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    Just remember politicians are not friends of our Constitution!
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    Working great for me. I smoked for 44 years and stopped 4 weeks ago with the help of the Zyban. I've had few cravings and basically no symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. I could barely go an hour without jonesing for a smoke, even less when drinking coffee or beer. Everyone's mileage will vary but it seems to have helped me greatly.
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    I received a fund raising call from a solicitor for the NRA this week. The young man started rattling off all the benefits of my membership and how the NRA was the only organization fighting for me. When I told him I wouldn't be making a donation, he said I was just giving up my Freedom and my 2nd Amendment rights by not donating. After all, the NRA was the only group fighting for me. I stopped him right there, telling him he was incorrect on that point. "Well who else will stand up for you?" he asked. I mentioned the GOA, NAGR, TFA, CCOA, and the local groups involved at lower levels. He had no reply to that evidently on his script. But he did ask why I wasn't sending money. I mentioned the controversy over La Pierre and his extravagant lifestyle, the questionable amount of payments to the PR firm, the salaries of his and the other VP's, the infighting among the board and officers, the ousting of Cox and North, and ended with the rumors of a home bought form him with NRA funds(don't know much about this, just have seen some comments of FB and some internet pop-up "news" articles. I also told him that I felt the only way I would give again would be after Wayne Lapierre had resigned and a new Board was put in place. I just couldn't trust that any of them were doing more than lining their pockets with my/our money. The young man thanked me for my comments and hung up. It is so sad to see a one mighty protector of our Rights get to a state like this. I guess it's still true...Power corrupts. Absolute(or almost in this case) corrupts absolutely.
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    My FN 509 MRD arrived this past week and I wasted no time popping a spare Trijicon RM07 red dot optic on it and taking it to the range. This is my second 509, having purchased the non optic-ready midsize 509M earlier this year and being very pleased with it as well. As I have commented elsewhere on TGO lately, I am quickly coming to the point where I am not interested in a handgun for daily carry if isn't set up for use with an optic. I began the red dot journey a year ago and am fully converted to the religion now. If you had asked me about it two years ago, I would have told you I was greatly skeptical. This one of those things where personal exposure and experience are the greatest persuaders. As for the 509 MRD, there is is only one reason that this gun could could fail to put a hurt on the sale of more well known 9mm handguns for duty or serious concealed carry: lack of marketing exposure. FN doesn't have the marketing budget of Glock or Smith & Wesson, I'm sure. But they have a superior firearm in the 509. There. I said it. Buy one before the rest of the world figures it out and you have to wait to find one.
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    Well I finally got to watch two of the play off games today and will get to see the championship game tomorrow. Got to see two great games today!!!!
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    I don't share your certainty. It appears to me that someone has conveyed the fact to Trump that he's toast in the upcoming election if he pizzez off the gun crowd. I think he's smart enough to listen. Now after the election, I'd say all bets are off.
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    Ooohhhh......I'd have been SO disappointed if that hadn't happened!!
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    9 months clear after 31 years. Tried the vape thing for a bit then hung it all up. Congrats @94user!
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    As far as a registry is "supposed to be" illegal for the gov to do...... Then why did I have to send all my completed 4473's to a Gov office in Texas back in 96 when I closed my Gun shop business. I would have destroyed them but that was illegal to do unless the transactions were something like 15 years old. If all cops were good cops (Constitution abiding), yeah, let them have what ever. Sadly that is not the case. In times of Marshal Law, we are to be ordered to do what the Gov deems appropriate regardless of our known rights. Then you have recourse in court of course latter on..... LOL! See how that worked out for Koresh & Weaver. My money tells me who to trust.......
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    This is my baby. Very pleased.
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    Hate to put this one up but still needing to recoup some funds so here we go. Very nice Sig P365 package, everything you need a nice daily carry set up. Package deal only at this price, if you want don't want to spend the asking price I'll consider taking items out to lower the price. So here we go... P365 that I bought new, has a total of 960 rounds through it. Rear sight came loose at 200, sent to Sig for replacement and zero issues since then. It now sports as Gray Guns grip module that has been Dura Coted a medium shade of blue, more subtle in person than the pics show. Also included will be 2-10 round magazines and 2-12 round magazines for a total of 4. Two holsters included, a Black Arch hybrid, kydex front and leather back. Not like most hybrids as the kydex section still "locks" the gun in for retention. Holster number 2 is a T.Rex Arms sidecar AIWB, which is a one piece holster and magazine carrier. All this for a measly $500 Feel free to PM with any questions. I live in the Jackson area but will be in Gatlinburg beginning Thurs evening through Sunday morning.
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    LST-325 is docked at Ross's Landing this weekend. https://www.wrcbtv.com/story/40939525/wwii-uss-lst-325-to-dock-wednesday-in-chattanooga https://lstmemorial.org/
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    Personally, I don't see much sport in having a pack of dogs run down, and tree, an animal so that you can casually walk up to the tree and shoot it.
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    I think KNOW there would be much less "general population" support for Universal Background Checks if the correct name for the proposal would be used. As most gun owners know, the proper name is "Federal Firearm Registration". I despise the conniving political and media lowlifes.
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    If you are going to engage in 2A discussions you might want to get your facts straight. Both of those statements are incorrect. The NFA of 1934 restricted ownership of fully automatic weapons to those who choose to pay the tax. The Gun Control Act of 1968 regulated the interstate transfer of all firearms. They was no more sending of guns to your doorstep from dealers after that.
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    I've been using this basic recipe for cured hams for ages & I've yet to have it yields anything but sweet, pink perfection.... https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/cured-and-smoked-deer-ham.129141/ These 2 I brined for 16 days, washed & dried for 3, vaccuum marinated in pineapple, brown sugar, garlic & paprika for 3 days, then smoked for 3 hours. Finished in the oven for another 4 with a glaze made with a reduction from the marinade. Without a doubt, the best ham I've ever eaten. I have one to a buddy to take to a Utah hunting camp, to split with 6 others. Those 6 deny having even tried it because my bud ate the entire freaking thing on the drive!
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    All should respect the wishes of the deceased, and honor their life and service. Any decent human being would.
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    Thanks! Once you explained that, it was super easy. Got renewed and was able to post some components in the trading Post. (That was pretty easy as well). Glad I was able to support the community.
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    I just did some more digging through the book. Your Model 32-1 was most likely made in 1968/1969. The listing is on a different page from the rest of the J-frames, thus the confusion. It also says R prefixes for this model started in 1969 and as diamond grips were eliminated in '68, this one is on the cusp so to speak. .38 Regulation Police and Models 32,33 1949-1969 54475-122678
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    Regardless - this is why we can’t have nice things...
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    I am selling my LNIB Glock 17 Gen 4 w/TFX Night Sights & Glockworks Trigger. I am asking $500.00 for the gun. I have a total of 45 rounds through the gun and it is in the same condition as purchased. This is my bedside gun. No Trades Please. I prefer payment in Cash, Cashiers Check, or USPS Money Order only please. No Trades Please. Thanks for looking. The Gun Comes With: TruGlo Brite-Site TFX Pro Night Sights Glockworks Trigger installed 3 - Glock Factory Magazines All Paperwork "The purchaser must be a resident of the State of Tennessee, Must have a TN HCP, must fill out and sign Bill of Sale"
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    Hey y'all, Justin here. I'm a firearms enthusiast in the Athens area with a love for revolvers and old pistols in general. Hold a degree in firearms technology and work as a full time gunsmith specializing in restoration.
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    I had an FFL back in the less restrictive (Pre-Clinton era). When Clinton came into office I closed up my home "shop". and Yep, mailed my records to the ATF as was/is required. Now I'm certain they wouldn't put that info into a data base and retain it ... OK, they probably did... OK I'm certain they did...
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    I'd prefer it if they did the tax free day for gun purchases that day, specially since it's close to Christmas. Didn't they do that once?
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    I have 145 unprimed and 70 primed .308 Winchester cases and 150 Hornady Match 168 Gr BTHP free to a good home. Since I live in the sticks of Lascassas I will meet in the surrounding area if you don't want to come to the house.
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    They said the same thing about Ted Bundy.
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    Is this revolver still available? Please give me a call I would like to purchase it from you. Thanks James 931-279-9265
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    Hmm... I can’t say I agree with the last sentence. Nothing fires up the base like the prospect of 2A infringement. He needs his base to be fired up FOR him on election day. I for one would lose a lot of my motivation for Trump if he backs down on protecting the 2A whereas right now I’m all in to give him another term. I know I'm not alone. I’m certainly not a single issue voter, but guns are part of the foundation. If he blurs the lines between himself and the dems in a big way on guns, then he’s toast IMO
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    Some folks say that AIWB is only for skinny guys to brag about being skinny. I’ve come to realize that it really is the method of carry that allows for the fastest and most efficient draw. It works really well, there’s just one real problem with it. The longer I drive a truck, the bigger my belly gets. I’ve tried multiple AIWB holsters with varying degrees of success between fail to middlin. Some were better than others, but nothing was ever really that comfortable. Now I think I’ve actually found a well made and quite comfortable AIWB holster. It’s made by Tier 1 Concealed. It’s a sidecar style holster that is two pieces attached with a laced bungee cord that allows the two pieces to flex and curve around mah belly. Here’s a few pics of me with, without, and with shirt lifted to show the rig. The gun is an M&P 9 2.0 Compact with a 15 rd in gun and a 17rd as a spare. I can sit down and stand up without it digging into my legs or restricting my movement and making me move like I’m 90 years old because it cut circulation from digging into my thighs. Without gun: With gun: I’m sorry for this next one and its view of my pasty white belly, but it’s useful for showing how it sits in the pants. Here’s pics of the rig by itself.
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    You traumatized me...I thought I was looking in a mirror.....and I thought I had lost weight.....damn.... Nice looking rig.
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    In November 2017 I shattered my right wrist. I Glockhad to have a titanium plate and 8 screws put in to hold it together . Then in March of 2018 the easy came out. It was the only pistol I could shoot. Unfortunately I did so much damage to my wrist I will never be able to take more recoil than the 380 ez right handed. I work at the Franklin range and I have sold a bunch of them. I still carry it when I want a thin lightweight option. They are a good tool for the design parameters. But I wanted to have more power so I started working hard and taught myself to shoot pistols left handed. I scored 482 out of 500 the first Glock match I shoot left handed. So now I shoot pistols left handed. Been difficult overcoming 30 plus years of muscle memory.
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    I used to have a C&R too but, there just aint much available cheap anymore.
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    Thank you for the correction. I’ll humbly update my post. I’m too young to have firsthand knowledge of the events of those times. That’s what I get for relying on what I’ve read elsewhere without vetting it for myself.
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    Lets not demoralize monkeys. I have gone to some trouble to try and effect a safer life style for all monkeys in the name of Science. If you see one of these on a stop sign, I was there promoting these poor underestimated critters.....
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    Oh, I’m fully aware of that, but I got most of the C&R guns that I wanted through the surplus market years ago. The prices in the secondary market have gotten pricey, and many sellers don’t want to accept C&R licenses, so they force you to go through an FFL in order to buy from them anyway. I just got tired of messing with the hassle of it given the few purchases that I made after my last renewal, so I decided it was easier for me to just let my C&R license lapse. There’s not much that I want that I don’t already have that is C&R eligible, and if I find something from a local individual, I don’t have to worry about any of it (currently) in a face to face transfer between TN residents.
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    It's not a bad idea, but as long as it's cooked to an internal temp of 160° you're fine. Trichinella is super rare in hogs, but Bruscillosis & Tularemia are legitimate concerns. Both are killed at 145°f though.
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    All the salt or sugar used in the curing process certainly shouldn't be discounted. Yes, it preserves the meat - but it also does such an important job in tenderizing it. These wild hogs that aren't finished on corn (unless they've torn up your field in September I guess) are going to be straight muscle. You've got to plan for tenderizing them - they're going to be more work than your typical deer to get that perfect meat. But man, when you do - it's great. Definitely don't discount curing some of that meat - capicola, sopressata, capicola, whatever. It's important to treat the pig you've just shot with integrity and get it cold fast. But, if you've done that, you can make some really great product. I'd definitely suggest trying your hand at curing your own bacon with a wild hog. There are some really great resources on this topic - I've got several and recommend this one for beginners: https://www.amazon.com/River-Cottage-Curing-Smoking-Handbook
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    Low and slow is the only way to cook pork that isn’t processed in to sausage or such.
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    I figure mine will dig me back up once she see all my junk. Lol
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    Thank you Chucktshoes, I totally forgot to add my web address. Yes my site is www.eaglecreekgunleather.com Thanks again.
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    See if you can find some of the old British .38/200 ammo or at least a good recipe for it. All it is is a 38 S&W with a heavier bullet for a bit extra thump. The British used that load for their military or police revolvers with good results for 50 years or more.
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    The front strap texture can be brutal on the dominant hand if you grip it as firmly as you should. My fingers hurt like hell yesterday after a few hours at the range and several hours of dry-fire at home. I already have callouses on my hands from daily use of a rowing machine and lifting weights, but this thing tenderized them and is going to put callouses on top of callouses. I figure I will either toughen up, or lightly knock off some of the edges of the front strap's knurls with some very fine grip sand paper, or just send the frame out to someone and let them do a full make-over on it. Yet to be determined. Right now I'm sucking it up. For a fighting pistol, you want a grippy texture. Blood, water, sweat, slime, goo of questionable nature... all of those things make it hard to hold on to your blaster. So, the 509 is perfect for the job under dire circumstances and that is why part of me says I should just leave it alone. At extended sessions at the range or an all-day, all-weekend class... you're going to feel it.
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    Yep. There was a written statement from the Police. No gunfire. Just an accidental discharge of bad journalism.
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    Leaving your headlights on is more obvious than your kids in the back seat? That's incomprehensible. Having kids should fundamentally change how a person thinks and acts. People need to put down the damn phone, quit being so self absorbed and accept the idea that their needs are no longer the most important thing.
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    Why is this so hard to understand???!!?? What happens at an FFL dealer is a background check on YOU. No one gives a chit about the gun you are buying. It is in no way "registered".
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