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  1. www.*********.org Why would the Tennessee Firearms Association be entered into the banned words section of tgo? An organization working for our rights has their website URL banned here?
  2. Spuds


  3. Lots of good ones. Eli Wallach, Paul Newman, James Arness, George C. Scott, James Earl Jones, Brando, Heston, but there was only one that rates as the baddest of the bad: Louis Burton Lindley, Jr., a/k/a Slim Pickens
  4. Sssssshhhhh! You're robbing some folks of their incorrect supposition of me! http://www.tngunowners.com/forums/373915-post81.html
  5. He is still sponsoring surplusrifle.com and taking orders for their CDs and booklets. I read a while back his new job and family matters were occupying much of his time, and order fulfilment had slowed to a trickle. I think he's trustworthy and a good source; however, if you need something quickly, it may be best to look elsewhere.
  6. Spuds


    So is it more a lack of ethics, or just the inability to see how your words, coming as an "administrator", seem to carry more weight with folks?? Before you say that isn't so, I've noticed on more than a few occasions where you seem to enjoy the fact that they do. Ammo.....walmart......oh no! The shame, the shame of it all! What about Dicks, Gander Mountain and Academy? Oh wait, I've never set foot in a couple of those. Forget that. I didn't realize you were Obama's new ammo Czar. Does the fact that I've been to the range 5 times in the last 16 days count for anything? I mean, I probably go through more ammo than your average Wal-Mart cleaner outer. Wait a minute. I recognize this. It's a ploy to change the subject from your shortcomings to once again impugn my character. In other words, it's
  7. Spuds


    I try to enjoy life, really I do. Most of the time it's great. But then the nimcompoops show up . . . .
  8. Spuds


    That you haven't thought about any of this is obvious, or you'd have never made the accusation in the first place. However, 6 posts on the subject would seem to contradict your having not thought aobut it. It's your fiefdom. Let's see. You've demonstrated a complete lack of common horse sense in your accusation of me. You're not man enough to apologize for impugning my character, it's a wonder your temperment has carried this forum this far. I guess I should expect banning, it follows your pattern of illogical behaviour. Others should take note on what to expect of you in the future.
  9. Spuds


    Easy for you to say, you weren't the one being villified. I guess you'll lie prostrate when your character is maligned.
  10. You may wish to talk to the Discovery Unit at the Tennessee Department of Revenue before stating that as fact. They appear to want to differ.
  11. He didn't say individual, only seller, leaving it open to whether it is a dealer or individual. If individual non-dealer, your thought is correct.
  12. A few of my NEW's have been pictured on http:/7.62x54r.net . The owner of the website is a friend and sometimes seems obsessed with having every variation, no matter how minor. While looking over a couple of mine, he noticed that the NEW stampings on the barrel shanks were a bit different. Next thing you know, he's got pictures of numerous variations . . . . I've not been so lucky with acquiring Remington M91s. Only 1 at present IIRC.
  13. No such thing, I suspect you mean Finnish M39? If so, that would be like buying a Dillon 550 press instead of the basic Lee press, buying the top of the line to start with. I agree.
  14. Spuds


    So I'm bad with names. The admin here is bad with wild-arse guesses and accusations.
  15. Spuds


    Well, here it all is in one message thanks to multi-quote. Sure looks like an accusation to me. Even if it were "a scenario", how responsible of a forum owner is it to throw that out there like that without any evidence ? CLUE: NOT VERY

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