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    Looks like Ruger is going budget to compete with the Heritage Rough Rider with a new revolver called the Ruger Wrangler. Aluminum cerakoted in three color combos to start. MSRP is $250. Looks like I'll be selling a rough rider and upgrading to a Ruger for my niece and nephew. https://ruger.com/products/wrangler/models.html
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    Its bad enough that such a historic landmark in burning. But the loss of knowledge and history in its libraries is considerably worse.
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    I got this on a trade from a member here a while back and decided to sell it instead of taking it out to shoot. I was told it had only been fired a few times and it looks that way. No holster wear, grips look great, no blemishes, etc... I looked it up a while back and I think this one was produced in '79 or the early 80's? No lock! I'll be glad to send more pics if anyone is interested. No trades and will sell for $800 and includes original box, paperwork, wax paper, etc...
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    Apples and oranges, Dave. A new 870 does not compare to the quality or an old Ithaca or Winchester.
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    I'm a Christian and an engineer. I believe what's in Genesis even if it doesn't quite seem to jive with current scientific theory of world history. I have a few simple ideas as to how to resolve that, but I'm quite sure I won't get the final answer here on earth. I also understand that what we actually know about geologic history is like a drop of water in the ocean. It's fairly routine for new discoveries to flip existing geologic history theory on its head. This is one of the first questions I intend to ask. I expect the explanation may take a while, but I figure I'll have the time.
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    I don’t. I am in practice what most would consider a conservative Christian. But, I also work to sync my faith with what’s been revealed to us through science - or art for that matter. My faith is not challenged if the narrative of Genesis has more to say about the relationship between God and his created people rather than it does specifically, literally about “how” the earth was created. I do very much believe in a creator God. My kids were taught the creation story on the flannel graph just like I was. But, as a church - we don’t want our kids to grow up feeling like they need to turn part of their brain off when they go to church - so we try to struggle with these things in a way that’s open and genuine. As scientists, the more we learn, the more we find we don’t know. I’m certain future peoples will look at us with the same wonder that we look at the understanding of other ancient cultures. I think our modern, post-enlightenment minds make a mistake when we try to take the Bible and turn it into a scientific text. That’s not how the intended audience would have read it - and so we should be careful there, too. I do believe it has an enormous amount to tell us about our relationship as a community with a creator God. In that way, the stories in the first part of Genesis represent a far different story than the creation narratives of other near-Eastern cultures of the time. For that matter, and back to this topic, I’m even okay if the flood narrative is mostly apocryphal. It doesn’t disrupt my faith. But, at the same time, I can go to see a full-scale model in Kentucky and think it’s pretty cool.
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    Thought I’d share a few of the camo schemes I’ve messed with. Nothing fancy and far from professional but thought I’d share. Maybe someone may get the nerve to do it on their own. Somewhat of a tree bark imitation trial here. My first ever camo job. Some of you probably remember me posting this years ago. This was done using only black and grey for something different. Nothing special, just wanted some FDE break up. This is the rifle is use for coyote hunting most of the time. A guy at work made some vinyl cutouts he wanted me to try out and this is what I was able to do. Adhesive vinyl would definitely be much cleaner but it works to break up the outline if you’re in a pinch or hurry. My mk18! This turned out pretty cool looking. Basically this is brushed with dark earth. I used a thin foam brush, dabbed some little areas of dark earth paint and “smeared” the brush back and forth. It turned somewhat burnt bronze-ish. I liked the look, but it didn’t break up the silhouette as much as I wanted. But as you’ll see in the next picture this outcome worked very good for the base layer color. Here is how the mk18 looked after I applied some FDE and more dark earth. I’m much happier with this. My Rem 700 SPS Tactical in .308. Base layers are Aluma Hyde od green, brushes in fde, dark earth, and finally some small sections of black to finish it off. Very happy with how this one turned out! Edit: Forgot to add my Remington 870 so here it is.
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    I like the floated handguard versions. They kinda remind me of the ppsh.
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    Ive had the same service done on a few CZ's and it does make a world of difference! I also have a C-100 and it's really hard to tell the difference between it and a CZ compact .... The C-100 is in between a CZ compact and the CZ PCR as far as weight goes. Its a good little gun and I'm tempted as well just because I know how good the CGW trigger is.
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    For your consideration is a like new Spikes Tactical ST-15 with 16” LE upper. I replaced the factory furniture with OD Mapgul stock and hand guard. I’ve had this rifle for many years and never have shot it much. I will include a couple of 30-round pmags with it. Asking $650 without the Aimpoint PRO, but open to offers. I live in the Knoxville metro area, but can travel a reasonable distance to meet. Feel free to PM me with questions. Thanks!
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    I built this thinking maybe it would be a better suppressor host than my scorpion, but I think I like the scorpion better. Build contains: -4” New frontier premium barrel threaded 1/2x36 -Faxon Bolt -Odin Works 5.5” keymod rail -SBA3 brace -Kak extended 9mm buffer (8.5oz I believe) -Sprinco red spring -Joebob outfitters spartan Glock mag lower -Strike Industries extended take down pins and bolt release -Comes with a 40 round Kriss mag -MEGA tactical adjustable trigger Ive put right around 50 rounds through this weapon, so literally brand new. It currently has a 3 lug muzzle device on it. If buyer do chooses, I’ll swap this out for a flash can for the cost of the flash can. The 3 lug was put on with red loctite so if the buyer wanted to change this out later all they would need to do is put the upper in an oven and remove. Asking $650 picked up in Columbia. ETA*** I’m not sure I was clear. I don’t currently own a flash can, but will be happy to purchase one and install it if the buyer would like.
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    Wow! I just saw this on the news, unbelievable, and very sad.
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    Ruger Speed Six $650 Ruger Speed-Six .357 Magnum, 4” Barrel Blued Revolver. Fixed Sights. Round Butt Frame. Checkered Walnut Grips. I consider this to be “like new” revolver with a very slight turn ring just barely visible. Original red factory box, Ruger plastic bag, Owner’s Manual. Manufactured in 1975. Excellent Condition. Franklin TN area
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    LEFTIES!! Lot of lefty Glock holsters. I had a major right arm injury and thought I would be switching to southpaw, but my recovery outpaced my support side skillz, so I am dumping all of them. Feel free to substitute the 9mm models with your same sized choice of four-tay, .357 Sig, or 45 GAY (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 1. Glock 19 Haley INCOG. One of the plastic belt pieces that hooks on the belt is damaged (the longer one), but it's easily replacable. 2. Light gray G19 IWB holster with cant 3. Carbon fiber G26 IWB holster with cant 4. OWB FDE G19 holster 5. OWB Black G17 holster
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    1: Get a permit from the TWRA. 2: Have them put yourself and someone you trust that has night vision or Thermal on the permit. 3: Shoot them at night.
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    Has anyone tried one of these .22/410 combos ? They're cheap enough to perk my interest. https://www.chiappafirearms.com/f.php?id=12
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    Selling my Canik TP9SFX. Has about 50 rounds through it. Like new. $400
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    From a Savage Model 24 owner..I take offense to that. Lol Despite the crappy lighting, I think my Model.24 is quite nice. Of course it is a .30-30 over 20ga. I find that more versitile than the .22/.410 models. Just like the Hatfield shotguns, I am not sure I am keen on a folding gun. I think these are Italian and the Hatfield is Turkish though.
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    Update.... Pulled the ignition switch, plastic box on left side of steering column opposite of ignition key. I jumped two random holes in the harness I disconnected and it cranked! Thinking its that plastic box ignition switch wore out or the the keyed part of the ignition not activating the switch properly. The keyed part has a shaft and plactic pin the turns and pushes where it fits into the ignition switch. Ignition switch is a $30 part. Ill try that first......Actually 2nd as I replaced neutral safety switch already. Reminds me of my Army parts changer days... Seems like sometimes we kept changing parts till it fixed the problem. Uncle Sam has deep pockets though.
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    @gfd_703You mean like this one that's in Nashville no less? https://www.tngunowners.com/forums/topic/110768-wilson-combat-edc-x9-railed-ambi-grayblack/
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    I very much believe the whole thing. I am just willing to look at it as the story of God's people - and not necessarily have to have it be a scientific text. I might even go further to say that I'm willing to believe in divine revelation even when human authors, translators, preachers, and readers are imperfect. For example - take the King James Bible that is generally revered by the most conservative traditions. Those traditions that still regularly use it do so because they believe that it is the "purest" English translation. Modern vernacular arguments aside - did you know that the original 1611 version of the King James included several books of the Apocrypha? In fact every version up until 1666 did - and they were included in most versions up through 1885. They were already debated at the time. Jerome labels them as such in the 4th century - even though they were in the Jewish Septuagint. Really he keeps them because St. Augustin talks him into it. Post-reformation, they're really removed (despite a big war being fought) because the protestants would really like to appear less Catholic. There's a lot more here - and it's an interesting bit of history I recommend - but there are some pieces not in most Bibles today because one tradition wanted to look less like another tradition. What do we do with that? All of our translations are problematic. The best translators are upfront about the decisions they make and why they've made them. But, they're admitting that their translation of the text is imperfect because of the lack of ability to express ancient languages across into something accessible by the reader. Does God still speak to us through imperfect translations? What about through imperfect understandings of ideas? I read an article the other day that made a compelling case for needing a second person plural in our translations - basically the Bible needs "y'all" and "all y'all" because we don't have the words in English do describe a Greek plural "you." As such, we mistake "you" in some cases to speak to us individually when we should be reading it "y'all" to speak to us as a community. I guess I say all of this to say that I can continue to believe without a full understanding - and even an imperfect one. I pray that God will be graceful with all of us...
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    Yep. Sounds like a bad connection in the key switch.
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    I’m thinking that retirement has presented you with way too much time on your hands and the lack of focused direction is causing your thinking to get a bit fuzzy.
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    I guess the price of a pump shotgun will go through the roof now that you're looking for one. At least that's what happened with 39 Smiths!
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    Grandma paid me, at home mom and dad made me. Some noise about responsibility, etc, etc, lol.
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    Check the classifieds.It May be your lucky day. I don’t know anyone in Nashville
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    If you aren't set on new, I'd recommend a model 12 Winchester or a model 37 Ithaca.
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    You might want to check out Royal Range in Bellevue. I know they several Ed Browns and some other high end 1911's but can't remember which ones. https://www.royalrangeusa.com ROYAL RANGE USA 7741 HIGHWAY 70 SOUTH, NASHVILLE, TN, 37221 (615) 646-9333 RETAIL@ROYALRANGEUSA.COM
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    I've read a lot of Selco's online stuff, and agree, it is very sobering. Book is worth the price of admission I take it? Thanks. - K
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    Yes, Fentanyl is being shipped into this country from China everyday. DHS just said they are considering classifying it as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Radioactive material is very easy to detect and track. Treaties & International law control it.
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    I could make a reasonable argument for both sides, but at the end of the day God doesn't give a crap what I think.
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    Thanks Hozzie and Chuck. I used Hozzie's direct pay link and it worked fine. I don't know why I was never directed to it from the IRS stuff. But it got it done...thanks.
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    My wife used to work with a raptor rehabber. Bullet fragments aren't so much an issue as shotgun pellets. A single shotgun pellet consumed can make a smaller bird very sick, I've seen it. Most of the birds she dealt with had been shot but there were a few that injested the lead. I think I recall an Osprey that ate a fish that had swallowed a lead sinker. It doesn't take much when you weigh 5lbs or less. Most raptors are opportunistic. If they find something edible that's already dead, they'll eat it. It's easier than expending the effort to kill it. Was it you that had the pics of the albino hawk on a gut pile?
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    OH! OH! OH!!! And as The Wife just pointed ought, that's assuming that eagles don't actually poop!! Bear in mind that actual lead solid are non digestible, I'm going to go ahead & make the assumption that the stupid eagle actually shat out a good 90% of the lead it ingested!! I would alter my guess to state that I'd bet it consumed less lead in it's life that is contained in 10 gallons of tap water.
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    Please let me be the first to call bull$hit on that. Bear in mind it's living along the largest concentration of wolves, badgers, bears, lions & corvids in the lower 48, how much carrion containing lead fragments must the thing have had to have eaten in it's life. A bird that is primarily a hunting raptor & not a scavenger, to boot. Over an average lifespan of 30 years (Google) that single bird must've eaten just about every single carcass shot within 30 miles of Yellowstone AND been unlucky enough to have found every trace of lead, from every bullet. I'm sorry, but the math simply doesn't work for me. Further studies have shown that actually consuming the average quantity of lead found in a recovered animal carcass, on a regular basis, has literally ZERO effect on (human) health. Think about it....the average hunting bullet out west (primarily big .30s & 7s) weighs 180gn, give or take. If a recovered bullet retains 50% of it's mass (low estimate) & 50% of shots are passthroughs (SUPER low estimate...) statistically speaking, the average uncovered mule deer, antelope or elk, weighing a (WAG) average of 300lb therefore contains 45gn of bullet. Call 5gn of that jacket & you've got 40gn of lead. The average critter is around 50% edible meat, innards & skin. Therefore the average pound of meat contains 0.0000380952gn of actual lead. The average golden eagle eats ½ to 1lb of meat per day (Google), split the difference & call that ¾lb, so 0.00002857140gn of lead per day. At an average lifespan of 10950 days, that's a total of 0.31285683gn of lead in it's entire life. That's 1.75 No.12 shot, to put it in reasonable terms. A hair under a third of a grain of lead, in it's entire life. I'm calling a hard "BOLLOCKS" on the whole deal.....
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    ....persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed....
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    Just a little dump of stuff I've collected.
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    I use the direct pay. It's simple. https://directpay.irs.gov/directpay/payment?execution=e1s1
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    Box, 4 mags $350 Greater Knoxville No felons or other non-eligible classifications please. I bought it from HiPower, he acquired from BersaGuy. I've put 200-300 rounds through it, no failures. Reason for sale - trigger is a little too heavy for my taste and my RAMI P is nigh indentical in size with 10+1 or 14+1 Thanks for looking!
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    Henry 30-30 steel less than box of ammo through it. 12 boxes of ammo included. Must be a leagal TN resident and sign bill of sale. $500.00 firm. I would consider same quality in 35 Rem? I have a few more pictures I could send? Blessings Doug
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    Ruger Police Service Six $650 Ruger Police Service-Six. Appears unfired and in its Ruger red-black box complete with its 1977 dated Ruger instruction and parts list and factory warranty card. Chambered in .357 Magnum, 4 inch barrel, 6 shot cylinder, blue finish looks new. This revolver has the Ruger checkered walnut grip which also looks new. Police Service Six, model 107 was discontinued in 1988. Excellent Condition. Franklin TN area
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    My guess is that 1911 belongs to an Officer from the West Point Class of 2015.
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    You can download your forms, get your pictures, and then go to a facility to submit it. Or some facilities can do the photo there. Here is a link with all the info. It has a search function that shows you all the facilities in your area and their abilities. Some Post Offices only do it on certain days and require you to have an appointment; you might want to call. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports.html Facility Name Street Address City State ZIP Code Public Phone Distance KNOX COUNTY CLERK - CEDAR BLUFF 1028 OLD CEDAR BLUFF RD. KNOXVILLE TN 37923 8652158504 5 KNOXVILLE GMF WINDOW 1237 E. WEISGARBER RD. KNOXVILLE TN 37950 8655584629 6 ANDERSON COUNTY CLERK 728 EMORY VALLEY RD. OAK RIDGE TN 37830 8654830541 8 OAK RIDGE POST OFFICE 301 S. TULANE AVE. OAK RIDGE TN 37830 8654822750 8 KNOX COUNTY CLERK 300 W. MAIN ST. KNOXVILLE TN 37902 8652152385 11 KNOX COUNTY CLERKS OFFICE 3010 S. MALL ROAD NE KNOXVILLE TN 37917 8657054866 12 KNOX COUNTY CLERK-HALLS OFFICE 7328 NORRIS FREEWAY KNOXVILLE TN 37918 8652153400 13 BLOUNT COUNTY CLERK 345 COURT STREET MARYVILLE TN 37804 8652735800 18 ROANE COUNTY PROBATE COURT 200 E. RACE ST. KINGSTON TN 37763 8653762487 20 LOUDON COUNTY CLERK OF COURT 101 MULBERRY ST #200 LOUDON TN 37774 8654582726 23 UNION COUNTY CLERK 825 MAIN ST. MAYNARDVILLE TN 37807 8659928043 24
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    We’ll keep you all in our prayers. I hope that you last days with her are filled with the joy of a life well lived and the comfort of faith. I pray that you all will be filled with peace.
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