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  1. I have the T-7 and just do personal blades and those of close friends, but I absolutely love it. I'm usually too lazy to set up jigs and just free-hand lower valued blades that only need to have a good edge and get great results. After some practice, that is. Good luck with your new system, I thought the T-7's user manual was amazingly useful along with youtube videos and basic trial and error. My biggest mistake was trying to true up the stone too much and too often, ending up shortening the life of my stone. Otherwise it's almost idiot proof, in my (admittedly) limited experience. Hope you e
  2. I haven't used them yet personally, but Royal Range right off the Bellevue exit is very helpful with handling transfers. I "believe" they charge 15$+background check which is about the same as everyone else. I choose places by how nice and helpful they are, as opposed to the prices for the most part, and they get my vote on that aspect. Good luck with your decision. They also are doing cerakote now which I am very excited to try out. -Chris
  3. I got a pretty good deal, around 700, for a ruger sr1911 at a gun show, go figure, and absolutely love it. I don't have near the experience as some of the guys on here because it is my first and only 1911, but I have nothing but good things to say about it with around 500 down the pipe so far. Good luck
  4. I carry a Gerber Tactical pen I got off Amazon for around 40 bucks. Its uses a rite in the rain cartridge and writes like a champ. I agree it's very heavy as far as a pen is concerned, but this particular one has a glass breaker on the tip, and from videos I've seen, it actually works, and since nothing else I carry has one, that's one of the main reason I use it. Also, it's very comfortable to use and hasn't ran out of ink yet going on about a year of daily use. Just my two cents.
  5. They currently have 1000 round boxes for 549.99 as of about 5 minutes ago. Not the best price I've ever seen but probably the best you'll see for awhile with all the nonsense with steel core. Just a heads up to everyone if you want some they have it.... For now. -Chris
  6. Wow that is nice! I have a stainless Ruger commander and don't think I've ever seen this model... Might have just given me an idea for my next gun..
  7. Which submariner do you have? I only ask because I'm thinking about buying one, have wanted one since a was a kid and can finally afford it.
  8. I'll take a regular blade #13 if it is available. If not I don't care, I'm just worried about these gorgeous knives
  9. While we're talking about 1911's and ruger's... I picked up a ruger sr1911 not too long ago and absolutely love it! I tend to lean more towards polymer guns myself but for a (semi) inexpensive 1911 it is great. And it's a tack driver to boot!
  10. I absolutely love my shield with xs big dot night sights. I do catch brass in the face more often than I'd prefer but imo that's small in the scheme of things.
  11. That's amazing. In all seriousness, I wonder how many times he's gotten slide bite from that...
  12. Hey guys, my name's Chris and I've been reading threads on this site for a while and just recently noticed the introduction section so I decided to not be a stranger. I'm about to turn 21 and have been very impressed with the knowledgeable members of this site. I currently own a few shotguns and will be in the market for a Glock in about a week. Well if theres anything you'd like to know just ask and I guess I'll do the same. Thanks.


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