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  1. Like new. Light, Laser, Strobe. $200 cash or trade for ?
  2. I no longer have the holster. Price drop to $600 on gun. New pic.
  3. Like new Kahr PM40. Stainless. No wear or scratches. Comes with original case and all paperwork and accessories. Original Kahr 5 round mag. Also comes with 3 Kahr 6 round magazines with finger extension (paid $120). Approx 200 rounds fired. Very clean little gun. Will consider trade offers but really need to sell. Cash needed for another project. PM me for more info. Asking $600 for all. Cash FTF Middle TN.
  4. I have $600 in it. The accessories were the majority of that. I would take less to move it. Make me a offer.
  5. If anyone is interested, this gun is for sale. It's been sitting in the safe since built. I am ready to move it and start another project. Make an offer.
  6. I look at that backwards. My handgun is to hold them off till I can get to the shotgun. If I have time to decide....I am going for the buckshot. Besides, the sound of a pump shotgun racking a load is enough, in itself, to make even the most hardened criminal poop his pants.
  7. The angle of the pic makes it look larger. My guess would be 5-6 ft....which is still a BIG rattlesnake. I have seen several that large around the Mt Pleasant/Rockdale area over the years. Killed one 15 years or so ago that was almost a foot longer than the tailgate of a full sized Chevy truck. Finding this one in Franklin is sorta scary if it was around homes. Not surprising though. With all the construction over the last 10 years I guess habitats are smaller and food is scarce. The good thing about Rattlers is they won't bother you if you don't bother them. They will go out of their way to a
  8. Not much unless it jumps me from behind.


    If my memory is correct, Boyd blew up a church in that scene. That was back in his racist hate crimes days. He has since straightened up and is now a respectable illegal narcotics dealer.
  10. RCLARK


    Nobody would click on the topic if I had titled it "LAW" now would they?
  11. RCLARK


    I miss Justified already.... What Would Boyd Crowder Do?
  12. Piston guns have more weight out on the barrel......right where you DON'T want it. DI guns transfer heat (and gunk) back to the BCG under prolonged periods of fire without cool down.
  13. Nice. I may give that a shot. I have a few cheap ones that work barely in bright sun and a few that don't work at all. Thanks.
  14. A cheap red dot (most of them anyway) is virtually useless shooting in sunlight. Can't see the dot. Even my Eotech is very faint when shooting in bright sunlight. At times it's hard to pick up quickly. I have a BSA on a 22 that is useless when the sun is out bright. Most traditional scopes, even $30 ones, work fine in bright sunlight. A scout scope has long eye relief, low magnification and traditional cross hairs. Some are as cheap as $50. I have one on a Mosin that works great. I like the red dot shooting style at close range (50 yards or less). Very pleased with the Eotech on my AR. I am
  15. Love it! I guess Technically, being a .223 would disqualify it from being an "actual" AK before all the AR stuff got bolted on. Then the Saiga had plastic furniture to begin with. So really, if you think abut it, I just finished turning it into the AR that it already almost was.
  16. I recently picked up a RAA Saiga 223 in a trade and decided to convert. This was my first experience with any AK variant rifle. I just finished a AR build a few weeks ago and went fairly "clean" with the build. I figured I'd go a little further with some tacticool stuff on the Saiga. I usually like all black, simple, clean rifles but I had a safe full of "stuff" that I had picked up here and there. Its growing on me....but I've already started thinking about toning it down a bit. Also thinking about either a sniper stock or a .75 cheek rest for the CTR. Also not crazy about the optic....but
  17. +This... I have a 18 year old son and I PROMISE YOU that he will NOT "be a kid" to the point that he is not welcome in any establishment. Why do I know that? Cause we have "discussed" it many times before he was old enough for it to be a problem.
  18. I think you took "arrest" too literally. Maybe I should have said "deal with". The problem is that we won't deal with inappropriate behavior of any kind by addressing the individuals who engage in it. We just want to write a rule or law to stop ALL potential bad behavior whether it materializes or not. Where are we headed if we don't stop that? Businesses have the right to stop ALL loitering by ALL teenagers. I agree. That is there prerogative. That doesn't mean it isn't an bad move. Why run off 100 kids of whom 20 are probably spending money because you don't know how to deal with the 5 or 1
  19. Re the teenager curfew... It seems we are unable to solve a problem in this country without creating a rule, law or legislation that applies to everyone, whether guilty or innocent. Arrest the little b....rds that are causing problems and make their life, and their parent lives miserable for longer than a day. Leave the kids who are just hanging out alone. I guess its too much work to sort them out.
  20. Thanks for the info guys. Appreciated.
  21. Sweet. I might just have to order some. I hadn't looked.....just assumed it would be scarce. Thats usually my luck. Thanks!
  22. I may shoot it at some point. Thanks for the info. I figured 45-70 ammo for it would be hard to find.
  23. I wanted to share these. I took this gun in on trade for a motorcycle several years ago. At the time, I had little interest in "collectible" firearms.....so I sold it to my Uncle. I regretted it pretty much right off. Recently started trying to buy it back from him and FINALLY found a Mini 14 that he was interested in and struck a deal. Its not leaving again.... Now....being a relative noob to these guns.....I know very little about it. I'll be doing some research of my own, but any input you guys have would be appreciated. Enjoy the pics.....and thanks.
  24. That's great! I live down in Summertown...about 2 miles from The Farm. Folks out there are, and have always been, great neighbors.


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