. However. FM decided to take it a bit further by creating a compact version that's an inch shorter than the standard. These were imported and sold here in the mid to late 1990s. That was during the infamous "assault weapons ban" and thus it came with two 10 round magazines. Anyway, I just thought y'all might like to take a peek.
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    Well Ruger has officially ceased production and removed from product listing the SR556 and SR762. The Piston guns are no more. I thought they were great guns, but the proprietary piston/handguard was a killer for them, I think.
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    WalMart has several inexpensive tool boxes that make fine storage for gun cleaning stuff. I have one and it works great. Stanley I believe it is.
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    Take her and let her pick one out. Don't pick for her.
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    I’m gonna go way out on a limb and take a WAG that with name Colt on it might put it in somewhere in the range of $600. It is a cobbled together mismatch of parts and customization. It is definitely worth what someone is willing to pay for it in his case.
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    Palmetto State Armory has dropped the price on the 4" model to $279.99 with free shipping. I might have to get one.
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    Smith & Wesson 696-1 .44 Special - $975 Cash I am the second owner of this magnificent 5-Shot Revolver. I have installed gray, laminated wood grips and a Dawson fiber front sight. I have the original box, rubber grip and front sight. This gun had not been shot much, if at all before I purchased it. I have shot a few hundred rounds through it. It looks practically brand new. This is the 696-1 model with the transfer firing pin – not a hammer mounted firing pin like the first model. What I have always liked about this gun is that it is not a .44 Magnum with a short chamber. It is truly a .44 Special gun. It is as beautiful as it is beastly! I am just restless and want change things up. I am also consolidating calibers. I would consider trades toward wish list guns like a Springfield-Armory M1A Loaded or a CZ Scorpion Carbine (no fake suppressor). I am always open to high-end trades. I hold a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit and would prefer to sell to someone with one as well. Regardless, buyer would need to be willing to sign a bill-of-sale and be legal to buy a firearm. Thank you for taking a look!
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    I have a Stoeger Double Defense side by side in 12 ga for sale. Bought it several years ago and haven’t ever shot it. ***sold*** Located in Chattanooga
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    I had the scare of my life this morning. My daughter was in a awful wreck this morning. She’s banged up a bruised but no serious injuries. Looking at that car I can tell you God had His hands on her.
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    This might be a long shot, but here goes. I have the first 110 books in this series by Don Pendleton, all in paperback. Plus about a dozen of the novels from the series. Condition ranges from 7 to 10 on a 10 scale. These books were very hot initially, but probably will read as dated in terms of story and weaponry now. But lots of pretty good reading still. If anyone is interested in them all, I'd like to sell for 50 for the lot. That's less than 50 cents each. These would have to be a local pickup, as the weight is more than I'd want to ship. As for trade...that's wide open. If interested just try an offer.
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    My wife says junk.... I gave up really collecting anything years ago. I have some comics, ball cards, Backwoodsman magazines for a lot of years since they started in '85 I think. And a few other things. I used to collect cool computer stuff, but that got chunked in a clean out. I really don't classify myself a gun collector. @10-Ring If I had the space I would have a lot more parts and stuff. I worked for a construction company for a decade and passed on lots of free materials because I had no where to put them that was not disputed territory with the wife. She would rather throw everything away.
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    My heart sank when I saw this thread. Thank God she made it through that!
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    I'm a Star Trek geek, but on the item side, the one thing I collect is a calendar they out put every year with artwork for starships in the various shows, and some not in the shows. I keep one copy in the plastic for collection for each year it's published. This calendar series even inspired a three book series that is some of the best Trek I've ever read/seen. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Trek:_Ships_of_the_Line
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    Try also to let her pick and choose without a bunch of input from you about caliber size, this guns better, etc etc etc. (speaking from experience). A lady at Fugates (where we did our HCP class) in Athens took over and did a great job with my wife. I saw first hand how wrong I had been in trying to "help". If she gets what she likes and is comfortable its amazing how much fun gun time can be together. Now she wants more guns and has branched out. Getting to make her choice (not what I thought was best for her) made all the difference.
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    I use the fishing lure boxes, they come in a variety of sizes and prices. I purchased a fishing bag which comes with these, I keep all of them in there until I need to use them, one for my black powder weapons, another for standard rifles and guns. https://www.academy.com/shop/browse/outdoors/fishing/tackle-storage/tackle-binders--utility-boxes
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    Hi, Everyone! It's @Tiffany Johnson here from Citizens Safety Academy. Our last NRA Women on Target instructional shooting clinic sold out, and we had a blast! We've got another one coming up next month in Murfreesboro. Any female (teen to senior) who might be interested in learning a little more about handgun safety and operation is welcome to join us. Doesn't matter if you're new to guns, an experienced shooter, on the fence, or completely terrified -- all ladies who can be safe are welcome. NRA Women on Target Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019 Time: 8am to 1pm Location: Citizens Safety Academy, 752 E. Northfield Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 (with live-fire done at the OK Corral) Cost: A modest, measly, mere $40 - and that includes a bag of souvenirs! Click here to download the Event Flyer (please feel free to forward) Click here to see photos from our last WOT clinic More Info and Registration: https://citizenssafety.com/event/women-on-target-02-23-2019/ (or you can register on Eventbrite) Contact Email: Tiffany@CitizensSafety.com And if you're ready to start working with a holster, then we've got the Women's Concealed Carry class coming up in May. This is a CSA class designed to introduce women to several different carry options to better accommodate their body types, budgets, and everyday lives. With equal focus on equipment and technique, we hope to help women carry with comfort, consistency, competence, and confidence. Great way to roll in Mother's Day, right? Women's Concealed Carry Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019 Time: 8am to 1pm Location: Citizens Safety Academy, 752 E. Northfield Boulevard, Murfreesboro, TN 37130 (with live-fire done at the OK Corral) Cost: $45 More Info and Registration: https://citizenssafety.com/event/womens-concealed-carry-5-2019/ (or you can register on Eventbrite) Contact Email: Tiffany@CitizensSafety.com Thanks, everyone! Tiffany (and @aqil ) Citizens Safety Academy
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    I read the hell out of these growing up. Nothing made me want a 44 Automag more!
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    No collector value. Whatever it's worth would be the sum of it's parts plus whatever accuracy it is capable of.
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    We always keep the magnets as well. But I just like magnets.
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