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  1. gfd_703

    ad closed Dan Wesson ECO 9MM - SOLD

    I am in Greenfield do you think we could get together sometime Sunday? I would like to take a look. Thanks
  2. I'll take it if we can work out a place to meet. Murfersbro maybe? I'm off till the first of the year. 731-431-7354 Thanks.
  3. Any interest in driving a reasonable distance to the west? I live all the way in the NW corner. Could meet somewhere in the middle. I have been looking at putting a red dot on for a while.
  4. gfd_703


    put me down for one lower and one upper depending on price.
  5. gfd_703

    Pulled over on bike today by THP

    Had the same thing happen to a buddy of mine. He called me to come get him as the officer would not let him ride the bike off and was going to have it towed. When I got there I asked the officer if I could take the bike home for him and he said sure. I informed him that I did not have a helmet with me and he said you can just use the one your buddy was wearing. (the one he has getting the ticket for) Talk about messed up. He got a helmet ticket and I got to ride off with the same helmet and no ticket.
  6. I had to do the same thing but I refused to leave a handgun with someone that I did not know. They allowed me to keep it in my pocket for the test. I might trust them with the money in my wallet but not with something they could kill someone with. Can you see the lawsuit coming from just handing a loaded gun to a stranger?
  7. gfd_703

    HB 0898

    I hope the officers that stood with the governor when he vetoed allowing us to carry, also stand up against their own officers doing the same.
  8. gfd_703

    Question About Situation Monday

    Just shows how dumb some people are. If this "gang banger" could get a HCP he could have walked into any store and purchased a firearm just like the rest of us. He was the clean one for his group, he could have purchased dozens of firearms legitimately. He screwed up, he was stupid. Good thing for us, crooks are so dumb. Glad he was caught before he had a chance to use the weapon on some innocent victim.
  9. Just for information I sent in my renewal paperwork on Feb 6th and it came in the mail April 26th. So a little less than 3 months.
  10. gfd_703

    carry in Benton county

    Vicious lie and even if it is so they can't do that.
  11. My renewal has been gone 60 days now and was told today it could be up to 60 more. I know TN says the receipt is good enough to continue to carry. My question is how to explain this to an out of state officer who has an expired license in their hand? I just do not understand, as an employer I can have a backgroung back in 1 day and it takes the state 3-4 months:screwy:
  12. Under what law are banks and other places allowed to have armed security personnel and why can they use deadly force to protect their property and we as citizens can not?
  13. Dude you must be the same guy that dropped his pants all the way to the urine soaked floor in the stall next to me yesterday. Fly is for #1, flap is for #2. But seriously if I had one large enough it would not fit out the zipper I would be on a street corner waving it hollering LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME.
  14. gfd_703

    which compact 45?

    You do not want any S&W semi auto. Not because they are not any good but because the more people who try them the more the price goes up for those of us who love them. A Smith 457,4513,4553 DAO,or my personal favorite the 4513TSW short grip made only in 1998/1999 is the perfect CCW .45 not to small not to big. Go to Smithandwessonforums there are always good deals there.

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