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  1. Thats why he never got up..........
  2. Haven't even been hunting yet. Had to babysit all weekend. But Im off work after Tuesday, then let the fun begin. By the way canynracer, if you need a place to hunt, let me know! I have a little acreage you can use. Im just about 40 miles east of Lakeland. Give me a call if you want. 731/609/4007
  3. Naw man, Im still around. I visit at least once a day if not more! I just dont post as much as I use to for personal reasons! How have you been db? You should give me a call sometime, and we can go shoot YOUR guns!...lol PM me your number or call/text me at 731-609-4007.
  4. Anyone know whats going on with the posts count under your screen name? 2 days ago I had 2500+, now its DOWN to 1400+! Did I take back ALOT of what I said?...lol Any ideas?
  5. More than likely its for a set of headphones for listening to the music player!
  6. Wal-Mart here has the PNY 2gb microSD cards for 15.88, including the adapters! May wanna check at Wal-Mart first!
  7. They are the same actually. ALL memory cards are made for memory expansion. More than likely, you will need either a microSD or miniSD card. Most cell phones use the microSD! Most microSD cards now come with the miniSD adapter included, as well as the SD adapter. The newer phones are accepting 4gb capacity, but not all of them. If yours is a newer phone, it may accept the 4gb (4gbHC). If you get the 4gbHC, you can only use the HC(High Capacity) reader to read it, and the HC reader only reads HC cards. It costs about $25 at Wal-Mart. I would just stick with the 2gb or less. It should hold all t
  8. Thanks. That helps alot. I will check on those markings and see what they are. It has never been reblued and was purchased New in 1958 by my father! My dad called it a scatter gun??????
  9. My dad has a Browning Sweet 16 16ga shotgun he bought when he was a youngster. It looks pretty good and still shoots like new. The stock and forearm have a few scratches, but nothing major. I believe he said it had the Improved Cylinder 28" barrel. Anyone know what it might be worth? I have seen them go for as much as $2,000 on Gunbroker! I think this would be something of interest to a gun collector, or someone who just wanted a good shotgun. Not sure of the serial numbers or anything, but I do know it shoots 2 3/4 in shells! Looks almost identical to this one, but the wood may be just a sha


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